Neighbourhood Watch Ch. 02

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My thought processes were completely shot. I had just had sexual relations with the woman next door. A myriad of past desires had suddenly become reality and it seemed that there was more to come. I could still smell and taste her as I raced up to the petrol station for her new stop light bulbs as promised. The image of her teasing tongue snaking down to lick her own nipple, as I had commanded her to do, was all I could think of clearly. It also had a rampant effect on my loins.

Within a very short space of time I once again found myself upon her doorstep ringing the doorbell.

“That was quick!” she exclaimed with a mock shyness.

“I will only be a few more minutes and the task will be complete.” I said showing her the globes. She gave me the keys and suggested I let myself in after I had finished with the car as she had some things to do in the kitchen in the meantime.

The stoplight replacement took a little longer than I expected because of the fiddly-ness of the fittings. Michelle obviously felt the same, because I caught sight of her a number of times peeking through the front window to see what was doing. This only heightened my licentious thoughts, not to mention my stiffened resolve.

As she had suggested I entered her home, using the key on the key ring. The only sound was the occasional clink of cups and saucers being washed up so I made straight for the kitchen. To my astonishment and very pleasant surprise, Michelle was doing the washing up wearing only a pair of white lacy knickers and her sleeveless-top that she had worn earlier. To add to this splendid sight, she also had on a pair of black high heels. The overall effect was like a moth to a flame, I was drawn without hesitation. My penis all but pointing the way.

I went to her and lustfully thrust my crotch against her gorgeous behind. My hard member resting firmly into the crevice of her arse. She arched her back pressing her behind hard onto me. I pushed forward pinning her body between my cock and the sink while I grabbed at her tits. I pressed the V of my hands under the rise of her breasts and pushed firmly up, squeezing the thumbs of each hand hard into the firmness of her flesh. She groaned loudly from deep within her throat as I pinched her nipples quite firmly, pulling on them through the material of her top. My mouth found her neck and then I started gently nibbling on her ear lobe.

After a few minutes of this, I dropped one hand down her tummy and across the front of her panties. The waist band was wet, but that was from the water in the sink unlike the gusset which was saturated with her vaginal secretions. I pushed my index finger hard into the folds and wetness seeped through and coated my finger. I raised it and told her to lick it clean. She opened her mouth and with that darting tongue seks hikayeleri quickly lapped up her own juices, licking her lips as well.

“So you like to be told how and when to fuck?” I asked, leaning my body hard against hers, my mouth on her ear.

“Oh yes, Ray… I mean Master. I never get to do things this way normally but with you it seems… ” She did not finish the sentence but we both knew what she meant. Somehow we both felt safe and secure enough to let go and release our inhibitions, things just felt right between us despite the brevity of our closer association.

I noticed a breadknife lying in the sink and knew right away I had to use it. I pressed my groin into her bottom again as I reached for it, Michelle catching her breath slightly as she saw what I going for. Without saying a word, I slipped the knife into the waistband of her knickers and cut it through. She gasped excitedly.

I stood back, admiring her soft skin and the lovely sway of her back and the dimples just above her bottom. I then cut the other side and roughly pulled her panties away from her lower body. I balled them up in my hand and held the juice soaked gusset up on front of her face.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” I asked firmly.

“Oh god yes, Ray. You have no idea how horny cutting them away like that made me feel. I am your slut, your toy… fuck me as you see fit.”

“Suck it. Taste your own juices. Your flooding vagina has soaked your knickers you naughty woman.” She opened her mouth wide and sucked hard on the wet material. She drank deeply and I could hear her moan of pleasure at her own taste. I slapped her buttock. She jumped and then sighed as the initial shock subsided.

“Mmmmm. Spread your legs but stay leaning against the sink.”

I pressed my foot to the inside of each foot in a mock kick, indicating that she should do as I asked. I dropped to my knees between her wonderfully splayed legs. Her mound was very lightly covered with light brown hair that was mattered now with the copious amount of lube coming from her inviting pussy. Her outer lips were quite puffy with arousal and the juices coming from her had covered her inner thighs now as well. I roughly pushed her arse cheeks apart to look at her winking rear entrance. The tight star-fish shaped opening seemed to be beckoning for me to lick it, so I did. I speared my tongue tip hard against her resistant anus, licking her with all the fury I could muster. I slid my tongue into Michelle’s anus. I could feel her arse start to move in a slow circler motion, as my tongue penetrated her with every thrust. She groaned loudly and ground her body down onto my probing tongue. Again her juices flowed with her pent up desire coating my chin.

“Oh my god, Ray, that feels so good,” she hissed through clenched teeth. “That’s it, suck me there, I have never had anyone do that before. I love it, please stick your tongue deeper up my arse.”

