Old Flame Rekindled

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It was already approaching midnight and I was still wide awake and couldn’t sleep. My husband and I already had mind-blowing sex earlier, in fact he’s already fast asleep, but somehow, I couldn’t doze off. I thought that after 2 intense orgasms, I would be sleeping like a baby, but I guess I was wrong. So, I decided to go through some Harvard Business Review articles with the intent of learning something new, and more importantly trying to bore myself to sleep. As I went through an article on automation and artificial intelligence, I got a surprise message on social media from an old friend of mine, Derrick.

I knew Derrick from around 20 years back when we worked for the same company. We both worked under the finance organization, and we developed a close professional and personal relationship. I always enjoyed his company, since he was a consummate professional, and he carries around a mysterious aura that always intrigued me. He left the company after around 5 years, and during his sendoff party, I ended up having a one-night stand with him. I was fresh from a break-up that time and he kept me company almost daily while I mourned from the failed relationship, which eventually led to that passionate evening of amazing sex after his party.

We kept in touch even after he migrated to another country, but it has been a few years since I last heard from him, so getting a message from him late in the evening was a surprise. I decided to engage him in a conversation since I couldn’t sleep anyway, and after a quick check on how each of us were doing, he told me that he just flew in a couple of hours ago and will be flying to his hometown the day after tomorrow to visit his folks. He asked me if there was any chance we could meet tomorrow to catch up, and that’s when I learned that he was staying at the hotel just across my office building. I must admit I was excited to see him after a long time, so we agreed to meet for breakfast and catch up. He gave me his mobile number and requested me to call him in the morning to make sure he doesn’t oversleep and be late for our meet up.

The following morning, I went through my morning routine of preparing the kids’ stuff for school before fixing myself for work. Since it was a Friday, it was date night with my husband, and it has been our custom that he chooses what I wear on date nights. I allow him to choose my wardrobe for me as long as he keeps it business appropriate since it was still a workday. Today, he picked a black dress that hugged my body nicely (but still appropriate for work) and with a hem line that rested a few inches above my knees. He also picked a pair of black, lace bra and thongs to go with my dress, and he capped it off with my 4-inch stiletto. I honestly loved his picks because they not only make me look and feel beautiful, but it also tells me that he plans to fuck me good again after our date.

My husband dropped me off at my office earlier than usual as traffic was relatively lighter than normal. I decided to check my email first, then at around 7:45 AM, I decided to call Derrick as we planned to meet at 8. He did not pick up my call, so I got the feeling that he was still sleeping. I tried to call a few more times but all went unanswered, so I assumed we will not push through with the plans and instead I started working.

At around 8:05 AM, my phone started ringing and it was Derrick. He apologized a lot of times as he just woke up and is late for our meet up. He asked if I could meet him in 30 min as he needs to shower and dress up, but it won’t be possible as I had a 9 AM meeting and 25 minutes would be cutting it too close. He sounded disappointed, and I felt the same as I was looking forward to seeing him, so I suggested that I just pick up coffee from Starbucks and maybe bring it to his room. He was delighted with my suggestion but asked me a couple of times if it was okay for me to do that. I said I didn’t mind at all, so he gave me his room number and I went across the street to grab us both a cup of coffee. Little did I know that my small gesture of kindness would lead to a day full of hot sex with Derrick.

I got to Derrick’s room at around 8:15 AM, luckily Starbucks wasn’t so busy yet when I fetched our coffee. He grabbed the coffee from me and placed it on the desk, then he started staring at me with the same glow as he did the last time we saw each other, then he gave me a nice hug. I hugged him back as I was really happy to see him, then he once again looked at me and said that I still looked very pretty and that I aged gracefully. I knew I blushed a bit as my face felt a bit warm, then before I could thank him for the compliment, Derrick lunged forward and kissed me on the lips. I got surprised and froze a bit, then he held my face gently and kissed me once more.

“Hmmm, aren’t we supposed to have coffee? I need to leave in like 35 minutes.” I said, rather awkwardly.

“Do you recall the last time we were in a room together?” He asked, completely ignoring my statement about us having coffee.

“Oh, come on! That was more escort bursa than a decade ago! We were young and…. stupid.”

“That was one hell of a night! Do you agree?”

