Nude Modeling w Hung Roommate Pt. 04

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I woke up the next morning on my dorm room floor. Oh fuck, I thought, looking at the bed. It wasn’t just a dream. There were Veronica and Natalie, both butt-ass naked, lying next to my sleeping roommate. Apparently we had all passed out from fucking the night before, and the girls looked so incredibly sexy naked on the bed together.

As always, Clark looked thin, awkward, and out of place between two gorgeous babes. But then I noticed the python between his legs, which still hung down a thick six inches, even while soft and asleep.

Who knew that my life could change so much in just a few days, all due to my roommate’s insanely massive cock?

While Clark and the girls kept sleeping, I grabbed a towel and headed to the shower room, since I still had Clark’s cum crusted all over me.

When I got to the shower, I noticed a skinny little nerd from our dorm already there. Rodrigo was an exchange student from Mexico who was obsessed with coding and computer games. He was a few inches shorter than me and way skinnier. I had always felt sorry for Rodrigo because I assumed he couldn’t get any girls with his short, skinny body and Mexican accent. But as I dropped my towel and stepped into the shower, I couldn’t help but briefly check out his cock.

He was certainly no Clark, and his dick was even smaller than Andrew and Jonathan’s. But it was still bigger than my own by at least an inch. His four-inch softie was pretty thick, and his balls looked surprisingly large on his small frame.

I groaned as I looked down at my own insignificant manhood. My three-inch softie had always seemed so average during soccer and Frisbee practice. Maybe I just lived in a dorm surrounded by large-dicked giants?

I looked back at Rodrigo’s cock, which somehow looked heavier than before. Then I looked up and met his eyes staring directly at me.

“Hey man, what ya lookin’ at?”

Rodrigo’s words startled me and broke my fog. “You’ve been staring at my dick since you walked in here,” he said. “You like what you see?”

Little skinny Rodrigo had never spoken to me like this. If anything, I had always intimidated him. But as he looked down at my little penis, which was rapidly hardening, it was clear that the tables had turned. Within seconds, my little manhood was at full alert, a throbbing 5 inches pointed Rodrigo’s way.

“Hahahaha!” he laughed. “Are you hard just from checking me out? I had no idea you were gay for cock. And look how small yours is too!”

Rodrigo’s cock had now fluffed up to five inches but was still hanging down, making his look as big soft as mine was hard. It was one thing for Clark, Andrew, and Jonathon to one-up me, but I couldn’t believe that this tiny little nerd was bigger than me too.

“You’re really gay for my cock, huh?” Rodrigo asked, as my cock started dripping pre-cum.

“Ummm…” I honestly didn’t know what to say. Should I tell him that I had never sucked cock before yesterday? Or that I had just been fucked in the ass by my horse-hung roommate?

I tried to grab my towel and leave the showers, but Rodrigo grabbed my hand. “Why don’t you get on your knees?” he whispered into my ear. Here was the smallest kid in our dorm telling me what to do. I could have knocked him over in an instant. But as I looked at his cute face, light brown skin, and thick, heavy cock, I felt my own boy cock throb and compel me to stay.

Sensing my hesitation, Rodrigo gently pushed me to my knees. I was taller and more muscular than him by far, but it was clear that he was now the alpha dog in the showers. My face was now inches away from Rodrigo’s still-flaccid cock. It looked long and hefty, a good five inches, and tasty enough that it made me subconsciously lick my lips.

“There you go,” Rodrigo said as he started swinging his cock towards my face. “I’ve heard that American guys give the best blowjobs but have never tried it myself.”

“Never woulda pegged you as a cocksucker,” he continued. “You always looked like such a jock with your frisbee and soccer buds—so muscular and confident. Guess you were always trying to compensate for something,” he said, looking down and flicking my penis with his foot.

In that moment, my little penis nearly erupted with cum. Rodrigo noticed this and flicked it again. I braced myself for orgasm but barely staved it off. Rodrigo just looked down at me and laughed. He then did something that I would fantasize about for years to come. While putting two of his fingers in my mouth—as if I were sucking his cock—he kicked my legs with his foot to open them wide. And then his big toe made contact with my asshole, pressing into it just a bit.

