Negotiable Companionship Ch. 03

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It was just getting late enough to be early again, and the dressing room was starting to become almost crowded. The atmosphere was one of tired relaxation, and the air was cloudy with smoke and deodorant. Water was running in the adjacent shower room. Rachel leaned back in her wheelchair, and happily accepted the cold bottle of beer. There was glitter on her arms and around her eyes.

‘Man what a night,’ she said and popped the bottle cap.

‘You were gone a bloody long time, you know,’ said Susan.

‘Cheers,’ they said, and clinked their bottles together.

‘Ah, I needed that.’

‘You looked like it,’ said Susan.

Rachel scoffed and looked up at Susan’s smirk. Susan was probably the tallest, broadest woman Rachel had ever seen and certainly the most muscular. Until she’d met her, Rachel had had no idea that there was a market for women like her. Amazonian Beauty they called her, and that she was. Her thighs were mighty like tree trunks, and each biceps was a piston full of such an enormous power that it’s potential could be felt in even the smallest movements. Even before becoming paralysed Rachel had been rather short, and now next to this giantess she had to look truly tiny.

Susan sat back down on one of the sofa chairs and sank into the cushions.

‘Sure you don’t want one?’ Susan asked the girl in one chair over.

‘Nope, don’t like the taste,’ said Emma, and dismissively waved an arm stump. Instead, a glass of coke stood beside her.

If Susan made Rachel feel even smaller than usual than Emma’s presence had the exact opposite effect. Rachel had been genuinely shocked upon first seeing this particular co-worker. An accident had claimed most of both of Emma’s legs, all of her left arm, and her right hand, leaving her remarkably helpless. She’d finished with her last customer for the day and had had her prosthetic legs taken off, which were now leaning against a wall behind her.

‘So what was the matter with your guy?’ asked Emma.

‘It wasn’t the chocolate fountain and whipped cream guy, was it? Ha, do you remember the mess, Emma?’ Susan asked.

‘I’m sure she does, and so do I,’ Rachel’s eyes narrowed.

‘Oh that’s right,’ Emma blushed and tried to hide a smile with her stump.

Susan looked confused, then came realization.

‘Oh, that’s right! You helped her wash afterwards.’

‘Sure did,’ said Rachel.

‘Aw, and you did a great job, really,’ Emma said meekly, but earnestly.

‘Ha! I wouldn’t complain, some people pay a fortune for that privilege,’ Susan’s laugh very much suggested that this hadn’t been her first beer.

‘Well tonight I’d have taken chocolate sauce, whipped cream or happy bath time,’ Rachel shook her head. ‘Some people.’

‘I’m just surprised that you can still be surprised by stuff like that, how long have you been working here now? A year?’ Susan shrugged. ‘I’d have thought you’ve pretty much seen it all.’

‘Well, girls,’ Susan said and leaned forward for maximum effect.

‘What do you know about hentai?’

‘Ooh, lot’s of potential there,’ said Emma. ‘Did you wear a wig?’

Emma’s own bright, purple hair would probably be perfect for many an anime enthusiast, and she twirled it absent-mindedly around her stump as she spoke.

‘You’re an honest to god, tits smacking, wanking arse prostitute. How are you so naive?’ there was something like genuine admiration in Susan’s voice.

‘Some like colourful hair,’ Emma said defensively.

‘They do,’ Susan was smirking again. ‘Also gore, pregnancy, werewolves, weird transformations and tentacles. Am I close?’

‘Yes actually,’ Rachel admitted.

‘Wait a second,’ Emma interjected.

‘You know I thought you’d have follow up questions,’ Susan laughed, and as her body shook the others could watch a fascinating interplay of bulging muscles moving about under her bronze skin.

‘Transformations?’ Emma pressed on.

‘Well you know, it’s escapism, isn’t it. These ideas of becoming something else, leaving behind reality, they’re what drives a lot of the people that come here. Some of them just like to take it a step further,’ Susan explained, clearly Escort Bayan beginning to enjoy the sound of her own voice.