“Hmmm, yeah, it was great that time!”

“Yeah, we had amazing sex that night!”

I remained silent, probably flushed as I was both embarrassed and giddy with the memories of that evening. As I froze in front of Derrick, he pulled me close to him until my body pressed against his, then he started kissing me again. This time, I started kissing him back, and when I did, I felt his hand start to feel my tits and my ass.

“Derrick, I can’t! I need to go back to the office soon.” I said in between breaths.

“It’s still early, we have time.” He responded as he pulled my dress up and cupped my thong-covered ass.

He then turned me around and bent me over the desk, then he started sliding the straps of my dress down my shoulders to expose my lace bra. He unclasped my bra rather easily then he started fondling and teasing my stiff nipples. After fondling my tits for a while, he pulled my thongs down my legs and completely took them off. He then slid his finger between my thighs and felt how wet my pussy was already.

“Oooh, just as wet as the last time!” he said as I heard him unzip the fly of his shorts. He gave my pussy a few more rubs, then I felt his cock slide inside my cunt very slowly, making me gasp for air and moan in pleasure.

“Oh my God! Your pussy still feels as good as before!” he whispered to my ear as he slowly slid in and out of me. He then wrapped one arm around my tits to cup them, while his other hand gently turned my face so he could kiss me as he fucked me from behind. I was moaning with every thrust he did while he kept on telling me how good my pussy felt around his cock. Although I was enjoying the feeling of his cock fucking me, I was so conscious of the time as I cannot afford to be late for my 9 AM meeting, so I kept telling him that I had to go back soon in between my moans.

I saw Derrick glance at his watch before telling me that he still had 10 minutes with me. He moved his hands from my tits and face to my hips, then he started to increase the pace of his thrusts. My moans started getting louder as he fucked me harder, and the memories of the night we last had sex started flashing back in my head. My mind drifted away from the moment until I heard Derrick grunting and asking me if he could cum inside my pussy. Before I can say yes, I felt a warm gush of jizz coat the wall of my pussy, and I cooed like a baby with the sensation it brought to my loins. He kept his cock inside me for a few more seconds, before slowly pulling it out of my cunt.

The clock by the TV now read 8:52 AM so I kind of panicked and hurriedly put my bra on and pulled my dress down to cover my ass and pussy. I knew I didn’t have time to clean up so I scrambled to look for my thongs in the pile of sheets on the bed so I can put them back on when I get the chance to clean up at the office.

“Looking for this?” Derrick asked as he dangled my thong in front of me.

“Yeah! Give it to me. I need to go now!” I said rather frantically.

“Nah! Maybe you can just claim it later during your lunch break?”

“Stop fooling around, Derrick! I need to run!”

“Go! I’m not stopping you! I’ll see you later then!” He said with a naughty grin on his face.

I was left with no choice but to ride along with his silly plan, so I walked hurriedly back to the office with his cum dripping down my inner thighs. I got to my desk just in time for my meeting, which means that I had to endure having Derrick’s gooey cum in my pussy and thighs until this 2-hour meeting ends. I did my best to concentrate on the presentation, and I think I did well as I was able to get the praises of my management. The meeting leader called for a 10-minute break about an hour into the meeting, and I grabbed this chance to go to the ladies’ room and wash off Derrick’s cum from my pussy and thighs. As I cleaned myself up, I couldn’t help but be amazed at how much cum he left inside me, but I had to shake of the thought as I had to go back to the meeting room already.

I was more relaxed for the second half of my meeting since I no longer have to worry about cum dripping out of my pussy, but also since I was done with my presentation already. As I did my best to focus on the meeting, I couldn’t help but get distracted a couple of times as Derrick was sending me messages on my phone to ask what time I would come over for lunch and what time I had to be back in the office. I told him that the earliest I can go is 11:30 AM but had to leave at 12:45 PM as I had another set of marathon meetings in the afternoon that start at 1 PM. He said that he was looking forward to seeing me, and that we can have 15 minutes for lunch, and 1 hour for sex. I just ignored his message, but deep inside I felt horny, and my pussy started to get moist at the thought of shagging during my lunch break.

