Older Sister’s Embrace

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This is my entry for the 2017 April Fool’s contest. I hope you like it. It might be a little rushed because of the deadline but it should be fine. If you find any bad grammar, strange sentences, or missing words please sent me feedback about it so that I can hopefully fix it in a later edit. Comments are also greatly appreciated.


I snuck a peek at my girlfriend in the couch next to me. Sophie was barely bothering to feign an interest in the show we were supposed to be watching together. Instead she lay on her side, sunken into a number of pillows with her phone held inches from her face. She would only occasionally look up from the screen to see what was going on in the show.

It was a minor thing, but it still annoyed me. Anytime I said anything about it she would just brush it off.

We used to watch shows together. We used to occupy the same side of the couch when we did. Somehow things had changed.

I sighed and and tried putting the thought out of my mind.

Minor things, I reminded myself.

But I was noticing these minor things more and more. Sophie chuckled and smiled at something, then tapped what I assumed was reply on her phone.

Fuck it, I thought to myself. I gave up on following the gritty crime drama we were watching. If you can’t beat them and all that…

I reached for my phone, messaging the one girl I knew would give me some attention.

Hey, Sis! I typed in, hoping she would provide me with some distraction.

Before I could put the phone down again it vibrated twice to signal that I had received a message back.

Hey sexy! Olivia replied. What’s up?

Not much. Just hanging out at home…

Sophie not being any fun? Olivia guessed.

I looked at my significant other. Still not paying attention. Wearing a boring old t-shirt and grey sweat pants.

You could say that, I replied.

You could come over, Olivia wrote back.

Sure, I’m not doing anything anyway.

I’ll be your emotional booty call 😉 she wrote.

I smiled to myself. My older sister was as supportive as she was overly affectionate. But I liked that about her.

Got beer? I asked.


Be right over.

I turned off the screen and stood up.

Olivia lived nearby. Only a 7 minute-or-so walk away. I had to admit that it felt good to have my older sister so close.

It was only half past seven in the evening. Plenty of time to hang out, even when tomorrow was a workday. Especially when “work” consisted of a college lecture with no obligatory attendance.

“Soph, I’m heading over to Olivia’s for a bit,” I announced, already looking for my keys.

That got her attention. Barely.

“Huh? Sam? You going out?”

“Yeah, Olivia’s,” I repeated.

“Huh.” She frowned.

“I guess… do what you have to,” she said, obviously annoyed with me.

I really wasn’t in the mood to argue with her. So I just didn’t answer. Sophie had her own place, but her staying over felt so natural that I didn’t question leaving her in my apartment.


Olivia buzzed me in and I climbed the stairs up to her apartment.

My sister answered the door in her workout outfit, of all things. The outfit consisted of a gray tank top and black yoga pants. She didn’t look particularly sweaty however.

Olivia had wavy dark brown hair, same color as me, that hung down past her shoulders. She was an inch or two taller than me, and generously proportioned. Though big, her breasts weren’t huge. She knew how to emphasize them very well however. In her tight top, that still showed a bit of cleavage, they looked amazing.

“Oh, am I interrupting?” I asked, referring to the clothing.

“Sam!” she exclaimed, ignoring my question.

Olivia pulled me in with a smile and wrapped her arms around me.

“How’s my little bro doing?” she asked, despite us having conversed literally ten minutes ago on our phones.

In the process of hugging me she pressed her body up against mine with much more enthusiasm than Sophie had shown in quite a while.

“Hey,” I mumbled back as greeting.

“Oh, and this?” She let go of me and looked down at her clothes. “I’m just doing some stretching. Poses and such. Trying to keep limber.”

Olivia smirked knowingly at me, then gestured for me to follow her into the living room. Her apartment had hardwood floor and white painted walls. It was nice. Much nicer than mine. Perks of actually having a job I supposed.

My sister’s pants really didn’t leave much to the imagination. Her walking in front of me gave me a great view of her incredible ass.

Sure, it was weird of me to notice those things about my sister. But I’d had somewhat of a crush on her since I was much younger. Any young guy would, with a big sister looking like her.

The thing is she knew about it, and teased me mercilessly for it. It had become a thing between us. The fact that she didn’t seem to mind, or rather found it amusing, had really helped me get escort bayan over my shame about it. So it didn’t bother me much anymore. My sister was hot. That’s all it was. And fantasies are just fantasies.

