Night Shift Pt. 05

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Eighth Night: The New Girl

By Peethagoras


Many thanks to those who have inundated me with requests for the next episode – here it is!

I must apologise for the erratic publishing of my stories, but my professional life takes priority. Even in these days of recession I find that my professional time is pretty well fully occupied, and, being a contractor, that means my personal time too. So, I write my stories while in between contracts.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this offering, and I am well advanced in formulating the plot for the next episode, which will be the last in the series.

Two Weeks Previously – 8am Monday, Start of Day Shift

“Good Morning, girls,” Sally began, “As you know, Bob, the leader of ‘B’ shift, left to take up a post with a competitor, and Jacqui leaves us at the end of this week to take over his shift as shift leader. I think we all agree, it is a well deserved promotion. Congratulations Jacqui, we wish you all the best in your new post, and may the two boys remaining in that shift not inhibit you in any way.”

Everybody knew what Sally meant.

“You also know that effective now, Emily is the newly appointed Deputy Shift Leader. Congratulations to you, Emily, and we all expect you to uphold the traditions of this shift. I am sure that Jacqui will endeavour to introduce our traditions to the girls of her shift once she takes over.”

“You bet I will,” interjected Jacqui, “and, if I can, I’ll include the boys too.”

“First task then is to get your girls to sit bare-assed on the photocopier and place the unmarked photocopy in the envelope that we started. Which reminds me, there is a pair of you here that has not yet copied your ‘credentials’.

“In a couple of hours, there will be a new girl starting, so, for this week only, there will be seven members in this shift. Her name is Samantha, and she was recruited internally from another department.

“Emily, I want you to take Samantha ‘under your wing’ and induct her into the team. I am confident that your qualities, especially your exhibitionist quality, will make her a fully participating member of this shift.”

Emily was dismayed at having such a responsibility placed upon her. She would not be able to have any fun on night shift during the breaks.

Sally continued, “I need not remind you that discretion is the key-word from now on. Overalls are to be worn at all times while on-shift; no naked bodies in the computer room. Anyone going on safari should disrobe well away from the rest room. In fact, any of our storage rooms out in the main office will lend itself very well for leaving your clothes in.” Sally remembering well the storage room on the floor above that Emily showed her a couple of night shifts ago.

“Ok then, let’s get to work.”

The girls commenced their duties.

Midnight, Sunday, Samantha’s First Night Shift

In the preceding two weeks, Samantha (now known more commonly as Sam), under Emily’s guidance, had learned a lot about operating a mainframe computer. Thinking that the job was glamorous, Sam was soon brought down to earth when she found out that she was essentially a servant of the computer; the computer asks for a tape and Sam mounts the tape, the computer wants special forms to print and Sam feeds the forms into the printer. Nevertheless, Sam enjoyed the work.

In addition to the hands-on training given by Emily, Sam’s training had been supplemented by several training videos using the equipment set up in a meeting room designated for use by the Data Processing Department. The equipment comprised a large screen TV (26 inches was the largest screen in those days) and a video recorder. Not VHS or Betamax, which had not long been on the market, but one of those favoured by media companies and organisations. The tapes were in cassettes, but were wider than in the domestic video recorders. There was no television receiver in the recorder therefore it couldn’t record except from a TV camera, and there was no camera in the DP Department.

So Sam started on her first night shift. She was amazed to find that she was the only girl wearing jeans; everyone else was wearing a skirt and top, or a dress. Sam wasn’t to know that the normal attire for a night shift was no clothes at all, and that it was easier to step out of a skirt or dress than to roll jeans down your legs and pull them over your feet. Conversely, it is quicker to slip a dress or skirt back on if you need to cover your naked body in a hurry.

The other girls had still come to work prepared, for it was their intention that on their breaks, while Sam was on duty, to go on ‘safari’ (as their naked activities were so named by Elaine on that second night). Even Emily came prepared for she had hopes of getting away on her own for a bit of naked fun.

The first hour of the first night shift of the week is always busy; the computer has to be brought back to life after its weekend in standby mode. At 1am, Escort Bayan Sally announced that two of the shift could go on a break for an hour. Anne and Susan managed to get the slot and hastily left the computer room.

