North Queensland memories – Peter

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This story is loosely based on real events in the 1970s. Loosely, because it was a long time ago and I can’t remember it as well as I’d like to. Of course it was long before HIV, and we didn’t use condoms.

I was a slow learner — didn’t come out till my late twenties, after I’d finished my Army service and started at university in North Queensland. My sexual experience was pretty limited — Townsville in the 1970s wasn’t exactly a gay paradise, to say the least, and gay sex was still a criminal offence.

I boarded in a house with a lecturer and he’d had some people over to dinner with us one night. They had brought along a young guy named Peter who was just eighteen. He had left a homophobic home situation in some god-awful mining town and was boarding with them till he could get a job and earn some money.

Peter was a good-looking young guy, dusky-skinned so I guess he had indigenous family. After dinner I walked them to the gate in the near darkness and gave each person a hug goodbye. But as I gave Peter his hug he slipped his tongue in my ear in a blatantly sexual way. That made me really excited, but I couldn’t do anything about it then.

A week or two later his friends phoned Çekmeköy escort our house and invited us to come on a picnic at Crystal Creek, a scenic area about forty minutes drive north of Townsville. The creek runs down the Paluma Range and we were wanting to look around the area before lunch. Peter had come along with his friends but invited me to walk up the hillside along the stream-bank with him.

The two of us hiked uphill for about half an hour till we came to a spot where the creek leveled out between falls. There was a very large flat rock in the middle of the stream, and as it was hot weather we stripped off our clothes and waded into the stream, enjoying the shock of the cold water. Peter climbed up onto the rock and invited me to join him, and immediately lowered his mouth to my cock.

“I want to swallow your cum,” he told me.

I replied, “You can have my cum-load but I want yours too,” and I swung around so that we could have a sixty-nine. There was little chance anyone else would see us there but I was so horny I didn’t much care, so we sucked each other and eventually we both swallowed each other’s load. I moved around so I could kiss Peter and we swapped Gebze escort bayan spit and spunk between our mouths.

We needed to get dressed and head back down the hillside to have lunch with the others, but on the way he told me “I want sex with you again real soon.”

I suggested he come over to my house on Tuesday as I had no classes that day and no-one else would be home. So on Tuesday around noon the spunk turned up at the house and we went to my room and started kissing. I asked him “Have you ever fucked a guy?”

He confessed that I was the first person he’d had sex with so I told him, “I want your cock in me and I want to feel you shoot your load inside me.” Then I sucked his beautiful cock until he was hard.

I straddled Peter and slid down on his erect tool. I whispered to him, “You are a fucking beautiful man, you make me so horny, I want you to fill me with your cum”.

We kissed more, and I rode up and down his cock till he told me to stay still — and then I felt his body spasm as he pumped his seed into me.

A little later in the month I had been in town at a bar that some gay guys hung out at, and Peter was there with a guy in his Escort Şerifali early twenties whom I hadn’t met before. This guy was fairly plain looking but nicely built and I could see Pete was interested in him.

“I wanna have sex with Rick but we haven’t got a place we can go to,” Peter told me, so I said they could come back to my room at the house.

We turned the light off in my room, and stripped. Peter started sucking Rick and I stroked myself while I listened to Rick moaning while Peter did a pro job on his cock. Rick told Peter, “That’s fantastic Pete, you suck really good” and soon Rick gasped and ejaculated.

“Fuck,” Rick told me, “He swallowed my whole load. Fucking hot mate.”

I slid my hand down to Pete’s groin and felt his hard-on. I told him, “Maybe you should fuck me now,” and grabbed the lube. I lay on my back and he was in me a moment later.

We rutted together while Rick encouraged Peter, “Yeah Pete, give it to him, fuckin’ fill him right up.”

I’d been pumping my cock and couldn’t hold back any longer, shooting my load onto my belly. My arse had clenched so tight that it tipped Pete past the point of no return, and he unloaded his hot spunk inside me.

I saw Peter in town occasionally, but by then he had picked up a few contacts and was exploring the field, so to speak, so I don’t think we ever got to hook up again.

But I was glad to have been the first guy he ever screwed, and have happy memories of him.

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