Not a Bad Gift!

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I was in a downtown department store where I usually buy my CDs and DVDs. They were having an Independence Day sale and the store was ram-packed. It took me about ten minutes just to make my way from the first floor to the ground floor where the exits were.

Knowledge of the store layout allowed me to bypass the normal walkways and get to one of the exits in no time at all by cutting through a few departments. The final section before the exit was the ladies lingerie department, strategically place near the door, I think. A pretty young sales girl smiled at me.

“Looking for something for the wife – or girlfriend, sir?” she asked.

“No I’m looking for an easy way out of this mad house,” I said.

“Well you’ve found it, the door is just a few feet away. But please don’t be in such a hurry, fate must have led you here, because this is where you could find something nice for the wife or girlfriend.”

“I have neither wife nor girlfriend,” I said, not knowing why I was still standing there.

“Boyfriend?” she whispered, making a little comical face that made me laugh.

“No, I’m divorced and I’m between relationships.”

Something about her slim-thick figure and mid-brown complexion and her age too, (she looked to be about twenty-two the same age as my daughter) made me think about my daughter Kathy and it struck me that Kathy’s birthday was only a week away; I could get her something. It wasn’t the kind of birthday gift a father would give a daughter, but I could explain to her how it happened, and throw in something else so it didn’t seem so weird.

That sales girl was good, a real asset to her employees. She got me to buy an expensive matching red, baby doll nightie and panties set, telling me I was sure to meet someone soon. And I, taking advantage of the situation got the phone number of the sweet young thing, telling her that if I didn’t find anyone within a fortnight I was going to bring it back and give it to her. I couldn’t believe my ears when she said that would be nice and that she’d be praying I don’t find someone because she liked that particular night-dress but couldn’t afford it.

Kathy’s birthday came around and early that morning as she was preparing for work I gave it to her along with a tablet.

“What a gift!” Kathy exclaimed, as she took it out of the box.

At first there was a wide-eyed incredulous look on her face as she held up the clothing and looked at them, especially the tiny thong panties, then her expression changed to one of resignation and she started to chuckle while looking me in the eyes.

“Don’t you like it baby?” I asked, getting the jitters.

“I love it daddy. It’s like wow! It just caught me by surprise, that’s all – being so unusual … you know. Not a bad gift!”

I gave her the defusing explanation and she gave me a tight, long hug and a quick kiss on the lips, telling me it was okay. It felt good being so tightly wrapped up by the soft young body covered only in a bath towel. I felt a stirring that I promptly turned my mind off from, not trusting to even acknowledge its sudden birth.

That night Kathy dressed up in a short seductive dress and her boyfriend came and picked her up to take her to a club. I couldn’t help noticing the ripe sexuality oozing out of her and once again had to shut my thoughts down.

Kathy had remained with my wife and the other kids after the divorce three years ago, but a year ago had moved out to go share an apartment with one of her cousins after having a falling out with her mother. Eventually she and her cousin also had a falling out (Kathy is not the easiest of persons to live with) and she asked if she could come live with me instead of going back home.

I was shocked when, less than two hours later Kathy returned home looking none too happy.

“That was quite a short celebration, something happened?” I asked.

“Yeah, something that should have happened long ago – Don and I are finished.”

“Oh,” was all I could say.

“Let’s not talk about it. It’s over – done – nothing to discuss, figure out, or rationalize.”

She went to her room and about ten minutes later, after fixing herself a drink in the kitchen, joined me on the couch to watch TV. I drew close to her and put an arm around her. She leaned into my shoulder and drew her legs up onto the chair. The little wrap she as wearing shifted apart, showing a generous glimpse of smooth, fleshy thigh and a bit of panties. Without shifting my head I found myself taking little looks at Kathy’s exposed thighs.