Not that I’d ever admit I still thought about her like that, even now.

“So… needed to get away for a while?” she asked with one hand holding her foot against her ass, leg bent all the way back, and the other hand on the wall for support. Her posture really accentuated the form of her body in all the right ways.

“Nothing so dramatic,” I answered. “I was just bored.”

She switched legs. I sat down in the couch opposite her.

“What an amazingly fun relationship you two must have,” she noted, voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Just didn’t have anything fun to do, that’s all,” I countered, feeling defensive.

“Sure. I can’t think of anything fun for guy and girl in a relationship to do on their own,” she goaded.

“Ha-ha,” I answered, matching her sarcasm. She had a point though.

She looked at me. “Oh? Did that strike a nerve?” she said, smiling gleefully.

I leaned back in the couch and sighed. “Don’t go there.”

“Why not? Or is that why you came over?” she taunted, leaning forward with a big grin on her face. “Want your big sis to take care of it for you?”

I glared at her, ignoring the twitch in my pants.

She laughed. “Okay, okay. Sorry. Just messing with you.”

I just rolled my eyes at her.

Olivia bent over to pick up her yoga mat from the floor and rolled it up in her hands.

“Alright. That’s enough for today,” she said.

“Beer?” I suggested.

“Beer,” she agreed.

She came back from the kitchen with two opened bottles and handed me one. Olivia practically jumped into the couch on the left of me, bumping into me as she did. She slid her arm under mine and pushed her breast against me with a smile on her face. That sort of intimate body contact never seemed to bother her, even though we were siblings.

“So what do you wanna do?”she asked me.

I tried to avoid looking at my sister’s cleavage as her right boob squeezed up against me.

“I don’t know. Let’s just hang out for a bit?” I suggested.

“You got it lil’ bro,” she chirped while reaching for the remote. She left the TV on the first channel that came on.

That gave me an opportunity to pull my arm away from her grip, which earned me an annoyed pout from her.

Olivia scooted even closer to me, then took my arm and wrapped it around her waist. She looked at me defiantly as she placed my hand on her thigh, as if to challenge me to try pulling away again.

“There we go,” she said happily. “Much better.”

I let her have her way. She was being even more touchy-feely than usual and she’d probably just escalate if I tried to deny her.

It wasn’t that I disliked feeling her body up against mine. Rather I liked it too much, and it was starting to show. I kept my left hand in a strategic position over my pants to hide that fact. Olivia nuzzled up against me and rested her head against mine. If she noticed the growing bulge in my pants she thankfully didn’t mention it.

It was a good thing we were alone. Sophie would certainly object if she saw us like that. Hell, anyone would if they knew we were siblings. I realized this of course, but in my mind what me and my sister did together was between the two of us. Inappropriate or not.

At least Olivia knew not to be too affectionate with me in public. Well, she did most of the time.

We sat holding each other like that for a long time. We talked about her work, my studies and shared memories.

We eventually got to the topic of the next day, the first of April. Me and Sophie were meeting some of her friends for drinks that day. It turned out Olivia was heading out with her friends as well.

Olivia had re-positioned herself and now lay on her back across my knees. She still held onto my arm and kept my hand in place on her stomach, as if to ensure we maintained physical contact. My sister’s top had slid up a bit just below where she kept my hand, revealing a sliver of skin.

“You guys should totally come clubbing with us later!” Olivia told me.

“I think we’re probably just gonna hang out at the usual place. Her friends are not exactly the clubbing type,” I replied.

“Ah, then you should definitely ditch them and come with me instead,” she suggested with a grin.

“Yeah… definitely,” I said with a sigh.

Olivia returned my smile, we both knew that wasn’t going to happen. I had to admit it sounded like a lot more fun though.

“Speaking of tomorrow… I should probably get going,” I said, looking down at Olivia.

She groaned with disappointment.

“Awww, but I want you to stay,” she complained with the inflection of a much younger woman.

“Pleeease?” she continued. “My bed is big enough for both of us.”

Olivia smiled at me the same way she always did when teasing me.

“No, tuzla genç escort really. I should get going.” I insisted.

“Okay, okay,” she conceded and sat up beside me.

