Nefertiti Reigns

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My life was changing. I had been a moderately successful fashion model who had suddenly become a minor celebrity by having my head shaved and appearing as the ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti in a series of ads and appearances about a new cosmetic line. For a few months I was almost an object of worship for those who were fascinated by my bald head.

At first, I decided to start letting my hair grow out but I began to realize that I really liked how I looked with my head shaved. It felt very sensuous to run my fingers over it and I loved the fact that I no longer had to worry about shampoos, conditioners and all the rest of it. I felt liberated as well. Madame Lambert’s people had provided me with several chic wigs that I could wear in public and I had bought an electric shaver that was suitable for shaving my own head.

I spoke with my agent and was told that there were a couple of opportunities for me to work without hair. Because of my exotic look, I was actually asked to play Queen Nefertiti on a fantasy series being streamed. It consisted of two episodes which involved me mostly sitting on a throne and speaking a few words of dialogue. It was boring and I quickly realized that it was not something I wanted to do over the longer term but it did introduce me to a young actress called Roberta. She was absolutely fascinated by my smooth head and she asked me once if she could touch it. When I said that she could, she was very excited and I could see that she was mine if I wished.

“May I call you your highness?” she asked when I began to walk away. I turned back to her and saw her wet red lips parted eagerly.

“Yes. If you ever see me again.”

“I hope will have the pleasure of serving you in the future.”


As I started for the exit, she handed me a handwritten note.

“Dear Queen Nefertiti: I wish to serve you in any capacity that you wish. Roberta”

She had written her phone number at the bottom.

“Perhaps I will find a suitable use for a slut like you,” I said.

“Thank you, your highness.”


The young brunette Roberta was rather attractive to me but her apparent submissiveness was even more intriguing. I wondered how far I could go with her.

I had been rather chaste for a couple of weeks and was thinking about Monique so I finally contacted her. We talked for a while and she said that she would like to see me. That is just what I wanted to hear.

I met Monique in the room above the salon which I had learned was owned by her and a partner named Denise. I had not yet met Gaziantep Genç Escort her but I knew that she and Monique had some sort of relationship.

Monique proceeded with the familiar ritual of a slow sensuous head shave that was followed by intense, feverish lovemaking. I had missed that so much and now I felt fulfilled once more.

Afterwards as we lay down together, I told her about my new acolyte, Roberta.

“Is she as submissive as you think she is?” asked Monique.

“She wants to worship her queen, me! I think we should give her that opportunity. But first I would like to give Bobbi a very special bob.”


We decided to introduce Roberta as my subject at the salon that Monique co-owned with Denise. We picked a time at the end of the business day and I called Bobbi to tell her that I had decided to allow her to serve me. I gave her the time and the place.

Roberta or Bobbi as we decided to call her was dressed in a tube top and tight skirt. She wore very high heeled open-toed sandals that looked like Louboutins but were probably not. Huge golden hoops dangled from her ears and she was made up for seduction. When she entered the salon and saw me in one of the chairs having my head shined by Monique, she was very excited.

“Come slut,” I said from my modest throne. “I want to see you.”

Bobbi approached my chair and knelt down before me. While this was happening, Monique’s business partner Denise closed the blinds and locked the door. She put the Closed sign in the window and sat down in one of the chairs that customers used while awaiting their turn. The only other ‘customer’ was Giselle the photographer.

I looked down at Bobbi who was kissing the tops of my feel while she groveled at them. It was time for her training to begin.

I stood up from the chair and pulled Bobbi’s hair to lift her into the place where I had been sitting. She stared at me as though this surprising act of cruelty had excited her.

“Restrain her,” I said and I watched while the beautiful green-eyed blond Denise used leather straps to secure Bobbi’s arms to the chair arms. She also used a wide leather belt to cinch the young woman’s waist to the back of the chair.

Bobbi protested as her legs were also secured by Denise but there was a solution to that as well. Denise, as I was to learn, was well equipped with the tools of a dominatrix because she dabbled in that hobby with submissive women. As a result, she produced a ball gag which she forced between Bobbi’s teeth and secured it.

The young actress who had wanted to become my acolyte suddenly realized that she was completely helpless in the salon chair and tears appeared in her hazel eyes as she watched our preparation for her humiliation.

