No One Understands

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She was so lovely. Why can’t I meet someone like that? I could not keep my eyes off her as I fought to listen to the seminar speaker. It was some seminar I was forced to go to for work, ‘I’m OK, You Don’t Suck Very Much’ or some dumb title like that. Looking at the woman with the long brown hair at the end of the table across the aisle, I was too distracted to pay attention. I even thought I noticed her looking back at me. Probably just annoyed with the way I was staring at her.

During the break, I made my wobbly knees, weak from staring at her, carry me to the back of the room to get another cup of coffee. I reached for a pack of sugar, not looking, not paying attention. My hand landed on top of a hand. I looked up and it was her. I just looked, leaving my hand on hers.


“Not a problem. Feels nice. Can I get a second pack for you?”

“Anything.” I was babbling. I hoped I wasn’t drooling. I sat my cup of coffee down just in case I was about to dump it all over the floor or worse, on her. I lost track of everything except her.

“Let me take your cup back to the table for you. I’m Glenda.”

Glenda was stunning as she walked. Her legs so long, so slim. The way they extended past the end of her skirt which ended a pleasant distance above her knees. The effect was mesmerizing to me. I was already day dreaming of having my face way up her skirt, my mouth wrapped around what I imagined was a nice sized clit. Guess I didn’t see the power cord tapped to the floor, the tape not doing a good job holding it down. I tripped and fell flat on my face. Glenda put the 2 cups down on a table and helped me stand up.

“Are you alright?” Her hands grasp me by the shoulders, her face just inches from mine.

“What a klutz. I was just so taken with your beauty. Sorry, shouldn’t have said that. Oh, I’m Jean.”

“Nice to meet you Jean the klutz.” She giggled. She softly whispered “I was kind of hoping that’s why you kept looking at me. Better than if my blouse was unbuttoned and my boobs were hanging out.” She giggled again.

“I know I would have enjoyed that. Would we get in very much trouble if we snuck out for an early lunch?”

“Didn’t think I could stay awake another moment. Deadly boring material.”

Briefcases in hand, purses over our shoulders, we rode the escalator down.

My eyes were locked on her face. “My place is just a few blocks away.”

“I think I know what would taste very good.” She took my hand in hers.

“Me too.” She had read me like a book.

The day was nice. The sun warm. A light breeze. I loved the way it tossed her long hair about. I noticed others looking our way. I didn’t know if it was Glenda or us holding hands that they were looking at. I was just happy to be walking next to her. I was also glad it didn’t take very long until we were opening my door. The last person, Robert, I’d made this walk with … well that was such a disaster I didn’t want to think about it. And Susan before that, Jane before that. Please dear God, let this be different.

Standing undressed, facing each other, we reached out and touched each other’s nipples. Just a finger tip circling them. About the fourth trip the fingers made around, we sat down on the edge of the bed. She put her hand on my cheek and pulled me gently towards her until our lips met. The start of the kiss was indescribable. I knew the rest would be as well.

It was a whirlwind romance and we were spending every moment not at work together. The sex was some of the best. About the end of the second week, I knew I had to tell her. I knew it would be the end of this relationship. I just had to get it out.

“You sick bitch!” Glenda screamed as I continued to talk, trying to make it better. Tears were now streaming down my face. She stood and walked out. Out of my life.

It had been several months since that day. Saturday, no work today. I crawled out of bed and stumbled, still naked, to my desk, computer always on, to check my email. I was in need of going to the bathroom and a big cup of coffee. Don’t know why I decided to do things in a different order this morning.

Little Sister – Sorry to have been away so long. What about 8 months? No Internet around here. Have been on one of those ‘it will never end’ kind of assignments, but it has ended. In fact it ended a few months ago. Much to tell you about. Will be landing there in 2 days at most, hope a day sooner. Can’t wait to see you again. – Little Brother

In the shower, I stood under the water day dreaming about the first time Steve and I had made love. Both of us were in our late thirties. Steve was less than a year older than me, but we had often called each other ‘little brother’ and ‘little sister’, even now. I worked as an engineer and Steve was a management consultant. More like a hired gun that would come in for a few months and help get a company or department back on track. I guess that one time he visited me, a few years ago, so many years after college, I should have known what would bursa yabancı escort happen. It wasn’t a real problem for either of us as it turned out. We were both fragile from a recent break up, he with Donna, me with Frank. Or was that Julie?. I lose track. Neither of us had been good at staying with anyone very long. A year seemed like a record length of time, usually it was more like a few weeks or a few months.

