Naive Encounters

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Not long ago, I was in a business training conference. Sabra, a very slim, mildly pretty brunette with a round face, big brown eyes behind big black glasses, was reclusive and shy. She showed an odd conflict of naive vs. longing that seemed out of place for a mid 30 years old woman. For some unknown reason, she was constantly drawn to me, crossed my path and finally, boldly introduced herself. Why was she clinging to me so much? I was not attracted to her at all. Our department was a competitive group, yet we all cheered a woman who got a patent and received her first royalty check for $14. Someone copied the check and taped it to the corner of a wall with two others. Sabra took my hand and raised it in a cheer for the woman. She held and squeezed it, not too subtly.

When I looked down into her dreamy, sexy eyes, she silently looked up with a pleading yearning and leaned against my shoulder. While still clinging to my hand, I bent and lightly kissed her lips. That small kiss made her tremble and groan softly. She slowly opened her eyes and whispered breathlessly, “Let’s go back to my room. I can’t wait to suck some cock and fuck.” Who can turn down such a conflicted yet tender, heartfelt invitation? When we got there, she clumsily and desperately attacked me and said, “Let’s shower first.” She seemed to be forcing herself to be ‘willing’. I checked the time and we had 30 minutes til the next group session – more than enough time for a quick suck and fuck in the shower.

Sabra let slip that she’d never shared a shower with anyone. I pulled her against me and kissed her deeply, but she kept her teeth clenched. She pulled back and seemed unsure what to do. When I licked her lips and my tongue fought past her teeth, she lurched away. “Sorry. I’ve never done that either. In fact, I haven’t done much. I DID let a boy feel my tiny tits under my training bra and I felt him get hard when I touched his pants. That’s umm, about as far…”

“So, you’re not just a virgin, you’re …. We don’t have enough time to ummm… I don’t want to just pop your cherry, even if that’s all you want. You’ll remember your first time the rest of your life, so I want it to count… to BE memorable for you. We all have baggage and secrets, but this must have been hard for you to carry for so long. If we can skip the next training session…”

“Oh, I wish we could. This is the only session I really wanted to attend. Can we explore deeper after the session? I hope I can still concentrate on it.” She laughed.

“We still have 30 minutes to introduce ourselves more intimately. I know I can teach you a LOT and at least explain the most Anadolu Yakası Escort common acts of the bases and overlap that with international kissing tips. I don’t think that’s enough time to get to the benefits of third base, but let’s try! How could such a desirable woman still be sooooo pure in her 30s?”

“My parents are Canadian and conservative Turkish. I grew up next to an Amish community and we were inspired by their orthodox lives. Dating and sex were not part of our lives. I think it’s time I learned what I’ve been missing. What the heck is international kissing?”

“Ha! You’ll love this! If you ever played ‘Post Office’, usually with a spinning bottle to find the winner among a group, the kiss you gave or got can be considered ‘Canadian kissing’. Usually that’s light or firm kissing on the lips or less erotic areas. It’s a lot like this.” Trying not to stare at the clock, I touched her neck and slid up to her ear. After lightly fondling it, I put both hands behind her head and pulled her slowly to me. I want this, her first time, to be a treasured memory she will revisit often. Our noses touched, our lips opened and I pulled away teasingly. I felt her anxiously suck in the air between our faces. While looking in her naive eyes, I gently bruised our lips. After the shortest delay, I kissed and sucked her upper lip. She moaned deliciously and her knees trembled. Despite keeping my tongue in check, the kiss was intense.

After a few moments, I broke the kiss, knowing and anxious for the next steps. ” ‘American Pony Express’ is the next stop on our world trip. Its reward is often shared in a closet or closed space near the group so they could listen or observe. It’s just like ‘Post Office’ but with more horsing around. It may or may not include tongue and groping. We need not hide in a closet. Let me demonstrate.” I pulled her body against mine and licked her upper lip so my tongue caressed her gum and slid along her teeth. She groaned again with pleasure. As we kissed with the occasional lick, my left arm held her negligible chest against me while my right hand dropped past her lower back. She tensed slightly when I followed the curves over her pert and firm ass cheeks.

She managed to moan, “Whhhhat are you dooooing?” Yet she returned my heated kisses before I answered.

“I’m just horsing around a little.” I squeezed my thigh between her thighs and pressed her mons firmly against it. She licked my lip as I firmly palmed her tempting little bubble ass. As I lifted one cheek, I pulled it away from the other, all above her clothes. Visualizing how I made her puckered hole stretch must have worked since she groaned even deeper. When I pushed her cheeks together, I also pushed her firmly onto my thigh. Using her ass, I guided her groin across my tensed thigh. I could feel her firm clit and knew when it bruised my thigh by her abrupt tensing and sharp gasps.