Half an hour later she stretched out along the chair and casually rested her head on my upper thigh perilously nilüfer escort close to my dick. She was soon sleeping. I had to employ an enormous amount of will power to keep my stirring cock in check and just when it seemed that I had finally gotten things under control Kathy shifted in her sleep and placed her cheeks flush into my crotch. Within seconds the inevitable happened. My cock hardened and stretched out full length, and with the help of her exposed thigh and cleavage it remained in that state, pulsing away.

The loud rattling of gunshots from the TV (which was hooked up to amplifier and 15′ speakers) startled Kathy out of her sleep. Disoriented, she moved her head about a couple of times checking out her surroundings. This, of course, served as fuel to the fire between my legs. She looked up at me in recognition, smiled and placed her face back on my little swollen head. She moved about to fix herself comfortably and a couple of seconds later I felt her body stiffen as realization dawned on her.

To her credit she handled the situation in a manner that saved both of us added embarrassment. She simply remained with her face on the stiff pulsing member for a few minutes more, before slowly rising up and allowing herself a casual yawn.

She said, “I’d better go to my bed now, so my sleep is not interrupted by noise from the TV or when you have to get up to visit the bathroom or kitchen.”

She kissed me lightly on the lips and got up.

“Goodnight daddy.”

“Goodnight Kathy. I’ll be retiring in a few minutes too, the movie is near the end.”

I lay in bed troubled by the images in my head of Kathy’s bared thighs and bosom and the feel of her soft cheeks on my hard cock. My imagination expanded on the images, taking me to never before visited areas of thought or feelings about my lovely baby, and I did the shameful and unthinkable – imagining myself making love to my baby girl, I wanked my lust driven cock for close to an hour before coming with fairly audible groans and calling out her name a couple of times. I could only hope that my indiscretion hadn’t seeped through the wall of the adjoining bedroom. When I did get some sleep, I dreamed of fucking her.

The following night, after dinner I settled down as usual in front of the TV. Shortly after I heard footsteps and saw movement from the side of my eye. I turned and saw Kathy coming towards me smiling. She was wearing the red nightie I had bought her. She came and stood directly in front of me about three feet away from the couch.

She stood staring down at me as if waiting for words of praise or something, but I couldn’t speak through the sudden lump in my throat. My baby girl looked so fucking sexy, and I knew that I was quickly loosing fatherly control to the demands of my body. I just stared at the marvelous thick body showing through the sheer nightgown, conscious of the swelling in my crotch.

She finally asked, “How do I look?”

“You look great baby, just fine – and sweet – and…” I said, struggling with emotion.

“And what daddy?”

“I don’t think I could add to what was already said … I don’t think I should … The word ‘sweet’ just about covers everything.” I managed to say, through trembling lips.

“Aw, come on, tell me. Say it!” she demanded, her brown eyes pleading.

“Okay, I’ll say it, you’re my baby, you know I mean no harm … you look damn sexy!” I said, bracing for a possible indignant outburst.

The outburst didn’t come. Instead, she smiled sweetly, stepped forward and bent over, breasts threatening to fall out, and gave me a light peck on the lips. I realized this was the third time in less than two days she’d kissed me on the lips. Prior to the first time the day before, when I’d handed her the gift, she’d only ever kissed my cheeks. I didn’t want to trust myself into reading anything inappropriate in that fact.

“Thank you daddy, that’s so sweet, I needed the compliments.” She whispered.

She slowly stepped backward and looking at me coquettishly with a half-smile on her pretty, full lips, she reached for the hem of the nightie and began to slowly pull it up. By the time it finally passed her plump crotch and was edging to her deep-cleft navel, I was a mess of nerves. She then turned all the way around twice, allowing me not only looks at her amazingly fat crotch, but also her equally amazing big booty that was just a wee bit dimpled in a few places – for my tastes – the wow effect. My hands and legs were trembling. I swallowed hard and found myself leaning forward expectantly. She stopped midway of her stomach.

“What about the other görükle escort half of the outfit, how does this look?”

