Nice Girls Don’t Get Laid

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I read somewhere that some people think that girls aren’t loyal or that they are particularly tricky and dishonest when it comes to friendships, especially friendships with the opposite sex. I don’t know who those people were talking about but they sure as hell weren’t talking about me. A while ago, I was alone. In fact, I cannot recall a time when I wasn’t alone but recently something changed. My days of loneliness ended. And I found something special.

My name is Alice Joseph and I’ve got a story to tell you. It’s a somewhat sexual one with a lot of kink. If you’re vanilla, do yourself a favor and exit. If you’re open-minded, stick around. I was getting ready to go meet my friend Ronald at his crib so we could go to this club. I like clubbing. I love having fun, what can I say? I checked myself out before leaving my dorm. I’m around six-one, a bit thick, with caramel skin and long hair which I braid in cornrows. I’m half Haitian and half Puerto Rican. Wherever I go, I seem to be the big and tall black girl. That’s okay. I am proud of myself and my origins. I speak both Spanish and Haitian Creole and I am fond of both cultures. I attend Emerson College in Boston and I love playing volleyball. That’s how I got myself a scholarship. Inspection over, I went out to face the night.

I had barely opened my door when, there he was. My friend Ronald! Ronald is very different from me. He’s white, for one thing. He’s also very tall and slender, around six feet four inches, with long blond hair and pale blue eyes. He’s my buddy and you wouldn’t believe it to look at us but we’re best friends. I have known Ronald since my days in Randolph high school. He was my home boy. He had my back. The only male I could trust. Actually, the only person I could trust, period. I looked at him. The guy looked good, wearing a black shirt and black velvet pants. He also wore a stylish black fedora. Yes, he looked good but one look at his face told me that something was wrong. For starters, Ronald’s eyes were red.

I pulled him inside and asked him what was up. Ronald started sobbing and sniffing. I hated when he did that. Even though he’s a tough guy on the court, he can be a real bird off it. We’ve been friends forever and he’s one of the best athletes I know. He was the MVP of the men’s basketball team back in high school and he was also captain of the men’s volleyball team. I played on the men’s volleyball team because the school didn’t have a girl’s team. It was cool. I got along better with guys anyway. It was a lot of fun. That’s where Ronald and I met and bonded.

I sat him down on my couch and offered him some Pepsi. Then, I asked him what was up. He told me. For the past eight months, Ronald had been going out with this chick named Lydia. I didn’t like Lydia one bit, I thought she was a conniving slut but Ronald didn’t listen to me. He worshiped the ground she walked on. Basically, the story went something like this. Lydia had found some guy with more money to spend on her and buy her things so she had dumped Ronald, the young college athlete for the rich stud. I saw it coming. That’s what gold-diggers did. But Ronald didn’t and he was taking it hard. I sat there, holding his hand while he spoke. I took a sniff of his breath and realized that he had been drinking. I hated it when he did that. But I didn’t feel like giving him a sermon and he sure as hell didn’t look like he needed one. What he needed right now was a friend.

I sighed because my plans of going clubbing tonight were over. I never went clubbing without my best friend and he was incapacitated at the moment. He was not going anywhere. I listened to him as he went on about Lydia and her betrayal. He was alternately Ataşehir Escort sad and angry. I felt bad for him but also kind of mad at him for not seeing through the bitch and letting her screw him over. Lydia was not even a college student. She was not even working. She was a stank ho who hooked up with guys constantly and got by on her looks alone. She’s a Latin chick with an okay face, a good body, big tits and a big ass. Needless to say, she was real popular with the guys. I hated the bitch.

I turned on the TV when Ronald finally fell asleep on my couch. They were giving Hercules on Sci-Fi. I loved that show. Watching a hunk in leather pants fight against demons and evil forces. Yummy! When the commercials came on, I sighed and went to grab something to eat. I grabbed some chips. Ronald was still sleeping next to me. I smiled when I looked at him. He’s cute. Now, wait a minute. I know what you’re thinking. I don’t have a crush on him or anything. He’s my best buddy and that’s all we are. Good friends. We’re both college students and longtime pals. He’s a cute guy whose horniness leads him to hook up with tramps and I am a chick who doesn’t get any play because, well, there’s so many reasons.

