Not Bad for My First Time

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I came home from school, thinking I had an hour until my Daddy came home from work. I was dead wrong, I didn’t know my Daddy had gotten off of work early and saw me in my slutty outfit. A pink half tube top that just barely covered my tits, a short black PVC skirt that one could not only see the bottom of my ass cheeks, but also the very bottom of my shaved pussy. “FREEZE YOUNG LADY!” My Daddy yelled from the T.V. room as I passed it. I half jump half scrunch from surprise and knowing I’ve been caught. “SHIT!” I swear under my breath, as I turn back and head into the room.


“Clothes, Daddy.”

“Those aren’t clothes those are pieces of string!”

“Yes, pieces of string woven together to make fabric.”


“Daddy, c’mon the other girls wear them.”

“Are you the other girls?”

“No, but I want to fit in!”

“Fit in with the girls that cover their bodies!”

“The boys like it this way!”

“And one day one of those boys are going to rape you!”

“They will not!”

“They will too.” Silence fills the room and my Daddy gets up from the chair and I turn to leave. “Oh no you don’t!” My Daddy says as I turn my back to him. “You, slut, need to be taught a lesson. Your mother’s working late tonight so I have plenty of time to teach you.” I turn back and face him.

“What’s it gunna be?”

“On your knees!” he says and unzips his fly, his belt already undone. My Daddy forced me to my knees and pull his erection out.

“You’re sick! Getting turned on by watching your own daughter!” he slapped me across the face, and then grabbed the back of my head, turning my face to him and putting his dick at my lips. I clench my jaw but then felt his other hand at my jaws trying to pry them apart and succeeding. In one movement his dick is in my mouth.

“Suck, Slut.” my Daddy tells me, “and take it in.” I suck as my Daddy starts feeding me his erection gagging me when it hits the back of my throat. I try to pull back, but my Daddy pushes the whole thing in. My Daddy put both hands on the back of my head and start fucking my face fully in and almost all the way out. I breathe on the outward stroke and kind of start enjoying it. He moans as he fucks my face. “Shit yeah, slut. You suck better than that whore of a mother of yours. Wonder if her boss gets sucked this good, huh? YOU sure didn’t mind letting him lick your pussy, did ya?” My Daddy says. My eyes widen at the mention of Mother’s boss eating my pussy. “Uhhh yeah. Oh Daddy knows, you little slut. Daddy heard about it as Mommy’s boss fucked Daddy’s ass. Oh God! Daddy’s gunna cum and you’re going to swallow bursa evi olan escort it!!” I had walked in on my mother and her boss fucking last year and as an assurance I wouldn’t tell, he ate my pussy from then on, once a week. How I looked forward each weekend when Mommy’s boss would devour my pussy and suck it’s juices out. My pussy got wet and my Daddy’s cum shooting like a bullet into my throat brings me back to reality.

“That’s one thing those boys will do to you,” my Daddy said and you push me on my back, “here’s another.” and his dick still hard, it pops out of my mouth and he gets on top of me between my legs.

“No please, I want to save myself for Bobby.”

“Should have thought about that before letting Mr. Prungaster suck your pussy and dressing like a little Slut. You dressed this way, you will have to deal with it you little Slut.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“No not Daddy. Master. Call me Master from now on. I am your Master and you will do as I say with no questions asked. You will never tell anyone else about this. If you do, I will tie you up and whip you, piss on you, shit on you, cum on you then make you fuck yourself to orgasm then make you eat it. Got it?”

“Yes, Daddy.” A hand lands across my face, tears roll down it, “Yes, Master.” I recover. My Daddy starts eating my breasts like Mr. Prungaster eats my pussy every week. I can’t help but enjoy the sensations. My Master then pees on my pussy and I moan as my Master sucks my tits hard. Suddenly, a sharp pain shoots through me as my Daddy enters my virgin hole. It subsides and I moan louder as my Master fucks my cunt. Hard. Fast. “Oh, Master, suck my tits! Fuck my cunt! I’m going to cum!!” With that, my pussy spasms and that caused his penis to eject its load deep inside me.

My Master gets up and help me to my feet. “Have you started having periods?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You will go on the pill. Tell your Mother it’s because you and Bobby started doing it. You bent over the trashcan for him at school and he fucked your cunt raw. If you become pregnant from this tell your Mother it’s Bobby’s and you don’t want me to find out so you have to get an abortion. Got that?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Call me Daddy around your Mother.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Go upstairs, get cleaned up and changed. Your Mother will be home with dried cum on her mouth soon.” I race upstairs, my pussy pulsing from the orgasm. I lie on my bed and start finger fucking my pussy as I replay what just happened in my head. I thrash around in orgasm as I hear Mother’s car pull in. I open my bedroom door and I find the load of cum my Master just shot from watching altıparmak escort me bring myself to orgasm. I get on the floor on all fours and lick it up.

Mother comes up the steps and finds me walking to the bathroom. She turns to me and says, “Mr. Prungaster wants to eat you pussy today. I told him to come when your Father goes to work. He wants to try fucking you today. He promises to be gentle.”

