Never Ordinary

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Today was grocery day, the usual trip to the supermarket is usually one mundane task to say the least.

I see you walk down the middle aisle, you’re distracted momentarily by the end aisle promotions.

There’s nothing of much interest so it would seem so you move on, turn a corner & disappear.

I slowly walk towards the same aisle. As I turn the corner I see you reach for something on the top shelf.

A small patch of skin becomes exposed at the base of your back. That small spot that I trail my fingers along that feels so soft & dips a little onto your spine.

You don’t see me, so I walk almost stealth like. I come up slowly behind you, place my hand on your ass.

You turn your head, startled by the intimate touch. But then you see me, give me a smile that is so beautiful, and proceed to raise your one eyebrow. That look says it all.

The one look that tells me, honey we’re in public and you have your hand on my ass. So I move my fingers along that smooth ass cheek just to prove a point, and that point is I don’t care or give a damn if anyone is looking.

The drive home isn’t usually a long one.

Still my mind travels back to the touch in the supermarket.

I know just how your skin feels under the cotton.

My hand smoothly moves over to the middle of the top of your leg.

You give me a quick glance then turn back to concentrate on the road.

You thought I hadn’t noticed you move slightly in your seat, but I did.

My hand moves slowly up and down the upper half of your leg then to your inner thigh, all the time feeling the heat in my jeans between my legs getting hotter.

I squeeze your inner thigh gently, just to let you know that right now I would love to be doing more than being just a passenger.

Moving my fingertips up your leg was driving me crazy.

With the briefest of touches they trailed over your crouch then up to your zipper. I see your grip on the steering wheel tighten slightly.

Clasping the zipper between my thumb and finger, I begin to pull it down slowly.

I glance at the gap generated by the release if the unzipped metal, seeing your dark blue underwear in the space.

My fingers glide over the top of it, then up to the button that holds the top of your jeans together. Popping it undone the fabric either side fell away under the lack of restraint, and I slid my fingertips slowly over the very top of your underwear.

You move again, holding your breath has I slide my fingers down under the material slowly & I can see its a major task for you to concentrate on the road.

A low quiet moan escapes your mouth as I struggle to work against the tightness of your jeans as my fingers move down towards you’re ready and waiting slit.

You move forward slightly, then back a little to try and work your jeans into a more slackened state.

Now I know you want this.

My fingers become less restrained to travel where they are willing to go, moving down so now I could slide them slowly between your lips,

My finger brushes against your bud and I feel you tense up and push towards it. So I begin to rub it, applying a slight pressure then a feather light touch. You took your one hand off the wheel and pressed it hard up against mine, and with that movement I knew you just want to get home.

But that’s not enough for me, I want to feel how wet you are already. Sliding one finger lower down between your lips I feel the soft inner side of them surround it, wanting me there. Reaching the pool of liquid at the bottom sends my own clit into a frenzy of desire to have your tongue on me and mine on yours.

This drive can’t end soon enough.

You insisted on un-packing the groceries when we got home, but I know this wasn’t really what you want. You are just making me wait after what I did to you in the car.

You’re teasing me, and its just torture.

I know you can sense my need for you in the way you look at me as you hand me items to store away.

I play along because I know you’re in charge for the meantime.

Our fingers touched and I felt that surge of energy, that tension, that excitement. çankaya escort And I knew that you understood that longing to have those fingers all over my body and mine over yours. But all I can do was hurry to the cupboard and rush back to you.

Each bottom of every bag seemed to take an infinity to reach.

I had to admire your restraint because I wasn’t entirely sure that you weren’t slowing this process down on purpose, just to make my senses & body develop a more heightened state.

Everytime I came back a wicked smile would form on your face, just making me more excited with each passing minute.

The next time I came back I saw just bottles of soda in the bag. That was my queue, I wasn’t able to wait any longer.

I took your hand, pulled you to me and kissed your neck. My fingertips slid up under the back of your shirt to exactly the same place I had seen the flesh exposed earlier on at the grocery store.

My tongue trailed its way up to your ear lobe my teeth gently nibbled at the bottom. I felt your leg push between both of mine. You backed me towards the kitchen table, and I pulled you tighter. I felt all your excitement building as we now kissed with smooth lips that darted over each other’s.

Our tongues touching, teasing, engrossed in each other’s. I wanted you and I wasn’t going to wait. I pulled at the button on your jeans for the second time that day. Took you by the hand and pulled you towards the bedroom. By the time we had got there your jeans were falling down your legs. I grabbed you again, and began kissing you with a deep hunger. I wanted to feel you, all of you.

