nightmares and dreams_(1)

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I sucked it , it was hard oh so hard and hot while throbbing like nothing i had ever felt before …. michael got closer to me and then started to feel my body with his hands before going to my penis which went hard , i reached round with my hand and started to play with michael ………….after a while barry said hes going to make it up to me now but he made me promise not to tell anyone , i promised .
He said lay down on my back , i did , he parted my legs and then started to feel my little penis and balls , he put his head between my legs and then he lifted my legs up , jhe put his mouth over my bum hole and then put his tounge in me , i did not know what was happening but it felt really good , michael then stood up walked over to me and said do it to me steven , please do it to me , his leg lifted over my head and he began to crouch , im not sure if what i was doing was being done correctly but i kissed hid hole and liked it .
this went on for a while but barry was not finished with me yet .
he changed his positon and told michael to get something from his bag , michael got off of my fac eand did what he was told .
barry then put something on hid big hard cock (must have been 6″)he adjusted my body and spat on his finger and my bum Sex hikayeleri , he slid his finger in , i told him i did not like it and i wanted him to stop , he said no and that i would like it soon enough .michael said its great whats coming up barrys has and before he could finish barry told him to shut up .
He then got his cock and put it against my bum , he started to rub his cock against my bum , it felt cold and strange he then without warning pushed the head of his cock into my hole , i scream in pain , barry told michael to put his hands over my mouth , michael did as he was told .
i had never felt such pain in all my life , i was crying , tears rolling down my cheeks my mouth covered … i could not stand it …………….next thing i knew it was morning ( i must have passed out with all the pain ) i felt a pain inside me , i tried to get up but the pain from my bum was too much i fell over on top of both michael and barry who were both still a sleep (i woke them both up ) with the shoked look on his face barry could see i was in pain he started to cry said he was sorry and that he dint want to hurt me …. he loved me and just wanted me (didnt have a clue what he was saying at the time) michael also started to cry saying that he did not want to loose Sikiş hikayeleri his brother that it was wrong etc……. i said ok i wont tell but im in so much pain .
barry said ok lets me see what i can do , he had a look at my bum and said im sorry he started to lick it again but in a soothing way not trying to stick it in me , he stopped and asked if that felt better , i said a little bit but as he went to lick it again i could see that his cock was hard .
barry said to michael suck it for me………. after ages of him just licking my hole and putting more spit over it he stopped and said this is what i wanted you to feel .
michael stop sucking my cock and lay down he adjusted michael and looked at me and said wtch this ……
barry put something on his cock and put the tip into michaels hole he just kepted on pushing until i could not see any of his cock , michael was sort of shaking but seemed to be enjoing himself , he then looked at me and said its ok really , it hurt a lot when he did it to me first time .
Barry started moving in and out of michael , faster and faster , his breathing was getting faster too , he shouted in or out michael in or out ….. michael said out with that barry pulled out his cock and squirted some stuff over michaels Erotik hikaye body must have been 7 or 8 squirts .
i asked what it was and he said it was cream that would make my pain go away , he got some on his fingers and rubbed it over my sore bum hole , he got some more and instead of putting it on my hole put it on my lips and said taste it , it was salty er bittery he then started to lick his own juices off of michael cock and smooth slender body ………
after the few days we spent camping i did not feel as much pain as i did but i still hurt , barry told me if anyone asked why i was hurting that i fell on a log ………….
not long after the events of the camping trip michael and his family moved away and i never saw any of them again ……………..
this was the start of the end for me …. i did not know what being gay was and i had lost my best friend . until now no one has ever know about what happened on the camping trip .

a small bit inbetween chapter 1 and 2 – over the next couple of years i was raped twice , once by two girls but more shockingly by two boys . ill go into detail with these in chapter two .

chapters to follow inc scott and craig , reece , mark,vincent and kevin , two porn stars and an actor . im sure there will be others along the way that i forgotten at the moment but ill go into more detail than chapter one , it was the start and i tried to put it in the way that it was to me then rather than how it would be now .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32