Nude to Seal The Deal: The Novella

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Big Tits

Dennis Hayes could not believe his ears. His boss, Phillip Wilton, had just informed him that their company, Wilton Enterprises, had a chance to land the business of Wilbur Parks. Parks was worth vast millions, his empire which included magazines, a chain of movie theaters, and the concessions business stretching from New York to Los Angeles, was a plum like few other, Wilbur Parks had had a nasty disagreement with his current media relations and marketing firm.

Philip Wilton had made an inquiring phone call and discovered that he and Wilbur Parks had an instant rapport. Parks was quite impressed with the ideas, proposals and earning figures that Wilton laid out before him. If Wilton Enterprises were to win this contract, they would instantly move to the elite of media companies in the country. Winning the contract would be nearly like receiving a license to print money!

Phillip Wilton’s grin was a mile as he informed Dennis, his protege, their good fortune. Dennis had worked for Phillip for eight years; the older man had seen great promise in the young man. A devoted husband to Betty, the Wilton’s one great sadness was the childless state of their story book marriage. The elder man saw much of himself in Dennis. So taken was he with Dennis and his prodigious talents, that he had made him vice president of the company. Everyone knew that Philip Wilton was grooming Dennis Hayes, to take over the reins of the corporation when he either chose to retire or, more likely, keeled over contentedly at his desk one day in the future.

In the time that Dennis had worked for Wilton Enterprises, he and his wife, Tina had become extremely close to Phillip and Betty Wilton. Phillip and Betty were twenty-six years older than Dennis and his wife, Tina. The two men were by bow practically inseparable. Dennis found in Phillip things that he had never gotten from his own alcoholic father before the man had abandoned himself, his mother and sister. As for Wilton Parks, he found in Dennis Hayes the son he never had. Over the years the two had shared many dinners, charity events, golf outings, and wonderful expensive vacations. It was a wonderful life. Dennis tried not to let his wide smile fade as he heard,

“Before he commits to Wilton Enterprises, Parks wants to meet us “up close and personal” He wants us to spend a week getting to know us at his California beach house. I explained your value to this organization and his insisted that you and Tina be included. He is looking forward to meeting us. Oh, by the way, he and his entire family are practicing nudists. I told him we would have no problem adapting to his lifestyle.”.

Phillip noted the change in his protege’s countenance and asked.

“Something wrong, son? You and Tina ARE available next week?”

“Oh, yes, yes sir,” replied Dennis hastily.

“Good. It’s not the nudity issue? Well even if it is, you can’t let a little prudery interfere with a multimillion-dollar opportunity. You and Tina ARE going. Right, son?”

Dennis widened his smile and stated, “Absolutely, boss!”

A short time later Dennis strode out of his boss’s office. The opportunity was indeed too lucrative to pass up. Then he wondered how he would broach the subject to his wife. While his wife loved sex, Tina hated being naked. Even sleeping in the nude was a rare event for her, one usually proceeded by lots of cajoling from Dennis. He recalled his wife’s demure wardrobe, her vast array of flannel nighties and her distaste when other men gazed at or objectified her. And men stared at Tina often. She was five foot six with long brown hair porcelain skin, and stunning blue eyes. Her body was toned from regular workouts. She had long, sensuous legs, great hips, nice large breasts and a flat taught tummy. Dennis knew that he was a very lucky man to have Tina for a wife. As he drove home, he wondered if his mind was up to that task of creating the most captivating and convincing sales copy, he had ever produced.

Dennis realized that his subtle approach would not win him a Clio when he heard Tina’s siren-like whine, followed by,

“Are you nuts, Honey? The idea of getting naked in front of Phillip Wilton, let alone a couple of total strangers makes me want to vomit. Since you think it is such a hot idea, you can go to California with your boss. Alone!”

Dennis switched to the hard sell, stating just how much money the Parks account would bring his firm, and in turn, how much of that money would come into his and Tina’s hands. The economic approach eventually won the day. After many hours of discussion, Dennis took his wife out to a very late and very expensive dinner in an exclusive restaurant.

As they waited for their entrees Tina said, “This will be the most mortifying and humiliating week of my life and YOU are going to have to pay for it.”

Dennis did not like the look on his wife’s face. Dreading the answer, he asked with a lump in his throat, “What do you have in mind?”