I stared and stared and stared at the red V between the smooth fleshy thighs, and for the first time since our split I found myself having a sexual memory of my wife and missing the bitch’s fluffy crotch. Kathy’s urgent voice pulled me away from the view of paradise she was presenting.

“Daddy!” she said, impatiently.

“That looks … sexy as well baby.”

“We are talking about the panties here, are we?” she asked, with a mock serious face.

“Yes baby, only the panties,” I said.

We both burst out laughing.

When she had finished laughing, she continued pulling the nightie up her stomach, but stopped just as her breasts started to come into sight.

“I can’t show you more, you didn’t buy a bra,” she said laughing.

She dropped the hem of the nightie and scampered away in the direction of the kitchen laughing heartily. I placed a hand on my hard cock and squeezed it. She is so fucking sexy I told myself. Of course, I’d been aware of that for years now, but had never looked at it through the lens now covering my eyes.

One voice inside my head was telling me that she had done enough to let me know that she wanted me to fuck her. Another voice was telling me that it was too good to be true; she was only funning around with her dad, albeit in a flirty way. I listened to neither of them, telling myself to just play it by ear and eyes when she came back – if she came back, and act accordingly.

She did come back, shaking with giggles as she drew near to me holding two glasses in her hands. She handed me one of the glasses and sat down beside me, leaving space. I put the glass to my mouth and took a nerve settling sip of strong rum mixture. She did the same.

“I don’t need to go out to celebrate a birthday … cheers!” she said tapping her glass against mine.

“Cheers,” I said, watching her closely, longingly.

She picked up the remote and asking my permission, changed to Netflix and selected a movie. It was an adventure film with hot sex scenes.

Forty-five minutes and one drink later, she stretched out like she’d done the night before putting her head on my thigh. I looked sideways and saw the big round and brown booty bared by the high riding nightie hem. I let a minute pass and then casually placed my hand, palm down on the soft ball. Another minute passed and she shifted position bringing her cheek to rest on my hard cock, turning a little to the side to let her lips press onto it.

I began to softly stroke the marvelous butt cheek and then let my fingers, testing, go around and slip into the crack. I dragged my hand along the insides of the butt crack feeling it graze the material of the thong. I felt her mouth open and begin gently biting my hard wood. Leaning sideways I used one hand to spread a cheek while I pulled aside the thong string and let my middle finger slip into the pussy chute. She squirmed, and then with my finger still inside her turned all the way over onto her belly and spread her legs wide.

Her hands pulled at the boxers I had on and I raised my ass off the chair to let her pull it down and over my knees. She took my cock into her mouth and getting onto her elbows, her head began bobbing up and down sending pleasurable shivers through my entire body. She got onto her knees and just as she was bobbing her head up and down she was also bobbing her ass as I finger fucked her. Suddenly she sprang up, dragging her ass away from my finger. Only for a minute, for I followed it and sunk it back into her hot cunt.

On her knees and straddling me she pressed her mouth to mine and began kissing me hard as I probed her vagina with my finger. She was kissing like her life depended on it, just breaking for a second’s breath and then resuming. I slipped my finger out her puss and sent it up her ass and she went wild, wriggling her ass furiously. I felt her hand grab my cock and center it to the vaginal gateway and then she came down hard, sending all of it up inside her and gripping my hips with her inner knees she started a furious ride. It was an uncomfortable angle but I Iet my finger remain stuck in her ass, un-moving, as she bucked and jerked and rolled on my cock.

I used my free hand to cover and knead a full breast and when she leaned back a little to make it easier for me, I scooped the breast out and fastened my mouth to it, feasting on my sweet baby’s tit hungrily. I moved from the breast and bit into the neck, sucking on the flesh hard. It dawned on my mind that it was going to leave bursa escort a hickey mark but I didn’t care and she didn’t show any sign of concern. Instead I heard encouraging words.

“Mark me daddy, I’m yours. Brand your filly,” she cried out.