‘Yes, but what sort of transformations?’

‘Oh all sorts of things: human to animal, male to female, I don’t know, dragon to chicken, the possibilities are really endless, although some are quite a bit harder to role-play than others. I’ve had to play a violent ogre once,’ Susan concluded proudly.

Rachel didn’t miss a beat.

‘I can see that,’ she said.

‘Ha! Thanks, Professor X.’

‘I’m not bald.’

‘Did you get body paint?’ asked Emma.

‘Nope, but I did have a club. Took a lot of restraint not to clobber the guy and call it a day, I can tell you that,’ Susan mimed the movement rather convincingly.

The water in the shower was turned off, and gurgles of plumbing followed.

Rachel drummed her fingers on the rims of her wheelchair, thinking.

‘Yeah, I guess you’d get the submissives mostly, Susan. It’s different for us,’ Rachel pointed at Emma and herself.

‘We get the ones who like control, who want to feel powerful. You must’ve met some interesting people, Emma,’ Rachel looked at the remnants of Emma’s limbs.

‘Yes, but they were usually satisfied with what they got. It’s not like I ever had to dress up for anyone.’

‘I’m not surprised, purple-haired quadruple amputee, I’m pretty sure you are plenty exotic for your average brothel-bound thrill seeker,’ Susan said.

‘Thanks, I think…,’ Emma said.

The shower room door opened, and white hot steam wafted into the room.

‘Oh, hey Rachel,’ Sally said.

She was wearing nothing but slippers and a towel, and let out a great yawn, as she crossed the room, approaching one of the mirrors.

‘You all done for tonight?’ Sally asked, and began to rummage through a drawer.

Appearance-wise she was the most normal girl present with no wheelchair, missing limbs or bulging muscles helping her to stand out. She was slim and conventionally pretty, instead, it were her services that could be considered exotic.

‘Yup,’ said Susan. ‘Just waiting for Southerner with the books.’

They watched Sally gathering together make-up and jewelry.

‘Oh. Who’s the late night caller?’ asked Rachel.

‘I like to call him Generous McMoneybags,’ said Sally, and smiled. ‘And I’m just fine with that. Less competition, if you know what I mean.’

She plugged in a blow dryer.

‘Anyway, Rachel here was telling us about a little tentacle adventure,’ Susan said.

‘Oh?’ Sally perked up. ‘Got out of hand?’

‘It wasn’t exactly tentacles,’ Rachel said. ‘Have you guys ever seen those latex mermaid tails?’

‘Oh yes,’ Emma said, sounding almost excited. ‘I’ve seen people swim in those, they are really pretty.’

‘And he wanted you?’ Susan asked. ‘The little wheelchair girl? I’d have thought he’d want you to move about in the thing.’

‘Oh no, he had this whole story to go along with the tail, and it was a nice tail too. It was quite romantic really. I was the beautiful mermaid that had been caught by the grisly, manly fisherman.

Of course, I feared for my life, but then our eyes met, and we’d fell in love instantly. The fisherman couldn’t live underwater obviously so I left the ocean behind to be with my soul mate.’

Rachel put a hand on her chest and pretended to choke with emotion.

‘Aww that sounds really sweet,’ Emma said and covered her face with her stump. ‘You’re going to ruin it now, aren’t you?’

‘Well, Emma,’ Rachel said. ‘As I’m sure you know there are two main groups of clients who specifically ask for disabled girls. Those who just want to try something a little different for once, and those with something or someone very specific in mind. You know, stuff like Batgirl or Ensign Pazlar from Star Trek, or even Nessarose from that Wicked musical.’

‘Those can be fun,’ said Susan, no doubt thinking of her stint as ogre.

‘Sure,’ admitted Rachel. ‘It started out fun too. You see he chose me because the mermaid was supposed to be helpless on land, slowly losing her strength, but persevering nonetheless, because of Bayan Escort how in love she was. So he carried me around, pushed me in my chair, with the tail on and everything, and generally waited on me.’

