Naked Thirst Ch. 04

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Samantha went out to dinner that night. The fast food wasn’t nearly as good as what she was already growing accustomed to, but she was too embarrassed to face everyone after spying on them all afternoon. She did some shopping and got home a little after dark, using her private entrance. Work started the next day, and Sam vowed to do her job and mind her own business. Her resolve, however, lasted just long enough for her to put away the few things she’d purchased and turn off the main light. A muffled splash drew her to the window. Rich was swimming laps in the pool, and he wasn’t wearing a suit.

Samantha watched the sleek, muscular form cut through the water, illuminated from below by the pool lights. She found her hand drifting again. She wasn’t ready to be a nudist, but being around them certainly had her arousal on overdrive. Despite her determination, by the time he had finished his workout Samantha was deeply into her own. Her shorts were around her ankles, and she was rubbing furiously at her moistened clit. When Rich finally stepped out of the pool to grab his towel the sight of his wet, muscular body and his well-endowed manhood, nearly sent her over the edge. He dried off and headed into the house. When he was out of sight, Samantha stripped down and got into her bed. She picked up where she’d left off, imagining herself down on the pool deck, her legs spread wide as Rich explored her every secret inch, first with his camera, then with hands and then with his cock. She climaxed her way into a deep and satisfied sleep.

The next morning, Samantha felt awkward once again about joining everyone after her spate of voyeurism, but it was her first day of work and Angela had said she wanted to spend the morning training her before clients started to arrive. What to wear was a dilemma. She thought about putting on work clothes. Angela had said to aim for business casual, but she was afraid of being overdressed. Briefly, she thought about going down in what she wore to bed, nothing. The fleeting idea was obviously a flight of her hormone-addled brain. In the end, she opted for her usual t-shirt and shorts.

Angela and Rich were already seated for breakfast by the time she came down, and, she was surprised to see, so was the model from the day before. Sam was glad she hadn’t worn office clothes. Rich matched her in khaki shorts and a tee, and Keiko dazzled in a light summer dress as she breezed in and out of the kitchen. Angela was in a semi-sheer white robe and the other woman wore a blue cover-up similar to the one Angela had worn the day before. Neither was wearing anything else.

Rich introduced his model as Iveta from Latvia, and while her English was only passable, she charmed Samantha with warmth and friendliness. Rich said that Iveta was in town for one more day and they planned to do some location shooting.

“You are model, too?” Iveta asked Sam after washing down a bite of strawberry crepe with milk.

Sam was surprised by the question and even felt herself flush at the thought that this woman had guessed her fantasy. “No, I’m just starting as Angela’s secretary.”

Iveta gave her an appraising look. “You should model for Rich. You are very beautiful and he is gifted photographer.”

Samantha blushed harder. “I don’t think I’m cut out for that.”

Rich chimed in. “You should listed to Iveta; she has a good eye. I’d love to do some head shots for you some time.”

“Oh, no.” Angela said smiling, but in a serious tone. “I saw her first. You have plenty of models, and I need help in the office.”

Samantha wasn’t sure whether to be disappointed or relieved when Rich conceded the point to his wife. Truthfully, she felt a little of both. Fantasy and reality seemed to be coming closer together, quickly.

* * *

The week flew by for Samantha. As promised, the job wasn’t difficult, although Sam did need time to familiarize herself with the way Angela ran her office. Dr. Meister wasn’t a demanding boss, but she was precise and meticulous and wanted Escort Bayan things done her way. Samantha didn’t mind; she knew she had to be on top of things to run her own business successfully. Sam also prided herself on her ability to focus and organize, so she and Angela worked well together from the first. She was even getting used to Angela’s barely-there morning outfits, although she kept up the habit of getting dressed for breakfast and then changing for the afternoon when clients came. At least Keiko had shown her where she could do her laundry.

She talked to Beth a couple of times during the week, confirming that, yes, there was some skinny dipping, but no, she hadn’t joined in. She told her about meeting Rich’s model and about Angela’s breakfast attire, but left out Rich’s comment about Samantha’s modeling prospects. Beth could tell she was holding back, but gave up when it was clear her friend wasn’t going to spill anything juicy. She talked to her parents as well, reassuring them that she liked the job and that she hadn’t been abducted by sex maniacs. Of course, she told them far less than she’d told Beth.

Angela didn’t see clients on Fridays, and Samantha had already gotten in more than her twenty hours training in the morning and spending afternoons in the office. This allowed Sam to make plans to spend the day with Beth.

“If you make it back for dinner tonight, you can try some of Keiko’s ice cream, it’s a real treat.” Angela said over breakfast on Friday. She was wearing her most revealing outfit yet, a long white mesh shirt, with a plunging neckline, that hid absolutely nothing. “She’s making it for Arden; he’s coming home today.”

