New Horizons Ch. 01

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This is a compilation of some hot messages two other Literotica members and I had sent to each other. It started with one and I then evolved with the second writer and I.

A reader of one of my posts on the GLBT Forum wrote me and said how hot the post had gotten him. I wrote back and asked him if he would be interested in writing hot nasty emails back and forth. He gladly accepted and we got off to a great start.

Both of us were bicurious and had not had any contact with another man. This would be a good safe way to explore new horizons for each of us without any fear of consequences or embarrassment.

We would sometimes send each other 4 or 5 emails back and forth a day.

I know texting would be quicker but I am digitally challenged and emails are my limit. With our way you also get the anticipation that comes from the wait for a reply. After some months we agree that we had gone about as far as we could go in print and both were testing the waters of meeting face to face. I live in the East and he is in Central Illinois so it would be difficult. But I have relatives outside Chicago and he is an hour south so I extended a visit and invited him to spend a weekend with me there.

We had some phone conversations at length and sent pictures back and forth. We both felt that two men could have hot sex with each other without loosing their masculinity. He agreed and neither of us wanted our first time with another man to be a quickie in a car or bath room. I was quite pleased with his pictures, about my age and good looking but his cock shot made the decision so much easier. I am about 6 inches and cut, he Ankara Escort was over 7 but uncut. All of my male fantasies are of uncut cocks so this alone excited me and helped to make the move to get together.

We had found a time that worked and I made my travel arrangements.

During my visit with my relatives all I could think was, in 72 hours I will hold another mans cock, I will take it into my mouth and suck the life out of it. Thankfully the family didn’t notice my preoccupation.

The visit ended with hugs and kisses from and to all and I left for Chicago and my much anticipated adventure.

I didn’t know how I should check in so just acted like I did this all of the time and told the desk that I had a reservation for a suite for two. When she asked if I would need one or two key cards, I said two and my partner would be arriving later. After all my worry she didn’t seem to really care who or how many were checking in.

I got there before Jim and took a shower so I will be nice and fresh for our time together. I especially concentrated on my cock, balls and ass.

It was really hard for me not to get myself off as I haven’t cum in days but wait for Jim’s arrival.

I get into bed naked and still hard. I fall asleep and as Jim is using his key card he slips into the room without waking me.

I wake up slowly to a near dark room by the feeling of someone caressing me. I am on my side with one leg lifted towards my chest. I feel a hand caress my ass cheek and another reaching around me to stroke my cock. This excites me like I haven’t Sincan Escort been for a long time. I am soft and know from our emails this is how he would like to find me. Jim continues caressing my ass. He runs his fingers between my cheeks to my balls and holds them and rolls my sack in his hand . His other hand has my cock. He is caressing me from my inner thighs to my ass and balls with one hand and my cock with the other hand.

Before I am completely hard he rolls me over and takes my cock into his mouth and makes love it. His mouth is hot, wet and I feel him suck me like he is trying to pull my cum through it. He is still holding my balls and rolls them in his hand. He strokes my shaft with the other as he sucks it. He pulls his head back until just my cock head is in his mouth and stroks the wet shaft. He sucks harder on my crown and runs his tongue around it, over and under it.

It doesn’t take much of this before I am completely hard and I try to turn around into a 69 with him.

Jim tells me to just relax; he wants my first time with another man sucking me to be memorable and to just enjoy as we have all week end.

I do just that and lay back to enjoy his fine cock sucking. As he sucks and licks my cock he is also stroking it with one hand and caressing my balls with the other. Sometimes he has just the tip of my cock in his mouth and is running his hot tongue around the head while stroking the shaft. I am not sure who is loving this more Jim or me.

He is taking his time enjoying this. Some women made me feel they were going so fast because Etlik Escort they wanted to just get it over with. Jim reminds me of a lover who could almost get off by just giving me head.

I am so relaxed that I pull my legs back so that my knees are at my chest and I put my hands between my legs spreading myself open completely to him. When a woman did this in the past it was so hot for me that I felt that I was in heaven. I fell that way now exposing myself completely to him any way he wants me.

“Oh my God, you are the best cock sucker I have ever had.” is all I can say between moans of ecstasy.

He takes two fingers and makes small circles in that sweet spot between my balls and anus. I know he is uncomfortable with ass play so understand when he doesn’t venture farther. When it is my turn to pleasure him I will show him how great it can feel when done slowly and with patience.

But now Jim’s great cock sucking has brought me to orgasm.

I cry out “Oh God Jim, I am cumming!”

He keeps fucking my cock with his mouth until I start shooting into it. Jim’s mouth, tongue and lips are the ultimate caress, better than anywhere my cock has been in the past.

Once I stop cumming he holds me in his mouth until I am soft and as I am so sensitive he lets my cock slowly slide from his mouth.

As I am collecting myself he sits back on his heels with a satisfied smile on his face. He licks a drop of my cum from the corner of his mouth and I can see him swallow it.

It is then that I see him naked,and all I see is his cock, erect and throbbing. He remembers my fascination with the uncut cock and works his foreskin back and forth over the beautiful crown, milking some precum out. He spreads his precum over his cock head giving it a shiny look. I can see his pulse in his cock and say:”It is now your turn to sit back and enjoy, let me do everything to return the pleasure you just gave me.”

To be continued in future parts…..

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