Old Friends

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“God, tonight was fantastic! I felt like I owned the place!” Tammy said as she stretched in her chair.

Ana smiled, sipping her drink on the balcony, the traffic sounds a distant symphony of the city below. Tammy hadn’t changed much since high school.

“I mean, that was like back in high school when we owned the place!” she enthused as if to underscore Ana’s thoughts.

“Tammy, you have to own anyplace you go to,” Ana laughed.

“Damn right I do!” Tammy shot back, laughing too.

“You strutted into that party like John Travolta bopping down the street in Saturday Night Fever.”

Ana got up and did a parody of Travolta strutting across the hotel balcony wiggling her boxer clad hips to the delight of Tammy.

“Cut it out Ana, you’re going to make me spill my drink,” Tammy shrieked. “I did NOT look like that! I looked elegant, sophisticated and DAMN hot!”

“Oh PLEASE!” Ana replied flopping down into her chair and folding her legs in front of her. “You were working that room like a politician.”

“Work it, uh huh, uh huh, work it!” Tammy sang, raising her arms and dancing in her chair.

The party in question was one of the after parties to the Native American Music Awards Ceremony. Tammy was in the industry, and being half Lakota was a regular invitee. She had asked Ana to go with her this year, they’d been friends since high school, as both had recently split from their husbands – Ana divorced and Tammy separated.

Ana knew Tammy would be glad-handing through most of the event. That was the nature of the beast at these things and besides, that was Tammy. She agreed to go anyway as it sounded like fun. It WAS a trip to LA and after the rather ugly divorce she had just been through a little time away was welcome.

So far the trip had lived up to Ana’s expectations. Sure, Tammy was being Tammy, but Ana had been friends with her for twenty five years – there were no surprise at her behavior. Truth be told; Ana found it rather amusing. Tammy demanded your attention. Expected it. If she didn’t get it, she moved on to someone more worthy. Ana was used to it and, she had to admit it – if only to her self; Tammy wasn’t all that much different then she.

So she had gone and was content to be Tammy’s guest for the evening. Tammy made her usual splash, but Ana knew she had not gone unnoticed. Several people had asked her if she was ‘in the industry’. Several men had politely (and not so politely) come on to her. She flirted with these and then, politely (or not so politely as the case demanded) moved on. She suspected at least a few of them thought she was ‘with’ Tammy. Power dykes were still in vogue in the music industry. This amused her even more.

She wondered what they would think if they could see them sitting here on the hotel balcony in their PJ’s, sipping wine. Ana studied her friend over the rim of her glass. We’re certainly not fifteen anymore she thought. Although at forty we don’t look bad at all.

Tammy had probably changed the most, she was undoubtedly rounder then her teenaged self, but that just made her more womanly. Other then that she hadn’t changed much. Her hair was still jet black, her skin still pretty smooth, just a couple of extra pounds. She was still ‘ten pounds on the right side of sexy’ as Ana’s boyfriend Bobby said. The thought of him made her smile and feel warm.

“What’s with the smile babes?” Tammy asked. “You are obviously thinking of a guy.”

“OK, so maybe I am,” Ana replied. “I get horny when I’m drunk.”

Tammy cackled, “Girl you had ALL the boys in school hot for your little virgin ass. You didn’t give it up then, did you?”

“No, you know I didn’t. I wanted my first to be with someone who bursa escort knew what he was doing. It was and it was worth the wait,” Ana said with a Mona Lisa smile.

“I bet it was,” Tammy said getting up to get the bottle. She topped off Ana’s glass before refilling her own.

“This is all I need; more booze,” Ana said, but didn’t stop her from pouring.

“Yeah, for a little thing, you can sure put it away,” Tammy joked. “What are you, size 1?”

“I’m a 4 and I can NOT put it away. This is the most I’ve had in a long time.”

“Yeah, I remember us sitting around drinking your father’s white lightning. You could barely finish one,” Tammy said, leaning against the balcony railing.

Ana chuckled, “That’s because it tasted nasty.”

“Beggars can’t be choosers. Remember Laura and Mary? We really ruled that town,” Tammy reminisced. “First Mary moved away and it was us and Laura. Whatever happened to Laura?”

“You know very well what happened to her,” Ana said, a little annoyed. “She screwed my boyfriend at that party and I never spoke to her again.”

“That’s right!” Tammy said, as if just remembering. “That’s the party she wanted us to all make out at. We did it too.”

Ana remembered. It was a lark. Kind of a joke. Them drunk, the boys not there yet, at Tammy’s parents place on the lake. Laura taking charge, kissing Tammy, then Laura telling Ana to kiss her, then Laura making Ana kiss Tammy. Actually, as kisses went, it had been pretty good. They hadn’t held back, feeling drunk and experimental, but it hadn’t gone any further either.

