Neighborly Relations Pt. 14

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PART FOURTEEN: The More the Merrier

CHAPTER ONE, Bill, Brenda, and Mom

Bill Peterson hung up the telephone and walked into the bedroom to find his wife, Melody. She was seated on the bed in a cotton nightgown reading a book, her glasses half down her nose and her face set in concentration.

“That was Mom on the phone,” he told her as he sat on the bed beside her.

Melody finished the sentence she was reading and looked over at him. “What’s up with your folks?” she asked. It was a question she dreaded asking since they’d walked in on the anniversary party a couple weeks back and caught her in-laws buck naked and screwing most of the neighborhood. She lived in fear of what news might come from that quarter. So far, every time one of his parents called the reason was benign and she was beginning to stop worrying.

“Nothing much,” he said, smiling. It was that smile that warned her his news wasn’t benign this time.

“Nothing much?”

“She invited us to a party next Saturday,” he said.

“A party? You mean, one of their kind of party?” She experienced the odd feeling of a pleasant tingling in her pussy even as her heart beat with dread at the news. The idea of a party scared her. It turned her on. It made her feel a shameful kind of yearning.

“Yeah. I told her we’d be there.”

“What? Oh, no, Billy I can’t. Really, I’m too nervous about such things.”

“You weren’t too nervous to suck my father’s cock last time,” he said, stroking her bare ankle.

“It was the heat of the moment,” she said, blushing. It was quite true that she’d sucked Daryl Peterson’s cock, but only briefly and he hadn’t cum.

“And you didn’t mind Kyle playing with your pussy.” Bill slid his hand up her leg to the silken mound of fabric covering her pussy.

“You told me to let him,” she said, about her encounter with her brother-in-law after the party. “I didn’t have any choice.”

“You don’t have any choice now, either, honey-pie. We’re going to the party, and you’re going to be the life of the party.” He pushed her nightgown up until she stopped him.

“Bill, please.”

Bill stood and stripped out of his clothing quickly and then returned to kneel on the bed beside his wife.

“You mean please take me to the party and let me fuck a bunch of men. Right?”

“No, I don’t.” She stared at his rigid penis apprehensively. It wavered before him, seeming to be jumping with excitement. “I mean, please don’t make me go.”

“I already accepted,” he said. “Done deal.”

“You really got into the swing of this, didn’t you? You were just as shocked as I was when you saw what they were doing.”

“I got over it. You will, too.”

“No, I won’t.”

Melody’s pussy was completely wet now. The thought of her husband forcing her to have sex with multiple partners excited her far more that she was willing to admit out loud. That was the fun part of course. She’d made it clear (without actually saying it) that she would really enjoy a great many things as long as she didn’t have any choice in the matter. She was too shy, too well brought up, to suck cock, have anal sex, or participate group sex on her own. But, if Bill told her to do it . . . Well, she didn’t have any choice, did she? It wasn’t her fault.

“Sure you will,” her husband said now. “Just like you’re going to blow me.”

“I’m reading a book,” she protested, looking at the glistening drop of pre-cum emerging from her husband’s penis.

“Suck my cock,” he said. “Swallow my cum. Then you can get back to your book.”

“What do I get out of it?” she teased, slipping the marker into her book.

“When you get done reading, I’ll fuck the hell out of you, Mel. So get to work.”

Melody sighed in resignation and shifted on the bed to face him. Then she pulled her gown off over her head to avoid having to launder it. He might have told her to swallow his cum, but she knew damn well he wanted to see it shoot out on her face first.

She grasped Bill’s cock firmly, stroking it slowly, and then extended her tongue to tickle at the cute little hole that was dribbling liquid. She moved her tongue around the glans of his cock as she slowly moved her mouth onto it until her stroking hand was hitting against her lips.

She bobbed her head back and forth, sucking and licking, while stroking with one hand and fondling her husband’s balls with the other. The head of his cock was a hard knob that slid over her tongue and brushed the roof of her mouth as she sucked it. The shaft was a hot, pulsing rod that might release its milky juice at any time without warning. Bill’s scrotum was soft, a bit leathery, and housing a pair of magnificently heavy balls. He’d shaved himself, and now that the pubic hair was gone she found that most of her complaints about oral sex were gone with it.

