Oddball Ch. 03

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*Author’s Note: Any persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


Chapter 1

Britney Wertmuller, the pretty eighteen-year-old blonde, had been dreaming of this night almost all of her teenage life. Ever since Jack Rogers strolled into their ninth grade classroom.

But he had locked eyes with Mindy Laporte and they’d been exclusive ever since. So Britney contented herself with for confessing her feelings to Tiffany, her twin sister, and lusting and pining in secret.

She’d even spied on the handsome quarterback and the skinny cheerleader as they made love in the back seat of Jack’s car. She watched as Mindy locked her bone thin legs around Jack’s waist and urged him to drive deeper, fuck her harder.

“Come on, you pervert,” Tiffany hissed and pulled Britney back to their car.

Leaning against their car, Tiffany flirted with most of the males, and Britney ignored them. She wanted Jack.

Mindy had gotten herself expelled from DeGarde High School, along with Peggy Morrison and Grace Breaux. Britney turned up the charm, turned up the heat. Still, she had to walk right up to Jack and flirt outrageously before he noticed.

Most of the students noticed Tiffany and Britney Wertmuller. They had almost white-blonde shoulder length hair, hazel eyes, snub noses and dazzling smiles. Both twins stood five foot six and both twins had thirty-six C breasts, twenty-eight inch waists, and thirty-two inch hips. Their legs were long and muscular and tanned, which both girls showed off in short skirts or short shorts as often as they could. Even when the weather was too cold for shorts, they wore leggings to emphasize their long legs.

Britney dressed carefully for this date; dressing was a science. She didn’t want to look too eager, too easy, but at the same time she didn’t want to dress like, like that little oddball Mary Farmer either.

Finally, she selected a white silk blouse and a short plaid skirt. White knee socks and canvas tennis shoes completed the ‘schoolgirl’ look. She teased her blonde hair slightly, put on some pink lipstick, then went downstairs and waited.

Jack was nearly an hour late, was arrogant, almost rude to her father and a little too attentive to her mother. He’d not made any plans and made her wait out in the car while he ran inside the Morrison home to buy a couple of joints from Fred.

“Yeah, used to not have to pay nothing for a couple of these,” he said and looked pointedly at Britney. “Let Mindy fuck him, he’d give us three or four of these, know what I’m saying?”

Britney looked at him in shock; was he suggesting that the let the fat, pimple faced, greasy looking Fred Morrison fuck her, just for ten dollars worth of weed?

She refused the joint when Jack passed it to her. She rolled down the car window to let the foul smelling smoke out of the car.

“Roll that up, you a fucking idiot?” Jack yelled. “God damn, think I want anyone smelling this shit?”

He pulled up in front of Delphy’s Diner and made her wait until he finished smoking the joint. Then he got out of the car, leaving her to get her own door.

Once inside, he spotted Tank Kowalski and sauntered over. He did not seem to notice that Tank wasn’t all that happy to see them.

Britney looked at Holy Mary and felt a pang of jealousy. She could read the girl’s face, could read the happiness and excitement Mary had. Mary was out on a date with the man of her dreams.

Britney looked at Jack. She too was out on a date with the man of her dreams, but was not having any fun at all. She was embarrassed, especially when Jack succeeded in getting them thrown out of Delphy’s Diner. She could see one of Daddy’s managers and knew that Daddy would hear about this.

“Fucking believe that shit?” Jack yelled, angry and stoned. “Fucking tell me to leave, what’s that all about, huh?”

“Look Jack, maybe we should forget this,” Britney offered.

“I got the munchies, know what I’m saying?” Jack said and pulled up into the drive-through of Taco Bell.

“Look, Jack, just take me home, okay?” Britney asked.

“You want a taco?” Jack asked.

“No, Jack, I can’t stand Taco Bell,” Britney said, close to tears.

Jack ignored her and ordered a couple of tacos and some nachos. Britney wanted to vomit; the greasy smell of the food and the stale smell of the marijuana had her stomach lurching.

“Be careful of what you pray for,” she thought. “You just might get it.”

From there, he pulled up to Early’s Grocery store; it was a well-known secret that Early’s did not ask for identification. If you looked old enough to buy it, they sold you the beer. He left her in the car while he ran inside.

Britney looked over at the large car that eased up to the edge of the sidewalk and grimaced. It was that geek, Oscar Coutre. The last thing she wanted was for that loser to see her out on such a miserable date.

When they were younger, they used to call him ‘Oscar the Grouch’ after that Sesame Street character. As they grew older, it got changed to ‘Oscar the Geek.’