“God, Laura was really into that,” Ana said. “Did I ever tell you she came into my bedroom later and tried it again?”

“Oh?” Tammy asked.

“Yeah, she did.”

“Well?” Tammy asked.

“Well what?”

“Cut the shit Ana, did you kiss her?” Tammy asked.

“Well, yes, but then she tried to go further and I made her stop,” Ana said.

Actually, Ana’s boyfriend Billy had been asleep in the bed next to her when Laura came in. They had started kissing and Laura had touched Ana’s breast when Billy woke up. It was Billy’s getting freaked out that had stopped things. Ana had spent the rest of the night calming him down: ironic when you consider that she walked in on Laura screwing Billy the next night.

“Actually, I knew that,” Tammy said.

“Oh? I told you that one?” Ana asked.

“No, Laura came into my room after she left yours,” Tammy said.

Ana was a bit surprised, but not overly. Tammy was a very sexual woman; it wasn’t surprising that she had experimented. Ana was only surprised she hadn’t known about it.

“I was actually very sorry it wasn’t you that had come in,” Tammy said softly, intensely.

Ana looked up at her, surprised at the smoky fire smoldering in Tammy’s dark eyes. In spite of herself, Ana felt a jolt of desire. Not that she had thought of Tammy sexually before this moment, but the obvious desire coming from the other woman was affecting her.

“I probably should have,” Ana said jokingly, trying to lower the heat a bit, “I would have been a lot better off with you then that jerk Billy.”

Tammy tossed her long, dark hair, “I always regretted that you know.”

She spread her arms out along the railing and leaned back. Ana was acutely aware of the closeness of the situation. Tammy’s white tee shirt molded itself to the larger woman’s voluptuous form, her dark nipples clearly visible as hard points under the cotton. With a start, Ana realized the other woman was wearing absolutely nothing under her tee.

“I still think about that time we did kiss,” Tammy continued, not letting it go.

“C’mon Tammy, knock it off,” Ana said a little bursa escort bayan nervously.

“C’mon yourself,” Tammy replied huskily. “You can’t tell me you’re not the slightest bit interested. I know you Ana, I can tell you’re thinking about it just by looking at you.”

Ana cursed to herself because she WAS thinking of it. The harder she tried not to, the more she thought about it – like that joke where you have to NOT think of a pink elephant.

While she was thinking of this, Tammy moved closer, standing in front of her, invading her space. She reached out and lightly brushed her hand across Ana’s light brown hair. Her touch sent a chill up Ana’s spine and she visibly shivered.

“This isn’t so bad, is it Ana?” Tammy whispered, running her hand down the other woman’s neck and across her shoulders.

“C’mon, Tammy,” Ana protested weakly, “I don’t want to do this. Stop.”

“Ana, I can see your nipples sticking right through your shirt, you don’t want me to stop,” she gloated, running her hands down from Ana’s shoulders and across her breasts.

Her nipples were indeed rock hard and Ana let out a soft moan as Tammy’s fingers crossed them, pinching slightly.

“You know you want this,” Tammy crooned.

It was the assumption in Tammy’s voice, the command that did it. Something in Ana crystallized and she stood up abruptly, almost bumping heads with Tammy in the process.

“Is this what you want?” Ana asked pulling her shirt over her head.

She stood with her hands on her trim hips, small breasts outthrust, dark pink nipples rock hard.

“Or is this what you want?” she challenged, hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her boxer shorts and with one quick motion pushing them down off her hips and to the patio floor.

Tammy was momentarily stunned but then smiled, drinking in the sight of her friend. Ana was much smaller then the other woman, petite with small breasts. Her belly was smooth, her pubis clean shaven.

Tammy moved to her, reaching out but Ana grabbed her hand.

“Inside,” was all she said, but led Tammy through the slider into the hotel room.

Once inside, Tammy turned quickly to Ana and kissed her mouth, sliding her hands down Ana’s back to cup her ass. Ana let the kiss progress, kissing back, enjoying the taste of the other woman’s mouth, the feel of Tammy’s tongue against her own. Remembering 22 years ago as if it were yesterday.

Ana broke the kiss, pushing the other woman back to arms length. Tammy opened her mouth to protest but Ana silenced her with a finger to her lips. Ana reached for the hem of Tammy’s tee shirt and pulled it up. The other woman, smiling, lifted her arms letting Ana pull it off over her head.