Bill was sighing now, groaning and holding her head in both hands. Any minute, he would pull back and direct her to pump his load onto her face or breasts. Yes, she could feel his orgasm coming. Any minute now. orhangazi escort

And then he did cum, but he didn’t pull out this time. He held her fast, refusing to let go as his cock filled her mouth to brimming with his jism. She swallowed, but some of it did escape past his moving cock and drip onto one breast. The rest went down her throat, a hot, creamy load. He held himself in her mouth until he began to grow limp, and then he dropped back happily onto the bed.

Melody wiped her lips and tossed her dark curls back as she looked at him. “Happy?” she asked.

“Oh, yes, very.” He stroked her arm and watched he fine breasts rise and fall with her breath. “I want to see you screw every man at the party, Mel. Think you’re up to it?”

“Oh, you dirty old man,” she said. Maybe she would. And maybe she’d even work up enough nerve to do it without being told.


After Bill’s sister, Brenda, hung up the phone at her house across town from Bill and Melody, she hurried into the living room to alert her husband, Kyle. Brenda was a buxom woman with broad hips and muscular thighs, a near clone of her mother. Kyle was thin and wiry and always looking eager for some untold adventure.

At the moment, Kyle was lying on the living room floor totally naked and with his cock half erect and still glistening with his wife’s juices. The phone call had interrupted their play, but he stiffed up quickly when he saw Brenda hurry back into the room, her tits bouncing in erratic circles from her movement.

“That was Mom,” she said, as she lifted him and impaled herself on his cock once again. She began humping him immediately, the invitation to the party having added fuel to the fires of lust that were already burning nicely. “We’re going to a party next Saturday.”


Brenda felt Kyle’s cock harden even more at the news, and she smiled. She knew what he was thinking, and she brought it up now.

“You looking forward to fucking my mom again?” she asked as she lowered her huge breasts down to his mouth.

“Actually,” he said, muffled in her flesh. “I was looking forward to fucking both of you at the same time.”

“You’ve only got one cock, silly.” Sitting up again, she bounced faster, rotating her hips as she brought her own orgasm on. The image of the three of them together was especially compelling, even though she’d never entertained thoughts of getting that close to her naked mother. With Kyle in the middle, it might be alright.

She froze in place as a rush of tingling bliss erupted within her and took over her body. She felt as though every part of her was cumming, and not just her cunt. When it passed, she looked down at Kyle and smiled.

“What?” he asked, confused by the carnal look on her face.

“What your own self,” she replied. Then she lifted her pussy off of his cock and shifted forward a bit. Holding his slippery shaft in one hand, she moved her butt on the bulbous head until he was pressed against her anus. She lowered herself slowly, allowing his glans through the barrier of muscle, and then she sat to drive the rest of him deep inside. It was a glorious pain that prompted another small orgasm. She began humping him with her ass while opening her pussy and diddling her clit for him to watch.

“You want to see my mom do this, don’t you?”

“Does she do that?”

“My mom fucks other women,” Brenda said, tightening her ass on his cock as she moved on him. “I’d be willing to bet she does this.”

“Do you think, she . . .” Kyle stopped, closing his eyes and smiling. “Nothing.”

“Nothing what?” There weren’t many things he wasn’t willing to talk about, so his silence intrigued her.


“Tell me, or I’ll stop.” She did stop for a second as a warning.

“Well, I was wondering if she’d fuck you,” he said, slowly. “Would she strap on that big dildo and fuck her baby girl if I asked her real nice?”

“I don’t know.” She wasn’t appalled by the suggestion, but not really into it either. “Maybe if you get us both liquored up, she might.” Her husband met her movements with his own thrusts now. “And I might just let her.”

Kyle responded by filling her ass with a convulsive blast of his hot cum.


Jenny Peterson had invited her son and daughter at the urging of Emily Porter. Emily and Robert had stopped by the night before with a bottle of wine, hoping to catch her and her husband at home. Daryl was at the car lot for a special twenty four hour sale, but Jenny was always ready to entertain guests.

“Take your clothes off and get comfy,” she said, which was normally a rather silly greeting that people either laughed at or groaned over.

Tonight, her greeting was taken literally. When she came back to the living room with glasses for the wine, the Porters were both totally naked and grinning from ear to ear.

“You folks want something special?” Jenny asked, playing dumb. She put the glasses on the coffee table.

“Sure,” Robert said, approaching her. “We nilüfer escort want you.”

He began unbuttoning her blouse while Emily unzipped her slacks and pushed them down.

“Well, I guess I’ll just be a good hostess and let you have me then,” Jenny said as she let her neighbors have their way with her.