Angela’s and Rich’s son Arden had spent most of the last month exploring Europe, and was only going to spend about a week at home before going back to school. Samantha was curious to meet him.

“I’ll try to make it,” she said. She and Beth planned to spend the day at Venice beach, sunning, shopping and people watching, but dinner wasn’t until 7:30 and she thought she would be ready to come back by then. Beth was fun but exhausting company. After a full day she’d be ready for a break.

When they met, Beth was full of questions as usual, even more so when she found out that Samantha was going to meet the mysterious Arden. “Is he cute?”

“I don’t know,” Sam said, irritably. They were going through a sidewalk rack of tie-died summer dresses at a little shop just off the beach. “Like I said, I’ve never met him.”

“Yeah, but there must be pictures of him around the house,” Beth insisted.

There were many, in fact. Both childhood pictures and ones she assumed were more recent, including one of a tall, tanned young man playing beach volleyball. He had shoulder-length blonde hair, and in the picture was spiking the ball over the net with long, lean muscles on prominent display. “Yeah, he’s cute, I guess.” Samantha answered, grudgingly. “But he’s not my type. He looks like a typical air-headed surfer dude. And he’s probably got a spoiled rich kid attitude, too.”

“Well,” said Beth, holding a gauzy blue dress up to her chest, “You certainly have strong opinions of someone you’ve never met. I wonder what the good doctor would say about that?”

Samantha gave her friend an irritated look and put thoughts of the handsome, but clearly unsuitable, young man out of her head. “I think that dress will look cute on you, try it on.”

Beth kept smirking, but let the subject drop.

After a good walk in the sunshine, an unhealthy Mexican lunch, and some tales of Beth and Garret’s recent argument over sharing a razor, Samantha had reached her fill of Beth-time, and said goodbye to her friend with exhausted affection. She promised to tell her all about Arden as soon as she got the chance.

She made it back to her wonderful little apartment just in time to shower off the sand and sunscreen, change, and join everyone at dinner. Hoping she’d return on time, Angela had had Keiko set her a place. Sam Bayan Escort was both pleased and embarrassed: was her curiosity about Arden obvious? Or was it just more welcoming kindness?

Angela was wearing another sheer cover-up, and Sam suspected it was the first thing she’d worn since Samantha left. Rich was wearing his usual shorts and t-shirt, though she noticed he was barefoot. On the opposite side of the table, a young man rose to greet her.

“I’m Arden.” He reached out a hand. “You must be Samantha. My folks have been talking about you.”

“All good, I hope.” Arden’s hand was warm and his handshake firm. She was trying not to ogle him in his baggy shorts and blue tank with arm holes open nearly to his waist. He showed off a wide chest with smooth, tanned skin. He had a dazzling, white smile and had clearly gotten the best of his parent’s features: boyish dimples above a strong jaw and bright blue eyes from his father, and a high, straight nose and small, square chin from his mother. Samantha flushed a little and almost forgot to let go of his hand.

“They’ve had nothing but good things to say. Dad wants you to model but mom insists she has better uses for you.”

Samantha glanced at Rich and Angela in turn, feeling exposed and self-conscious, but she laughed it off with effort and sat down. She was further relieved of having to reply by Keiko coming in with the first course, a chilled seaweed soup. Samantha found it strange, but not unpleasant. Nigiri came next, and Sam realized she was having her first traditional Japanese meal. She also noticed the sly looks and shy smiles that Arden gave Keiko, and that she gave right back. Samantha felt an unexpected pang of jealousy, though she wasn’t sure exactly who or what she was jealous of.

Arden entertained everyone through dinner with tales of his European adventures. His itinerary seemed to be a list of notorious party destinations – Barcelona, Ibiza, Prague, Amsterdam, Mykonos, St. Tropez and some place called Cap d’Agde, that the family apparently visited regularly. Samantha couldn’t imagine her parents laughing and nodding with approval if she’d told them she’d never even seen her hotel room for the three days she’d been in Ibiza. But then, she couldn’t imagine eating dinner with her mother wearing nothing but some see-through cloth.

By the end of dinner, Sam was convinced that Arden was the party-boy she thought he’d be. Strangely, she liked him, anyway. He was worldly for a nineteen year-old and managed to make his stories interesting and funny without bragging. He paused several times to ask Samantha about places she’d been and things she’d done. And when it was clear it was a short list, he didn’t make her feel bad about it. Instead, he said things like “You’d love the sunsets off Mykonos” and “I’d love to show you around St. Tropez.” By the time desert arrived, she was thoroughly charmed.

