nursing home

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Nursing home adventures

When I was young I had always wanted to be a Nurse, being a strong 18 year old male without formal schooling it was always going to be a battle, I had been turned down by all hospitals offering student programs but was told if I had a few years in aged care it would look favourably on my next application, so I went to a few different nursing homes looking for a job.
Finally a small nursing home gave me a start, it was one of those that don’t spend a lot on the clients, young and keen I was taken advantage of by the owner and it wasn’t long until I was working the night shift all alone.

Over the course of a few months I had become quite close to many of the 50 clients, when one night whilst I was doing my rounds I heard several moans coming from one of the rooms, I slowly opened the door and I noticed that Mrs Smith a young 82 was laying on her back with a cucumber between her legs, slowly moving it in and out, up until then I hadn’t thought that the clients were sexually active, as I stared at the sight before me,
I failed to notice that her husband was sitting to the left of the room wanking, I must have stared for several minutes when Mr Smith stood up and placed a finger to his lips and signalled me to come next to him, mesmerized I obeyed walked over and sat in the chair next to him, all the time his wife had her eyes closed and was gaining speed pushing the cucumber in and out of her well used pussy. The next moment Mr Smith’s hands were on my lap unzipping my trousers, he pulled out my semi rigid cock and started to rub it, me a virgin with no gay thoughts was now sitting in a chair watching a 82 yo female masturbating with a cucumber whilst her 83 yo husband was playing with my cock, within a few seconds my cock was rock hard and I then felt a lovely warm sensation on my cock I looked down and sure enough I was now being gummed by an 83 yo man, the sight and the blowjob I was getting was too much and I blew my load within a minute, all this done was make Mr Smith suck and swallow like he was possessed, within a few minutes I was rock hard again, this is when Mr Smith stood up, pulled me up by the cock and walked me over to the bed, he took the cucumber of Mrs Smith and moved my cock to her pussy, now I knew what a pussy looked like as occasionally I would help the female residents get changed, but to look at one that was moist and wide open was a new thing all together, it was then that I felt Sex hikayeleri a gentle push on my hips from Mr Smith.
As my cock slowly entered Mrs Smith’s pussy, the warm, moist and loose pussy felt like heaven, I slowly started to push in and out and she was increasing her moans, as this occurred Mr Smith started to push my hips faster, as I was getting close to coming I heard Mr Smith tell Mrs Smith here is your anniversary present so open your eyes, as she opened her eyes she looked stunned and went to scream, Mr Smith placed his hand over her mouth and told her it was alright, that he wanted to see her being satisfied by a younger man, as he said that she became like a devil, her pussy tightened and she told me to fill her cunt as much as possible, she wanted to feel my cum dribble down her arse cheeks, well that was it for me and I blew a massive load inside her, as I done this her husband’s hand was holding the base of my cock so I couldn’t pull out.
When I had finished I pulled out and left the room. The rest of the shift was uneventful.
For the next week Mr and Mrs Smith were polite but didn’t speak of the night, so I thought that it was just a one off,
I couldn’t have been more wrong, the next night
I was doing my round when Mr Smith asked if I would like to see some photos of their friends, as I sat down in their room they turned on the TV and sure enough there was Mrs Smith when she was 50 being serviced by 3 males and Mr Smith being a good husband and preparing each man for the job with his mouth, as the video continued I watched
Mrs Smith get serviced by each of the men at least 3 times. Whilst watching this Mr Smith had unzipped my pants and was giving me head, Mrs Smith was sitting on the bed with her nightdress pulled up and her fingers pulling at her pussy, once the video had finished Mrs Smith asked would I mind fucking her again, as I climbed on top I felt Mr Smith playing with my balls, this felt really nice and as I was slowly thrusting into the pussy I felt Mr Smith’s finger slip into my arse, I froze for a few seconds but since there was no pain I started to move again, I then notice a pleasant feeling deep inside, and the hand must also of noticed cause a few seconds later a second finger entered me, this was fantastic as every time