Soon the broad hipped fifty-two year-old was stripped bare and lying on her back over the arm of her couch so that her hips were elevated for Emily to kneel between her legs and lap at her plump pussy and her head was down for Robert to thrust his cock into her eager mouth. Nobody said a word, Jenny just let them do as they wished and was rewarded by a huge, quivering orgasm and a mouth full of cum.

She lay panting as her guests opened the wine and filled the glasses.

“We want to have a party,” Robert said. “Saturday. But I’m afraid we don’t have the space for the type of party we need.”

“What type is that?” Jenny sat up, swallowing cum, and picked up a glass.

“We want to invite the kids,” Emily said. “And we are hoping that everyone would be willing to allow our daughter to have the first crack at the men.”


“It’s a long story,” Robert said. He was seated cross-legged on the floor across the table from Jenny.

Emily sat beside her on the couch, asking, “What do you think about, uh, family love?”

“Family love?” Now she was confused. “I guess I’m not sure how you mean that.”

“Pretty much the way it sounds,” Emily said. “You know . . . family.”

“Sex?” Jenny would never have pegged the Porters for such a thing. The Burtons, sure, because she’d often wondered about the noises the drifted out of their house on a warm summer night when they were entertaining family. The Porters? Never. Of course, they do fuck all their neighbors. “With your kids?”

“They are adults,” Robert said quickly.

“To tell the truth, they kind of started it,” Emily told her. “But that’s not the point. What do you think of it?”

“I guess I don’t think of it at all.” Then Jenny smiled. “Of course, I do remember once when Bill was married to his first wife. She was a horny minx. They were in the yard screwing like rabbits real late one night. I got up for some reason and saw them. It was a full moon. I remember thinking that my son had a very nice cock. I suppose that means it doesn’t bother me much as long as everyone is consenting and adult.”

“You’re a very understanding woman,” Robert said.

“I must be. I screw all my neighbors. But you said it was a long story. That wasn’t very long,” she said.

“No, the type of party we want to have is the long story,” Emily said.

After they explained, Jenny only had two things to say. “The Burtons house is the place for this party,” she said. “Their basement is perfect.” And then she smiled lewdly, and asked, “So does this mean I get to fuck that stud son of yours?”

“You can fuck all of us, Jenny,” Emily told her. “You know that.”

“Starting with me, please.” Robert stood, his cock hard and ready. “Right now, if you’d like.”

“Oh, yes, I definitely would like.”

Later, when Jenny told Daryl about the Porters and their party request, he laughed and said, “Any excuse for a party is fine with me. A bit of a freaky thing for parents to line up for their daughter, though.”

“If our daughter was acting like that we’d probably do it to.”

“I suppose so,” Daryl admitted. “And they want it recorded?”


“The neighborhood sure is getting strange.”

CHAPTER TWO, Mommy and Tillman, Cherie and Dad

Tania Mosswell put a roast into the oven and then swept the kitchen floor and wiped the counters clean. Supper would be ready by six, They rarely ate desert, but Cherie always liked one, so Robert had gone to buy something nice. Tania intended to settle down with a book for awhile, but a commotion from the living room changed her plans.

“Tillman, you fool! I’m here till I leave, and ain’t no little shit like you gonna tell me what to do or not do.” Cherie was shouting at full temper, and Tania expected to hear her throwing things soon. “Daddy said I could stay longer, and he didn’t need any advice from any little shit like you!”

“You ornery bitch, I didn’t say you couldn’t.” Tillman stormed into the kitchen with a look of exasperated anger on his face. “All I did was ask. Just shut up!”

Tania frowned at her son and put her hand out to pat his chest. He kissed her cheek and rolled his eyes over a smile.

“You as good as told me to get out,” Cherie said, storming into the room. “Good as said I don’t belong here!”

“You hearing things, Tubby.” Tillman rushed down the stairs and away.

“Who you calling Tubby? Who?”

“Give it a rest,” Tania said, stopping her daughter and pulling her close in a motherly hug. “I don’t imagine he meant anything.”

“He never means anything and you always take his side.” Cherie pulled away and stormed back into the living room.

Tania suppressed türbanlı escort a laugh, knowing full well Cherie wouldn’t take it very well if she heard her. Apparently, some things about siblings didn’t change no matter how old they got.