I don’t know how, but somehow this short, little stud knew precisely which buttons to press. As he penetrated my mouth and anus with only his fingers and toe, my entire body started shuddering. I almost bit his fingers as stream after stream of cum shot out from my cock. Rodrigo just laughed as he kept fingering and toe-ing my mouth and hole. And the most embarrassing Çankaya Escort part was that his penis still hung down completely soft.

This little nerd had just fucked me to orgasm through his fingers and toe alone. Panting and trying to catch my breath, I had never been more humiliated in my life.

“Wow,” is all Rodrigo said as he stood up to leave. His cock had shriveled back down a bit and he now seemed disinterested.

“Wait!” I said as he reached for his towel. Rodrigo turned and looked at me, once again showing off his sizable cock.

“What?” he asked, almost sneering at me.

I hesitated before telling him what he wanted to hear. “I want to suck your cock,” I said.

“You’re gonna have to do a whole lot better than that, buddy. I’m more into chicks anyway.”

I was shocked. Did this short computer nerd really have girls willing to suck his cock? Shouldn’t he be jumping at the chance to get a blowjob?

“Please, Rodrigo,” I begged. “I need your cock!”

He chuckled and looked at me like I was pathetic. “Damn, girl, you’re sure one slutty bitch. Will you do anything for my cock?”

I looked at him and nodded. As I checked out this little computer nerd, his softie was still a good four inches, and I couldn’t help but wonder how big that thing got hard.

“Why don’t you flex for me?” Rodrigo said. I immediately followed his orders and flexed my biceps. They bulged a couple inches from my arms, showing off my impressive definition.

“Not bad,” Rodrigo said. “I can’t believe you have such nice muscles but a tiny little dick.” Rodrigo flicked my cock again with his foot again.

“You like that, bitch?” Rodrigo laughed.

He could tell by my moaning that I did. “Well if you want more, you better come to my room sometime and beg for my dick. Bring at least $50 too. I don’t fuck bitches like you for free.”

Just like that, Rodrigo left the showers—a cool, calm, and collected stud. As I watched his skinny ass walk away, I couldn’t believe that I’d been dominated by such a short and scrawny guy. Still on my knees, I couldn’t fathom that I’d just begged to suck him off in a public shower and that he’d made me cum just from his fingers and toes alone. In the back of my mind, I even wondered whether I should swallow my pride and pay this little computer nerd to fuck me. If he has half as good with his cock as with his fingers, then it might be well worth paying $50.


When I returned to the room, Natalie, Veronica, and Clark were gone. I felt a pang of jealousy wondering where they went. Were they fucking without me? Was Clark letting them suck on his cock?

I spent the rest of the morning in a haze. I tried reading and studying for class but struggled to focus. At least it was Saturday, thank God, and I didn’t have to go see Natalie or Veronica in class. But now I was bored out of my mind and surprisingly sad that Clark wasn’t around.

Finally around noon, I decided to go to the gym and work out. The gym has always been my fiefdom, where I tone my muscles and talk about girls with all the other guys. A long run on the treadmill and some lifting would get me back on track.

After thirty minutes of running at a pretty quick clip, I went upstairs to the weight area and saw two guys that I recognized. Andrew and Jonathan, the two roommates from the showers, stood at the bench press working out.

My stomach dropped when I saw them and I couldn’t help but look at their basketball shorts. Yesterday I wouldn’t have noticed, but now I saw distinct bulges swaying in the fabric. These two little jocks were clearly packing some serious meat in their shorts.

Andrew waved at me when I entered the weight room. “Hey there!” he said. “Could you use a spot?”

Sure enough, I had no one to work out with and decided to start lifting with Andrew and Jonathan, my rivals from the soccer and Frisbee team. I gladly did a few sets in front of them, purposefully adding more weight to the bar than either of them could lift. My muscles bulged out as I benched 240; squatted 300; and military pressed 190.

Jonathan in particular seemed in awe of my lifts, most of which were twice as heavy as what he could do. Andrew was a little bit closer to my fitness level but still couldn’t quite keep up. It was clear that I had spent a bit more time training in the weight room than he did, even though we were both equally talented on the soccer field.

After a solid workout, Andrew suggested that we all head to the locker room. I tried to bow out by saying that I didn’t need to shower, but he didn’t take no for an answer. “There are free towels here,” he said. “And you’re so sweaty from all the lifts.”

