Nasty Stacy: The Morning After

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Stacy gingerly opened her eyes and blinked slowly for a few long moments as she tried to get her bearings. As she focused her blurry vision, she was greeted by dirty windowless walls which had been red a long time ago, and now were a dusty grey. Then she realized she was naked. And wet. As her senses returned one by one her nostrils were assailed by a host of filthy smells. Cum….piss….puke….alcohol… she knew all the smells. How many times had she woken up in a similar state? The venues kept changing but the aftermaths were simply variations of this. Rolling over onto her back she realized she was literally caked with dried semen mixed with all the piss and muck on the filthy stained mattress below her. She smelt like a loo that hadn’t been flushed in a year. Her body was stiff and sore like it usually was after one of these escapades and she closed her eyes once again letting all the memories of the night before come flooding back.

Stacy hadn’t always been this way. Three years ago at eighteen she was one of the more timid students in her class and a virgin who had only barely gone first base a couple of times. Coming from a very conservative church going family, sex as a topic was taboo and consequently she hung out with the more conservative sections of teen society. Then she went to university!

There she was introduced to the world of frat parties; drink till you drop games, hostel room orgies and internet porn. At first she stayed clear of such situations but gradually her curiosity got the better of her. Her catholic upbringing could only resist so much temptation not to mention the unnerving tingles that often shot through her ample breasts and vagina. So towards the end of first semester she lost her much prized virginity. And then there was no turning back. Soon after, a girlfriend showed her lesbian porn and the two of them didn’t sleep all night. Another showed her a group sex video and she spent a weekend with five other boys and girls at a cabin in the mountains. By the end of semester two she was possibly the university’s biggest slut and she loved every minute of it.

Quite by accident, she discovered another side to her craving for sex. One Friday night having gotten soundly fucked in an alley behind a bar by two seniors on the football team, she made the fatal mistake of walking back to her hostel. Drunk and high on sex and tequila, she had taken a shortcut through a park behind the hostel dorms and had soon found herself surrounded by four ugly stinking hobos with yellowish-black teeth. The gleam in their eyes had clearly pointed to their intentions and for the first time in her life she had been afraid. And inexplicably, she had also been more aroused than she had ever been in her life. Five minutes later her clothes had been ripped off her and after being dragged to one of the benches nearby they had begun to brutally rape her.

Only it didn’t feel like rape. Stacy had been turned on beyond description and even as one of the hobo’s had started a rhythmic fucking of her dripping pussy she had actually started to urge them on to abuse her as much as they wanted. The four hobos obviously had not been able to believe their luck and proceeded to royally fuck the horny blonde bombshell they had stumbled upon. However she had turned out to be more depraved than their wildest fantasies. That night she utterly abandoned herself to uninhibited sexual gratification firmly sealing her future as nasty kinky slut.

Within minutes she had encouraged them to stuff all her holes and in a moment of erotic madness had suggested that the remaining hobo invade her already stuffed cunt. The would-be rapists had been speechless for a minute and then grinned from ear to ear. It had hurt like hell and then she had loved it. She had never experienced such a feeling of being stuffed and stretched and the pain had only spurred her to attain new orgasmic heights. Then one of them had pissed on her which had shocked her at first. But by the time he was done she was greedily sucking the piss out of his thick pulsing cock. Then the ugliest of the lot had grabbed her blonde locks and shoved her face between the crack of his filthy hairy ass. She had almost gagged and vomited then from the stench and thought of having a dirty asshole grinding against her nose. But by that time she had been so far gone in her depravity that overcoming her initial revulsion she was soon striving to shove her hungry little tongue as far up their dirty shit-holes as she could. At that point their jaws had nearly dropped in disbelief since they had never heard escort fındıkzade of let alone seen someone who could be so utterly depraved. They had fucked and abused the big titted, nineteen year old blonde till almost dawn and then run off fearing recriminations, leaving her lying nude on the ground surrounded by ripped clothes, stinking filthy but supremely satisfied.

Thus was born Nasty Stacy. And the nastier things got the better. She began hanging out in all sorts of places where any normal woman wouldn’t dare go in search of new levels of depravity. The thrill and danger was enough to get her dripping. This was why she now found herself waking up in a seedy alleyway at a truckers stop miles out of the city.

Standing up she realized that her clothes were ruined beyond repair. Luckily, she had parked her car in a spot which she could reach without attracting too much attention. Though she perennially craved sexual attention, getting arrested was not something she wished to try out. Not that there were too many people about being this early in the morning. Before that though she decided she needed too wash up, so she walked into the deserted carwash and began hosing herself down. Stacy was so intent on her impromptu bath that she didn’t hear the motorbikes till four Harleys rumbled into the carwash. Surrounding her they revved their engines for a while and then approached her on foot.

Stacy had been so taken aback that she didn’t realize that they were all women till they took their helmets off. All of a sudden she found herself standing wet and nude between a brunette, two blondes and a redhead whose hair was so red it had to be a dye. The redhead who seemed to be the leader of the bunch smirked at her and said,

“So you the skanky bitch from last night?”