She Maltepe Escort looked away as he got out of the car and tripped over the ledge of the sidewalk. Oscar had very large feet that seemed to get in his way a lot.

She looked back at the car and saw an older man sitting in the passenger seat. Obviously the man was Oscar’s dad; the looked a lot alike; same bad haircut, same goofy smile. She wondered why the man was wearing sunglasses on such a cloudy day.

“Want one?” Jack offered her a beer.

“No, Jack, please, please just take me home,” Britney asked.

Jack ignored her and drank two of the beers in rapid succession. Britney wanted to scream in frustration as they pulled up to Huvall’s Levee; the local make-out spot in DeGarde.

“Sure you don’t want any?” Jack asked as he shoved the food into his mouth.

“No, Jack!” she screamed. “No! All right? I just want to go home!”

“Fuck that,” he spat, angered by her outburst. “Act all fucking hot and wanting to fuck and shit and now want to be a little fucking tease? I don’t think so.”

She stared at him, stunned, as he threw the nachos into her face. Melted cheese and tomatoes and sour cream stuck to her face and hair and silk blouse.

“No, Jack, please!” she screamed as he grabbed her breast.

She felt her nose bone break as he slapped her and clawed out with her fingernails like her Daddy had taught her to do when she felt threatened. She certainly felt threatened now.


Thomas saw Jack’s car rocking slightly and drove a little further down, to give them some privacy and to give he and Mary some privacy.

Afterward, he saw that Jack’s car was gone.

Chapter 2

Monday morning, all of DeGarde High School was abuzz with the news that Jack Rogers had been arrested for the rape of Brittany Wertmuller.

“You’re kidding me,” John Ridgelow cried out. “That bitch was all over him! If anyone was raped, it was Jack!”

Mary felt horrible. She had seen Britney moments before the rape. Had she been more receptive, friendlier when she and Jack intruded on their date, instead of just wanting to be alone with Thomas, maybe Britney would not have been raped.

She had heard that rape, even though it was very similar to sex, wasn’t really about sex.

“I am a horrible sinner,” Mary told Thomas as they ate their lunch, seated underneath their oak tree.

“How?” Thomas asked.

He was getting used to these declarations from Mary.

“If I had invited them to join us, maybe Jack would have preserved Britney’s purity,” Mary said.

“Baby, I’m the one that told Jack we were out on a date,” Thomas reminded her.

“God, I love when you call me ‘Baby,'” Mary sighed. “But don’t change the subject. I need to atone for the sin of selfishness.

Thomas couldn’t help it; he began to get an erection. Mary had some pretty weird ideas about sin, and atonement; her weird ideas seemed to benefit him.

“How?” he managed to choke out.

“I do not know,” Mary admitted. “Oh, Thomas! I don’t know! I don’t want to lose my chastity; that should be for our wedding night! But I have to do something!”


Jack had been stunned when the police cruiser pulled up behind him and even more stunned when they physically pulled him from the car and handcuffed him.

The female detective sat across from him and informed him of the charges; it just didn’t make any sense to him. The fucking bitch begged for it, then wanted to say it was rape?

His father looked at him and told him flat out he was on his own. His mother, thank God for her, his mother promised they would bail him out and would get him the best lawyer in Louisiana.

But now, thirty-six hours later, it was beginning to sink in. This as real. The fact that he’d broken Britney’s nose and knocked out three of her teeth had sobered him up a little.

“Fucking bitch clawed at my eyes,” Jack had defended.

Thirty-six hours later, he realized she had clawed at his eyes to protect herself.


Oscar Coutre got into his car and drove out to the drugstore. Combing through their small selection of ‘Get Well Soon’ cards, he finally selected one. It wasn’t too mushy, wasn’t too sappy, and it didn’t make light of her suffering.

He quickly signed it and drove out to the Wertmuller house. He knows where they lived; he’d driven by it every now and then, looking up to see if he could see Britney.

Allison Wertmuller looked at the scrawny young man and hid her amused smile. The goofy looking boy reminded her of another goofy looking boy from twenty-four years earlier.

Charlie Wertmuller had screwed up all the courage he had and asked Allison Hebert to the movies. At first the pretty and popular cheerleader had been tempted to tell the scrawny nerd to fuck off, but something in his blue eyes made her say ‘yes.’

He treated her like a goddess. He demurred to her wishes instead of ordering her around. At the end of the date, instead of grabbing for her large breasts or trying to force his hand under her skirt like every other date Anadolu Yakası Escort had ever done, he softly kissed her cheek.

“Hey, when are we going out again?” she demanded as he turned to leave.