If Mr. Prungaster is anything like my Master, my pussy will be on fire. “Yes!” I agree.

An hour later, my Master leaves for work, leaving my Mother and I to be alone. “Your pussy needs readying.” Mother says. She pushes my skirt up and looks at my pussy for a few moments before she starts eating it. I moaned loud as her tongue touched my hot clit. “Don’t you want me to cum for Mr. P?” I gasped. I was answered only by sucking, licking and biting of my pussy and its lips. Soon Mother’s fingers were in my hole fucking me. “Yes I do, but I don’t want you to cum too fast,” Mother cooed above my bush, “plus I’ve been wanting to taste your pussy directly ever since Vern kissed me after eating your hot cunt.” Just then an orgasm rips through my body and I squirm on Mother’s tongue and fingers.

“I gotta pee,” I say after the orgasm.

“Pee on me, it’s one thing your father does to me that gets me hot.”

“I can’t.”

“Yes you can.” and Mother pushed down on my belly just above my pelvis. My bladder was so full, that’s all it took and my stream hit Mother in the mouth. She swallowed the liquid eagerly and licked me clean.

“Oh Mommy, you gotta pee on me, that was so hot!” In a flash, Mother’s bare pussy was above me and pissing on my face. I swallowed the golden juices that shot from her lips. Moving my head closer until my mouth connected with her pussy and I slid my tongue along her pussy lips. It tasted great! I kept my lips glued to Mother’s cunt for an hour, sucking, licking, nibbling. Not letting her orgasm to extend the pleasure and time.

“My God! Seeing that got my dick so hard, I almost came in my pants!” Mr. Prungaster had let himself in and had an obvious erection showing through his sweat pants. Either the fabric made it look huge, or it was. Mr. Prungaster pulled off his sweats and boxers in one movement. It wasn’t the fabric, it was his cock. It is 14 inches long, as big around as a soda can. “HOLY FUCK! NOW MY PUSSY’S SOAKED!” I said. I pushed my Mother off me and kneeled before Mr. Prungaster and started licking his dick from base to tip, all around I stripped as I sucked. My Mother tried to join in, but I kept pushing her away until I pushed her so hard she flew on her butt. Finally Mother gemlik escort settled for his ass and licked it until Mr. Prungaster came in my mouth. I swallowed it all as I milked his cum into my mouth. “Damn girl you suck good,” Mr. Prungaster said, “now lay down so I can eat your cunt. You deserve a good long tongue lashing today. Rhea, stop licking my ass, it’s me and your daughter til I fuck you. Go watch and fuck yourself.” Mother obeyed, but gave me a dirty look as she went passed me.

“Are you going to pee on me now, Mr. Prungaster? I’d love it if you did!” I said.

“Now that you mention it…” and he turned his erect penis to me and pissed on my bare body as I fucked myself. Mr. Prungaster then knelt between my legs, removed my hand and started licking my pussy grunting and moaning as he did. Mother, by the sound of it, was fucking herself good. The sounds of a wet pussy co-mingled with her moans filled the air and mine soon joined hers. I came hard on Mr. Prungaster’s face and he devored every drop of my honey. “Shelia, you think you can take my cock up your cunt?” Mr. Prungaster asked me.

“Oh yes! Please! I wanna be fucked hard up my hot snatch! PLEASE! I need it so bad!!” I begged. Without another moment’s delay, Mr. Prungaster was up ontop of me. He signaled my mother to lay above me, on her back, straddling my head so that he could eat her as he fucked me. My pussy felt as if I were being torn in two as Mr. Prungaster went inside me. I yelled out loud and Mr. Prungaster pulled back.

“You ok?”

“Yeah it just hurts.”

“It will sweetie. You want me to stop?”

“NO! Keep going PLEASE! I love the pain!” Mr. Prungaster took no time in getting back into plunging into my pussy again. “DAMN this is hot!” I thought to myself. I started cumming after a few strokes. I just kept cumming and cumming Mr. Prungaster making his way more and more into my hot tight cunt. Finally he was all the way in and I passed out from the pleasure. Mr. Prungaster must have finished before realizing it because when I woke up, I had a TON of cum streaming from my pussy. “Was it the pain, darling?” Mother asked.

“No! The pleasure. When Mr. Prungaster went inside completely, the pleasure was too much.”

“You poor thing.”

“I want more!”

“Are you sure darling?”

“OH YES PLEASE! I want to feel Mr. Prungaster cum up my twat this time!” With that, Mr. Prungaster shoved his still fully erect dick up my cunt again. I started controlling when I came from that point on. Mr. Prungaster fucked my cunt for an hour before shooting his load into me again. I completely and totally loved it! I was hooked! Mr. Prungaster then had to leave. “Same time tomorrow ladies?”

I answered for my Mother and I before she could. “Sure!” I hugged my mother goodnight and made my way slowly and painfully to my bed. I laid on my stomach and the stream of cum still oozed from my pussy as I drifted off to sleep. “Not bad for my first time.” was my last thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32