Growing up, we had comforted each other during those hard times, like when one of us broke up with yet another girlfriend or boyfriend, or when Mom and Dad fought, like they always did. I guess that was one of the worst parts of our childhood, Mom and Dad. Their idea of making love was a knock down drag out fight, the only ring was the bed and there was no referee and no bell. Lots of fighting, followed by a quick fuck, then silence or snoring. The fighting was their foreplay. We could hear them screaming at each other from our bedrooms upstairs just as if we were sitting in the front row. Usually, well always, Steve or I would go to the other’s bedroom and just sit with arms around each other, hoping it would stop, wondering how long it would last this time. Just holding each other, nothing more, seemed to be all we needed for comfort. Afterwards, we always went back to our own rooms.

Steve stood in my living room, the front door now shut, just back from a trip overseas. God did he look good. We were about the same height, similar builds. Tall, athletic. I just stood and looked, trying not to drool or slobber, or let the wetness of my pussy drip too obviously past my short pants and down my thigh.

“How’s my little sister?” He moved towards me with arms outstretched. Those arms that had held me so many times before now rapped around me once again.

“I need you.” was all I got out.

Steve paused just long enough to say “I’ve never wanted you more” before kissing me hard on the mouth. His tongue drove deep into my mouth and stayed, rubbing all over my tongue.

I lead him to the bedroom. There was no rush. We were both ready and nothing would get in the way. We undressed, our eyes staying focused on each other, then laid on the bed. As we resumed our kiss, our hands roamed over each other. His cock was hard and warm in my hand. I knew my pussy was wet as his fingers entered.

“Eat me!” I begged as I turned so I could look at what I’d been holding and rubbing. His cock was lovely, the head now swollen, the large piece of skin stretched tight and a nice shade of purple. As I took my first lick across the head, I felt his lips grasp my clit.

“Like that.” I moaned. I could feel him start to suck and pull it into his mouth. “Oh … Steve … yes.” I moaned.

Steve’s cock was nice sized, not too long, not overly thick, I was glad. I knew it would fill my cunt just fine. I also knew I’d be able to get it into my mouth without being wonder woman too. Something I would be doing in just a moment.

“Yeah baby. You’re so good. Keep that up.” I moaned again as he pull on my pussy lips with his teeth. There was no way I wanted to stop. To hell that he was my brother.

His cock slowly snaked its way into my mouth, my hand fondling his balls. They felt good to me as I caressed the sack, held them in my hand, rolled them around. I pulled my head back letting the shaft slide out, then pushed my head down taking it all back in. I could hear him moan as I continued doing that. I knew what I was doing felt good to me and was glad he was enjoying it as well.

A few fingers slid inside me and I could feel him pressing against that holy of all holy places inside me. I knew it wouldn’t be long now. If I was lucky, I might be able to time it so we came at the same time.

I laid back, replacing my mouth with my hand for a moment. My stroke fast, my grip tight. The moisture from my mouth providing good lubrication on his shaft.

“Yeah Jean. Like that. I’m going to … about … ah … now.”

I moved my head just in time to catch that first spurt in my open mouth. How I loved to swallow cum. I put my mouth over his cock and while I made small strokes with my hand, milking him, forcing the last little drop out. I moved my lips around the head, letting it move in and out, not letting any of the white goo be lost.

As the fourth spurt fired into my mouth as hard as the first, my orgasm started. It was all I could do to maintain contact with his cock. I tried to hold on as my hips humped against his face and hand. I moaned, I screamed, I begged him not to stop. I continued to ride his face, his hand. The thought that it was my brother eating me was increasing my pleasure so much.

Now laying face to face, we exchanged little kisses, a few nice touches here and there.

I was staring at his face. “Oh God Steve. That was exactly what I needed.”

“I’ve dreamed about that for the past few weeks. I was hoping we could just be all over each other.”

“Well little brother, I hope your ready for a bursa sınırsız escort lot more of that.”

“That I am.”

