Old Man’s Disease

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Aria Lee

“Is it always that hard to do, Uncle Dan?” Her voice came from my left, a complete surprise.

A surprise since I was in my back yard, doing my level best to take a leak in some bushes and not having a hell of a lot of success.

I quickly turned away, stuffed my cock back inside my pants, still dribbling and not a damned thing I could do about it. I suppose I turned six shades of red.

Janice stood there, leaned up against my gate. I remembered oiling the goddam hinges and now regretted that.

“I’m sorry!” I managed to stammer.

“I had no idea you were there.”

“It’s all right, I heard you and thought you were hurt or something.”

Well, I guess I do grunt when trying to take a leak. I am 63 years old and in good shape except for a damn Prostate gland the size of a fucking grapefruit. I have been pissing in the bushes when I am out in my yard for years. I suppose that sounds terrible but when the urge hits me, there is just no way to make it to the bathroom. I either take it out and do it or it ends up dribbling down my pantleg.

I realized I was standing there with Janice looking at me concerned, and I had a nice growing wet spot at my crotch.

“Just an old man’s ailments.” I told her.

“You aren’t so old!”

I looked at her. Janice is about 5’6″, if anyone had told me she was 19 years old I would call them a liar, she looked to be 12 to me. Hell, everybody looks to be 12 to me, I guess.

Except for those breasts. Janice was just plain blessed, I had seen her out my upstairs window once in a bikini, good grief! She was on her back, her stomach flat as a pancake, her hipbones so pronouced the band of her bikini bottoms gapped up. Her full breasts barely contained, she was one fine looking young lady.

Looking at her brought back memories of my youth, but I turned away, leaving her alone. After all, she was my friend Carol’s daughter.

I remembered the night her Mom had called me on the phone, and I went and took her to the delivery room. We made it but barely, her Mom was on a gurney and being rolled down the hall and I had gotten a glimpse of 8 pounds of squirming flesh sliding out between her legs.

That one was close, I had damn near gotten to deliver Janice myself on the front seat my my old Ford pickup.

Over the years I got to watch her grow up. We lost Carol the year before, I really missed her. We were next door neighbors, good friends, all there was to that. Janice’s Dad didn’t come home from Vietnam, I did to find an empty house and a note from my own wife.

I suppose I should have been upset, but I somehow just never missed my wife one bit. She had stayed in the house, collected the checks from the government, and two days before I hit stateside she had packed up and left.

I saw the papers, signed them. I never saw her again. I can’t even remember escort gaziantep bayan numaraları what she looked like.

“So is it always that difficult? …To go, I mean?” Janice asked me. There was no shyness, no embarrassment in her attitude, she just seemed concerned.

“Yes, it is. It’s my curse for getting old.”

There I went with that “old” shit again.

She nodded and went back through the gate. I went inside my house, spent a good hour in the bathroom without much luck. I didn’t think anything more of it.

It was about two weeks later before I saw Janice again, other than a glimpse and a wave as she jumped in her tiny little Honda and headed off somewhere. She waved and asked me to come and give her a hand.

I went though the gate to her yard, she had two pieces of plywood and a stack of other boards piled up.

“This is supposed to be my portable massage table. But I don’t see how…?” She looked at the stack and back at me.

Well, I didn’t see how either but there was an instruction sheet, so I grabbed my toolbox and we went to work. It only took about 8 hours, we got it together backwards a few times but finally we rolled it upright and it was sturdy. It just took a few minutes to add the padding and the covering.

Janice grabbed me and gave me a big hug in thanks, flustering me a little as her big breasts pressed against me.

“Going into business, huh? I asked her.

“Yes, I get my license in two weeks.”

I figured she would do fine, she had the looks, the energy.

“I plan on earning my living doing massage while I go on to nursing school.”

“Good for you.” I smiled and went back to my house.

I guess it was another full month before we really saw each other again, I was clipping my hedges when I looked up. A middle aged man was just leaving, Janice reached out and gave him a hug, we walked out to his car and left, grinning.

“Customer?” I called out after he was gone.

“Yep, my 3rd one this week!”

“How much do you charge?”

“I get $60 an hour.” she answered.

“Wow!” I said, thinking of my $1123 stipend from the government.

“I think I missed the boat, maybe I should go to massage school.”

“Maybe you should!” she laughed, going back inside.

I got used to the solid string of cars after that, some of them were women, some were men, most of them middle aged and just normal looking.

A few days later I was stringing some garden hose over to my corn plants I had growing in my yard. Janice came through the gate and joined me. I started to pull some of the few small weeds, she joined right in. I did the usual mild struggle to get to my feet once the weeding was done.

“You need one of my massages, Uncle Dan.”

“I don’t have $60 to escort gaziantep pornoları spare, honey.” I told her.

“Oh poo, I won’t charge you!” she said.

