My Wife’s Sister

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It was just after 9AM when the warm sun shining on my face awakened me. The first thought that came to my mind was one of dread. I dreaded having to get up and face the day. In reality it wasn’t the day I dreaded, it was the events the day promised to bring with it. I was going swimming. I was going swimming with my beautiful young wife. I would get to lust after her body as she lay near the water in a string bikini working on her suntan. I was going swimming with my wife and her two younger sisters. That’s where the dread came in to the picture, taking her younger sisters swimming. Really it wasn’t the sisters; it was only one of them. It was BJ. She was my wife’s 18-year-old sister. She was the wild one in the family who was always getting into things she shouldn’t. Everyone knew about most of her antics but no one knew she almost always caused me to become sexually excited when we went swimming.

I guess I should explain so you don’t think I’m some kind of pervert. First, let me tell you about BJ. BJ was better than average in the looks department and at 18, she definitely had the body of a woman. Her ass was firm and well developed. Her breasts were large and equally as firm as her ass. They were capped with dark brown nipples that always seemed to get and stay hard when we went swimming. I never could tell how hairy her pussy was even though she always wore a very skimpy bathing suit.

Now BJ’ looks were not the problem although they certainly didn’t help the situation. The problem came from the fact that she couldn’t swim and she liked to go out into the deep water. The only way she could do that was to rely on me to keep her afloat. And that’s what she did. She always hung on to me. She would put her arms around my neck and hold on. She would wrap her legs around my waist and hold on. She would hold on any way she could in order to keep her head above water. That’s where the problem was. Her holding on so tightly caused her firm young body to be uncomfortably close to my body.

Recently, I had begun to dread going swimming because I would get an erection from her rubbing against me. It wasn’t something I wanted to happen. It was just a physical response to having tits and pussy rubbing against the body of a normal red-blooded male. It was also something I was embarrassed by and made sure I hide from BJ. After all she was only 18 and surely didn’t have any idea what she was causing to happen. That’s why I dreaded a beautiful, sunny summer day.

Since my wife was always wanting to lie on the hill in the sun, she didn’t know what was going on out in the water so I didn’t have any choice except to go with she and her sisters to the lake. Although I knew it was useless, I had tried the previous evening to find an excuse to stay home but it didn’t work so I agreed to meet them at the lake at 11 AM.

When I arrived at the lake my wife and her sisters were already there. As soon as BJ saw me she stopped playing Frisbee with her little sister and came over to where I was. Before I newcratos even had a chance to park the bicycle I had ridden to the lake or say ‘Hello.’ to my wife, BJ was smiling and asking me to get in the water with her.

“Okay. I’ll get in the water in just a minute. Let me say ‘Hello’ to you sister.” I told her as I sat down on the blanket where my wife was laying. No matter how hard I tried; I wasn’t able to talk her into going swimming me.

Once I realized there was no use in putting it off any longer I got up, took off my sandals and shirt before slowly walking toward the roped off swimming area. Much to my dismay my baby sister-in-law was busy playing with some other girls and wouldn’t go out into the water. Hoping in vain that BJ wouldn’t follow, I quickly swam out to the rope that surrounded the swimming area. Since the water was too deep to stand-up in I stretched both arms over the rope so I was supported with the rope behind my back. Almost immediately BJ was in front of me with her hands on my shoulders. In an effort to discourage her from being in the deep water, I didn’t help when her head went under.

“Are you going to let me drown?” she asked when she surfaced.

“Maybe you need to go into more shallow water.” I replied.

“No, I’ll just hold on tighter!” she said. Then she moved closer and placed her legs around my waist.

“There. That’s better.” she said as she pulled her body close to mine.

“It’s way too close. I still think you should go into the shallow water.” I told her again.

“No, I like it out here with you.” she told me as she turned my shoulders loose and lay back in the cool water.

It was impossible for me not to be both uncomfortable and curious at the same time. I was curious because she had a way of sexually arousing me and I didn’t know if it was intentional or not. And I was uncomfortable because she was my wife’s younger sister and my wife was lying on the shore not more than 100 feet away. As BJ floated with her eyes closed, I watched her firm young breasts float under her loosely tied bathing suit top. The cool water was beginning to have an effect on her because her nipples became rock hard and looked as if they would poke through her top. If it had been my wife I would have slipped my hand into her top and rolled first one and then the other nipple between my fingers but this wasn’t my wife. It was her younger sister.

About that time, I realized my dick was beginning to grow erect. I closed my eyes wishing it would go away but of course wishing didn’t work. The harder I grew the more friction there was between BJ and the growing tent in my shorts. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who noticed it.