I heard your shoes head off to the side of our bodies. Your jeans and underwear slid to the floor.

You were half naked. Finally I could feel your warm silky flesh, and it felt heavenly. We kissed hard and deep, our breaths intertwined.

You took both my wrists in each of your hands and forced them behind my back. Maneuvering towards the door, you let go, told me to keep my hands exactly where they were & pushed me against the door slamming it shut.

My body was braced against the door and you. My heart rate increased & I felt your leg again force its way between mine. Our kissing now making us heady with so much desire, so much heat that there was no way to contain it.

I started to feel my pussy grind up against your leg, feeling you push harder with those toned muscles.

A urgent moan escaped from my mouth into yours. I wriggled my hands free from behind my back. My fingers ran through your hair and then circled teasing the back of your neck. My other hand tracing a trail up your spine, then all the way down again to roam over your ass and its soft plump skin.

Again you grabbed my wrists, pressed your body onto mine with force this time. You positioned my hands on top of each other above my head and held them there with your one hand.

You traced your hand down my one arm, then up again to the side of my neck, then to my top & my breasts. You traced over my nipple that was now jutting out against the material.

Hearing me whimper out loud, you laughed gently into my mouth.

You told me that all my clothing had to go and that I had to keep my hands up. It was a smooth action when you pulled the top over my head & pushed me back against the door with your hand firmly holding mine again.

Rubbing my one nipple, and squeezing it, I felt like begging you to take it in your mouth.

Taking your hand away you placed it in the middle of my breast bone, unclasped my bra with one swift move.

The bra’s material dangled to the side of my breasts.

You leaned back a little and gazed at them admiringly.

Then you looked at me with that look that only I know, leant in and kissed me fiercely.

I could feel your hand came down my side, then to my jean button and zipper, & like an expert you undid them with ease.

Pulled them down with my panties at the same time until both fell to the floor.

I shook them off, and swept them to the side with my foot.

It took just seconds, and once again keçiören escort your braced me against the door and began kissing me with urgency.

I tried to protest about you still having your shirt on, but u just mashed you lips up on mine, your whole body weight against me.

I was so turned on, so receptive.

All the time my mind fantasising about my hands roaming over your back, down to your wonderful ass.

Your skin would now feel warm and so soft that it would make me wanna just push you onto the bed and make love to you.

Pulling away from the kiss and freeing your hands from mine. You told me to stay there against the door just like that. I saw your gaze fixed on me as you stepped a few paces back.

My fully naked body there for you to appreciate at your own leisure. I had never felt more turned on by you looking at me than in that moment.

You stood there for what seemed like an eternity, gazing like you were looking at a piece of art or a sculpture,

until you began to move slowly forward. Your hands undid your shirt buttons, and now it was my turn to let my eyes absorb the stunning look of you.

Your shirt draped open, your fingers slid it off your shoulders & it fell down your arms and onto the floor. You had no bra on so you were now fully naked.

You looked magnificent. All the time you held your gaze on me, your eyes letting me know your intentions.

I could smell your perfume as you came closer, its intoxicating smell mingling with all the other sensations I was experiencing.

I wanted you so bad that my heart was pounding, my legs unsteady, I was simply burning with desire for you. All I wanted was to touch you.

You came within a foot of me,

Held your stance, and held out your hands, your fingers caressed the side of my hips, then so painstakingly slowly worked up my tummy to finally cup my breasts.

I could feel my body tremor under your touch.

You moved closer to me and worked your mound right up against mine.

I felt my head involuntarily tip back a little, and a throaty moan left my mouth. You teased the whole of my body just with that caress of my nipples. It sent striking currents of energy right down between my legs. My breathing was becoming more rapid, my need reaching for the ecstasy I knew you could give me.

You kissed my throat, moved to my jaw, trailed kisses across it then up to my ears. Your hands roamed this body that I gave so freely to you. My senses were all merging, the lines disappeared. You bit my neck and sucked on its flesh, and all this time I could feel your mound arching against mine, wanting to feel what I was feeling.

The teasing had become so intense, my self control was at its bare minimum.

My hands came down over your head still clasped together.

You grabbed my wrists firmly and looked at me. I hadn’t asked your permission and you hadn’t given it.

You told me to turn around and put my hands above and either side of my head, but this time on the door. You ordered me to spread my legs, which I promptly did.