“Whenever you want,” he eagerly said.

“Tomorrow morning, you’re taking me to church,” she ordered. “We go to nine thirty Mass.”

“Okay,” he agreed and gasped when she pulled him to her for a forceful kiss.

Twenty-four years later, he still treated her like a goddess. Twenty-four years later, though, Allison realized she was the lucky one; she was with a man that loved her.

“Well, thank you!” she smiled when Oscar handed her the card for Britney. “Would you like to come on in?”

“Um, no, no ma’am,” Oscar blushed and stammered and stuttered. “I got to get back to school. But, um, but please tell Britney I hope she gets to feeling better and comes back to school real soon.”

Allison did not try to hide her amused giggle as Oscar turned around too quickly and tripped over his own feet. She closed the door before she could burst out laughing.

Honey,” she called out as she entered Britney’s bedroom. “The nicest young man just dropped this off for you.”

She winced when she looked at Britney’s face. Eyes were blackened, her nose had an obvious bump in it, and her lips were still puffy from Jack fist. When she opened her mouth, the missing teeth were nearly garish in appearance. Knowing her two daughters to be vain about their appearance, it must really tear at Britney when she looked in the mirror.

Britney actually smiled as she read the card, then remembered her missing teeth and closed her mouth again.

“Do you know him?” Allison asked, smiling.

“Yeth, he’th in a few of my clatheth,” Britney lisped, then began to tear up at the sound of her own voice.


“Maybe just getting her a card?” Thomas suggested as they walked to their History class.

“How does that atone for sin?” Mary asked.

“Well, um, I guess it let’s her know that we’re sorry,” Thomas offered.

“You’re right,” Mary said. “Jesus forgives us when we are sorrowful for our sins; maybe she will forgive us too.”

He was almost disappointed; he’d hoped for a blowjob as some sort of penance. He chided himself; Mary would sooner or later give in to her temptations; he did not need to ‘guilt’ her into it.

Chapter 3

John looked at the Toyota in amusement; the girls had brought it in a few weeks ago, but it still sat, waiting.

“They’re in no hurry,” George assured him.

“Guess not,” John smiled sardonically.

“What’s that mean?” George demanded.

“They got your truck; what do they need that thing for?” John asked.

George stomped off to his office, to sulk.

Moments later, he was back. He picked up the creeper and dropped it in front of the car.

“Kind of silly, isn’t it?” he said quietly.

“What is?” John asked as he tightened the bolts on the Pontiac he was working on.

“I’m forty one, almost forty two,” George sighed. “Only way I can get that little girl to look at me twice is give her my truck.”

“She told you that?” John asked.

“No, but damn it John, look at me!” George said. “Forty one years old, never been married, living above a garage, hell I don’t even have a real house.”

“There’s a real nice house for sale, right down the street,” Lilly said quietly as she walked into the dim garage.

“Hey Lilly,” John said as he washed his hands quickly.

“Hi John,” Lilly said quietly.

John walked out of the garage to give them their privacy. She nudged George with the toe of her white waitress shoe.

“Going to come out from under there?” she asked. “Or are you going to hide from me?”

“Hiding’s working for me,” George said, trying to make a joke out of it.

“I don’t want your truck,” she said and squatted down to peer under her car. “If you think that’s the only reason I’m coming around, then you must think I’m a real big whore.”

“I don’t think you’re a whore, but Lilly, why else would a beautiful girl like you come around an old guy like me?” he asked and slid out from under the car.

One look into her eyes told him she was both angry and hurt.

“Maybe, you dumb mother fucker, maybe I thought I loved you,” she said and threw his truck keys in his face. “Here’s your truck back, ass hole.”

“Hurry up and finish my car, MISTER Farmer,” she spat as she strode out of the garage.


Allison smiled warmly at the odd looking couple that stood on her doorstep. The girl wasn’t even five feet tall, and the young man loomed over both of them.

“Um, hi,” Mary said. “Um, we go to school with Britney.”

“I’m Thomas Kowalski,” Thomas offered.

“And I’m Mary, Mary Farmer,” Mary said and held out a card. “We got this for Britney.

Oh, how sweet,” Allison said and stood aside. “Would you two like to come in? See her?”

“Yes, ma’am, if that would be all right,” Mary said.

“No Mom,” Britney said, horrified.

“Honey, you’re going to have to face Ümraniye Escort people sooner or later,” Allison quietly but firmly told her daughter. Just put that partial plate in so you can smile, and come out on the back porch; they’re waiting for you.”

“Yes ma’am,” Britney said.

