New Year’s Treat Ch. 02

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It’s New Year’s Day 2007 and we’ve just finished watching a huge fireworks display over Gatlinburg, Tennessee. But my mind wasn’t entirely on the display overhead as much as it was on what took place the night before in the hot tub on the deck behind me.

My wife and her three friends always get together on New Year’s. This particular year we were lucky enough to get a four-bedroom cabin overlooking Gatlinburg. I have trouble sleeping the first night in a new bed, so last night I snuck out on the deck and slipped into the hot tub. I wasn’t alone for very long when one of the other husbands, Steve, joined me for what ended up being a very satisfying experience.

It ended up that Steve is bi, just as I am. I loved the way he sucked me off and then the feeling of his thick cock in my ass. I was also shocked at the amount of cum he pumped into my ass and now can’t wait to get a chance to have him do the same thing in my mouth.

I wasn’t sure how awkward things would be between us following that encounter, but we both acted as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. As the fireworks died down, and the group started disbanding back to their bedrooms, Steve slipped over to me and said in a low voice, “I’ll be back at the same place at the same time if you’re interested.”

“Absolutely,” I replied. My cock was already stirring thinking about having a go at Steve’s huge cock head, but I had certainly had to hide those thoughts, and my growing cock from my wife. There is simply no way she would understand or accept my desire for man to man sex.

As luck would have it, my wife also would not accept no as answer for her own needs that night. Don’t get me wrong. I love fucking my wife, especially when she’s in the mood, but I was hoping to save my load for Steve’s eager mouth. Still, I applied myself with full interest filling her cunt with my cum, and then watched her drift into a deep sleep.

It was close enough to 2, that I decided to go ahead and slip into the hot tub and wait for Steve. I Acıbadem escort was nearly asleep when I felt someone slipping into the tub with me.

“Are you awake,” Steve asked quietly.

“Yeah. I was just relaxing. I’ve got bad news, though. Barb just had to have a good fuck to start of the new year, and I don’t think I have enough energy to get off again.”

“Man, how funny is that. Who would have thought that either one of us would complain about getting fucked by a woman rather than a man!”

“You’re right about that,” I answered, “but I can still take care you, if you want. I would love to get a taste of that cum,”

“Are you sure?” Steve asked. “I would understand if you didn’t want to. I was lucky. Beverly is at that time of the month, and like I told you last night, she’s not real big on giving head.”

“No. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have interest in getting you off.”

Without another word said, I reached into the churning water of the hot tub and took hold of Steve’s semi-hard cock. It was just as I remembered from the night before. I could barely wrap my hand around the shaft it was so thick And the head. How can I describe the head of his cock other than plum-sized. It was enormous. I couldn’t believe I was able to take this monster into my ass last night, much less fit into my mouth tonight.

As I stroked his cock in the water, Steve moaned softly and said, “That feels good. Just work me with you hand for a few minutes.”

I was happy to oblige. I grab around the foreskin line and used the skin of his shaft to work up over the head of his cock. I jacked him off in this way for a couple of minutes and let go of the shaft and rubbed my hand over his cock head. I could tell he was oozing pre-cum and used that lubricant to rub his head with the palm of my hand. I slipped my other hand into the water and started fondling his huge balls.

“Oh, God,” he sighed. “I couldn’t do better myself. I can’t wait to get your mouth on my cock.”

Well, Kaynarca escort bayan you didn’t have to ask me twice. With little urging by my hands, Steve rose out of his seat and sat on the edge of the hot tub, leaving his gorgeous cock just above the water line. I knew from my own experience last night that those bubbling waves would work wonders on his balls just as they did on mine.

Once again I took his cock into my hands and marveled again at the texture. It is so strange how different it is to hold another man’s cock. I pulled his cock down slightly and slowly lowered my mouth to close in on my prize for the night. I flicked out my tongue and ran it just under the helmet of his cock head into the slot. At the same time I squeezed my hand up along the shaft milking out a huge drop of his pre-cum, which I greedily licked onto my tongue. I savored the taste, again marveling at how different the taste is of another man’s cum.

Steve moaned again as I continued to lick around his cock head while milking his shaft for more of his precious juice. My other hand was busy as well, stroking and fondling and pressing down on his balls. I knew he wasn’t likely to last too long, so I opened my mouth as wide as I could and stuffed in his huge cock head. I couldn’t believe how big it was, and how stretched my mouth was just to fit in his head. But it didn’t take long to fit in more of his shaft and to get a good stroking rhythm going between my mouth and my hand.

Steve moaned again. “This is incredible. I’ve been waiting all day for this, and I’m not going to last long.”

I could feel Steve start to move his hips in time with my sucking and knew he was approaching the edge. I didn’t waste time with words, but increased the suction on his cock and pressure of both hands on his shaft and balls.

Steve started to buck now, forcing his cock deeper into my mouth. Part of me wanted to pull away, fearful of the large amount of cum I knew he unleashed into my ass the night before. Escort Aydınlı But that was only a small part, because I truly wanted to taste his cum and see if I could take in such a monster load, and I didn’t have long to wait for the answer.

Steve’s thrusting was more insistent now, shortening his strokes and grabbing the back of my head. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” he muttered. He then pulled his cock out of my mouth except for the head and aimed it towards the room of my mouth.

Thank God he did, because the torrent of cum he shot would have gagged me for certain if it had gone straight to the back of my throat. As it was the first stream hit the roof my mouth and dripped down to my tongue which was eager to taste the seed spewing from his cock and work it down my throat as Steve had done to me the night before.

It’s hard to describe the sensation, but it felt almost like a squirt gun shooting into my mouth. Unbelievable, really, and I was determined to take in every drop. That proved harder than I imagined since he came more in that first squirt than I cum altogether. But, with some quick gulping, I was able to savor and swallow every drop he gave.

It seemed like minutes, and I counted a good 10 to 11 healthy squirts before he finally relaxed. Still, I was not wanting to give up on the fleshy stalk of his cock and continued to suck the last few drops of sweet cum from the slit before letting his cock pop free from my mouth.

“Holy shit,” he moaned. “I have never felt anything like that before. God, I know what you meant last night about feeling my tongue work the underside of your cock as I was swallowing. That’s exactly what you did to me and it just kept me cumming and cumming and cumming. I don’t know that I’ve ever cum that much before.”

“Oh hell, man, I don’t see how I could have taken much more,” I laughed as I wiped a remaining drop off his cock head and scooped it into my mouth.

Steve slipped back into the water and closed his eyes, obviously content with the blowjob. “We have got to make this a regular event, right?”

“Absolutely. It’ll be kind of like that movie, “Same Time Next Year,” I laughed.

“Yeah. That’s it. Same time next year it is.”

And that, as the saying goes, will be the rest of the story.

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