Giselle had stood up from her waiting chair and began to set up her camera equipment. Denise slipped out of her white smock and showed her remarkable body in a tight leather corset top and nylon stockinged legs. She also produced a flogger with a phallic shaped handle. Monique was at the counter arranging what she needed and I had been handed the electric clippers that had once sheared my head.

Bobbi watched all this with horror and moaned her protests against the ball gag.

I stood in front of her holding the clippers up for her to see.

“I am going to give you a new haircut whether you like it or not. I can do it roughly or carefully. It depends on you.”

Her horrified eyes looked at me imploringly.

“You are mine now, slut. Do you want to remain gagged or will you behave?”

She nodded to show her compliance so Mistress Denise removed her gag.

Bobbi hung her head and made one final plea.

“My career as an actress…what am I going to do?”

“Who knows?” I responded as I pulled her head up by her hair and switched on the clippers.

I was merciless. I started above her left ear and turning the clippers upside down, I cut a straight horizontal line around the back of her head. It was a very extreme Cleopatra cut which I found quite suitable for another well known Egyptian queen.

Bobbi sobbed quietly as I cut the hair to her scalp and then brushed it to the floor. She lowered her head in shame but I pulled down her tube top and saw that her nipples were hardened.

I lifted her head and looked into her eyes and saw a glimpse of the arousal mixed with submission.

“You said you would serve me and now you will. I would like a hairless slut to be my slave.”


I smiled and indicated to Monique that she should finish what I had started.

I joined Mistress Denise and Giselle the photographer to enjoy the next stage in Bobbi’s degradation.

First came the clippers only this time they were used to reduce Bobbi’s hair to stubble all over her head. Silent tears were shed but there was no mercy from Monique.

Monique had sharpened her straight razor and showed it to the terrified girl bound to the chair.

“If you hold still, I will shave you smooth without incident. I am Queen Nefertiti’s personal stylist and as you can see, she has no nicks on her beautiful scalp.”

Bobbi gulped but said nothing as a hot towel was draped over her hair and she watched my gorgeous, cruel looking barber work up a white lather in her shaving mug.

Monique took her sweet time painting the scalp of the bound girl white. It was slow and sensuous and I savored every moment of it.

Next came the blade and Monique wielded it skillfully as she slowly shaved the lather and the hair underneath away. There was no sound in the salon except to faint scrape of the gleaming blade as it denuded Bobbi.

It was very erotic watching Bobbi becoming bald. I had been shaved many times by the gorgeous Monique and it usual led to intense lovemaking but there was something even more exciting in watching the slave being shaved bald despite her protests.

It took ten or more minutes to complete the process and when it was complete, Monique wiped away the excess lather and tested Bobbi’s head for smoothness. A couple of spots required a few extra razor strokes and finally the slave was a bald as her queen.

Monique completed the process by removing Boobi’s tear streaked makeup and re-doing it. Then she applied cocoa butter to Bobbi’s scalp and rubbed it in until it shone.

At this point Mistress Denise assisted Monique in removing the bald slave’s restraints and cutting her clothes away with shears. Finally should stood there utterly bare. Her entire body was hairless except for her eyebrows and lashes. Perhaps I would have them removed in the future.

Mistress Denise collared Bobbi and led her naked to the room behind the salon. This was one of her play areas. There were several wooden apparatuses which had cuffs and chains that could be used to restrain a slave. Bobbi was manacled to a St Andrew’s cross facing us.

As she tried to escape, I approached and began to stroke her smooth body. Her bare pubis excited me but I dared not show it. I pressed my palm against it and slowly allowed my middle finger to enter her. She showed her pleasure as I slowly worked her to a state of submissive arousal.

“Do you enjoy being my subject?” I asked.

“Oh yes, my Queen,” she responded.

“Shall I punish you for being nude in my presence?”

“Yes, my Queen,”

Mistress Denise handed me her flogger with the phallus handle. I swished in the air a couple of times. Then I gave Bobbi an underhanded flick between her legs.

“Thank you Mistress,” she responded. I liked my new title.

The next flick of the flogger was across her bare belly and again she thanked me.

More flicks of my wrists led to more arousal. Her nipples were hard and I attached clamps to them before continuing.

You know the rest.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32