I knew you were looking at me, taking the sight in with wicked glee.

You came up behind me just briefly and stroked my ass cheeks, caressing each one until you decided to slide a finger under it and up my wet slit.

The power I felt you had over me at that point was ready to envelope my entire being.

I pushed up against your finger but as soon as I did it you quickly pulled away.

It was such an excruciating experience that it make me answer it with a begging “please”

I could sense you leaving my side, the thought made me nervous. Did you want to just stop. Had I crossed your line of disobedience?

I could hear you open the cupboard door, and it was then I knew what you were doing.

I stood there completely motionless. Rooted to the ground until you would tell me otherwise.

The next time you touched me it was on my shoulders. smooth fingers braced on my flesh.

You ordered me to walk to the end of the bed, facing it with my hands placed on the end of it.

You etimesgut escort spread my legs again with your legs. I could feel my excitement grow to another level again.

Then I was struck by your hand, it came swift across my ass cheek. I yelped at the surprise of it but my body betrayed me as I could feel the pool of liquid form at the entrance of my pussy with the new state of arousal. You did it again, but this time with more force and I was pushed forward.

This was my lesson for not waiting for your permission.

You slapped my ass again and again until it felt like my cheeks would have been crimson.

it stopped and I felt your finger again slide over my ass, over the entrance of it then up my slit again and into my aching pussy.

I needed you, I wanted you right now.

The next thing I felt was cool, it rubbed up against my ass, over its crevice and pressured against the entrance.

I pressed back onto it, knowing it was too large to go in there, but the sensation was divine. You rubbed it up and down, over the top of it with repeated strokes that made me want you to abandon yourself. To just take me.

My moans became my audible, like a animal on heat, I had to have you.

I pushed back again, god I craved you.

You stopped for a moment, then I found myself taken from behind with your cock.

It slid into my moist cunt with such ease.

It felt so good that I wanted to cry with joy.

Your hands were on either side of my hips as I dipped my back and raised my ass to give you better access to enter me.

I began to slide back onto you as your hands pulled my hips backwards, and your thrusts became more rhythmic. I knew you were watching your cock slide into me, and I had to admit I found this thought so erotic. It made me want to take the pace slower just so you could admire the control you had over me. But my own self control was by now long gone. You knew what I wanted, and I knew you wanted to give it to me. I pushed back harder now and u thrust your cock all the way in. Your clit would be on fire from all the times the pressure of you gliding it into me had rubbed up on it. You rode me like a seasoned lover. Our movements more wild and rapid with each thrust, until I was calling out your name so loud. Gasping for air between moans that bellowed out of me like some primal call. You were driving your cock in so swift, yet so gracefully that It made me so wet it was dripping down my inner thigh.

You tugged at my hair while you rode me, and I screamed how I was so close to coming. You didn’t stop, you wanted to claim my pussy as yours and no-one else’s. I felt the beginning of a sensation building in my pussy, an intense pressure, a tension that needed release. It swirled up inside me, escaped up my back, then down my legs. Screaming out “I’m cumming, oh my god I’m gonna come so hard”.

You thrust your whole length in me and I exploded from inside. My whole body shook so much you had to hold me up.

But you still hadn’t cum and I wasn’t about to not let you have that pleasure. I forced myself back almost off your cock until I was at the tip, then plunged backwards onto it again. You followed my lead until I could hear your breathing come in shorter bursts and breaks. You thrust your cock into me with all your experience, pulling on my hips everytime you thrust forwards. I couldn’t believe I was about to cum again and told you so. That’s when I felt you start to thrust deeper and quicker.

Your rhythm increasing to make your own clit hit that sensation in quick hard stabs. I heard you first, repeated low moans, then I felt a thrust one last time followed by a loud released cry of pure ecstasy. You slumped on me, our deep breaths of exhaustion evident in our heaving bodies.

We remained like that until our breathing had calmed down to a more reasonable rate.

After a few minutes your withdrew your cock.

I turned around, both of us were smiling at each other with great satisfaction. I leaned forward wrapped my arms around you waist and gave you a tender kiss that was filled with all the love I had for you. I un-strapped you and took you by the hand, rolled away the duvet and asked you to lay by me.

Holding each other was pure bliss. The look of your contentment made me love you even more. We lay there quiet, not needing to exchange any words. We were saying everything we needed to just by being intertwined in each other’s arms as we gently slipped off into a contented sleep.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32