I popped out of the day dream as I stepped from the shower. I enjoyed the feel of the soft clean towel as it patted my skin, rubbed over my nipple, my clit. I found myself drying my pussy a little too much, leaned against the wall feeling a soothing orgasm wash over me. An unexpected little treat.

A cup of coffee rested on the end table next to the bed as I stood in front of the tall mirror. I loved the woman I saw in the mirror. It was me with one leg, standing on crutches. Well it just looked like I had one leg since it was bound up with an ACE bandage and my cutoff jeans covered my foot behind my hips. My body shape allowed me to present a convincing appearance, tall with slim legs and small feet. With nothing on other than my cutoffs, I turned back and forth looking at my body, my breasts, my nipples.

This had been the sticking point in every relationship I’d ever been in. Didn’t matter if it were with a man or a woman. Things could be going perfect, great times, great sex. But just let me mention that I liked to pretend and they were out the door. I guess the writing was on the wall and I didn’t care anymore. I had to be true to myself. At my age, I guess I was now facing who I really was and what was important to me. Steve was probably the only one that understood me, and I understood him. Guess if I had told them about pretending AND the relationship with Steve, they would have had me locked up. I no longer cared. I needed to be with Steve.

I stood there rubbing my hands over my breasts, playing with my nipples. My hands drifted down over the front of my pants and down inside them. I loved the feel of my fingers playing around in my pussy, flicking my clit up and down. I always was able to orgasm easily and this morning was no different. A few quick ones always left me in good humor.

I usually limited my pretending to the time at home. Once in a while, I would venture out in the evenings. I like to walk past the darkened office buildings with the mirrored windows and watch the woman in the reflection with one leg walking along. My condo wasn’t that large and my Saturday morning cleaning routine didn’t take very long, even on crutches. I’d done it enough that I was good at the whole thing, even vacuuming.

The phone rang Sunday afternoon. “Hello?”

“Hey Little Sister! Guess where I am?”

“Oh Little Brother. Your voice sounds so good. Where?”

“About a mile from your place. You think you can stand to see me? I know I’m a day early.”

“Hell yeah! Get that ass of yours over here.”

I was standing in the kitchen, hoping this would be a repeat of that first time Steve and I had made love. The front door opened.

“This the right place?”

I looked up as the door shut. “Oh My … God …” I ran towards Steve with my arms open. “What happened?”

He was wearing shorts and walking on crutches, his left leg appeared to be completely gone. I stopped in front of him and slipped my arms around his waist. I looked him in the eyes and kissed him hard on the lips. Not just a peck, but a full blown lovers kiss. As we kissed, I slipped a hand down over his left hip. It really was gone. Almost completely gone.

“Oh Steve. How? You’ve got to show it to me.”

My crutches leaned against the wall by the headboard. He leaned his against mine, then sat down on the bed.

“Makes quite a pile of crutches. Like old times. So Jean, looks like you’re still pretending.”

“Yeah. More than ever.” I pushed him hard against the chest knocking him onto his back. Before he could react, I was pulling his shorts and underwear off. “That is so fantastic … How do you like it?”

I laid down on the bed with my head near his hip. My fingers rubbed over the healed scars. His cock was growing erect, bobbing up and down.

“I see something likes what I’m touching.”

I moved my hand from the hip without a leg to his growing erection. As I circled his cock with my fingers and began to stroke it, it quickly finished growing rock hard.

“I’ve sure missed having you do that Sis.”

“Have you missed me doing this?”

I didn’t wait for an answer before kissing the enlarged and swollen head, then taking just that part in my mouth. I ran my tongue around the edge of it while it was in my mouth. I had really missed doing this. While sucking his wonderful cock, I continued to rub all over his hip.

His shaft was pulsing and I knew he was about to blow a huge wad of cum into my mouth. I was ready. The first load was hot, warm, thick. Oh how I’d loved the taste of Steve’s cum. He had the best of all the guys I’d been with. I didn’t have enough time to truly savor the taste before the next spurt was pouring into my mouth. By the fourth one, as big as the first, I wondering if he would ever stop or if the globs would get smaller. It was as good as the first time he had come görükle escort in my mouth.

I was determined to hang in until the last little dribble and I did. I gulped a few times to clear my throat as I wiped a little drool of cum that was dripping from the corner of my mouth. I leaned over and kissed him hard on the mouth letting Steve taste himself on my tongue.