Word had obviously spread very fast. Stacy didn’t respond unsure of what to say exactly. Even a sex-crazed slut like her had some limits and she wasn’t sure whether her body could take any sex for at least another twenty hours.

“Cat got your tongue slut. No matter. You’ll be screaming your guts out soon enough.”

So saying she unzipped her leather jacket revealing an enormous set of perfectly toned tits. She was followed by the other three who revealed similarly large and toned boobs. They were obviously into serious bodybuilding as they were four of the most muscular women she had ever laid eyes on. This time I’m really going to be raped. By a bunch of women! Stacy thought to herself. And just then her pussy began to tingle. Shocked at the unbelievable levels of punishment that her body was willing to take in order to satiate itself, her eyes grew wide in amazement. Seeing her expression and mistaking it for fear the four women grinned and the redhead grabbed her hair and mashed Stacy’s face down onto her humungous right tit.

“Suck bitch!”

Stacy was already dripping and she started sucking as if her life depended on it. Abruptly she was yanked back.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you? Good we gonna have ourselves some fun.”

So saying they dragged her to one of the trailers behind the carwash. These women obviously came here quite often for it had some basic furniture and all sorts of sex toys. The bikers divested themselves of their clothing revealing heavily muscled taut bodies that were inexplicably turning on Stacy and bringing her back to a state of arousal. The redhead sat on a sofa and spread her legs while one of the blondes grabbed her hair and forcing her down onto her knees shoved her face onto the redhead’s shaved pussy. At the same time her hands were handcuffed behind her. The smells from the redhead’s pussy were really having an effect on Stacy and soon the blonde stopped pushing her head case she was doing more on her own. Very soon Stacy had the redhead squirming and gyrating her pussy as she licked, sucked and thrust with gusto.

“Unngh….thats it……suck my clit slut…..make me cum you fucking whore”

The brunette meanwhile had begun sucking on the redhead’s massive tits and was squeezing and pulling on her nipples driving the redhead closer and closer to her orgasm.

“Ohhhh…..yeah…….fuckkkk……I’m cumming” the redhead suddenly grabbed Stacy by the hair and jammed her face hard onto her pussy forcing the orgasm and spraying Stacy’s half buried face with fuck-juice in the process.

Catching her breath she looked down at the kneeling blonde and smiled in satisfaction. Looking behind her to the two blonde bikers who were currently sixty-nining each other on the floor, escort topkapı she said,

“Ladies we got ourselves a real cum-loving bitch here. And bitches need to be on a leash don’t they?”

Grinning evilly the two blondes detached themselves and pulled something out of a drawer next to the sofa. It was a studded dog collar, with the word ‘BITCH’ printed at the back. Stacy had never been into the whole bondage/gothic scene but now felt her insatiable pussy tingle at the thought of being leashed and becoming the bikers personal fuck-slut. She allowed the blonde to wrap the collar around her neck and fasten it to a steel leash and even had a proud look on her face.

“There that’s more like it. Now you look like the proper bitch that you are. And you know what happens to bitches darling? They get raped hollow.”

Stacy then noticed the two blondes had strapped on two enormous dildos. These were truly enormous. At least the size of the bartender’s monster cock the night before. Both were black and looked virtually real with thick veins embedded into the dildos. Stacy almost had an orgasm just looking at the two dangling monstrosities. One of the blonde’s then lay down on the floor while the brunette effortlessly picked her up and without any warning dropped her down onto the monster dildo. Stacy screamed in agony from the brutal invasion of her pussy which was so intense that tears welled up in her eyes. Stacy tried to hold still for a few moments to let her sore cunt recover from the shock but the blonde was having none of it and slapped her hard on her face in impatience.

“Move your ass bitch…..fuck that cock……ride it you piece of shit.” So saying she slapped her a few more times

The redhead meanwhile sat on the sofa before her and started rubbing her clit and mauling her own breast, obviously enjoying every moment of Stacy’s pain and degradation. As the dildo sticking all the way up her fanny began to settle the pain was quickly replaced by gratification. Stacy began gyrating her hips back and forth and then up and down willingly impaling herself onto the huge dildo. The black dildo was soon shining with pussy juices leaking out of Stacy’s well stretched pussy. The dildo was obviously designed to pleasure both parties because very soon the blonde beneath her began to moan in pleasure as well and her breathing grew more laborious. Just as Stacy was working her way to another massive orgasm, she felt something poking her asshole and instantly remembered the other blonde. Seconds later, she was pushed forward and the other dildo was thrust into her butt-hole causing her to yell out once more.

This time however the pain quickly mingled with intense pleasure because she had already been so near an orgasm when her anus was plugged. Very soon she developed a rhythm that let her be impaled by both dildos. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so stretched and in the back of her mind wondered if her pussy and butt-hole would survive this rampant fucking. But the more debauched side of her mind quickly pushed out such thoughts and she actually wanted to stretched and hurt like never before. The monster cocks were hitting parts within her that she didn’t knew existed and she was soon yelling out in crazed lust, egging them on to plug her even harder.