In the corridor outside, Susan asked, “What are we going to do? Everything within reason has been done and recorded on the Polaroid snaps, and we can’t risk anything more daring for it increases our chances of being seen and probably caught.”

“I’ve been thinking about that, and have come up with an idea. Follow me,” Anne replied.

Anne led Susan down the corridor and went into the ‘training’ room where the video equipment was kept.

Anne continued, “I got the idea when I showed Sam how to use the video equipment for her training videos.”

Anne opened up a cabinet adjacent to the stand supporting the TV and video recorder, and took out a cassette. “This tape is blank and I thought we could record our activities. We don’t need to do anything new, just do what we have been doing, but we can record it live and show it to the rest of the shift,”

“But we don’t have a camera,” Susan pointed out.

“I thought of that too. Come with me,” Anne said as she left the room carrying the blank tape.

Susan followed, saying, “Aren’t we going to take our clothes off?”

“Remember what Sally said about keeping our clothes on when Sam is nearby. Besides, we’ll be needing our clothes on if we are to carry out my idea.”

Susan was intrigued. Anne summoned a lift in the lift and stair well, and the two girls went to the very top floor of the building. They left the stair well and turned left down the corridor until Anne opened a door and entered a large room. Down the centre of the room was a long table surrounded by chairs, at the near end of which was a stand, identical to the one in the DP room, on which stood a large screen TV and a video recorder. Connected to the recorder was a TV camera supported on a tripod.

“When the ‘rising stars’ of the organisation are presented with aptitude exercises, the whole thing is recorded for later scrutiny and the best bits are included in the company’s own training videos.” Anne said to Susan.

“Wow,” was all Susan could muster.

Anne switched on the power socket and the equipment came to life. She inserted the blank tape into the front of the recorder and pressed a button. The TV screen lit up with a view of the room.

“That’s it all ready,” Anne declared, and she walked backwards down the room while she kept an eye on the TV screen.

After a few steps, Anne stopped and performed several movements from side to side, and squatting down. Seeming happy, she asked Susan if she could stand beside her. Once Susan was in position, Anne went to the camera and looked through the viewfinder. She tried a few zoom ins and outs and was quite happy.

Anne said to Susan, “I want you to operate the camera while I do a striptease. I’ll show you the controls; it’s quite easy. Then I’ll capture you doing a striptease.”

“I have to hand it to you Anne, this is a great idea.”

Anne showed Susan how to operate the camera and resumed her position down the room.

“OK, start rolling,” Anne instructed, “Remember to use the zoom for best effect, especially when I’m removing my bra and panties.”

Susan hit the record button and Anne commenced her striptease by first unzipping her overall, and letting it slip to the floor. Underneath, Anne was wearing a short dress, quite low at the top, with a zip up the back. She stepped out of the overall that surrounded her feet, and, as she bent down to pick it up, she asked Susan, “Zoom in on my neckline and see if you can get a downward view of my tits. I’ll take my time.”

Anne slowly bent down to pick up the overall making sure that her ample breasts were well displayed, by checking the TV screen.

Susan, for her part, aimed the camera at Anne’s neckline and zoomed in. Able to view down the front of Anne’s dress, Susan sucked in air when she saw the swell of Anne’s breasts straining against a bra, the cups of which she could not see. So Susan zoomed in closer to try and see more, but, although it showed Anne’s cleavage to advantage, she still could not see the edge of the cups.

“That’s the idea,” Anne encouraged Susan.

Susan was getting very excited already, and Anne had only removed her overall. She felt her pussy getting moist and could not wait until it was her turn to strip.

Anne picked up the overall and tossed it towards Susan who simultaneously zoomed out. Then she reached her hands behind her back and tugged the zip of her dress, thrusting her breasts out in the process. Once the zip released at the top, Anne faced away from the camera so that her back was in view.

Susan, now into the swing of things, zoomed the camera in to Anne’s hand as it slowly pulled down the zip. The dress parted as the zip lowered, revealing Anne’s soft, unblemished, skin. Down the Bayan Escort zip went, exposing a black bra clasp, then more white flesh, until it reached its base, revealing the waistband of black panties.

Susan zoomed back out as Anne slowly turned to face the camera. Now only supported by Anne’s shoulders, the dress threatened to slip off. Anne held the dress in place against her breasts, but not before the dress slipped off one shoulder, exposing a black bra strap. Susan was eager to see what type of bra Anne was wearing.

