New Friend at the Gym

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So much of my life has changed over the past few months. After a long and close relationship with my neighbor Andrea, she moved to South Carolina to be near their parents. Her parents, and her husband’s parents, had both moved there several years ago to get away from the Connecticut winters. Having her so far away put quite a crimp into our morning meetings for coffee. We had agreed that we’d find a way to get together, but that hadn’t happened yet. Our phone calls had become less frequent and I was beginning to feel that a portion of my life had passed away from me.

I knew that my interest in having a varied life was not gone though. Whenever I was with other friends, at meetings of women’s groups, or wherever, I often looked around and wondered who may share my interest in women. How would I approach someone? Perhaps, just some morning at one of my gatherings, I should ask the question, “hey good-looking women here at the meeting, anyone interested in having a woman on the side relationship? Please submit your lesbian-lover resume at your earliest convenience along with a summary of your preferred activities.” I suppose while it would have been interesting, it also would have been quite embarrassing and unlikely to be successful.

So, my physical outlet became my morning visit to the fitness center. Each day, I would head to the local fitness center and use my energy on the elliptic machine which watching the morning news, do a little weight work and then stretch. Throughout all of these activities, my mind would wander off to thoughts of sexual pleasure with the other women at the gym. I would frequently catch myself looking with longing at the other women, especially an attractive blond who was clearly younger than me, but old enough to also have grown children. She wouldn’t be there every day, but when she was, I found that my workout was much more energetic. Looking at her, and thinking about her, gave me the energy to exercise. In my mind, I was thinking that I needed to show her I wasn’t all that much older than her, that we were the young, energetic women that I pictured her to be.

Over the months since I first saw her, I noticed that her trim body had improved. She most certainly was quite attractive and had little to criticize when I had first seen her. But, there had been noticeable improvement. Her muscles toned as her fitness improved. I noticed that her time on the treadmill was at a faster pace and somewhat longer. Her weight work seemed less strained. As time passed, I found that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her while she worked out, particularly during her post-exercise stretching sessions.

During this time, we also became a little friendly. At first, it was just saying hello. Over time, we also commented on working out, exercising, and the activities of the gym. On the days when we were both there, after my workout was finished, I was disappointed that I hadn’t asked her name. I wanted to get friendlier but feared that if I asked her name, she would run in fear from her lesbian stalker. I wanted to make a move to become special friends with her, but worried about what would happen if she wasn’t open to such a relationship. So, with each encounter, I smiled a little more, asked more about her exercising and looked for an opportunity to pry into her personal life to learn about her. Over time, I noticed that she was also becoming friendlier toward me. I never saw her talking with anyone else at the fitness center so I just assumed that her friendliness to me was only so that she would have someone to talk to while focusing on her workout.

While at the real estate office one afternoon, our office manager announced to us that the corporate office had instituted a requirement for all local divisions to hold open house meetings for prospective agents to come in and speak with us about becoming real estate agents. The office manager did his best to encourage our participation in this event. Most of the reaction was negative, “why do I need to help bring in more agents to compete with me?” We all knew that there were already too many agents in our town competing for the business. Our manager suggested that we all find a new agent to be our “junior assistant”. We could offer to help with the training and have someone to do all of the junk work that we didn’t want to do ourselves. There weren’t very many agents willing to help until our manager pointed out that referrals would only go to those who participated. So, with that as motivation, I signed up for the first afternoon, figuring that I could get it out of the way quickly.

During that week, I saw my new friend at the fitness center a couple of times and finally decided that if I didn’t try to move forward, nothing would happen. As we exchanged greetings one morning, I finally asked her “You know…We talk every time we’re here together but I don’t know your name. I’m Donna.”

