Naughty Boy Ch. 02

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“What about me don’t I get a say in this?” I asked them both with a raised voice.

Both my mom and sister said “No” at the same time an them giggled like school girls as they soaped each other up as I stood in the middle of the bathroom naked. Now that I was spent it was as if I wasn’t there. I went back to my bedroom leaving the door ajar leaving both my mom and sister in the shower to finish off washing each other and no doubt have a play with each other too. A few moments later I could hear a lot of giggling going on from the bathroom. As I poked my head out my bedroom door I could hear both mom and Jenny moaning as if they were fucking. Being as I was the only other one in the house curiosity got the better of me and I walked down to the bathroom door to listen.

As I stood there I could hear giggles and moaning coming from inside the bathroom. Finally the curiosity got the better of me and I opened the bathroom door to find both mom and Jenny lying on the cold tiled floor scissoring each other rubbing their pussy’s together and moaning out loud. As I stood there watching I could feel the beginnings of a boner forming a tent in the front of the shorts I had pulled on as I watched both mom and Jenny fanny fucking on the floor in front of me.

After a couple of minutes standing there watching them I dropped my shorts at bathroom door and went inside. As I looked at my mom and Jenny I fed my mom my cock as my sister watched on as best she could while I played with her milky tits. Mom and Jenny were right on the edge of cumming a few moments later as was Jenny as she watched me pump my cock in and out of mom’s mouth. A few seconds later I could feel mom grip my ass a little tighter and her mouth tighten around me cock. As she was about to orgasm she pushed me back and out of her mouth as she fell back onto the floor. Both keçiören escort mom and Jenny went over the edge of no return and began to buck wildly at each other. Their pussies rubbing even tighter together as they sought out each other’s hands and pulled themselves harder against each other as they came all over each other’s pussy. As they writhed there on the floor entwined in each other Jenny squirted all over mom’s pussy and tummy. I came next in mom’s mouth and all over mom’s face and tits.

We must have lay there for the next ten minutes catching out breath and basking in our sexual glory. Both mom and Jenny lay there on their backs as I lay half on mom and half on Jenny. My cock was beginning to harden again and mom felt it grow against her thigh. As Jenny and mom untangled their legs mom rolled me over on my back and threw a leg over me and mounted me. She lined my now hard cock up with her dripping pussy and thrust down on me as I sank balls deep inside her in one go. Jenny did the same on my face as she dropped her wet pussy onto my mouth and I began to eat her out. Jenny was riding my face and cursing obscenities at me telling me to make her cum in my mouth. Mom was riding my now throbbing cock like a cowgirl as she and I were getting close to the edge again.

Mom lay forward and over to Jenny and began sucking on Jenny’s big milky tits and her baby milk filled mom’s mouth and she then swallowed it. As mom let go of Jenny’s tits she began squirting her baby milk all over us making us all pretty sticky. Jenny screamed out for me to tongue and finger more and to finger fuck her harder and faster. Mom also screamed at me wanting me deeper inside her and wanting my cum deep inside her.

“Come on you little mother fucker fuck me and cum inside me” She yelled at me over and over again as we got kızılay escort closer to cumming.

“Oh fuck yes cum inside me I’m cumming.” Mom screamed at me again as she began to orgasm on top of me.

That was all it took and I shot rope and rope of my hot sticky cum deep inside my mom and in turn that set off Jenny into an orgasm and she came in my mouth and all over my face. Before mom said anything I was up and off her and down the hall and into my bedroom and wondering what she was going to do or say to me once she came to her senses. I knew mom wasn’t on the pill and was not protected neither was Jenny. So I waited in my bedroom for mom bursting into my room and hanging me from the ceiling by my balls. Surprisingly though they just showered separately then went into their bedrooms and dressed then went down stairs.

I couldn’t believe that mom didn’t say anything to me about cumming inside her like she told me not to the last time. As for me I just lay there on my bed and nodded off to sleep for the next couple of hours with a smile on my face dreaming of what had just taken place and actually getting to cum in not only Jenny but now also in mom as well. I was woken up a little time later with a warm mouth around my now stiff prick and when I looked down to see who it was sucking me off I found out it was my sister Jenny. She sucked me off until I came down her throat. It was then that she told me to come down stairs and have some lunch.

As we sat there eating our lunch not a word was said about what had happened in the bathroom a little earlier and after having something to eat I went back to bed. Later on that night at dinner you could have cut the tension with a knife. We all sat there thinking out own thoughts only asking for the salt or the sauce to put on our meal. After dinner I went sincan escort out to a friends, Jenny went back home and mom went back to bed after wishing Jenny a safe journey home and watched some television.

For the next two weeks nothing was said about what happened between the three of us in the bathroom that day. We all just got on with our daily life until one day I got a call from mom. I was out with a friend at the time and she told me over my mobile to come home straight away. By the time I got to the front door curiosity was really getting the better of me but I just couldn’t think what it might be that mom wanted me home now for.

“Can you sit down we have some news that affects us all.” My mom said to me as I came in the door in an almost quiet voice standing next to Jenny.

I looked at each of them and then sat down wondering what the hell was going on and wondering why I was told to sit down. Mom and Jenny sat down on the sofa a few feet away from me as I sat on the recliner chair.

“Both Jenny and I have some news for you that is going to change a lot of things around here.” Mom said again a little louder this time.

“Jenny has come home to live as she had a big bust up with her husband.” Mom piped up as Jenny held her head up and looked me in the eye.

“Jenny and I are pregnant.” Was all that mom said next as she and Jenny watched to see my reactions.

“Is that why you and your husband had a fight and you are home again because you’re pregnant?” I asked Jenny as I looked at her then mom then back at first Jenny again.

“You are partly right about that honey.” Mom said again.

“What do you mean by partly right, either it was her husband or me that made Jenny pregnant?” I questioned mom.

“Oh yes it was you who got Jenny pregnant.” Mom answered back.

“Maybe you didn’t hear me right though as I said we are BOTH pregnant.” Mom said again.

It was then that it dawned on me. I had fucked mom without a condom on and now I had got both mom and Jenny pregnant.

All three of us just sat there wondering what to say or do next.

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