Anne tantalised the camera by slowly sliding the dress off her other shoulder and gradually lowering the front. Susan, becoming very excited at the prospect of finally seeing Anne’s bra, zoomed in for a better view. Gradually, Anne’s cleavage came into view, as did the join of the bra straps to the cups. Susan’s heart beat faster, her pussy now running with juice, as she viewed more and more of Anne’s luscious breasts come into view. The cups of Anne’s bra barely covered her nipples, the upper aereolae visible above the edges. The cups then seemed to plunge sharply, which was confirmed when Anne lowered her dress below her breasts, revealing a half-cup bra.

Susan, sensing that Anne was about to lower the dress the rest of the way, zoomed out, and just in time. Anne lowered her arms and shook her body, letting the dress fall to the floor. Stepping out of the bundle, Anne repeated the exercise of bending down to pick up the dress while Susan zoomed in the camera, before tossing that towards Susan.

Facing the camera in only her bra and panties, Anne reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. Holding the loose bra against her breasts with one hand, Anne used the other hand to slip the strap off her shoulder. Exchanging hands, she then removed her free hand from the loop and slid the strap off her other shoulder. Exchanging hands again, she extracted her arm from the other loop. Then Anne held a cup in each hand against her breasts, at which point Susan zoomed in for a close up.

Anne slowly peeled the cups away from her breasts, revealing one nipple and then the other, and then threw the bra across the room. Susan was by this time highly aroused, and could feel that her panties were quite wet. Susan kept the camera focussed on the erect nipples while Anne showed off her breasts to the camera, by cupping her hands underneath them and manipulating them.

Then Anne slowly slid her hands down her body, and Susan zoomed out until her hands reached the waistband of her panties. Susan zoomed back in when Anne hooked her thumbs into the waistband and slowly pushed down the front. Lower and lower it went, exposing more and more, smooth, white, flesh, until the very top of Anne’s slit was revealed. At that point, Anne turned her back to the camera and slowly lowered the seat of her panties until her bum was exposed. Then she pushed them free of her crotch, observing the sodden state of the gusset, and wondering if the camera would pick that up. Anne lowered her panties all the way to her ankles, bending over with straight legs so that her bum was fully exposed, and, hopefully, her pussy lips too.

Susan had zoomed right in as Anne was bent over and captured the sight of Anne’s bum hole and plump pussy that was glistening with juices. As Anne straightened back up again, Susan zoomed out and captured Anne as she turned to face the camera in all her naked glory. Anne struck a few poses to show off her breasts and her shaved pussy before calling “Cut.”

“Hell’s bells, that was hot,” Susan said to Anne.

“Your turn now,” Anne said as she made towards the camera.

“Wait,” Susan responded, “Can we leave the camera static?”

“Of course, but why? Don’t you want the camera to zoom in on your charms?”

“Of course I would, but I particularly want you to strip me naked.”

“Wow, that sounds really sexy. Of course I’ll be happy to oblige,” Anne enthused, feeling a rush of pussy juice in anticipation of removing all of her colleague’s clothes.

Susan got into position while Anne started the recording. Anne joined Susan and immediately unzipped her overall and lowered it to the floor. Underneath, Susan was wearing a pink shirt and a black skirt.

“Is there any particular order you want your clothes removed?” Anne asked.

“Whatever you think will give the best effect,” Susan replied.

So Anne unclipped Susan’s waistband and pulled down the zip of her skirt, allowing it to drop around her ankles.

“You must do everything,” Susan reminded Anne, “Even disposing of the discarded clothing.”

“I can’t lift your feet, you’ll have to do that yourself.” Said Anne.

“I’ll do what you say when you want me to.” Susan replied.

Anne crouched down and bade Susan lift one foot and then the other as she extricated Susan’s skirt. During this operation, the aroma of Susan’s pussy pervaded Anne’s nostrils. Intoxicated by the scent, Anne raised her head to look for the source Escort and found that her eyes were staring directly at the crotch of Susan’s pink panties which was decidedly darker, due to it being soaked by pussy juice, than the otherwise pale pink of the dry portion.

“Susan, you are soaking wet,” Anne remarked.