With a smile she replied, “It’s so great to finally escort bayan learn your name. I’m Sara.” I smiled back at her and said that we should get to work improving our bodies. She laughed as we stepped onto adjacent treadmills and both began our workouts. After finishing our warm-ups, we chatted about nothing in particular, and Sara said that she needed to get to her weight workout. We ventured to the lifting machines and both worked on our muscles for a while. We then went into the yoga classroom and pulled a couple of mats next to each other and finishing with stretching. As she moved about the mat, all I could think of was how I wanted to invite her to my mat and to engage in some mutually beneficial stretching. It was definitely the most arousing workout session that I could imagine. Unfortunately, it was only in my imagination.

The next week, the time for the open house at the office came. A few of us were there waiting for the interested and curious to come in and ask questions about the exciting life of real estate. As the first few came in and there was some chatter about enjoying looking at houses so may as well try to sell them, the door opened and I saw Sara step into the office. She was smartly dressed in a nice tailored suit, looking much more professional than the others. My co-workers also noticed, thinking that this was someone they would partner with for the future. Sara looked over at me and smiled, “wow, Donna, I didn’t know you worked here.” She walked right past everyone else to greet me with a handshake and a smile.

“Welcome to the real estate office. We’re happy to see you Sara. I didn’t realize that you’re interested in learning about being a real estate agent.” I quickly engaged her in the conversation, making it clear to my colleagues that this potential agent was mine, and that I wasn’t willing to share her with anyone. We quickly engaged in a conversation about the real estate profession. It became clear to me in a hurry that Sara was very smart and had been thoughtful about her idea of pursuing this career. She seemed to know something about it and had a fairly realistic perspective on what it would mean to be in this profession. Even if I ignored my building lust for her, I knew that she would make a great junior partner in the profession. We talked professionally for an hour and when we were done, she had all the information that she needed to get started on classes, learning and pursuing her license. Now all I had to do was figure out how I could get her out of that suit and into a bed. Only after she left did I begin to have thoughts about what would happen if she rejected my advances. I’d not only lose an exercise partner, I’d lose a business partner and my embarrassment at being rejected, and potentially ousted, would extend to work.

The next morning at the fitness center, I entered and looked around for my new business partner, looking forward to a great workout. I was also ready to be on the lookout for any indication of how she would react to an attempt to increase our relationship to yet another aspect. As I started my workout, there was no sign of Sara at the fitness center. I began my brisk walk on the treadmill as I saw her walk in the door. With a smile she waved to me and went to hang up her jacket. She moved to the treadmill next to me and greeted me warmly, “I am so glad to see you today. I have so many questions about our new relationship.” I almost tripped as I thought about the kind of relationship that I wanted to have with her. As she started her workout, she began to ask her questions, spitting them out as quickly as I could answer them. After answering her many questions, she asked me how the listing price for a house was set. I described the process of looking at comparable houses, etc. and then suggested that having a real life example would be a good way to proceed. With that, she invited me over to her house for a post-workout cup of coffee to see her house. While she wasn’t interested in selling her house, she was curious about how the price had changed since purchase. I quickly accepted, knowing that I would have an opportunity to speak with her in private, and gauge if she had any serious relationship interest.

As we talked about going over to her house, Sara pulled her exercise jacket over her head, revealing a tight nylon exercise tank top. It was tight over her breasts. Seeing her pointy nipples through the material revealed that she wasn’t wearing an exercise bra under the tank top. I’m not sure how I stayed on the treadmill as I looked at her chest and was filled with lust. Somehow, I kept exercising as strode next to me, her small but luscious breasts calling out to me. After a few minutes of seeing her like that, she suggested that we cut our exercise period short to get on with our real estate discussion.

I quickly agreed, wanting to tell her that I would like to discuss a lot more than real estate with her. I kept that to bursa vip escort myself, but was pretty sure that I was on the verge of either moving this relationship forward or ending it completely in the embarrassment of being rejected.

I followed her to a very nice house with a large yard. It was in a part of town with wooded lots. The neighboring houses were far away but were blocked by the trees and bushes. We pulled up to the garage and Sara jumped from her car, anxious to lead me inside. I grabbed a notebook and my house checklist. As we went inside, I began my discussion of the things to look for before trying to compare to other houses. Counting bedrooms (tempted to suggest we try them all out), age of kitchen, etc. As I talked, Sara showed me around the house, giving me details of everything.

