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The hottest relationship I had was with a stripper named Natalie, a brunette beauty with a sharp intellect and the most wicked and dirty sense of humour I have ever encountered. She was three years older than my eighteen years, much more experienced and my first female lover. She remains the most beautiful woman I have ever seen – as I write, I look longingly at her photograph and wonder where she is today. I know she has long retired from stripping and that is all. All I have of her are some photos – and unbelievably naughty erotic memories of our time together.

Natalie was a graceful five-nine with an athletic build and beautiful round full breasts, which, unlike many of her co-workers, were natural. She won Miss Nude Australia for a reason and liked to do a Xena Warrior Princess strip act, with fire and spears. She was adventurous, kind of crazy and a lot of fun to be around. We clicked upon meeting and I often regret leaving her for a boyfriend who wanted exclusivity.

In my first year of studying creative writing and journalism at university, I had been spotted by a modelling scout and ended up picking up a lot of sex industry modelling work because of my 8G breast size, relatively short height at five foot five and curves. I was not runway model height or weight; but my looks got me a lot of catalogue and magazine work, not to mention well-paying gigs like representing Penthouse at Sexpo. I looked much like I do now; peaches-and-cream complexion, big blue eyes, long platinum blonde hair and an hourglass figure. I have a bit of an attitude because I am beautiful and I know it.

But I was not prepared for Natalie, who was so forward with her come-on; first commenting on my breasts and then admiring my legs in the obscenely short skirted dress Penthouse had outfitted me in. The music was loud and so was the crowd, I almost thought I had misheard her. I wasn’t used to girls coming on to me and I tingled, curious. I’m often a big mouth so it is rather amusing I was lost for words and nervously stammered something stupid about spilling Coke in my lap on the way there that morning and how I was lucky not to ruin escort the sequins on my silly frou-frou dress. In reply to this, she said slyly, “Next time call me and I will lick it out.”

She gave me her number, winked and left me standing there, stunned and very turned on. I watched her all day as the convention went on, as I stood at the Penthouse stand and worked the huge room. She watched me too and our eyes held each other hotly, shooting electricity. Apart from this, I was obscenely bored and despite chatting to some entertaining sex workers, I couldn’t help but fantasise constantly about Natalie.

After midday, on the main stage, she had her strip show, where she blew me away with her athleticism – but also, her crazy sex appeal. She reminded me of Bettie Page – not just the hair and fashion-sense, but the coy cheekiness and flirtiness, the beauty and comfort in her skin. She reveled in her nudity and I stood in the crowd, hungering after her, just like the others were. During the show, Natalie caught my eye and kept smiling and winking at me, which thrilled me and I felt my pussy swell with moist excitement. I imagined this show was just for me, a prelude to something else. I had never been with a woman before but I was very turned on and intrigued. At the end of my contracted time to Penthouse, I approached her as she stood in her company’s booth area, slightly nervous.

At this time, I was seeing two different men (I never really subscribed to the idea of monogamy) and was very open to seeing what would happen. I told Natalie this and that I would like to see her and she asked me what I was doing now. I had plans, but I shyly said nothing. She told me to get changed out of the ridiculous Penthouse get-up and we’d go out for some fun. She pointed over to a cubicle with a curtain in the corner of her company’s larger booth space. “That is where our girls have been changing for our shows; much more private.”

I grabbed my stuff and went into the small curtained area, barely undoing my zipper when the curtain jerked open and Natalie sneaked in, smirking at me, her brown eyes sparkling. My mouth fell bursa eve gelen escort open, dumbfounded – and I am rarely lost for words – and she laid her red lipsticked mouth onto mine, her hands gently pulling me into her body. She was soft, warm and firm, smelling of freesias and cocoa butter and I tasted her lipstick and mouth as her tongue swirled slowly with mine. My hands found her found her firm ass and lower back, stroking. She used her height and strength advantage to overpower me, pushing me into the one wall, she continued kissing, increasing intensity.

As she pushed into me hard, my knees bent a bit due to a chair placed in the way and this popped my legs open awkwardly and I almost fell over. I grabbed the chair and she paused from this kiss, giggling and putting a hand up my short skirt.

“First thing you tell me upon meeting is about your wet panties and now you’re opening your legs to me after our first kiss.”

I laughed as well and then she silenced me with her hot mouth once more. My breathing was hard as her hand stroked up the soft skin of my thigh and tickled my sensitive inner leg, then my panties. I had planned to see one of my boyfriends so I was wearing nice panties, which was good, and I felt her pull them aside, her finger running teasingly along my labia. I think I whispered “Oh my god” or something else incomprehensible at this point.

I stopped running my hands over her body and grabbed on to her hips and I felt icy little pinpricks of pleasure goosebump all over my skin. My pussy was so wet, begging for touching. Natalie was still kissing me, teasing, slow and her other hand undid the zip of my dress and released one of my breasts, her hand squeezing and working. She hadn’t even touched my pussy and I felt like coming. Her breath and lips on my neck, her finger firmly entered my pussy and lightly touched my clit, stroking gently. I had never been touched like this before and I moaned loudly and Natalie said, amused, “Shhh!”

I wasn’t even aware of the event outside the impromptu changeroom anymore. The loud murmur görükle escort of the crowd and nearby people in the booth were still there, it was just that we were in our own special capsule away from that reality. She kept rubbing, looking into my eyes and kissing my lips lightly and I felt I was close and then she dropped to her knees, pulling down my lacy purple panties. It was unexpected and my legs felt crampy because of the ridiculously high heels Penthouse gave me had numbed my toes and made standing awkward. I almost fell and we giggled as she managed to take my panties down. Then she pulled up my skirt and opened my legs, pushing me back so I sat down onto the chair. She opened my legs wider, looking and said, “You are very pretty,” and it took me a moment to realise she meant I had a pretty pussy and I could feel my blush go down my neck to my chest. She grabbed one of my legs, putting it over her shoulder, grinned at me and started to softly kiss my inner thighs. I bit my lip, hard and tried to not make any sound. My ears rang and the noise outside seemed surreal. My hands clenched the side of the chair for dear life as my body trembled. Was I going to come without her even touching my clit?

Then suddenly, the curtain moved a bit and Natalie jerked to attention as a blonde head popped around. The eyes widened as they took in what was going on. “I’m in here, Fiona,” Natalie said matter-of-factly and the girl, who was beautiful, smiled in amazement, staring at me, my wide open legs and bare wet pussy and apologised, disappearing from view. The curtain closed, Natalie resumed her kissing and then moved to my pussy, running her tongue up and down the slit, touching everything but my clit. I squirmed and put my hands in her glossy long brown hair, watching her, on the edge, breathless. Then she inserted a finger into my pussy, hooking it into my G-spot and planted her tongue hard onto my clit, circling, and I couldn’t hold back my cries of pleasure as I came, harder than ever before. Afterwards, as I lay limply on the chair stunned, she crawled up and kissed me gently, her hands in my hair. We were quiet for a bit and then she asked if I still wanted to go out with her. I agreed. “Well,” she said, looking at my bag on the floor. “You’d better get dressed then. And there’s some boys coming too.”

Seeing my reaction, she added cheekily, “Don’t worry, I won’t let them touch you – unless you want them to!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32