“Well… see you tomorrow then,” she said and kissed me on the cheek. “Nighty night.”


The new month got off to a good start. Sophie came over to my apartment. Her and I tried and failed to pull some lame pranks on each other, talked about the plans for the evening and just hung out. For once we didn’t fight.

As the evening drew near she left for her place. We decided to meet up in town, at the usual pub.

I hadn’t realized before, but I caught myself really looking forward to our night on the town. I could probably convince a few of Sophie’s friends to hit up some clubs, stay out a bit later. I felt the need to let loose. Clear my mind a bit. My relationship with Sophie wasn’t all that bad. We’d just been caught in a rut these last few weeks. Nothing that couldn’t be turned around.

After taking a shower I turned up the volume on my speakers, connected to my laptop, and scrolled through my saved playlists. I settled on one containing classic rock music. To the tunes of “Kickstart My Heart” I air-guitared my way through picking out an outfit for the night. I settled on khakis and a light blue/nearly gray shirt. I probably used the iron as much as a pretend microphone as I used it to get the wrinkles out of the shirt. When I was done I rolled up the sleeves, fixed my hair, put on a jacket and headed out.

The pub was close to one of the main streets in town; a busy place filled with restaurants, cafés, and an assortment of stores. Down one of the side streets and to the right you could find my destination. A nice place. Popular, but not as filled with people as other places.

I got there before Sophie. Some of the people we were meeting were already there, but I didn’t feel like hanging out with them alone. They were nice people, I just didn’t know them that well.

As I walked up I noticed a bunch of guys smoking outside of the building. Among them were Mark, Sophie’s ex. He was dark haired and had a beard. I was probably in better shape than him, but he was nearly a hand taller than me.

Mark happened to turn away from his friends and spotted me as I came walking by. I raised my hand and nodded at him, hoping I wouldn’t have to talk to him. He nodded back at me and turned back to his friends. I was happy to end our interaction there. It’s not like I had a problem with him, but for obvious reasons we were not really friends either.

Once I was inside the pub set out to find my sister, who was likely to be there with her own posse of friends.

The warm air inside was filled with scents of beer, barbecue and the constant chatter of it’s patrons. It was more crowded than usual that evening. Nearly all of the booths and wooden bar stools were occupied.

Claire, one of my sisters friends, spotted me just as I found them not far from the bar.

“Sammy!” she exclaimed, putting her arms out as if to hug me.

I pushed my way past a table and some people to get to them.

“Hey guys,” I greeted as Claire wrapped her arms around me. I had to push her blonde hair out of the way of my face to greet the other two girls.

“Hey,” Olivia replied after pulling her friend off of me. Only to wrap her own arms around me herself and push herself up against my body with all her strength.

It was clear they were already well on their way to getting drunk.

Kate, the third friend, gave me a much more reasonable and shorter embrace. Though she was the only one of them in a relationship, as far as I knew.

“We’re drinking!” Claire spoke to me loudly while leaning in. “You should drink too!”

Without waiting for my answer, she turned around to get the attention of the barkeep. Olivia and Kate just giggled at their friend.

Claire wore a white sweater which ended below her hips, and stockings. She filled out that sweater nicely though and it clung tightly to her form. I couldn’t help looking as she reached over the bar table, the cloth sliding upwards ever so slightly.

Kate wore a blue top and beige pants, while Olivia had on a black dress. My sister, as always, looked beautiful. Her dress displayed her cleavage and body wonderfully while still managing not to look too fancy for a night on the town.

Together or individually the girls were a sight to behold. I caught guys looking over in their direction constantly.

“You wanna hang out with us tonight?” Olivia asked, walking up close to me and putting her arm around my waist with a smile.

“I can’t,” I answered while thankfully accepting the beer that Claire brought me. “Sorry, but you know I made plans with Sophie and her friends.”

“Booo!” Claire exclaimed, positioning herself on the other side of me.

“Sorry,” I repeated.

I took out a ten-dollar-bill to repay Claire for the drink but she shook her head in refusal.

“No need. tuzla kendi evi olan escort Rather have you owe me,” she teased and giggled into my ear.

Kate just looked at her friend and laughed. Were the circumstances different I would have been all over Claire. Still, it felt good to get some attention.

“So, what are you doing over here with us then?” asked Olivia, pulling my attention away from Claire’s obvious flirting.