Tina got a devilish look upon her face. “You know how much fun e have had experimenting Escort Bayan with chastity? Well, I am going to lock you up for three uninterrupted months when we get back. During that time, you will be attentive to my needs with your tongue, hands, and toys. Only IF you succeed in satisfying me fully will I release you after the three months are over.”

Dennis gulped. For the past two years he and Tina had been exploring orgasm control. Usually for a few days at a time. On a few weekend solo business trips, Dennis had been in chastity the entire time. The longest that Dennis had been locked away was for twelve days and that was the result of a marital bet. Dennis had to concede that the sex he and Tina had had during and after his adventures in the land of the padlock had been some of the most satisfying and intense moments of their very sex filled marriage. Still, the prospect of three months without being permitted to even jerk off was daunting indeed.

“Isn’t that a bit drastic, Sweetness?”

“Isn’t asking your wife to spend a week exposing her tatas and coochie to total strangers and old friends a great deal to ask of any woman? Your chastity cage stays hidden under your clothes, while I will be exposing my every flaw and blemish. For the rest of the time that you work for Phillip, whenever I meet him, and he gazes at me I will be wondering if he is thinking about me naked. Also, in all honesty, the prospect of seeing Phillip Walton in the altogether is rather unappealing. I fear that the image of his wrinkly old pecker will be seared into my brain like a flaming cattle brand. Wilbur Parks is about the same age as your boss isn’t, he?”

“Yes, he’s a few years older actually.” Dennis replied.

“Terrific,” sighed Tina, “Two geezers ogling me for a week. You KNOW how I feel about that!”

“But Betty will be there as will Parks’ wife.” offered Dennis.

“Betty and I have been to the spa together, she is very well preserved. I know nothing about Park’s wife, but I can’t imagine that Phillip Wilton and Walter Parks will be paying as much attention to their wives as they are to me. Not even porn stars walk around naked all the time.” The anger was visible in Tina’s eyes as she spoke.

“Nudism is NOT a perversion, Tina. Lots of psychiatrists and other folks point out that it is a healthy, albeit alternative lifestyle.” pronounced Dennis, reaching into his grab bag of research.

“Perhaps it is. For OTHER people.” stated Tina. “In any event, unless you agree to my terms, NOBODY sees my goodies.”

“Three months!” whine Dennis.

“But, Honey, think about all of the money you will earn,” replied Tina mischievously. “If I can strip for the cause you can go celibate for the cause!”

“But.” sputtered Dennis

“You have to be chastened for agreeing to this idea without consulting me first. I love you, Darling, but you need to be taught a lesson. Being my eunuch and learning all of the myriad ways you can please me without your phallus will be good for you in the short term and good for our marriage in the long run.”

Like a treed bear, Dennis knew that he was beaten. Weakly he replied,


The next week was a whirlwind of activity. For Dennis and Phillip, there were endless strings of preparatory meetings and phone calls. Wilton Enterprises had to learn every in and out of every detail of Parks’ empire. It was the kind of work that Dennis excelled in. It was this skill amongst others that had first caught the eye of his boss and now good friend Phillip Wilton. After the week, both the boss and the protege were the best kinds of tired. They were champing at the bit to demonstrate to their potential client the program they had worked up for him, both thought that the plan was a winner.

Dennis had been so busy that he had had little time for Tina. She was still in a bit of a snit, however, and the one time he wanted to make love to his wife, she had rebuffed his advances.

“I’m not in the mood, Dennis and I probably won’t be for a while. You have NO idea how hard this is for me. It is taking all my resolve not to punch you in your sleep. Don’t worry, I WILL have sex you with you again, but it will be after my anger passes.”

To the surprise of both Tina and Dennis, there were actually some things to pack in their luggage. Mrs. Parks was kind enough to send a list of what to bring. Swimsuits in case they wanted to go surfing or opted to visit a public beach, evening wear, for nights on the town, casual or sportswear for shopping trips to town, sun hats, sandals, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a fanny pack or backpack to carry things. Everything else would be provided by their hosts.

Tina was surprised to discover that Wilbur Park.s current wife, Ae-Cha, was almost the same age as herself. She was originally from South Korea and Parks had met her while touring Asia to promote local versions of his magazines. Parks did not have too many foreign ventures but those he did have were highly profitable. As the two women Skyped over Bayan Escort the internet, Tina was struck by the poise and beauty of the millionaire’s wife. While the camera was strategically placed to show just Ae-Cha’s face and shoulders, it was obvious that the woman was nude. Tina realized that the unclothed stated was no big deal to the woman on the other end of the line. Perhaps, she could relax while naked as well. Tina held that thought for a while. Then she suddenly did not want her husband to see the rest of Ae-Cha. Her turmoil increased.