I finished my work a bit earlier than expected and I found bursa merkez eskort myself excited and looking forward to going back to Derrick’s hotel room. When I got there, I saw that he had ordered sandwiches for lunch, and I teased him by saying that he ordered those instead of full meals since he really wanted a quick lunch. He told me that he wanted to have sex more than to eat lunch but was being considerate as I might be hungry already. I gave him a friendly slap on his arm before taking my seat to have lunch with Derrick. True to his plan, we were done eating in less than 15 minutes, and as soon as I finished chewing my last bite, he asked me to hop into his bed so we can “start the fun part.” I took of my heels off and sat on his bed, while he cleaned the desk and disposed our food wrappers.

“I suggest you take your dress off also. You don’t want it getting wrinkled, don’t you?” he suggested.

“Why, I’m just here to claim my thong. No need to undress for that.” I said, playing a bit hard to get.

“Hmmm, you will have to earn It back. So, it’s your choice, either you undress now, or risk going back to work with a wrinkled dress. I don’t mind fucking you with your dress on!” he responded as he stripped down to his boxers.

The dominant tone he had sent my cunt gushing almost instantly. I stood up and took my dress off, and as I handed it to him so he could hang it, he asked me to take my bra off as well. I tossed my bra on the desk, and I lay on the bed stark naked as he hung my dress on the closet. When he joined me on the bed, he immediately went on top of me and started kissing me passionately. He kissed me on the lips, darting his tongue in and out of my mouth which I reciprocated by meeting his tongue with mine. He then moved to kiss my earlobes, and as he kissed me there, he started whispering that he had always fantasized about sleeping with me again after our one-night stand, and that he envies my husband for being able to make love to me as much as he wants.

I was just moaning and breathing heavily as Derrick kissed and whispered things to my ear. He then started to slide down until he reached my stiff nipples. He started gently sucking and nibbling on my nipples, and as he did, he continued telling me that he would give everything to be able to suck on my tits every day. He cupped and fondled my tits while he sucked and licked my nipples, and this made my breathing even heavier as the pleasure started to mount. After spending a good amount of time on my nipples, he slid down to lick my belly button, then he went further down until his tongue landed on my swollen clitoris.

Derrick continued pinching and tweaking my nipples while his tongue played with my cunt and clit. He would lick me from my ass up to my clit, then he would stop there to suck on it, then would lick me back down up to my ass crack. He repeatedly did this until my body started to shiver, and my back started arching involuntarily. After a couple more licks to my pussy, I started to convulse uncontrollably as I exploded into a powerful orgasm. I was panting and gasping for air as he continued to lick me while my body shook and spasmed, and in between moans and pants, I was able to ask him to put his cock inside my pussy.

Derrick stood up and pulled his boxers down to let loose his hard cock. I was anticipating him to penetrate me already, but instead he lay flat on his back and asked me to suck his cock. As I took my place between his legs, he mentioned that he would like to feel how good I suck cock as he never had the chance to get a blowjob from me before. That’s when I recall that we were so horny that night that we skipped foreplay, so I told myself that I would give him a blowjob he will never forget.

I started by licking him from the base of his scrotum, lightly teasing his asshole with light rimming, then I slowly licked and gently sucked his balls. I then started licking the length of his rod slowly, before wrapping my lips tightly around the head of his cock, then slowly going down on it as deep as I could. When I got his entire cock inside my mouth, I flicked my tongue against his balls which immediately made him grunt in pleasure. I then shifted from doing a corkscrew and rubbing motion with my tongue to pleasure his cock, ang he was squirming and grunting in ecstasy. As I bobbed my head up and down his shaft, he kept telling me that this was the best head he has ever had. I kept sucking on his cock until he was the one who told me to stop and asked me to ride his cock.

I slowly crawled up on top of Derrick, but before I put his cock inside my pussy, I teased him first by dangling my small tits in front of his face which he immediately started to suck on. As he tugged on my stiff nipples with his lips, I gently stroked his cock and guided it towards my moist cunt, then I gradually lowered myself down his cock until he was balls-deep inside of me. He then grabbed me by my nape and pushed my head down so he could once again kiss me passionately. With his cock bursa sınırsız escort buried inside my cunt, and his tongue darting in and out of my mouth, I felt his hands pull my ass cheeks apart and then he had a finger poking gently on my asshole. After a while, he stopped kissing me then he whispered to my ear “Go ride that cock like you own it!”