As I continued to tongue fuck Michelle’s tight arse, I slipped my hand around to her pussy, and slowly pushed two fingers between her juicy pussy lips and began to rub her erect clit. I could feel her juices starting to flow more heavily now over my fingers, so I inserted one more finger into her vagina.

“Aaarrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed, “God yesssssssssss.”

I knew that Michelle was about to climax at any second by the intensity of the shuddering waves coursing up and down her legs. I gave her a quick barrage of my three fingers deep into to her body, slightly bending them at the top of each thrust to put pressure on the tender spot on the inner topside of her pubic bone. This sent her over the top. I quickly removed my fingers and sucked her whole vagina into my wide open mouth. The vacuum suctioned me to her as she exploded.

“I am cominggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg” she yelled as her body convulsed strongly in response to my targeted attentions. My mouth was filled over and over as I clutched hold of her hips to keep my mouth clamped to her pussy. Her hips bucked widely, each wave making her trust her mound into my mouth. Slowly her orgasm passed and I relaxed my grip, licking her swollen lips and tasting the thick creaminess of her deepest juices.

I turned and sat, fully sitting under her body now, with my back again the cupboard door. I used my thumbs to pry her labia open and attached my mouth firmly upon her mound again. I flattened my tongue and ran it from her anus to her clit and back again, slurping up her flow with as much noise as I could make. Her hips bucked as I made contact with her oversensitive clitoris and she ground her arse hard down onto my mouth urging me to eat her pussy. I slapped her rump hard once more reminding her not to let go of the sink. She grunted her agreement as I continued to drink her in.

Slowly I pushed both thumbs up into her vagina. Her muscles gripping the invaders trying to draw them deeper. I pushed them fully inside, stopped then slowly withdrew drawing a flood of wetness. I smeared the flow across her anus using slow rotating movements of my thumbs to get her rear hole to relax. With each rotation I pressed upward more firmly until I felt it was time to move on. I quickly dipped my thumb back into her pussy them pressed it firmly into her arse. I heard her gasp and catch her breath as I forced my thumb into her virgin arse. A long guttural groan followed as I pushed the thumb completely up into her rear. I felt her bend her knees slightly to try and open her arse some more which only pressed her body onto my thumb even more. I held still, feeling her arse flinching as it got used to being opened in this foreign way.

I then reached up and entered her pussy, using three fingers in a slow twisting motion. She shuddered and choked off a cry of pleasure as I finger fucked her slowly, grinding my knuckles against her swollen clit each time I fully entered her. I kept my thumb firmly imbedded in her arse as I started to fuck her pussy with more powerful upward strokes. I watched fascinated as her inner lips pulled down with my fingers as they withdrew, their dark redness glistening with the overflow of vaginal fluid dripping from her gorgeous body onto the floor. Gradually I started building the pace, pulling back and re-entering her flooding womanhood faster and harder in response to her cries and pleading for me to make her come.

Looking up and saw her head lolling from side to side, her lips parted as the waves of pending orgasm ebbed and flowed but forever building to a crescendo. Fast and faster I plunged up into her body, delighting in the ecstasy she was feeling. My own senses were flying in conjunction with Michelle’s, it was as if I was building to climax as well, my mind was consumed with being with this gorgeous, and previously untouchable, woman and now being able to make her climax so beautifully.

Her ribbed channel clenched my fingers as I relentlessly pistoned up deep inside her. She tensed suddenly, her whole body clenching, every muscle clamping tight.

“Oh Ray… going to… ” the words caught in her throat., “come, god yessssssss.”

“Ffffuuucccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she screamed as she came hard on my fingers. She held my fingers deep inside her, the whole of her body shaking violently, her hair even draping into the sink water. As her flood gates burst, Michelle filled my mouth with a river of hot woman cum. There was nothing for me to do now but to suck her pussy dry, which I did, swallowing every mouthful of juice that she gave me. She came hard, pulsing wave after wave racking her body like the effects of a powerful earthquake. I gently withdrew my fingers from her trembling body and felt her body go limp. I eased her to the floor beside me and took her face in my hands, and covered her mouth with mine. Our lips parted, and our tongues met, I knew that Michelle was getting another a good taste of her own cum, which was mixed with my saliva. She sucked my cum coated tongue into her mouth, again and again, until it was clean.

Long minutes passed as we enjoyed the simple pleasure of just being together. Neither of us wanted to move but we both knew that eventually we must.

“Oh Ray that was exquisite and so selfless. Thank you.” She said with a trace of suppressed emotion.

“Ssshhhh now,” I whispered. “I definitely enjoyed every moment just as much as you, believe me.” I smiled and kissed her brow.

She snuggled into my shoulder. “We’ll have to do this again.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32