“Eh, just waiting for Soph to show up,” I answered.

“Oh? I thought I saw her before. Talking to Mark.” Olivia said, looking thoughtful.

That was certainly news to me.

“Really?” I asked, not sure if she had seen right. Sophie wasn’t suppose to be here yet. She certainly wasn’t sitting with her friends.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure. Maybe ask Sophie about it when you see her,” Olivia suggested.

“I don’t… um, excuse me,” I muttered and left the three girls.

She’d texted me that she would be late. If she was already here and talking to Mark, well, that would be strange.

I wandered off in the direction of the exit, looking around as I did. I checked the table with Sophies friends from accross the room. She wasn’t there.

As soon as I got outside I spotted them. Sophie was talking to Mark, standing a bit away from the rest of his friends.

What the hell? I thought. How long has she been here?

A bit pissed off, but willing to give her a chance, I pulled out my phone and texted Sophie.

Hey. You here yet? I’m waiting, I wrote.

A full minute passed before she answered.

Still held up. Be there in an hour, tops, she replied.

Hang out with the others, she followed up a few seconds later.

“What the hell?” I said out loud.

What was she doing? Well, there was an obvious answer to that question. But the thought of her cheating on me didn’t really make me sad. It just made me angry. Hell, I could probably be messing around with Claire instead of waiting to hang out with Sophie’s boring friends. She would probably be up for it, which is more than I could say for Sophie most nights.

Fuck you, I wrote back in anger.

And say hi to Mark I followed up.

I put my phone in my pocket and walked back to my sister and her friends. They were still drinking in the same spot as before. I entered their circle without a word.

“Back already?” Olivia asked.

“Yeah,” I answered without elaborating.

She raised her eyebrow at me, but didn’t prod further.

A moment later my phone vibrated. With a sigh I took it out and looked at the messages.

?? the first line read.

What are you talking about??

I saw you with Mark outside. An hour away, huh? I wrote.

Fuck you both, I wrote again, venting my pent up anger.

Three dots indicated that she was writing a reply, but it took a long time for the next message to arrive.

I’m not late… It’s April fools you asshole! she wrote.

I was only talking to Mark cause he came up to me

And fuck you too, she added.

I stared at the screen for a second. I had messed up. While I was still trying to figure out how to salvage the situation another message popped up.

You know what? Maybe I should take Mark up on his offer, she wrote.

We’re leaving together.

Don’t call or text me.

My relationship with Sophie had imploded. Just like that. I sat down on a nearby chair and stared at the screen in disbelief. I had messed up. Completely and utterly. I couldn’t think of anything to write back, or to say, even if she hadn’t told me not to respond.

“Hey. You okay?” I heard Olivia’s voice ask.

I tore my gaze away from my phone and saw her looking down at me with concern in her eyes.

“Uh, I think I did something stupid,” I confessed. I was unsure of how to explain myself further.

Olivia placed her hand on my shoulder and reached for my phone. I let her have it, rather than trying to explain. She read my phones recent messages with a look of incredulity.

“Oh, wow,” she muttered, frowning.

“Yeah,” I said, “I messed up hard, didn’t I?”

Olivia looked at me skeptically. “You messed up? I mean I guess… but can you believe this bitch?”

I just stared at her.

“I mean… she basically just admitted she was going to cheat on you. Over some dumb argument? Sure didn’t take much,” she said with contempt in her voice.

She had a point. Maybe. I wasn’t thinking clearly. I needed to process this.

“You know what? Forget about her.” Olivia handed my phone back and pulled me up. “You’re coming with us tonight.”

Olivia lead me back to Kate and Claire, who I noticed were watching me out of the corner of their eyes.

“Everything good?” asked Kate.

“Oh, yeah. Just… um,” I answered, smiling awkwardly.

“Just some trouble with his girlfriend,” Olivia filled in.

I nodded, thankful for her help.

“Soon to be ex-girlfriend?” Olivia teased me, bumping her shoulder into mine.

“Heh,” I chuckled. “Yeah, maybe.”

Kate and Claire smiled at me sympathetically.

Honestly, I didn’t feel so bad about it. I was still slightly shell-shocked, but at the same time I felt a measure of relief. It felt like this had been coming for some time.

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