I lowered my head and paid attention to the other breast, licking the long stiff nipple. She shrieked long and loud and her body began to shake uncontrollably, and as I wrapped her tight in my arms I felt my own body shake under a mighty orgasmic explosion.

She slipped away to the side lying on her back with her two legs stretched out across mine. I gently stroked her clean shaven pussy, delighting in the silky feel. She rose up and took off the nightie and I took off my T shirt. We remained sitting in silence, just enjoying the feel of each other’s body heat.

She got up and went to the bathroom, taking the empty glasses with her. I looked at her bouncing, disappearing ass and felt real good. I patted my boy. Shortly after, she returned, minus her panties but with fresh drinks for us. She smelled of soap and I presumed she had freshened her pussy. My mouth watered at the thought of licking that pie.

She resumed the movie we’d been looking at earlier and curled up beside me, one arm around my back as I stroked her nicely-thick thigh and moved my hand all the way up her side to twiddle a stiff nipple. She drained her glass, put it away to the side of her and gently stroked my half-awake cock.

When the movie ended she promptly turned off the TV, slid to the carpeted floor and pulled me down with her.

“Daddy I feel like getting real down and dirty with you – you know, really dirty. I feel I can trust you to do things I like and things I only dream of, knowing you’d be alright with it and it stays with us,” she said in a soft and pleading manner.

“Whatever you want baby, let me be your lab,” I replied, meaning every word as I sensed a kindred spirit.

She pushed me onto my back and quickly straddled me. She moved forward and brought the fresh smelling pussy to my face, pressing it down on my lips. I licked and probed at the sweet daughter cake as she teasingly moved it from side to side in a playful manner. Then she pressed down hard and made quick back and forth jerking movements, moaning all the time.

“I should have done this in the bathroom, but I held it back – for you. I can’t hold it in any longer. I really hope you like it.” She said.

She drew back about two feet and started pissing. Some of the hot streams hit me in my face, some on my neck and chest. She was staring at my face wide eyed and open mouthed. I swallowed some of the piss and loved it. At the sight of that she scooted forward and deposited some directly into my mouth. I swallowed it eagerly.

She cried out, “Oh daddy, daddy, daddy – this is so nice, so fucking beautiful. I love you – oh my god, oh, oh, oh!”

She began rapidly dragging her soppy pussy back and forth on my piss wet face and within a few seconds she was coming on my face. I sunk my fingers into my baby’s fat ass and held her glued to my face as she shivered out her orgasm.

She rolled off onto her back and spread her legs, holding them high. I got between her thighs and with a mighty heave sent my tool into her kit. I lifted her legs onto my shoulders, pressed them forward and began avidly hammering Kathy’s sweet pussy. I fucked her long and hard till she was blowing like a marathon runner at the finish line. But I wasn’t finished. I pulled out my tool and told her to pull her legs all the way back to her breasts and cock her ass high.

“Yes daddy, yes, if that is what you want. Do me, give me what no other man has ever given me,” she eagerly cried.

I lathered the puckered hole with saliva then I pressed my little head to the entrance and pushed forward, entering the tight glove. I pushed and pushed and pushed till nearly all of me was in. I heard her grind her teeth and saw her eyes roll up in her head.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she cried.

I remained still in her and found her stiff clit with my thumb and forefinger. I began twiddling the little knob and she responded with sweet, dirty music from her mouth, spitting expletives like a ghetto skank. And soon, with a loud howl she was coming again. Even as her body shook I was pumping the tight asshole between those big ass cheeks, my belly going splat, splat, and splat against her flesh. She lowered her fatigued legs flat and I continued poking the willing anus in that neat fashion, watching her lovely full sized bubbies bouncing beautifully. She smiled at me and as if that was a cue, my body answered and started shooting hot semen into her ass. She locked my legs off with hers as I shook to the end.

The quality of my sex life increased significantly from that night onwards as me and my beautiful daughter satisfied each other. I went back to the store where I’d bought the gift and I also paid my ex-wife a visit.

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