Some people would say that my lack of a boyfriend is due to the fact that I’m a tomboy and I hate dresses and I don’t wear makeup. I don’t do these things. It’s just not who I am. Know what I was wearing to the club? A black tank top and black velvet pants. Underneath them, I’m wearing men’s boxers. Yeah, that’s just who I am. Oh, and for those of you who think that all tomboys are lesbians, I’ve got a surprise for you. I don’t have anything against gay people whatsoever but I am one hundred percent heterosexual. Sorry for any doubts or misunderstandings. Thank you very much.

I was still musing over my life when something startled me. Ronald moved in his sleep. He was so cute, I found myself noticing again. It’s too bad that he only goes for sluts. Hey, I can’t blame the guy, right? Most of the chicks I knew fell into three categories : gossipers, betrayers and weirdoes. Maybe that’s why I don’t have any female friends anymore. I don’t relate well to other women. Maybe it’s because I was the only girl in a house full of men. I have a mechanic father and three older brothers. I’m the youngest and my mother died when I was little. I don’t remember her. Maybe that’s why I am the way I am. Guys never go for a nice girl. They only prefer bitches. That’s where all their issues come from.

I knew what was going to happen with Ronald. He had been in a relationship with an evil bitch. He’d been hurt and he would grow more bitter and cynical in the future. He would probably never trust females again. He would assume that all women were like her. In fact, he might even believe it. The same thing happens when a chick goes out with a guy who is a bastard. She would grow more cynical and more distrusting of men. She might even hate them. Heartbreak causes a lot of people to develop a distrust and even hatred of the opposite sex. Maybe it’s a good thing that I haven’t had any romantic relationships.

When I think of relationships, sometimes I get lonely. I walk down the street and see a guy and a girl holding hands and smiling. Sometimes I get envious. I wish I were that girl, I wish I had a cute and nice guy who cared about me. Heck, sometimes I see guys holding hands with guys and females holding hands with other females. There’s a special smile that lovebirds of any gender or sexual orientation get when they’re with their loved one. I’ve seen that smile on the faces of many men and women. I dream about that smile sometimes. But it’s always on the face of Kadıköy Escort others and they’re never smiling at me.

I turn off the television and look at Ronald. He was lying at an odd angle. Gently, I pulled his legs and arms so that he lay there evenly, then I went to my room and grabbed a blanket. I draped it over him. I gave him a quick kiss goodnight, which he didn’t know since he was in deep slumber, then I left.

I went to my bedroom and undressed. For the tenth time tonight, I thought about how cute my best friend and fellow athlete was. There had been times when I had wondered what it would be like to have a relationship with him. What would it be like? I was not like any other girl I knew. Would he be able to handle it? I didn’t wear makeup. I hated dresses. I never wore high heels since I thought they were torture devices. Yes, I’m a weird girl. Females reading this are probably shaking their heads. That’s okay. That’s just how I am.

I thought about all the times Ronald and I spent hanging out together. We didn’t always get along but I cared for him and I knew he cared for me. He always had my back and vice versa. We could count on each other when something was about to go down. I remember that time at a party when some drunk female tried to hit him because he didn’t want to dance with her. Ronald looked like he didn’t know what to do, then he looked for an exit. The chick was blocking the door. Ronald’s a nice guy and would probably try to restrain the drunk bitch even though she would be trying to claw his face. I didn’t have any such restraint when dealing with aggressive drunks. I grabbed her and shoved her into a corner, and told her to leave him alone if she wanted to keep her teeth. She sobered up quickly enough when she saw my fist ready to smash her. She backed away. Yes, I had saved the day. Ronald thanked me later.

Yes, Ronald and I did have some good times together. But we were just friends and that’s what we’re going to stay. I care for him deeply and I think he’s sexy as hell. Maybe if things were different, we could add a non-platonic dimension to our relationship. Unfortunately, I didn’t see this happening. Maybe it’s better this way. Men and women always look happy when they’re dating or whatever but when the shit hits the fan, they break up and hate each other. I’ve seen couples who hated each other so much I wondered how in hell they ever got together in the first place. Was I willing to risk my longtime friendship with Ronald by allowing things to become non-platonic between us? I hesitated. He was so cute and I liked him so much and yes, my heart ached whenever he mentioned other women. Yes, I did feel some jealousy when he was with Lydia. But I don’t want our friendship to end. He’s not just the only male friend I’ve got. He’s the only friend I’ve got. I don’t get along with anyone else. No one else can understand me or accept me just as I am. I don’t want to risk losing that.