Tina struggled to keep a light mood as she, Dennis, and Betty and Phillip Wilton rode in the company van to the airport. She gazed at her red blouse and smoothed a wrinkle out of her calf-length back skirt. Butterflies the size of bats, fluttered in her stomach. The usual friendly banter that the quartet engaged in became difficult for Tina. In the seat ahead of her, Dennis and Phillip were brainstorming away, talking shop. She turned to face Betty Wilton. Since Betty and her husband had entered her life, Tina had come to see Betty as a second mother. She confided many things to her boss’s wife, things she had not even had the fortitude to ask her own mother.

“Doesn’t the week ahead bother you even a little bit, Betty?” she inquired of her good friend.

Betty Wilton perceived Tina’s discomfort immediately. “Sweetheart, I realize this will be difficult for you, but once the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, it can’t get any worse. In our younger days, Phillip and I went to nude beaches several times. The first time I went, I was positive that I would die of embarrassment. But guess what?”

After Tina’s eyes widened and she nodded, Betty continued.

“After the first hour or so it becomes the most natural thing in the world. After a while you wonder why you ever wore clothes. I assure you nudists are not drooling perverts. Tina, maybe this week will help you get over your shyness. The way you dive into a towel or a robe when we are at the spa is almost comical. If I had YOUR body, I would flaunt it every chance I got.”

“Is that really true, Betty?” asked Tina with amazement in her voice.

“Absolutely, Sweetheart.”

Flying first class always made Tina feel better. During the flight, she chatted with Betty who shared her nudist experiences and did her best to put the young wife at ease. Her mood had lifted considerably when they arrived in San Diego. Parks had sent his limo to the airport to retrieve The Wilton’s and the Hayes’. Tina was relieved to find the chauffeur fully dressed. They soon left the main roads the scenery was fabulous. Parks’ mansion was lovely from every angle of approach. Tina battled her nerves as the manse loomed before them and the driveway came to an end. Amazingly, she was her smiling self when they all piled out of the car.

Tina caught her breath and was polite when the butler greeted them at the door. He was middle-aged, in decent shape and completely nude aside from a black bow tie and a white shirt collar. Tina focused her eyes on the man’s placid face.

A few moments later quartet was ushered into Wilbur Parks’ cavernous living room. Tina was prepared for everything except for what greeted her. Phillip and a much younger man were engaged in an active Wii game. Tina was surprised by how fit Wilbur Parks appeared. Even though he was a few years older than her husband’s boss, Parks appeared a god decade and a half younger. His full head of salt and pepper hair had a natural curl. He had fine pectoral muscles and even hints of six-pack abdominal muscles. Involuntarily, Tina’s eyes surveyed the nether regions of her host. His penis was the largest flaccid organ she had ever seen. Before Tina could avert her gaze, her mind filled with the vision of Wilbur Parks’ penis becoming engorged.

Tina quickly moved her eyes to the others present in the room. The young man was incredibly handsome and was in fantastic shape. Tina realized that he was younger than her, but not by much. He was extremely good looking. His dark wavy hair and features were much younger versions of Wilbur Parks. His equipment rivaled that of the older nude man. Tina deduced that the two men must be related. In an epiphany, she realized that the two were father and son.

On a sofa behind the men sat two beautiful women. Tina instantly recognized Ae-Cha Parks. In-person she was even more lovely than she had appeared over the internet. Tina was struck by Ae-Cha’s smooth even skin and shimmering black hair. Her breasts, legs, and frame were stunning. Gazing at her, Tina was now positive that she did like the idea of Dennis seeing her naked for an extended period of time. The female stranger sitting next to her, seemed the same age as the son. She had deep red, almost crimson hair. Tina suspected that the base color was natural but deeply enhanced with dye. She was slim, large-breasted and had intricately tattooed sleeves on both arms and a diamond stud in her nose.

Wilbur Parks took a break from the game and turned to greet Escort his guests. “Hello, you must be the party from Wilton Enterprises. I am Wilbur Parks, this is my youngest son, Eric. The lovely women present are my wife and soul mate, Ae-Cha, and Eric’s, current girlfriend, Zoe.”