“Ohhhhhh FUCKKK……. fuck meeeeeeee…… rape me you lesbian bitches……. tear my ass apart……. Uuuunghhh…….. yeah….yeah…… Yeaaahhhhhhh!”

The already sadistic bikers grew even more brutal in their fucking, especially the one fucking her anal passage and within minutes Stacy found herself in the throes of an earth-shattering orgasm. The two blondes weren’t far behind and before her own orgasm had fully subsided she felt the two muscular bodies sandwiching her, clench and shudder as they both experienced loud orgasms as well. Her own shrieks of pleasure merged with the blonde’s guttural growls of sexual release reverberated off the walls for many long moments before all three collapsed in exhaustion.

As the two dildos were roughly pulled out of her cunt and butt, Stacy witnessed another animalistic session of fucking before her. The brunette was down on her hands and knees on the floor and the redhead was furiously pummeling a beer bottle into her ass. There had evidently a lot of beer in the bottle because it was frothing and spilling out of her asshole all around the pistoning bottle. The brunette too seemed to be fond of large anal intrusions for she had her eyes closed and a look of extreme satisfaction on her escort mecidiyeköy face. Soon she let out a loud howl of pleasure and came so hard that Stacy saw drops of cum squirt out onto her inner thigh.

But the nymphomaniac was so memerised that she didn’t notice the blondes creep up on her till they dragged by her leash and made her lie flat beneath the dripping brunette’s crotch. The redhead looked down at her and rasped out,

“Now you depraved cum-slut, you are going to clean out her asshole. Every last drop.”

If the redhead expected fear or resistance she was totally disappointed. Stacy pulled the girls ass onto her face with her own hands and began licking and sucking her shaved ass-crack. The brunette had been holding everything inside her till then and suddenly let loose. Stacy face was deluged in beer and shit but she tried to gobble up all the filth that had just come out of the brunette’s asshole as if it were some sort of elixir. She probed and sucked and stuck her tongue as deep into the frothy asshole as she could and soon the brunette was cumming once more releasing more fuck-juice onto Stacy’s eagerly waiting face. As the brunette staggered off her, one two then three streams of piss hit her at various parts of her body soaking her from head to toe in the foul smelling liquid. Stacy only smiled up at the three women and rubbed the urine all over herself squirming on the ground and even tried to catch as much of it as she could in her mind. Even the redhead had a look of disbelief after her latest exploit.

“You’ve been a good bitch lady. The nastiest fucking whore I have ever raped so we are going to let you go……After you suck me clean of course.”

So saying the redhead promptly sat down onto her dirty wet face. Stacy licked and sucked lost in her own world of perverted sexual ecstasy while at the same time trying not be smothered by the biker’s huge muscled ass and thighs. She felts hands groping her big boobs and enjoyed the sensation as something cool like alcohol was poured onto her nipples. Simultaneously she felt a tongue lapping at her own cunt and could barely contain her body as shivers of pleasure ran through her. Suddenly she felt her nipples being pulled and yelled out in agony as felt hot pain in both her nipples at once. Squashed by the redhead her yells came out as muffled gasps to which the leering sadistic woman said,

“Just a gift from us to you. In appreciation of your efforts today. Now continue sucking slut.”

Her nipples were still on fire but the smells of the cunt in her face and expert tongue in her pussy soon overwhelmed the pain and very soon she was bucking in sexual bliss. Her orgasm hit her moments after the redhead grunted and squirted cum from her pussy directly into Stacy’s tongue. She was still enjoying the afterglow of her latest orgasm when her leash was roughly yanked and she was dragged to the door and bodily shoved out of the house.

“So long slut. Now get your nasty ass outta here.”

Stacy lay on the ground with dirt from the ground clinging to her naked wet body once more trying to get her bearings. Then she noticed the rings. Two large silver hoops were dangling from her puffed up nipples. Stacy for some reason had always stayed away from piercing and was quite traumatized to discover that her nipples had been pierced while she was eating out the redhead and decided that she really needed to get to her car now. She was quite sure she wouldn’t survive another such episode. Recovering her car-keys from beneath a stone where she had hidden it the night before Stacy sped away from the trucker’s stop.

Back on the highway, she remembered that the dog-collar was still around her neck and was just about to remove it when she strangely felt the urge to keep it on. This experience if nothing else had finally proven beyond a shadow of doubt that she liked submission. She craved abuse and humiliation and enjoyed being somebody’s bitch. This was her calling in life and she decided there and then that all pretenses of a normal life would have to be done away with. She giggled to herself as she wondered what her conservative parents would think about her life altering decision. She stared down at the hoops piercing her nipples and decided she would keep them too. They actually were quite sexy. Almost unconsciously she began stroking her pierced nipples and soon was feeling the all too familiar tinglings in her pussy. A truck honked beside her and she turned to see a wide-eyed truckie staring at her blatant nakedness. Smiling up at him she stuck her chest out provocatively and grasping her left tit and brought her erect nipple to her mouth causing his eyes to nearly pop out. As she licked her own nipples, she imagined the guy jerking off frantically and wondered what item in her wardrobe would go well with her new dog collar.

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