“Of course, your striptease didn’t half turn me on.”

Anne was tempted to pull Susan’s panties down right away just to find out how wet her pussy was, but thought better of it lest she eat Susan’s succulent cunt and forget to expose her lovely breasts. If Anne was going to eat Susan’s pussy, they both had to be naked.

Next, Anne had Susan raise her arms while she pulled her shirt over her head revealing a white bra, then Anne made to go behind Susan to unclip her bra.

“No, reach round me from the front to unclasp my bra,” insisted Susan.

Anne pressed her naked body against Susan, who raised her arms to allow Anne’s arms to reach around her body and unclasp her bra. The two girls were of similar height and Anne felt her nipples harden even more than they were as her breasts pressed against the surface of Susan’s bra.

Conversely, Susan’s request of Anne to unclasp her bra from the front was sheer indulgence. She wanted to feel Anne’s naked body tight against her, their breasts compressing, and their stomachs touching. Pity that her bra was in the way, for she yearned to feel Susan’s hard nipples against hers, jousting with each other and eventually yielding. And the last barrier, her panties; without those, she could press her shaved mound against Susan’s shaved mound, and feel her heat.

Anne unclasped Susan’s bra and stepped backwards towards the camera as Susan lowered her arms allowing Anne to slip the bra off, then step aside to reveal Susan’s gorgeous breasts to the camera.

‘Now for the panties,’ thought Anne as she crouched down for a second time. Her eyes were in line with Susan’s crotch, which looked even wetter than a few minutes previously. Gingerly, Anne eased her thumbs into the waistband at either side of Susan’s hips and gradually eased the panties down. Not unsurprisingly, the sodden crotch clung to Susan’s vulva whilst the remainder of the panties descended. Gradually, Susan’s vulva came into view, the crotch refusing to release its grip. Anne’s eyes were riveted to the tussle before her. The waistband of Susan’s panties now almost two inches below the vulva and the crotch still refused to let go of that fountain of juice.

Eventually Anne observed separation, and as she eased the panties down, strands of viscous cream stretched and then broke. Once off, Anne examined the crotch of the panties and found the gusset to be coated with a substantial layer of white gel, the fluid part of which had been absorbed by the panties.

“Holy shit, Susan, you are absolutely pouring cream,” Anne remarked.

“There’s more inside, I can feel it,” Susan responded, and parting her legs a bit, said, “Watch.”

As Anne watched Susan’s pussy, Susan squeezed her vaginal muscles and forced out more of her cream which formed a lengthening ‘stalagmite’ that eventually detached and landed on the floor.

“My God,” Anne exclaimed, “I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

“I’m so turned on that I can keep on doing that, keep watching.”

Susan repeated the expulsion of cream from her vagina.

Anne was getting really turned on by this and rashly suggested, “Susan, let me position myself so that I can open my cunt and see if you can squeeze your cream out to land in my hole.”

“How do you propose to do that?”

“Easy, watch, and adjust the camera once I’m in position.”

Anne lay on her back on the floor, then brought her knees up to either side of her breasts. Reaching her hands down over the backs of her thighs, she was able to part her pussy lips and open her vagina.

“I’m in position now.”

Susan lined up the camera and asked, “What do I do now?”

“Straddle me one way or another so that your cunt is above mine and start squeezing.”

Susan started the camera rolling and stood astride Anne, her feet either side of Anne’s hips. She gradually lowered herself towards a squat, closely watching the position of her vulva making sure that it remained directly over Anne’s welcoming cunt. The sight of the wide open pussy below Susan turned her on all the more. She could see Anne’s engorged clit, the pee hole, and the open entrance to the deep vaginal shaft that was to receive her cream.

As Susan lowered herself, she found that the lower she got, she had less control of her balance and had to steady herself with her hands. The natural way was to place her hands on the floor in front of her, which allowed her to look down and see how her pussy was placed over Anne’s pussy.

Now in position, Susan squeezed her vaginal muscles and forced out some of her cream, which landed on Anne’s clit.

“That landed on my clit,” Anne remarked, “Move back a bit so it lands in my vagina. It felt wonderful all the same.”

Susan changed her position slightly and squeezed her vaginal muscles again. This time her cream landed on Anne’s vagina, but was caught by the edge before slowly running into the hole.

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