As I mentioned outside amenities, she led me to the back deck, just outside the family. Quite private, nicely maintained, and then I saw it… a big hot tub. Clearly big enough for several people, but my first thought was how great it would be for two people, the two standing on the deck. “Wow that looks like a great hot tub…must be perfect for after a long morning workout.”

Sara looked at me, “yea, my post-workout relaxing will have to wait today. Unless, you’d be interested in a nice relaxing soaking.” I knew that there would be nothing relaxing about soaking with Sara.

I quickly answered her, “Well…that would be great. Wish I had brought my swimsuit. Or, do you have something I could borrow?”

With a bit of laughter she looked at me, “Well…actually…you know, it is pretty private back here. There really isn’t a need to wear anything since no one can see the hot tub. If that would make you uncomfortable, we could find you something to wear. I just wear a robe for going in and out of the house to keep warm.”

Holy shit, I thought to myself. She has offered to let me see her naked, and to be naked with her in the hot tub. “Of course, that would be great. No need to worry since it is just us girls. And we’ve both seen undressed girls before.”

With that, she pulled me inside and said “we can finish the house inspection later, let’s go grab a couple of robes.” She led me to her bed room and disappeared into the closet, returning with two robes in her hands. She dropped the robes on the bed and started to undress. She pulled her jacket off, once again revealing the tight nylon top. She quickly pulled that over her head, revealing her breasts to me directly for the first time. I stared at her light brown nipples, erect hard and to my mind, begging to be kissed. I looked at her and saw her eyes staring at me, noticing that I was looking at her body. “C’mon….you need to get undressed also. I’m not going to wait for you to go get in the hot tub.”

Hearing that, I began to pull off my clothes, keeping an eye on her. She grabbed her robe and pulled it on, not bothering to tighten the waist band as she reached under it and pulled down the yoga pants she had worn to exercise. I didn’t get a good look at her ass, pussy or legs. I tried while I undressed, but nothing was visible while she wore that robe. I undressed in the same as she did, showing her my breasts but putting on the robe without giving her a full view. Then, we both walked out to the deck. I knew it would only be minutes until I saw her naked and we were sitting in the steaming hot water. I wasn’t sure at that point which was hotter, the hot tub or me.

Sara stood next to the hot tub and untied her robe, pulling it off and hanging it on the hooks next to the hot tub. There she stood, naked in front of me and without looking at me, she stepped over the side and down into the hot tub. “Oh, this is hot…but so nice”.

I looked down at her and without thinking said, “oh yes, this is very hot.” She looked up at me and smiled, motioning for me to join her.

I pulled off my robe and hung it next to hers. Standing naked outside was a bit chilly but incredibly arousing. She looked at me, “good thing that no one can see into our yard the way that you’re standing there.” That reminded me that I needed to get into the hot tub, and like Sara had, I stepped over the side and down into the hot tub. I should have watched better where I was stepping because as I moved in, I slipped and more fell into the hot tub than gracefully moving into it. Lucky for me, Sara was standing right there and caught me rather than letting me fall into the water. I felt her arms wrap around me as I dropped into the bubbling water.

As I gained my composure, I realized that she wasn’t letting go of me. She had stopped my fall, but was now holding tight. I could feel her arms around me. As I looked her, she looked into my eyes. “I was wondering how I’d get you into my arms. You made it pretty easy.” As I stared at her she continued, “The way you have been looking at me, I guessed that this is a position bursa elit escort you’d like to be in.” With that, I leaned to kiss her. I kissed her hard, my tongue immediately plunging into her mouth.

Sara returned the kiss. I felt her passion as she kissed me deeply and solidly. Then I felt her hand move to my breast, squeezing and rubbing me. Her hands quickly began to roam my body, feeling me everywhere. I returned the hugs and groping. I massaged her breasts with one hand, her fantastic ass with my other hand and we continued our deep kissing. The feeling of having a woman in my arms while she rubbed and stroked my body was fantastic. I felt her wonderful body, kissing her, hugging her, enjoying the sensations of feeling her exploring my body.