Without breaking the pattern, I added, “Then there’s ‘French’ kissing where tongue is mandatory, groping is expected. You’ll have to unclench your teeth. Trust me. Let’s quickly tour France. Your agile tongue lives in Paris.” My hands tweaked her tiny tits and butt as I assigned appropriate towns to them. “Your titons are Cosne et Loire. Hmmm, your cul is Limoges and your last, moist spot is Montpellier.” I boldly reached under her conservative, knee-length, grey skirt and stroked her panty clad mound. “I hope there’s time to visit all your exotic places.”

She lurched at my contacts, but recovered very quickly. “And where do my toes live? I can’t remember U.S. geography, nonetheless France’s.”

“A test? While I’m making slow, delicious love to you, you want to test me? OK, let’s see. Your toes are in… Perpignan et Marseilles, but in a little while I’ll move them to Biarritz on the South West coast and Nice near the South East coast. We’re nearly out of time if you still REALLY want to get to that session.”

“Ohhh, God! I do, but we still have five more minutes…”

“Exactly! And finally on our tour, there’s the ‘Australian’ kiss. It’s exactly like French kissing, but done down Under.” I slid both hands down and over her barely B-cups, nearly ignoring them, then over her hips prior to sinking to my knees before her. Her expression was concerned, yet excited. When I wrapped my hands around her ankles and started sliding them up, past her knees, her eyes bulged and her mouth dropped open. While caressing her thin thighs, I spread my elbows which lifted her skirt as I climbed higher. When I reached beyond the muscular swell at the top of her soft legs, I revealed her grey bikini panty. I moved my hands around to cup her ass cheeks and hold her skirt above her waist. “OK. Now YOU hold your hem up at your navel. Let me see your damp panty.” She grunted softly and pulled the skirt higher. I slipped my hands under her panty in the rear and cupped her silky, bare ass while pulling it up. Staying under the soft panty, I moved to the front and again pulled UP. As I hoped, the wet spot rapidly grew bigger and helped define her swelling camel toe.

She watched as I smoothed her panty and caressed her mound. I followed her obvious outer lips around her engorged clit to the bottom gap. My thumb gently split her plump toe until it diverted around her anxious clit. She moaned. As I latched onto the frilly waist of her panty I said, “We’re running out of time, so let’s visit ‘down under’ now.” I pulled the rear waistline over her ass first and watched her wet spot continue to swell. With not much time left to tease, I folded her waistline down and exposed her trimmed, but not styled, brown pubes to, then quickly past her slit. When she felt the cool air across her exposed labia, she hissed. I pressed my nose against her panty and pussy at once and savored the sweet, lusty aroma of her arousal. As she watched in awe, I sucked her delicious pussy drippings from her gusset. After slipping her panty to her ankles and off, I pocketed it for later and nudged her knees apart.

Her clenched, naked labia opened for me and assumed the beautiful, classic monk’s hood shape. Her pink inner lips swelled as I touched them and combed her hair away. Her firm, pearly clit pushed out farther from her hood and I lightly, barely touched it with my tongue tip. She shivered intensely and moaned. I wet my lips and pressed them on her lips. As I licked and sucked the luscious elixir from the trough between her major and minor lips, she yelped and shuddered and our deadline passed. After I opened her lips with my fingers and released more of her intoxicating aroma, I licked inside her inner lips. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! She made me dizzy.

I slipped a finger inside her love box and gently sucked her clit. She screamed and her limbs quaked. I caught her as she fell and laid her down. Her tremors began to slow, until I returned to her steamy snatch. Just before she calmed down, I pushed two fingers inside her and licked up her fresh supply of nectar.

When I exposed and sucked her clit again, she shook violently in her third huge orgasm in five minutes. Just as she calmed, I attacked her clit again. With two fingers exploring her warm, velvety box, I added a finger tip rubbing her back hole.

She was already climbing to another enormous climax when I pushed my finger fully into her anus and twisted it. She gasped in surprise and quickly settled onto it. Her shifting hips struggled with deciding which hole to favor. Before she finally chose, she screamed and shook violently in her fourth tremendous orgasm. She struggled to catch her breath as I stood above her and watched her beautiful throbbing clit and crimson pussy. “Sabra, we’re already ten minutes late. Do you still want to go to the seminar?”

“Ohhhh Godddddddddd.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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