She’d had to speak up for the last part of her story as Sally had begun to blow dry her hair. Susan used the opportunity to stretch her legs a little. She got two new beers from the cooler and handed one to Rachel, who nodded in thanks.

Sally mouthed the word ‘Sorry’. She’d been listening, but now she had to get ready. Rachel and Emma leaned back, they were still recovering from their respective clients, and unlike Susan weren’t the restless types.

When Sally had finished her hair had turned into a beautiful, voluminous wave. She flipped it back and smiled at the effect.

Susan wolf-whistled, and walked up behind Sally.

‘You’re pulling out all the stops, aren’t you.’

Sally smirked confidently and began to apply foundation.

‘It’ll be worth it, trust me,’ she said.

‘Is he nice?’ Emma asked.

Sally laughed.

‘His wallet is,’ she said, without looking away from the mirror.

Susan sat back down.

‘So he fawned over his little mermaid?’ she asked Rachel. ‘Sounds fine to me.’

‘Of course, but you see I was getting weaker on land. After while I wasn’t allowed to use my hands, and after that, he told me that I was so weak I couldn’t even speak.’

‘Sounds like he had to do most of the work,’ said Susan.

‘True, I guess I was fine with that part. But things took a turn for the worse for us poor lovers. Eventually, it all was just too much my little mermaid heart, and, well… I died.’

‘Ooh boy,’ said Sally. ‘That’s never a good sign.’

‘That wasn’t the end of it, was it?’ Susan asked.

‘Nope,’ Rachel sighed. ‘He knew how to bring me back of course.’

‘Oh, let me guess,’ Sally said, flirting with her reflection. ‘He had to fuck the life into your pretty, little corpse.’

‘Yup,’ Rachel took a big gulp.

‘And you just had to be still? The whole time?’ Emma asked, almost awed.

‘Well really only until he came, he didn’t seem to care afterwards. But he really savoured the moment. Shot his hot load all over my tail, and then smeared the stuff all over me, massaging it in like fucking sunscreen, shouting about how he was sharing his life force with me. In the end, I had to suck every last drop from his twitching, little willy, you know, act like I couldn’t get enough of his ever so precious juices. It was fucking weird, I can tell you that.’

‘It was weird fucking,’ said Sally.

‘Ha!’ said Susan. ‘That’s nothing new around here.’

Rachel finished her beer, and even Susan looked impressed.

‘I need a shower,’ Rachel said, and put the bottle down forcefully.

The others looked at her expression.

‘Are you alright?’ Emma asked.

‘Fine, just… what the hell,’ Rachel shrugged. ‘Guess I didn’t expect anything like that.’

Susan threw an arm around Rachel’s shoulder.

‘Don’t worry about it,’ she said amicably. ‘We all get a weirdo sometimes.’

‘Quite,’ said Sally. ‘And remember that what you call weird can always be normal for someone else. I try not to judge. I’d have to start with myself, and then I’d never get done.’

Sally blew a kiss. She’d finished putting on her make-up. Her full lips were a bright cherry red now, and she batted impressive eyelashes.

‘No one argues that,’ Rachel smiled tiredly, and gave her chair a little push.

She grabbed her towel and her little plastic shower kit, and put them into her lap, before wheeling through the dressing room towards the shower.

Susan’s eyes followed Rachel until she’d closed the door behind her.

‘Is she okay?’ asked Emma.

‘She’ll be fine,’ said Susan. ‘Just a bit shaken. Playing dead might be a little hard on her cause of her legs.’

‘I guess I can see that,’ Emma nodded.

Soon they could hear running water again.

‘Don’t worry she’s tough,’ said Sally, and diverted attentions by dropping her towel.

She inspected herself in the mirror.

‘What do you think?’

‘What? Escort Feeling insecure? Well, you’ve got perky tits and a nice, round arse, there I said it,’ Susan grunted.

‘You’re adorable,’ Sally replied.