Jonathan just smiled as we all walked towards the showers. Apparently noon on Saturday is a popular time to hit the gym, because the locker room was packed with people. Jocks and nerds, studs and Keçiören Escort wimps, were all there working out. And unfortunately for me, our college fitness center had just one big shower room where everyone got naked.

Jonathan and Andrew quickly stripped their clothes off and carried their towels over their shoulders, letting their dicks swing proudly in front of them. I more discreetly stripped down to my underwear before putting my towel around me, then shimmied them off. It was sort of a stupid move because I’d have to disrobe a minute later, but at least I could walk to the shower while still hiding my penis.

The shower room was at capacity with the exception of three shower heads right in the middle. Andrew took one, Jonathan took another, and they left one for me right in the center. I found myself hanging up my towel in between these two well-endowed studs. Although I had shown them up in the weight room, it was now their turn to shine and put me to shame.


The shower room had 20 shower heads that stood against the wall with a wide entrance opening to the locker room. This meant that if you kept your penis facing the wall, then people could only see it from an angle. But if you turned around or walked through the middle of the shower room, then all 20+ guys could see what you were packing.

Andrew and Jonathan had maneuvered us so that I was smack in the middle of the showers. Like most people, I started with my penis facing the wall, giving everyone a view of my ass. Since Andrew and Jonathan were right next to me, I could also see nearly every inch of their bodies on display.

It was obvious when I entered the shower room that Andrew had one of the biggest dicks in the locker room. He seemed to know it too, since he walked proudly with his towel over his neck as his soft six incher hung down past his balls and complemented his blond hair, toned body, and boy-next-door good looks.

Although not as big as his roommate’s, Jonathan’s five-inch softie also looked damn impressive. Given the fact that Jonathan was a relatively short, skinny Chinese kid, it looked practically massive and Jonathan too had no problem showing off his dick to the entire locker room.

Unfortunately, my own cock had retracted from my workout and all the sex the night before. Standing in the shower with 20 naked men, it shriveled to about two and a half inches. And because I stood in between Andrew and Jonathan who were both shorter than me but had big swinging dicks, I’m sure my boyhood looked fucking pathetic.

As I started shampooing my hair, I had to turn my body slightly to stay beneath the water and scanned the rest of the shower room. While most guys were facing the wall, others turned their bodies like I was doing so that their dicks were visible to most people in the room.

As I scanned the shower, I noticed a couple guys I knew. Conrad and Pedro were both on the soccer team a year ahead of me and Andrew. Each of them had dark-brown hair and toned and muscular bodies. Glancing briefly, it also looked like their flaccid dicks hung down somewhere between four and five inches—not as big as Andrew’s massive softie but certainly much bigger than mine.

Theo and Will also played ultimate Frisbee with me and Jonathan. Both guys were freshmen and I couldn’t see how big their dicks were since only their butts were visible from across the room.

There were also people in the showers that I recognized but didn’t know personally. Two guys on the football team had huge, bulging muscles but pretty small penises. Even their balls were tiny, which made me wonder if they used steroids.

Then a German exchange student on the basketball team had a penis that looked practically nonexistent. Since he was 6’7″ and shredded in muscle, it looked ridiculous that he had such a tiny boy cock. His miniature penis couldn’t have been more than an inch and a half, and I was surprised that he was still willing to shower in public.

As I checked out the other dudes in the locker room, I couldn’t help but enjoy the diversity of dicks. Some were uncut but most were cut; some guys had shaved but others had a lot of pubes. The majority of guys there had fairly average cocks about 3-4 inches flaccid, but some were bigger.

A black guy named Pierre had a solid six incher that swung fairly low but wasn’t as thick as Andrew’s. Pierre was also muscled and ripped from the school swim team. As I admired his eight pack and lengthy cock, I imagined that it filled out his speedos quite nicely.

An Irish student named Declan also boasted a sizable slab of meat. Swinging down low over two enormous balls, it was the only cock in the shower that clearly looked bigger than Andrew’s and could possibly rival Clark’s. As a rugby player from Dublin, Declan also had way more muscles than Clark. It was obvious from the way he was standing, with his back to the wall and Etimesgut Escort his hefty cock pointed outwards, that Declan exuded confidence as well. In that moment, he was the biggest stud in the locker room with a cock at least four times the size of the taller German basketball player.