I started gyrating slowly on top of Derrick, making sure I rub and stimulate my clit against his crotch as I fucked him. I kept a slow, steady pace, keeping my moans in good rhythm with my hip motion which I knew turned him on given the way he was grunting as he watched me work on his cock. He then placed his hands on my tits and gently fondled them before lightly pinching my nipples. I was so horny, and I wanted to show off my bedroom skills to him, so I put my arms behind my head, giving him full access to grope my body, then I increased the pace of my thrust. As I fucked him harder, my moans became louder and I started gasping for air. I then felt another wave of orgasm brewing, so I continued my pace until I started convulsing and collapsed on top of him as I succumbed to another orgasm. He hugged me tight as I lay on top of him panting, while he moaned and grunted in pleasure as my pussy spasmed against his cock.

As I lay motionless on top of him, he asked me how I would like him to fuck me. I told him that I want him to fuck me hard, doggy style. He wasted no time and rolled over to kneel on the bed, then he grabbed me by my hips and bent me over on all fours in front of him. He once again spread my ass cheeks, exposing my soaked cunt and asshole, then in one swift motion, he shoved his dick inside me, making me scream in pleasure. He then grabbed me by my hips and began pounding my pussy as if there was no tomorrow. I was literally screaming as he pummeled my pussy with his cock, and even though there were time that his thrusts hurt a bit, they were quickly overshadowed by the pleasure he was giving me.

Derrick had his way with me as he fucked me hard from behind. At one point he reached over and started groping my tits while be banged me which I really loved. There was a point also that he stuck a finger down my asshole, and though I am not an ass-virgin, the fact that his only lube was his saliva, it stung me a bit. I was finding ways to contain the sensation between my legs that I was literally burying my face on the bed and grabbing the sheets tightly to try and suppress my screams of pleasure, but I was not able to hold it long as I started screaming as I exploded into another orgasm. I asked Derrick to stop fucking me as I was going insane with the combination of the orgasm and the sensation of his cock rubbing against the walls of my pussy. Fortunately for me, he listened and gave me a breather and stopped thrusting, but he kept his cock inside me to once again enjoy the sensation of my pussy pulsating against his dick,

As my body started to relax and I caught my breath, Derrick turned me over and lay me flat on my back. He then penetrated me once more, then he lay on top of me and started kissing. He told me that this time he would not fuck me, but instead would make love to me. After he said those words, he started humping me in a nice, slow pace, but going deep with each thrust, then he started kissing me on the lips, ears and on my neck. I was still moaning with his every thrust, but this indeed felt better than earlier. To be fair to him, I was the one who asked him to fuck me hard and fuck me hard he did!

“God! Your pussy’s so tight! Are you loving this?” he asked.


“Tell me you love it.”

“I love it!”

“You love what?”

“I love what you’re doing to me.”

“What am I doing to you?”

“You’re fucking me.”

“No, I’m making love to you. Say it.”

“I love how you’re making love to me!”

“Good! If I didn’t leave, would you have made love to me again after that night?”


“Okay. But would you make love to me again after this?”

“Yes, but I need to go back to the office.”

“Well, I guess I’ll keep your thong longer and ask you to get it after work.”

I wanted to say no as I had a date with my husband after work, but he started kissing me before I could talk so I couldn’t answer. He then started to thrust harder as I felt his body tense up on top of me. After a few more thrusts, he spewed his sperm inside of my pussy again, just like this morning. He continued kissing me as he squeezed his cum inside me to the last drop. When he was done, I looked at me straight in the eye and told me how beautiful I was, and that he is excited for our third round later after work. He then helped me up to my feet and guided me to the bathroom so I could clean up before going back to work.

As I put my bra and dress back on, I tried asking him for my thongs as I am not sure I would have time to come back after work as I was meeting my husband at 6 PM. He told me that I either have to do something about it, or I would have to explain to my husband where I lost my thongs. Deep inside I knew I wanted another round so I gave him a kiss and told him to wait for my message, then I went out of his room and made my way back to my office. As I walked back, I was already trying to plan how I can move my meetings around so I can fuck Derrick again before my husband fetches me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32