I hesitated.

“Come on!” She took my hand and more or less dragged me off to her house.

I went along, what the heck.

She showed me her room, it had been a year or so since I had even been inside her house. I had been there many times when her Mom was alive, sharing dinner, watching Janice as a little girl play on the floor with her toys. Those had been fine times. The place looked different, decorated in…well, a younger style. The room had been her bedroom growing up, with cartoon wallpaper and stuffed animals, now it was a white office, the table we had built sat at an angle. There were anatomy charts on the walls and her degree framed and signed.

“Get undressed and grab a shower.” she pointed at a doorway off to the side I took to be a bathroom.

“I will go wash up, just hop on the table when you are ready and call out.”

I undressed and scrubbed up, dried myself and came out. The table had two sheets, one turned back so it was obvious I was to get under the top one.

“Ready!” I called out.

Janice came in, she had on a light pink nurse’s smock, she looked completely professional.

“I have been wanting to see if I could help you relax, Uncle Dan.”

Then she put a firm round cushion under my hipbones and went to work.

It seemed a little odd at first, here was the gal I had many times washed her bottom and changed her as a baby now with her hands on me. It didn’t take very long to start feeling good, either.

Her hands worked out the knots in my back, down over my fanny, then my legs. I was in heaven, I even think I dozed off lightly a couple of times.

“How are you doing with that…problem?” she asked.

“Oh, I manage. The Doctors give me some pills, they seem to help a little.”

“Doctors!” She said it with a snort.

“They think a pill is the answer to everything.”

“Well, I don’t know what else to do. They keep telling me they want to operate, I have been avoiding that.”

“That’s their other answer, if they can’t fix something with a pill they reach for a knife!”

I didn’t say anything, she was working a bit more firmly now.

“I think I can help with that if you let me.”

“How is that?” I asked.

“It’s called a Prostate massage.”

“You mean….?”


“God, I don’t know about that, it could be painful.”

“No, I will be careful. Here, lift up.”

She grabbed a larger round cushion, replaced the smaller one under my hips. This elevated my rear end several inches. I was having a few reservations but she seemed to just take over. She also placed a towel under my groin, escort gaziantep portalı pulling on each side until she had it situated.

Janice stepped away from the table, I saw her pull out some latex gloves, coat them with some type of clear lotion.

“Antibacterial.” She said, catching my look.

The next thing I knew she was oiling up my behind, I felt a bit of a tickle at that. Then she inserted her index finger of her right hand into my anus, pulling at my left butt cheek with her free hand.

It felt at first like she was shoving a 4″ X 4″ up there.

“Take a deep breath. Hoooold it! Now breathe out!” She coached me through several of those, I felt her finger slip more easily, then a solid stab of pain.

“Wow, that is big!” She exclaimed.

Her finger pressed firmly, the pain eased, replaced by an almost pleasurable sensation. I realized I was getting an erection, I tried to press myself against the table to hide it.

“Relax!” It was an order. Her fingers, two of them now, stayed busy. I felt something give, almost like a pop as something burst, then a flood of dampness under me.

“There it goes!” She seemed delighted.

Then I felt her left hand reach under me, she grasped my erection firmly.

“Hey!” I started to protest.

“Relax!” she ordered again.

“I need to do this to clear the gland!”

“My God!” I thought. Here I was laying on my stomach, Janice was working two fingers up my behind and masturbating me with her other hand.

Her hand was stroking my entire length, she grasped the base and squeezed, pulling her hand outwards my full length, then relaxing, repeating the motion.

I could not help myself, with a solid groan I orgasmed, one surge after another. I felt the spams begin to wane but she didn’t stop, I felt it beginning again, more powerful than the first.

It seemed to go on and on, I had never in my life felt anything like that. Janice’s hand continued to stroke me in the same manner as my member finally began to soften. Then she withdrew her fingers, and released me.

“How was that?” she asked.

I looked at her, she had a big bright smile on her face, there was a sparkle in her eyes.

Excitement, maybe?

“Wow.” was all I could utter.

She left the room, I got up and took another quick shower and dressed.

Janice was in the living room, sitting on her couch when I came out.

“Let me know if that helps some with your urination.” She said, that same twinkle in her eye.

“Uhhh…OK. But that is a little..embarrassing.”

“Oh, no need to be. It is just a procedure. The Doctors won’t do it.” That same sweet smile was on her face.

“Next Saturday?” She asked.


“I will come and get you.”

I nodded, went back over to my house. Later that day, I felt the urge, made it to the bathroom. I watched as my urine flowed in a flood like it hadn’t in years. I was amazed, the feeling of being completely empty was something I had almost forgotten.

I thought about it for a moment. No need to worry about Janice. She would do just fine.

Humming to myself, I headed for my garden, already looking forward to next Saturday.

Yep, she would do just fine.

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