As Steve started to cup my breast, I pushed him back.

“No more sex until you tell me how you got lucky.”


“Don’t act stupid. Tell me exactly how you got rid of your leg.”

“Okay. Okay. Guess I can’t keep it a secret anymore can I?”

“Not if you want us to ever touch each other again.” My look let him know I was serious.

I rested my head on his pelvis. My face looking at his cock. Occasionally I would just kiss the head, the shaft, or his hip. I could still taste his cum in my mouth. It was like honey to me. My fingers just toying with Steve’s cock as I listened to him start his story. I was intoxicated being next to Steve, touching him, listening to him talk. His words soothed me.

I was in small South American town, maybe 200,000 people, for a 6 month consulting assignment. My first time there, but similar to many others I’d been to in other countries. Just like all the other assignments, long days of non-stop work. The country was crawling with army people carrying machine guns and the newspapers regularly had headlines about drug traffickers being killed and gun fights between the drug cartels. Really kind of scary.

There was a bar with no name down the street from the hotel with no name. What a hole in the wall place that hotel was, but it was the only thing around. The bar was open to the sidewalk, big ceiling fans everywhere. Didn’t matter. Was still hot. Air thick and wouldn’t move. Smoke all around. It was the best bar for miles. A few tables by one wall, mostly prostitutes sat there. The stools at the bar were the only real place to sit. A lot of people just stood around. A few leaned against a pillar here and there to keep from falling over from too much to drink. I was probably the only gringo there most nights. Maybe in the whole town.

One night, a guy smoking a cigar sat down next to me. “American?”

“Yes. I’m Steve. Just down here for 6 months consulting.”

“I’m Raul. I grew up here. I’m a doctor.”

Raul was an imposing man. Tall, not fat, but big. Like someone you would not want to meet in a dark alley. But when he talked, he seemed kind, gentle even.

“Let me get you a drink. What do you like?”

“Scotch on the rocks.”

As I got the bar tenders attention, I yelled over the noise of the bar. “Two scotch on the rocks. Doubles.” He seemed to understand me, at least he was pouring something brown in glasses with what looked like ice. I usually played it safe and just had Corona in a bottle.

“Very kind of you.”

That first evening, the conversation was careful, light, not very intense. I knew we were just feeling each other out. By the time we left the bar, I think we both felt comfortable with each other.

Raul and I started meeting in the bar often, not every night, but close to it. It was nice to have someone to talk to. It seemed he was enjoying talking to me. I started to feel like I could trust him. Something I didn’t feel about most people I had met around town. Too many guns in belts. Guns everywhere. Guys with big scars on their faces.

One night he showed up with a lovely woman, Maria. Very easy to look at. Spoke pretty good English like Raul. Great legs, great chest. She wore dresses that gave me good clear views of both. Jet black hair down over her bare shoulders. Hell, Raul would sometimes become almost invisible, like he wasn’t even there, as I tried to imagine what Maria would look like naked in my bed.

The three of us had been meeting for drinks, sometimes dinner in a nearby restaurant, for about a week when Raul asked me up to his house on the mountain near the city. Sis, it was so lovely up there. The house was very modern. A high wall around it, like a fort. I stood out on a patio overlooking the wall and could see down the mountain to the ocean. Everywhere I looked, it was green and lush. Small clouds of smoke rising from cooking fires of the poor. I tried to ignore the disparity of the wealth I was confronted by. It was hard to do that.

We had eaten a great dinner and the maid removed the dishes. He had more people taking care of his house than I’d ever seen before. It was huge. I got the impression the work was just one of his way to give them money to help them live. They all lived at the bottom of the mountain or in town and would walk there.

Raul asked me to follow him. I had no clue what was about to happen. Maybe a few kilos of cocaine on the table? While we walked down a long walkway under a loggia, Raul offered me a large cigar. I passed. He lit one for himself and one for Maria. It looked different to see a woman, specially one as lovely as Maria, smoking a cigar. She seemed to enjoy it as much as Raul.

In the living room, we all sat on the floor leaning against large pillows. The mountain air was cool, not cold by any means, but the warmth from the small fire in the fireplace felt nice. Large French doors were open to a garden. The sound of a waterfall was soothing.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32