Susan scoffed.

Sally began to dress herself, truly a sight to behold. A tiny black thong was the centerpiece of the ensemble, followed by a pair of fishnet stockings, and ridiculously impractical high heels, also black. For her upper body, she had an equally black latex corset with a neckline that was very nearly too low.

‘Wanna help me out here?’

‘Sure,’ Susan got up and stepped closer.

‘You want it tight?’ she asked.

‘Unbearably so,’ Sally took a deep breath.

‘Woah,’ said Emma, as Susan pulled at the strings.

Sally’s breasts wandered up noticeably, and she eyed their reflection with glee.

‘Nicely done,’ she said.

Susan felt the pushed up breasts.

‘Oy,’ said Sally, and slapped Susan’s hand.

‘What? Doesn’t that feel nice?’

There was a thump, as Sally put a large bag on the table in front of her.

‘Oh looks like you’re going all out tonight,’ Susan observed.

‘Indeed,’ Sally opened the bag. ‘He’s a special guy.’

She took out a leather collar and fastened it around her neck, then attached a long, metal leash. On the table, she laid out a ball gag, a blindfold, and a pair of metal cuffs.

She bent her knees, keeping her back straight due to the corset, and put the cuffs around her ankles, then closed them with an audible click, and straightened up again. She took a few tiny steps. Quite similar, Emma thought, to her own when she was wearing her prosthetics.

Next Sally produced a pair of latex gloves. They were mono gloves, which would hold her arms behind her back, covering them all the way from the fingertips to past the elbows.

‘Can you hold those up for me?’ she asked, and Susan complied.

Sally put her arms through the gloves, and in an impressive display of dexterity bent them back so far, that she hardly needed force to get them in all the way.

She wriggled her hands. They were now covered with latex mittens, and she couldn’t lift a single finger.

Satisfied she nodded towards Susan.

‘Alright close me up.’

Susan began. It was rather like tying shoe laces, and it was fascinating to watch Sally’s should being forced further and further back. Finally, to stop Sally from lifting her arms up even behind her back, Susan attached the mono-glove to the corset.

‘There,’ said Susan, and turned Sally around by her shoulders. ‘All done.’

‘You’re very good at this,’ Sally smiled mischievously.

‘Don’t get any ideas,’ Susan said and slapped Sally’s bum.

‘Meanie,’ Sally pouted.

‘You know you look kinda scary like this,’ said Emma.

‘You’re one to talk,’ Sally said looking at Emma’s scars.

‘I know, but those I didn’t make myself.’

‘True, but to be honest some people like scary.’

‘You got that right,’ Susan’s smile was sinister now. ‘What’s next?’

Sally was now only able to nod towards the gag and blindfold.

‘I still have to find my way, so the blindfold goes around my neck.’

‘Okay, like this?’ Susan draped it over the metal leash.


‘So the gag is on right away? Is that how he likes it?’

‘Just do it,’ Sally rolled her eyes and opened her mouth wide.

Susan pushed the large, red ball into Sally’s mouth, then pulled the leather straps tight.

‘Can’t say I blame the guy.’

‘Mmph,’ said Sally.

‘Well, you’re looking scrumptious now. Ready to get going?’


‘You look great, Sally,’ Emma said. ‘I’m sure he’ll love it.’

‘Oh, me too,’ Susan opened the door for Sally, who took her tiny steps toward it.

‘Well you have fun now,’ Susan said.

‘Mmph,’ said Sally.

Susan gave Sally another slap on the bum as a good bye and then closed the door behind her.

‘I’m sure she will have,’ Susan said, and sat back down.

‘What a place, man.’

Emma shrugged.

‘Yeah, but we’re the ones making it weird.’

‘You know, sometimes I think you’re the most normal one here,’ said Susan.

Emma looked at her mangled limbs.

With her arm stump she picked up the glass of coke and held it up with her elbow joint.

‘Cheers to that,’ said Emma.

‘Cheers to that.’

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