Mary was horrified when Britney stepped out onto the porch. She had not expected the normally so beautiful girl to look damaged.

Damaged. That was the word for it. Britney looked damaged.

“Britney, I am so sorry this happened to you, Mary said sincerely.

“Thank you,” Britney said and impulsively hugged the smaller girl tightly.

Allison looked through the window and smiled as Britney sat outside and talked with Mary and Thomas. She poured three glasses of iced tea and put them not a tray.

“Here, brought y’all something to drink,” she said and stepped out onto the porch.

“Thank you so much,” Britney said and Allison smiled.

She wasn’t thanking her mother for the tea.


Oscar sat and told his dad about Britney, how he wanted to ask her out, but kept chickening out.

“I mean, Dad, she’s like flipping gorgeous,” Oscar said.

“Even gorgeous girls get lonely,” Cecil said.

“Yeah, but not Britney,” Oscar said.

“Oh?” Cecil smiled. “She schizophrenic?”

“No, Dad,” Oscar laughed.

“I mean, unless she’s got multiple personalities to keep her company, she’s probably sitting there, wishing someone would pick up the phone and ask her out,” Cecil said.

Chapter 4

Tiffany knew that it wasn’t Britney’s fault, that she hadn’t asked to have her nose broken or three of her teeth knocked out, but a lot of people at DeGarde High School believed that Britney had asked for it. Since other people’s opinion mattered a lot to Tiffany, she tended to side with them.

She saw her sister sitting on the back porch with Tank, and that little oddball he was playing with, huffed in disgust and stomped up the stairs.

“But Mary,” Britney declared. “It wouldn’t have mattered one way or the other; Jack was high on pot.”

“He was doing drugs?” Mary gasped, horrified.

“Yeah,” Britney said. “I guess I should have just stayed at the diner and called Crappit for a ride home.”

)Crappit” was the nickname of Rapid Cab in DeGarde. They were the only cab service in DeGarde, and as a result, they were not very rapid, nor were they very courteous to their clients.)

“Or asked us for a ride,” Thomas said.

“””Yeah, but y’all were out on a date,” Britney said.

“So? We could never leave a friend in need,” Mary insisted.

“Yeah, y’all are pretty good friends,” Britney declared and squeezed Mary’s hand.

“Y’all staying for dinner?” Allison asked.

Mary gasped.

“Dinner! Thomas! I have to go home! I got to cook dinner!” Mary cried out.

“Oh, well, okay, but thanks so much for coming over,” Britney said and kissed Mary on her lips.

She hugged Thomas good-bye, and watched as the two left.

“I like them,” Allison declared.

“Yeah, me too,” Britnye agreed.


Oscar sighed and put the phone back on the cradle.

“She ain’t never going to say ‘yes’ until you ask her,” Cecil smiled.

“Dad, you just don’t understand,” Oscar huffed.

“No, you’re right, I don’t understand why you don’t just pick up that phone, dial the number and say ‘Hi Britney, I’d really love it if you’d go out to Radcliffe’s with me this Friday.'” Cecil agreed.

“Dad, damn it!” Oscar yelled. “I know you can’t see, but this girl is gorgeous! She’s not going to want to go out with a dork like me!”

“What’s being blind got to do with it?” Cecil asked.

There was no anger or bitterness; Cecil accepted his blindness for what it was, just a fact of life.

“Okay, okay, see, this girl is really hot, and really hot girls only like really hot guys,” Oscar tried to explain.

“Son, let me ask you something,” Cecil smiled. “If this girl was just kind of average looking, would it be hard to call her up and ask her out?”

“No, not really,” Oscar said. “But if she was just kind of average looking…”

“Then pretend that Britney is just kind of average looking, but a really sweet girl that you’d like to be friends with, and ask her out,” Cecil smiled.


Thomas drove down Highway 19 toward Mary’s house. She sat, hands folded in her lap. He looked over at her and smiled.

“So,” he teased. “You like it when Britney kissed you?”

She looked at him for a long moment; a few tears dripping down her face.

“How did you know?” she whispered. “How did you know that I was thinking of that?”

“Baby, I was just kidding,” Thomas hastened to assure her, but she put her head down again and would not listen to him.

He pulled up in front of her house and she got onto her knees and walked across the bench seat and put her arms around his neck.

“I will make it up to you,” she whispered into his ear. “I will make it up to you for having such impure and inappropriate thoughts.”

Before he could protest that she had nothing to make up to him, she had opened her door and hopped out of the truck.

“I love you,” she said and slammed the door shut.

“God damn, she is one weird girl,” Thomas said as she rapidly scurried to her front door and let herself into the house.

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