Sara leaned back, “I haven’t been with a woman since I was in college. I’ve seen how you have looked at me when we’ve been at the fitness center. When you came over today, I’d hoped that this would happen and I saw you looking at my body. I knew that you were after me. This feels so good.”

I looked at her, “yes…yes…I’ve wanted you. Your body is so luscious that I’ve wanted to hold you and touch you….and do so much more with you.” With that, I returned to kissing her and feeling her body against mine in the bubbling water.

She pushed me over to the corner of the hot tub, into the seat that was there. I could feel the water jets blowing onto my back as the bubbles and hot water covered my aroused body. Sara leaned forward and slipped her arms under my thighs, lifting my body to be floating among the bubbles as my legs draped over her shoulders. As the bubbling hot water caressed my body, Sara’s mouth cupped over my pussy, her tongue licking against my swollen clit. I couldn’t believe the intensity of my feelings as she began to lick my clit. The weeks of anticipation were now being fulfilled as she licked and sucked my pussy, her tongue swirling against my clit as the hot water swirled about my body. Immediately, I was filled with pleasure as I felt the orgasmic delight building deep in my aroused pussy. My moans filled the air as Sara’s mouth pleasured me. I felt her tongue and lips massaging my aroused cum button, sucking on my pussy lips and penetrating me deeply. Her licking, kissing and sucking were increasing my pleasure with each wondrous stroke of her tongue. My arousal built within me until I felt it explode through my body in total orgasmic delight. My thighs firmly pressed her head as my legs pulled her tight to me as the waves of pleasure filled my body and my screams filled the air. All those days of lust built during our times as the fitness center were suddenly and totally realized in orgasmic pleasure.

Sara leaned back and with a smile of accomplishment on her face she thanked me for the letting her enjoy my body. “Thanking me? Oh my….that was an incredible orgasm…now I owe you one…or more,” I replied as I kissed her, tasting my pussy on her lips. I’d missed that taste. It is always so great to taste my orgasm when kissing afterward.

As we hugged, I moved her to the corner of the hot tub, taking my position between her outstretched legs. She quickly raised her legs and rested them on my shoulders as I looked at her pussy with pleasure and anticipation. Sara moaned in the anticipation of her delight, “yes, lick my cunt…I am so horny for you to eat me…suck me until I cum.” She moaned how she wanted me. She pulled my head into her outstretched pussy. “It has been so long since I’ve been eaten by a woman…I want this.”

I quickly and deeply complied with her wishes. I wanted to taste her wonderful pussy and took her into my mouth, sucking her pussy lips into my lips as my tongue penetrated her horny opening. She moaned in pleasure as my lips massaged her pussy lips, as my tongue licked up, down and into her aroused pussy. I couldn’t get enough of her as I frantically licked and sucked her. Harder and harder I drove my tongue into her, licking deeply and then sucking on her pussy lips and swollen clit. My oral assault on her was as intense as I was capable of…sucking…licking…driving her closer and closer to filling her body with the orgasmic waves that I had felt moments before. I wanted to bring her to the same pleasure that I had felt as I continued to lick and suck her sensitive cum button.

As my tongue swirled around her cum button, he moaned in delight, encouraging me to continue pleasuring her. As I continued to lick her and suck her aroused clit, her moans were louder and louder and louder until I felt her legs tighten around my head and she pulled me tightly against her pussy. With a loud scream, her hips gyrated in pleasure as she arched upward, her body filled with orgasmic delight as the waves of pleasure filled her. As she tried to catch her breath, she moaned for me to stop. She slumped against the wall of the hot tub.

“Oh my…that was intense,” she whispered to me as she caught her breath. “I was so turned on from sucking you…it has been so many years since I tasted another woman’s pussy. And then you sucked me so well…that was such an incredible orgasm…or several…I’m not sure.” I pulled her tightly against my body as we enjoyed the hot, bubbling water.

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