I still can’t help wondering what it would be like to be his girl, to hold hands with him in public and kiss him. My mind wandered and I found my thoughts getting increasingly erotic. What would it be like to hold Ronald in my arms and make love with him? I imagined our bodies entwined in love. As pleasant as these thoughts are, I have to get away from them. Well, maybe not. I can think whatever I want. He will never know. My hand slips under the sheets and wander between my thighs.

I imagine Ronald walking to my bedroom door and knocking on it. I invite him and he comes to join me in my bed. I look at him. He’s my fine and sexy man. We are lying in my bed and he pulls me closer to him. We embrace. I kiss him and run my hands Ümraniye Escort all over him. I can’t get enough of him. I must admit I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. He looks at me with desire in his eyes and clearly wants me. Just as much as I want him. He kisses my lips, then my neck. His agile tongue traces a path down from my neck to my chest. He suckles on my breasts and plays with them. At the same time, I feel his hand between my legs. His finger slides inside me, and he plays with my temple. I feel his agile fingers inside me, toying with my pussy and triggering intense sensations. I sigh pleasurably.

He kisses me, then his mouth goes to my belly and he makes his way down to my pelvis. His mouth finds my pussy and he begins to eat me out. I feel his tongue dart inside me and my eyes widen. I endure this sweet torment for long moments until he releases me, and opens up the gates of pleasure. I scream as intense pleasure courses through me. He holds me and does not let go. I look up at him and sigh. He smiles. I look at his hard member and touch it. He’s long and thick. I ache to feel him inside me. He positions me so that I am lying on my back and readies himself to take me like this.

I look at him, nervous and excited at the same time. This is the moment I have been waiting for. I am about to lose my virginity to Ronald, the man I love. My best friend. The only one I’ve ever wanted. He enters me in one firm thrust. I feel him inside me. So strong and so full. He is thrusting into me now and looks at me. I smile and beg him for more. He obliges me, thrusting hard and quick. He is full power and full steam ahead. Plowing and drilling like a well-oiled machine. My body shakes as it experiences these new sensations. I surrender to it all and let go. He comes inside me.

I look at Ronald and he smiles at me. I am catching my breath, still pleasurably rocked from the treatment he’s just given me. I sigh. Wow! I snap out of my reverie and realize that I am wet, so excited I was by thoughts of Ronald. I taste my own cum. It’s got the same taste I’ve grown accustomed to. I wonder what Ronald’s cum tastes like and feel a stab of pain in my chest at the thought of never finding out. I hope to, someday. I look at the pillow next to me, and realize that it’s empty. Of course it is. Ronald is on my couch, fast asleep. I sigh and go to sleep.

The next morning, I am greeted by an unfamiliar scent as I exit my bedroom. It’s Ronald, in my kitchen! He is sitting at the table, and eating breakfast. He gets up when he sees me and gestures for me to join him. After a brief hesitation, I do. Ronald made breakfast. An omelet, buttered bread, bananas and orange juice. I smile and take a bite out of the bread. Ronald smiles and watches me as I eat. I look at him. What is he thinking?

Ronald thanks me for helping him last night. I shrug. What are friends for? I knew he’d do the same for me. Of course, I’d never fall for someone of his ex’s caliber. I eat and look at him. He has showered and shaved. He is also wearing my Stone Cold T-shirt and blue jeans. We’re a lot alike in so many ways. He is cheerful, and talks about the things he wants to do today. He wants to take me to the movies, his treat. I smile at that. Hey, why not? It’s always fun to spend time with a good friend.

Later, we head outside. It’s a warm day of Spring. We walk to the movie theater. There are couples walking around. Guys with girls. Guys with guys. Girls with girls. There are always couples walking, wherever I go. I try not to see them since you know what effect they have on me but it’s hard not to when in public. Suddenly, Ronald puts his arm around me. He smiles and gives me a kiss on the cheek. I kissed him back, though on the lips. He smiles. I smiled back and put my arm around him. I don’t know what in hell that kiss was for but I don’t care. The boy I love has just kissed me and I kissed him back. It’s a nice start for any day!

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