Ana smiled as she ran her finger tips down the other woman’s shoulders, sliding down Tammy’s full breasts to her large dark nipples. Ana teased them for a bit, making them stand up and eliciting a gasp before sliding them down Tammy’s belly to the waistline of her panties. Ana pushed them over the other woman’s full hips and let them fall to the floor as her own had done only moments before.

Ana couldn’t help herself, she had to check out her friend. Her gaze traveled up and down Tammy’s lush figure taking in the details: full, heavy breasts with large dark nipples, a rounded but smooth belly and a thick, lush patch of jet black pubic hair at the junction of her thighs. Tammy had gained a few pounds in 22 years, but she was still attractive, desirable and a dammed sexy forty year old.

“Like what you see?” Tammy asked.

Ana smiled again but said nothing. She pushed the other woman backwards and onto the bed, crawling up onto her, straddling bursa merkez escort her supine form. Tammy reached up to capture Ana’s breasts, but she intercepted her hands and pinned them to the bed.

“No. No touch,” Ana said, bending to kiss Tammy’s neck.

Tammy tried to pull her hands free but the smaller woman was surprisingly strong. She stopped struggling as Ana’s kisses began to trail a line from Tammy’s neck and across her chest. Ana slid her tongue down the other woman’s breast to her nipple, making a circle around the soft skin of her areola. She captured the nipple in her mouth and sucked, feeling it elongate in her mouth. Ana worked the nipple, sucking and nibbling the way she like her own done. Tammy seemed to appreciate it, sighing and pressing her hips into the other woman.

“Don’t touch,” Ana admonished, letting go the other woman’s hands.

Tammy obeyed, leaving her hands on the bed over her head. Ana skittered her hand across Tammy’s torso, down her belly to the thick tangle of hair at her mound. Tammy parted her legs and Ana’s hand delved deeper, finding soaking wetness at her juncture.

The evidence of Tammy’s excitement turned Ana on. She felt her own lips swell. The fact of the other woman’s excitement was more of a turn on then anything they were actually doing. She opened Tammy with her fingers and began to stroke her clit.

Tammy gasped and Ana felt the other woman’s pussy throb as she came. At first Ana was surprised by the abruptness, the speed of it but then felt a wave of lust wash over her, drunk with the power she had over Tammy’s body.

“Oh, Ana, let me touch you, please I want to touch you,” Tammy moaned.

“No,” Ana whispered with a smile, changing the tempo, slowing her stroking, letting Tammy come through her orgasm. When she felt the timing right, Ana slipped a finger into the other woman, stroking Tammy’s clit with her thumb.

“Oh God Ana, Oh that feels so good. Oh God let me do that to you,” she begged.

“No, not yet,” Ana whispered, slipping a second finger into Tammy and fucking her with long, slow strokes.

Tammy pushed back against Ana’s fingers as she stroked into her. Ana picked up the pace and Tammy began moaning, “Oh, oh, oh,” in time to Ana’s rhythm.

Ana bit down on Tammy’s nipple as she worked a third finger into the other woman and Tammy convulsed, he pussy squeezing tight to Ana’s hand.

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnn,” she screamed, head thrown back as she came. “Uhhhhhhh!”

“Oh Ana, please, let me taste you, please!” Tammy begged.

Ana withdrew her fingers from the other woman’s sopping pussy, putting them in Tammy’s mouth. She greedily licked her own juices off Ana’s fingers as Ana slid her body up the other woman’s; brushing her pussy up Tammy’s body, leaving a trail of wetness behind.

Ana straddled Tammy’s face. “You want this?” she asked, her pussy inches away from Tammy.

“God yes, I’ve wanted it for 22 years,” Tammy panted.

Ana slowly lowered herself onto the other woman. As soon as Tammy could reach, she began licking Ana’s shaved lips, thrusting her tongue deeper as Ana got lower.

Ana closed her eyes and rocked back and forth on Tammy’s face as the other woman’s tongue traveled the length of her sex, from clit to asshole and back, exploring her folds. Tammy reached up to caress Ana’s nipples.

“Harder, squeeze them harder,” Ana ordered.

Tammy pinched them and Ana gasped then sighed, reaching behind her to find Tammy, stroking her.

Tammy licked, sucked and probed. Ana felt herself stiffen, her pleasure build, then explode.

“Uh, oh I’m cumming, oh!” Ana gasped, grinding her sex into Tammy’s face.

Ana milked every ounce of sensation from Tammy’s tongue and lips, floating on the crest of her climax until the pleasure started to fade.

Tammy pulled Ana down to her, the smaller woman snuggling against her.

“That was amazing,” Ana whispered.

“We’ve got twenty two years to make up for,” Tammy smiled.

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