Mystery Hands

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You could hear the thumping of the bass just driving by the club. It was my night out, a night to lose myself in the music and sweat some frustrations out of me. I parked the car a block away. I had been running a little behind in getting there. I had never been to this club but I was told by a friend it would be fun.

I paid the doorman the cover charge. I could see past them the lighted stairs leading down to beneath the street, the smoke wafting up, the music louder and inviting me to come and hide it in. I smiled sweetly at the doorman and could feel his eyes searching up and down my body. I had chosen to wear my black short skirt, hooker boots, black bra and black low cut shirt. I looked really hot in the outfit even if it did lack color. I wasn’t there to get attention, I was there to hide and dance to the music.

Entering the club I made my way carefully down the steps into the darkness that thumped. I smiled as I was engulfed by the music and the bodies around me. It was crowded as I made my way to the bar. I ordered a strong mixed drink and let my eyes adjust to the darkness. There were a lot of bodies moving and dancing around me as I quickly downed my first drink. I left my empty glass on the bar and made my way to the dance floor.

I was surrounded by bodies, not much space to move but a great way to get lost in the crowd. I closed my eyes and began dancing. The heat building around me as everyone danced. There were occasionally brushes of the hands, my ass groped once or twice but I danced, lost in the music. A few guys came behind me to try and get a little friction, but I turned away from them.

I had been dancing for an hour and my body glistened Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort in sweat. Opening my eyes I look for a path back to the bar. I notice there are quite a few more bodies than when I first got here and it was a little difficult to maneuver through the crowd. After a few gropes and a few awkward bumps I made my way back to the bar. Ordering another strong drink and a small bottle water. I downed the water and then began drinking the Long Beach Ice Tea. After drinking more than half I get restless again. Finally cooled off a bit, I down the rest and return to the dance floor.

As I returned to the dance floor again I was jostled. I once again began to dance, feeling a little better now that I had taken some time to cool down. Closing my eyes again I let my body get lost in the music. All my troubles forgotten, my mind just enjoys the rhythm and the bass.

Then I feel it. A set of tender hands gently brush my lower back. I open my eyes and try to see in the darkness who may have touched me. All I can see in the lack of light is gyrating and sweaty bodies. I dismiss it as an accident and slowly begin to dance again. My body is slick with sweat, my hair lightly in my face. The loud thumping music guiding my movements.

Then somewhere through the music I feel someone behind me, pressing their chest against my back, soft hands gliding up and down my thighs catching my skirt. My soft moan is lost in the noise. I feel her chest against my back pulling me into her. her body moving much slower than the music, slowing me down to her as her hands slid across my tummy. Before I know it I feel her soft hands against my bare belly. I can feel her erect nipples pushing into my back, her slender body holding mine as we slow dance this mystery dance.

My nipples hard as her hand goes up my shirt just under my breast, her delicate fingers teasing me as I gasp. My pussy is soaking wet just thinking of her, feeling her, wanting to turn around and kiss her, yet I don’t want to, I stay with my back to her chest as I allow my hand to slip back, hoping that she too is wearing a skirt. My hand found skin. My hopes answered as I slide my hand under her skirt my hand coming across silk panties. I tease her swollen lips through the thin fabric with my fingers. I can feel her wetness coming through.

I moan softly as she slips her hands under my bra, her fingers pinching my erect nipples. My heart was racing … what if someone saw us, what if we get caught what if…

“Oh! Mmmm…” she inserts her fingers into my wet pussy my mind now tuned only to her. Her fingers are instantly soaked my arousal peaked at this faceless woman. I arch my back to her opening my legs more trying to take her deeply. My need for touch, longing for any type of intimacy, my body grinds against her.

I let my fingers slip through her panties and into her wet warm pussy… I can feel her shiver lightly as I begin to trace along her swollen lips plunging gently in at random, fucking her slowly as she fucks me. Are sweaty bodies grinding against each other. It’s just me and her, everyone fades from my sight as we dance our dance of lust.

Our bodies moving slowly against each other, our hearts racing as our hands explore the warm intimate places. I can feel her breath heavy at my neck, her kisses light but hungry as she drives he fingers deeper and deeper in my pussy. My moans only masked by the loud music. I slip a third finger in her I feel her body clamping down tightly. She begins to ride my hand faster and faster, our bodies both coming closer.

“Oh fuck yes!” her voice sweet in my ear though her words were spoken with such a ferocity.

I can’t help it, her words sent me over the edge as I came hard on her fingers. Soaking her hand with my sweet juices. Then I feel her body tighten and gush on my hand. She tensed and shivered against my back as she came. We both stood there in the middle of the dance floor, slowly the loud music once again was heard, and people came back into view. I carefully slipped my hand out of her panties and pulled her close behind me. Our movements slow and slightly weakened.

She pulls her hand out of my sopping wet pussy and brings her fingers to my lips. I kiss them lightly as she traces my lips. Opening my mouth to accept her fingers she inserts them. I suck each finger tenderly, cleaning her. Once they are cleaned to her satisfaction she traces her hands lightly over the outside of my breast and then down to my sides. We stay there dancing slowly against each other. Not wanting this to end I lean my head back to her ear and whisper gently.

“Care for a drink my sweet lady?”

“No thank you, not this time. But I will take you up on it next time.” With that she steps back into the crowd and disappears before I can get a glimpse of my Mystery Lady.

My heart sank at not knowing who this wonderful person was that gave me such a tender release, but I knew deep down she would be back and I would be there waiting for her. Now I go to the club not only to get lost in the music, but hopefully to be found by those wonderful hands.

Longing for more to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32