I went forward my cock felt great and when I went back my insides felt fantastic, it was then that Mr Smith asked me to stop for a few seconds as he was going to get into Sikiş hikayeleri a better position as his fingers were beginning to feel tired, he then placed his hand on my right buttock and I then felt his cock at my entrance before I could say no he had already slipped inside me, at first he felt a little bit big but he leaned forward and asked me if I wanted him to stop, I thought there is no point now your already in, so I just started to thrust forward, this then gave him the nod to match my movements within a few dozen thrust he had already filled my arse and I had filled his wife. They both thanked me for a wonderful time, and I returned to my job. Over the next few weeks this almost became a nightly event until one night Mr Smith had already filled my arse and I was fucking Mrs Smith when I heard the door open and close, as I turned around I noticed four male clients standing there all holding their cocks in their hands and one was holding a video camera (later I found out it wasn’t turned on) it was then that the first male leaned forward and said do you mind if I stick my cock in you tight little arse, before I could reply he had already pushed his cock head towards my hole, as he entered I felt a sharp sting in my arse as he felt quite large, I must have been as he said tight because just as he started to thrust he started to fill my bowels, he then turned his head and told the other three, this man pussy is the tightest he has ever had, the next male was a short fat man with a small stubby cock, he had to lift up his belly as he shoved his cock in, although short and fat this man meant business he pounded me for 5 minutes and then held my hips tight by both hands as he deposited his seed deep inside me, this was when I realised I was still hard and inside Mrs Smith, I felt Mrs Smith’s pussy start to twitch and this put me over the edge, I started to fill her pussy what seemed like an eternity, as I stopped cumming, Mrs Smith asked if I could pull out of her as she was already full and that maybe I should just lay on my belly so I can feel the joy of being a cum slut. Then my fourth cock for the night approached, it was obvious that he meant business, he approached my face and showed me his rigid cock, it was 6 inches long and had grey pubic hair, he leaned forward and said if you do a good job tonight that he would let me enjoy his wife in the next few weeks, he then returned to my arse he kissed and rimmed me making my arse feel very Erotik hikaye loved, as I was starting to enjoy the delicate treatment he then slowly lined his cock head up and slowly pushed it inside me, he let it rest for 30 seconds then started to fuck my arse, what I didn’t know was he had taken a Viagra and 25 minutes of pounding later he finally came inside me, he slowly withdrew and said see you next week, then it was the final cocks turn, I had not had a good look at this man but I knew that he was going to have his fun so I just lay face down with my arse in the air, he showed no gentleness and felt quite large (8 inches I found out later), this man knew what he wanted and just kept pounding my arse, half way through he stopped and rolled my hips to the right so I would be laying on my back, as I rolled over he kept his cock inside, the room was still dark and it wasn’t until I focused on his face I realised who was inside me, it was the nursing homes owner, he had been doing his monthly visit to check up on staff and had just followed the 3 other men, he lasted for 10 minutes when he came, ending up laying on top of me, he then pulled out and got Mr Smith to clean his cock with his mouth, he got dressed and went to the nursing station, as I got up I put my clothes on with cum still dripping from my arse and went to the nursing station, the boss had made me a cup of tea and asked me to have a seat so we can chat. I then feared that this was the end of my job, but I was wrong he explained to me that if I continue to care for the residents like I have been doing that he would make sure that I could train to be a sponsored nurse for his facility, but once a month he would have to test my nursing care ability at his home, I immediately agreed.
When the boss left, Mr Smith and the 3 other clients age 72, 73, 68, came to the nurses’ station to chat about the night. The clients apologised for what happened and stated they would understand if I left but they would love me to stay and that there was no film taken it was just a ploy for them to play. We chatted for a few hours then my shift ended, I had 4 nights off then I returned to work, at 930 pm the afternoon shift left and at 1000pm I was back in Mrs Smith’s room with my cock in a 82 yo pussy and five cocks taking turns on my arse.
I have now been a nurse in aged care for 15 years Mr and Mrs Smith have both left me as did 2 of the other men, and now my nursing care is assessed by the boss, his brother and on a different night his recently married son, I have never spent more than one shift without my cock in a pussy or a cock in my arse, I have found that no matter what the age the sex is great.

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