The women stood up. For the first time, Tina noted that both women had shaved vulvas. Everyone exchanged greetings. In a gallant gesture that Tina appreciated, Wilbur parks kissed her hand when Phillip introduced her. After a few moments of small talk, Wilbur Parks stated.

“Holmes will escort you to your rooms. After you all freshen up, we are having cocktails on the patio. After that I will give you a tour of the house and then the women can hit the beach while, Phillip, Dennis and I talk shop. Eric will be sitting in he has decided to follow in my footsteps just long enough to strike out on his own. The sunshine and water feel fabulous on bare skin.”

Dennis and Tina watched the slightly sagging butt of the butler, Holmes lead them to their room. As they ascended the stairs Tina whispered an aside to her husband.

“I suppose that this is my moment of truth. Mr. Parks seems like a gentleman, but I am still very uncomfortable with this. I will go through with this week, but I am SO looking forward to locking you up and making you take your punishment.”

“I will gladly take any punishment you dish out so long as you are as close to your bubbly and winning self as you can possibly be for this week.”

“Deal.” spat Tina.

Their room was breathtaking. Out of the huge Windows, they could take in the view of the entire beach. The Pacific appeared so serene and blue. Tina concluded that the sandy expanse looked beyond enticing, bathing suit or not. The room was tastefully and expensively furnished. The attached bathroom blew Tina away. It had every amenity she could have imagined. Into one of the dressers she deposited the scant contents of her suitcase, leaving out just a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Holding her breath in an effort to stifle her nerves, Tina turned away from her husband and began to undress.

Tina wished that she had worn more clothing, she was naked far more quickly than she cared to be. Only now did she turn to face her husband. Usually, the sight of Dennis naked brought a smile to her face, He was well-muscled and cut a trim and dashing figure with his blond hair and gray eyes. Tina often caught other women eying her husband, never before had she imagined a scenario where she would hold his hand as he walked into a room of naked people. Tina decided that if she caught Dennis staring too long at either Ae-Cha or Zoe, his punishment would be extended.

Tina took a series of deep breaths, glanced up at her husband and extended her hand.

“Ready as I will ever be,” she stated in an emotionless tone. Dennis made a move to kiss his wife, but Tina turned her head away.

“I don’t need your kisses I need a Star Trek cloaking device. Let’s get this over with.”

Tina wore a very convincing smile as she and Dennis returned to the living room. Wilbur Parks was a gentleman, his eyes never left Tina’s face. Eric and the women were not as tactful. Tina felt the son’s eyes tour her flesh. To Tina, it seemed like she was being bathed by red hot lasers. A few moments later Betty and Phillip Wilton entered the room. Betty wore a smile and plainly did not have a care in the world. Not for the last time did Tins hope that she looked as good as Betty did when SHE was pushing sixty. She was not especially saggy, and her breasts were still perky. At the spa, Tina had seen women far younger than Betty who looked far worse naked.

Tina was startled by the thick carpet of gray hair that coated Phillip’s torso. She had no idea that he was so hairy. He was in good shape for a man his age. There was not much fat or sagging flesh on his body. Tina recalled that Dennis had told her that his boss regularly smoked him on the golf course despite being more than two-decade older. Despite her intentions, Tina’s eyes drifted to Phillip’s crotch. His average-sized penis reclined inertly in a mass of gray wool. Phillip gazed at Tina. Tina knew that her husband’s boss was minutely inspecting her body but at least he was gentleman enough to not make it look like he was looking.

“Phillip, I really appreciate you and your associates humoring me. I know my lifestyle is not for everyone, but I find that I get along MUCH better with folks who share my perspective. Now why don’t we men step into my smoking room, I have Cuban cigars and rare brandy waiting. We can discuss generalities today and more specifics over the coming days.”

Once the men left Ae-Cha asserted herself as a hostess. “Let me give you women a brief tour and then I want to get my daily swim in. I do so love living on the beach.”

After a whirlwind tour of the impressive manse, the women exited the patio door and tread the short distance to the top of the dunes. Tina realized that the warm sun did indeed feel good on her bare skin. Ae-Cha had provided each woman with a beach chair and towel. Soft music issued from all-weather speakers hidden on the beach that set a perfect mood. The women took turns applying sunscreen to each other, as Ae-Cha, rubbed lotion onto Tina’s back she said,

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