With Cherie in the living room looking for a quarrel, Tania decided to go downstairs and talk to her other child until Robert returned and gave Cherie some place to direct her attention. Once she got downstairs, Tania could hear the shower running. She smiled and approached the bathroom door thinking that her little boy might like someone to scrub his back.

“Hey there,” Tania said, pushing the door open. “Can I lend a hand? Maybe some other body part?”

“Mom?” Tillman’s head emerged from behind the curtain and he smiled. “Sure, I can use all the help I can get.”

“What did you say to her?” Tania stripped out of her clothing quickly, and then she stepped into the back of the shower away from the spray. “Don’t get my hair wet or Cherie will wonder what’s going on.”

“Yeah, okay. All I did was ask why she hadn’t gone yet.”

Tillman stood before his mother with soap rinsing down over his muscular chest and his long cock firming between his legs. He reached to clasp both of his mother’s breasts and then leaned in to suck at her nipples. Tania giggled at his touch and reached to grasp his now hard penis. She moved close enough to rub the bulbous head of his cock against her vaginal opening, lifting one leg up onto the edge of the tub.

“Let Mama make you feel better,” she said. “But don’t get Mama’s hair wet.”

Tillman turned the shower off and then kissed his mother passionately as he clutched her womanly bottom. “A quick fuck will make me feel better,” Tillman said. “Sound good?”

“That sounds real good, baby, but I can’t be having cum running down my leg while I’m cooking. Sit, honey,” she said, stepping out of the tub and directing him to the covered toilet seat. “Sit down and let mama give you a little blow.”

“No, you bend over and I’ll get you off first. You can blow me after that.”

He waltzed his mother around to lean on the vanity and positioned himself to slip up inside her wet pussy with a satisfied sigh. Tania yelped once, a happy sound, and then moaned as her son’s cock moved inside of her body. She pressed back against him, buttocks quivering at the impact of their bodies.

“Oh, Till, fuck me hard,” Tania said. “Slam it into me. I’m going to cum right away.”

Tillman did as he was told, bringing out another yelp from his mother, but Tania’s orgasm was sidetracked when Cherie opened the bathroom door.

“Mama! Tillman! What the hell are you . . .” Cherie snapped her mouth shut and then opened it again to say something that Tillman cut off.

“Jesus, Cherie, don’t you ever knock?” Tillman demanded. He withdrew from his mother and stalked to the bathroom door, his cock pointing at his sister accusingly. “Damn, girl.” He slammed the door in her face and locked it.

“I’m gonna tell Daddy!” Cherie shouted from the other side of the door. “You, you guys are . . . Jesus! I’m telling Daddy!”

Tillman returned to where his mother was leaning on one hand and looking toward the door. “I guess we don’t have to worry about getting your hair wet now,” he said, stroking one hand over his mother’s bare hip.

Tillman kissed his mother, his tongue sliding past her eager tongue as their lips crushed hungrily against each other. His hand slipped down over her belly, across her pubic hair and down to slip two fingers into her sopping cunt. She reached back for his cock, straining to get her fingers around it.

“Are you going to fill me?” she asked. “Is my big boy going to fill his mother’s cunt with his seed? Are you?”

“Oh, yes.” Tillman brought his hand around to grasp her hip while the other positioned his cock at her entrance. “Gonna fill you right now.” He slammed his cock into his mother, filling her with flesh and pumping into her as hard as he could until he filled her with cum as well.

Tania experienced a warm sort of climax when Tillman came. It was the warm and special orgasm built on a mother’s pride in her son’s ability as much as their physical contact. That was her son’s semen filling her and squeezing out past his moving cock. That was her own son’s manly essence, and her pride welled up until she felt tears of joy running from her eyes.

“Mom? What’s wrong?” Tillman pulled out and lifted her to hold her close to him.

“You’re such a fine man,” she said, wiping at her tears. “All grown up.”

“But why are you crying?”

“It’s silly, I suppose,” she said. “But I’m just so proud of you. My big, strong man.”

They stood for a moment in each other arms as the remainder of Tillman’s cum dripped from his cock and onto his mother’s leg to join the trickle escaping her pussy. They stood together in the perfect union of mother and son.


Cherie had to wait for her father to get home with the desert, and she didn’t like waiting. She stomped back and forth on the living room floor, glaring out the front window at one end of the trip and glaring toward the basement stairs on the other. She stomped and fumed and knew her father would be heartbroken. She would have to console him. She was the bearer of bad news, so it was up to her to soften the blow.

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