No Longer a Show Ch. 03

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“Today will be my last day camming here,” Gary explained to his viewers. “In the future, you’ll find me on Chatlotto! I’ll be on the, um, gay cam side.” Even just saying those words out loud sounded foreign to Gary. It had only been a few weeks since his first fuck session with Danny, during which he realized that, while he considered himself a straight man, he liked men sexually too. On each of the several dates he’d been on with Danny since that first gay sex experience, bottoming for him every time, he enjoyed giving up control, his big dick flopping around as another man plowed his hole.

Gary also went on a few dates with women to see if he was still getting turned on by them. Increasingly, he found that he was no longer attracted to women. Putting their breasts in his face did nothing to turn Gary on, and he could barely get it up, if at all, when it came time for penetration. He brought it up on a dinner date Danny and he were having the next evening. Gary had a small chuckle to himself when he looked at the suited Danny, knowing the muscular hunk’s body was going to ravage his hole later that night.

“I’ve told you, Gary, I think that you’re gay.”

“But I have been attracted to women my whole life! Well, until you came into my life.”

“Thanks, baby! Some guys just don’t know they’re gay yet. It’s not something that everyone just automatically knows.”

“Huh, I guess that does make sense,” Gary said. He had had some friends from college who came out as gay after college, even though they had been some of the biggest womanizers Gary had known. Maybe it was true. After that night’s fuck session, as the two of them were cuddling in bed together, Danny asked Gary a question.

“What do you think about me joining you on cam?”

“Wait, you want to do that? Whore out your body to a bunch of random strangers online?”

“Yeah, Fikirtepe escort bayan I think it’s kind of hot, and kinky too. It’s like I’m giving up control to the viewer, but I’m still the top in the relationship, if that makes any sense.”

“It does, Danny, it really does, but I just got comfortable enough to switch over to a gay cam site and-“

“Don’t worry, baby, I’ll be there with you the whole time. Let’s do this!” The next day, Gary set up his webcam, same as usual. His shirtless body greeted the viewers, and as usual many gay men began flooding the chatbox with stuff like “Fuck me, Daddy!” However, instead of taking requests first, Gary had a special surprise today. “So, um, guys, I’d like to introduce my friend, who’s, um, a guy.

Come into frame, Danny.” Gary pulled back on the camera a bit and allowed Danny to step into view as well. The chatbox then became filled with messages marveling at how much of a fucking hot stud Danny was, and how was a dude like Gary able to bag a man like him.

“So, what do you guys want me to do with my little bottom bitch?” Danny asked, playfully. A bunch of requests came scrolling in, and Danny tried to get to each and every one of them. Quite a few of them were simple, as he just had to say something specific as Gary sucked him off or got fucked by him. Gary could now deep-throat his lover’s cock for a couple seconds, and his asshole was slowly starting to gape, Danny’s monster cock spreading it open wide. “Who’s Daddy’s little jock slut? You are!” was one of Danny’s favorite things he said to his bottom.

The two of them did not just fuck and suck each other, though. One request came in for Gary to sniff on one of Danny’s dirty jockstraps.

“Uh, I don’t have any of mine here, but what do you guys say about Gary sniffing one of his own?” The chat erupted Escort Sancaktepe in cheers as both men looked around the bedroom, trying to find the muskiest jockstrap. Danny thought he found the one, and placed it on his lover’s face, the pouch right over Gary’s nose. As he breathed in his own scent, Gary realized just how erotic it could be. “Let me have a sniff,” Danny playfully asked, grabbing the jockstrap and smelling his lover’s musk.

Soon after the jockstrap sniffing came a request for some feet play. Gary wasn’t sure if he wanted to do this, but Danny was game, and told Gary that he could give him a footjob. The viewers were very excited to see Gary relaxing on his bed as Danny used both of his feet to stroke his cock. Gary had never done this with a chick before, and now here he was, doing it with a hot guy. Danny didn’t make him cum, just yet, but Gary realized that they could incorporate that into their sex life from now. Camming with his lover was turning out to be a good idea!

The night ended with a massive cumshot from both of the sweaty men, Danny’s cum going down Gary’s throat and Gary’s cum covering his chest. The two of them smiled at the audience as Danny reached out and turned the cam off. “Now that was fucking fun,” he said, cum still leaking from his cock.

“Yeah, it was,” Gary said, not bothering to clean himself off. His cum continued to drip to the floor as he added, “It looked to be one of my best nights ever.”

“I think your viewers want to see a bit more of me. That does sound like fun, Gary. But if I’m doing this with you, we need to make something official first.”

“What?” Gary asked. He was hoping Danny wasn’t asking for a contract or anything like not.

“I want you to say that we’re boyfriends.”

“Sure. Danny, you’re my boyfriend.”

“I want you to really mean üsküdar escort it, Gary. Do you want to be my boyfriend, or should I find someone else? I have a whole bunch of other men waiting for me to fuck them.”

Gary responded without a moment’s hesitation. “Yes, I want you to be my boyfriend, Danny.” He went in for a kiss with his now boyfriend. It felt good saying it out loud, saying that he had a boyfriend. His first boyfriend ever.

He never would have imagined this happening just a few months ago, him agreeing to be someone’s boyfriend after sex camming with them. But life was weird, and Gary wouldn’t have it any other way. However, one thing did bug Gary once the two parted for a moment. What exactly did Danny mean by having other men waiting in the wings?

His boyfriend was showering now, and since they were boyfriends, Gary rationalized that meant it was okay for him to snoop through Danny’s phone and find out what was going on. He didn’t even have a password on it, which was shocking. Gary made his way to his boyfriend’s texts and scrolled through them. He was at the top, followed by a bunch of Danny’s family members. However, the name of the bottom of the screen caught his interest: Omar.

He clicked on Omar’s name and was greeted by a picture of a big black cock. Danny was white, though Gary hadn’t thought too much about race since he had been focused on the experiments with his own sexuality. Gary read the messages from Omar, hoping he was an ex-boyfriend or something, wanting Danny back. I mean, who wouldn’t! But the message underneath the picture really sealed the deal for Gary. “Don’t you want to feel this big black cock inside of you again, honey? I’ll be in town for a couple days next week.” Gary didn’t know how to react.

“What are you doing with my phone?” Danny asked, as he walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel around his waist.

“Can you explain this?” he asked his first boyfriend, turning his phone towards him and showing him the picture of the black cock that obviously wasn’t his and the dirty messages that surrounded it.

“I can explain…”

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32