The much anticipated ice cream was mango flavored. It had a light, sorbet-like quality that Samantha found tasty, though she wasn’t sure why the family made so much fuss over it. It was delicious, but then so was everything that Keiko made.

After dinner, Angela suggested that they have drinks by the pool. Samantha almost backed out, but Arden coaxed her with a smile. She was afraid everyone would strip off once outside, but instead Rich lit the patio fire pit and they all sat around it. Samantha hadn’t been out by the pool yet, only seen it through windows, so she hadn’t noticed the wet bar next to the house. Rich started mixing drinks while Arden talked to her about UCLA, and they actually found quite a lot to talk about. Keiko joined them a little later. She asked Arden a few questions about his trip, but mostly let Samantha have his attention.

By the time Keiko said she was going to bed, Sam’s head was spinning from the rich White Russians Rich had been giving her to drink. Arden excused himself a few minutes later, pleading jet lag. Samantha made small talk with Angela and Rich for a Escort bit, but the way they were cuddling together suggested they were ready to be alone.

Samantha said good night, slipped back into the house, and made her way upstairs. Her head spun as she climbed, and she had to hang onto the rail. At the top of the stairs, the entertainment room was dark. She paused to let her eyes adjust and for the floor to stop tilting. The door to her apartment was to the right, but sounds from the other direction drew her attention. There was light coming from the short hall that led to Keiko and Arden’s rooms.

Samantha’s feet seemed to have a mind of their own as she turned away from her door and toward the wet slurps and quiet moans. The sound of her footsteps on the hardwood floor seemed loud in the relative quiet, so she slipped off her sandals before she crept closer. The light was coming from Keiko’s room, the door half open. She slid nearer and soon had a clear view of Keiko’s bed, and the people on it.

Keiko had her naked back to Samantha, kneeling on her bed. She was clutching someone to her chest. His face was hidden but the blonde hair could only be Arden’s. Samantha felt a wash of adrenalin in her belly that quickly turned into a flare of heat between her legs. She knew she should go. It was dark in the hall, but if Arden looked up or Keiko turned around, they would certainly see her. Despite the risk and the wrongness of spying, arousal kept her rooted to the spot. She gazed in drunken fascination as Arden lavished attention on Keiko’s breasts, eliciting the quiet moans of pleasure that had drawn her attention in the first place.

Samantha inched forward and pressed against the wall, trying to stay in the shadows. She was tempted to put her hand in her shorts, but couldn’t find the courage. A thrill of fear spiked through her as the couple shifted positions, but they were too intent on each other to look her way. Keiko rose to her knees and spread her legs while Arden stretched out beneath her. Sam couldn’t resist rubbing herself over her clothes as she watched Keiko reach down to guide Arden’s lovely, smooth cock into her pussy. The lovers each let out a groan of pleasure as the beautiful raven-haired woman lowered herself onto the younger man’s rigid shaft. Samantha was mildly surprised to see Keiko on top, but she looked at home there. Clearly, there was more to the quiet chef than she had imagined.

Keiko leaned forward onto her hands and began rocking her body in a steady rhythm as Arden pumped his hips to meet her. Samantha pressed harder at the fabric over her slit as she watched Keiko’s perfect, rounded ass jiggle with each impact of sex on sex. She loved the contrasts in their bodies, with Keiko’s soft curves and flawless golden skin against Arden’s harder lines and lighter tones. She thrilled at the sounds of their lovemaking – the wet slaps, the gasps and moans along with occasional slurps as Arden broke his pace to lift his head and suck on one and then the other of Keiko’s full breasts.

Samantha was wishing she could shed her shorts and spread her legs when the couple on the bed shifted positions again. Arden sat up, pulling Keiko’s hips tight against his own, and then, before Samantha quite realized what was happening, he lowered Keiko to the foot of the bed and shifted himself so he could piston into her from on top.

Her heart was in her throat and she almost bolted. She was standing not more than ten feet from the end of the bed and Arden was facing her. He only had eyes for Keiko, however. She followed his eyes as he gazed at the lovely Japanese woman’s face and then shifted to her heaving breasts. Sam noticed how they glistened in the light from the bedside lamp. At first she thought it was saliva from Arden’s suckling, but then she saw tiny fountains spurting from Keiko’s thick, brown nipples every time Arden slammed into her. Fountains of pale, blue-white liquid that pooled and spilled down the sides of her full, fleshy mounds in thin rivulets. Arden lowered his lips to one of her breasts and sucked hard, prompting a stronger spray from the other. Samantha’s hand stilled as she stared in confused fascination. She kept staring until Arden looked up and met her gaze, Keiko’s milk dripping from his chin.

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