As I stared at this cornucopia of cocks, I couldn’t help but get turned on. And to my horror, my own little five-incher started rising to attention. Trying to avert this crisis, I turned the water in my shower colder and colder. But when even this didn’t work, I turned off the water completely to end the shower.

Before I could grab my towel to cover up, Jonathan splashed me with body wash, his own five-inch softie swinging in the breeze. He then reached over and turned my water back on. “Keep showering,” he said. “And don’t be afraid if your little boy cock gets hard.”

“Dammit,” I blurted out, but I also didn’t have much of a choice. Since I was now covered in body wash, I needed to wash it off. But the continued sight of Jonathan and everyone else’s dicks were now causing my own modest man-hood to rise. Being surrounded by 20 naked men with my new fascination for cock was unfortunately turning me on like never before.

I tried to play it cool and face the wall, but Andrew and Jonathan had other plans.

“Turn around,” Andrew said, “Or I’ll tell everyone here how much you love to suck cock.”

“And if you don’t turn around,” Jonathan added, “We’ll never let you suck our cocks again.”

If my penis wasn’t throbbing before, then it certainly was now. Afraid of what Andrew and Jonathan might do, I turned around while pretending to casually rinse my hair.

My five-inch penis was now harder than it had ever been. And worse—it was now visible to all 20 guys in the showers.

To add insult to injury, my modest erection was flanked on both sides by Andrew and Jonathan’s massive softies. As the water washed over us, my penis throbbed as Andrew and Jonathan’ hung low. It is a rare sight to see an erection in the locker room, but even rarer when it is flanked by two much bigger flaccid cocks. It was now apparent for all to see that these two studs who I had outclassed in the weight room now outmatched me where it counted most.

I could have died from embarrassment, but most guys played it cool. A couple guys smiled and chuckled when they spotted my erection, but no one said a word. Perhaps they were just shocked that it was happening or didn’t want to draw attention to another guy’s penis. But as I stood there for several minutes displaying my erection for all to see, I clearly saw smiles from Pierre and Declan, who looked pleased that their softies were so much bigger than my erection. I even noticed a grin from the German basketball player, who probably appreciated another guy on the smaller side.

Although it felt like eternity, Andrew and Jonathan let me end this performance after just five minutes. My 5.1-incher was still hard as a rock, and Jonathan grabbed my towel so that I couldn’t use it to immediately cover up. Instead, I had to walk back to the lockers with my throbbing erection leading the way. As I walked in between Andrew and Jonathan, it was obvious to every guy in the locker room that their soft cocks were bigger than my best effort, and people were starting to question whether I was turned on from their massive cocks.

Thankfully, the lockers we had chosen were at the far end of the locker room. The locker portion of the gym was like a labyrinth and ours were located in the very back corner. From here we could no longer see the shower room and there was little chance that anyone would walk by.

Once we retreated to the corner, Andrew slapped my ass—hard. “I had no idea you were such a slut,” he said, “getting hard in a locker room full of guys.”

“Yeah, dude,” Jonathan added. “I thought you were going to blow a load just watching all of our dicks.”

Even as Jonathan said this, I couldn’t help but glance down and check out his flaccid cock. It was fluffed up to slightly more than its previous five inches—making it bigger soft than my throbbing erection.

“Even now, he can’t take his eyes off it!” Andrew exclaimed. “Maybe we should let him suck us off right here?”

“That’s not a bad idea,” his roommate said. “I could seriously use a blowjob.”

Caught in a haze, I couldn’t believe that two of my dormmates and teammates from soccer and Frisbee were telling me to suck them off in public. Even though we were in the back corner of the locker room, anyone could hear us or walk by and see me sucking off these two hung studs.

But as I watched both Andrew and Jonathan start slowly stroking their thick, flaccid cocks, something inside me felt like I had to obey them. So when Andrew gently pushed down on the top of my shoulders, I dropped to my knees on the locker room floor. And both this blond-haired soccer stud and his Chinese roommate started slapping me in the face with their flaccid but rapidly growing dicks.

My own penis was entirely untouched as Andrew and Jonathan started feeding me their dicks. Each guy took delight in slapping my cheeks with their weighty man-meat while the other slid a few inches of his cock into my mouth. Jonathan went first and made me choke on his long 7-incher. This Asian stud even grabbed my hair as he started fucking my face.

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