“Feels good out here doesn’t it?” BJ asked as she opened her eyes and looked at me.

“I think we need to get out of the water.” I responded.

“No, not yet. This feels too good.” she countered as she pulled a little closer.

“We need to get out!” I said for the second time.

“Not yet!” newcratos giriş she told me in a determined voice. Not only did she sound determined, she pulled herself as close as possible with her legs. This definitely answered my question: She knew exactly what she was doing.

“You need to quit.” I told her as she began to rub her pussy against my hardness.

“Quit what?” she asked with a knowing smile.

“You know what! Now move your legs so I can get out of the water” I insisted.

“You’re going to get out like that?” she asked as her hands disappeared under the water.

I wasn’t sure what to do. How could I get out of this situation without causing a big family problem? That’s when I felt BJ slip her hand down into my shorts and wrap her fingers around my dick.

“Quit.” I snapped as I reached for her hand. This only accomplished one thing: we both slipped under the water. In an instant I forgot about her hand and struggled to regain my grip on the rope.

As I tried to catch my breath, I heard a voice from the shore call out, “What’s going on?” It was my wife’s voice. Looking in her direction I could see her sitting up, shading her eyes from the bright sun and watching us.

“Just trying to keep from drowning.” I called back.

“Well, be careful. BJ, you hold on tight. I don’t want either of you to get hurt!” she shouted as she lay back down.

“She told me to hold on tight.” BJ said. Giving my dick a little squeeze with one hand, she began to unzip my shorts with the other. Since I didn’t have on any underwear, my dick immediately popped free from my shorts.

“Isn’t that better?” BJ asked as she began to stroke up and down.

By this time I didn’t even bother to reply. I just held onto the rope and supported our weight with my arms. I really didn’t expect what was to come next. I assumed she would continue jacking me off until I would cum. But I was wrong.

BJ reached between us and moved the crotch of her bathing suit to the side exposing her pussy. I couldn’t see what was going on below the surface but I could definitely feel it. BJ’ hand guided my dick between her warm pussy lips. Then she began to rub her erect clit with the head of my dick. In a matter of moments I could feel her legs tighten around me as she had an orgasm.

Before her orgasm subsided completely, BJ guided the head of my dick to the entrance of her hot pussy. Again I could feel her legs tighten as she slowly slid onto my dick and lay back in the water. The feeling of her tight pussy gripping my dick was unbelievable as she began to slowly fuck me by relaxing and tightening her legs.

That was definitely strange. Enjoying the feelings of letting my wife’s younger sister fuck me while my wife was lying in the sun nearby. As I tried to sort out what was happening, BJ again reached between us and began to rub her clit. In a matter of moments, both she and I were ready to cum.

“Cum in me.” BJ encouraged me.

“But you might…” I began to say.

About that time, BJ pulled me deep into her before having her second orgasm. It was too late by then to stop. The contractions of her pussy began milking streams of cum out of me. When she was satisfied I was completely drained; BJ released her grip on my waist allowing my softening dick to slip out of her.

“You better put it back in your shorts before you get out of the water.” BJ said with a laugh.

“What about you getting pregnant?” I hastily asked.

“Don’t worry. Daddy got me birth control pills the day after he walked into my bedroom and caught me fucking Billy. Now I can fuck whoever I want and I don’t have to worry!” she reassured me as she floated away and began to swim toward the shore.

“Thanks for going swimming!” she called over her shoulder as she stood up in the shallow water and walked up to where my wife was still laying.

After a few minutes of clearing my head and putting my dick back where it belonged, I got out of the water. As I walked up the hill, I couldn’t help but notice BJ sitting on the blanket next to my wife-her sister with a devilish smile on her face. Sitting down on the opposite side of my wife I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek and said, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” she replied without even opening her eyes.

Looking over at BJ, I saw her lick her lips seductively and motion with her eyes toward the water. It took a lot of self control but I ignored her and lay back to think about what had just happened and wonder if it was committing incest or simply fucking a hot young woman. Even today I’m not sure about the answer especially since we fucked many times over the next few years.

That is until my wife came home early one afternoon and caught BJ and I sharing a snack in the spare bedroom. Unfortunately, at that particular moment, the snack was BJ’ pussy. I had my tongue buried deep in her hot hole when we heard the front door open and my wife call my name. I guess she must have heard some noise when I jumped off the bed and started to pull my pants on because suddenly there she was. She was standing at the bedroom door looking at us. BJ was laying naked on the bed and I was standing there with no shirt on and my pants unzipped.

“I can explain!” I quickly said without realizing how corny it sounded.

“I’m sure there is a good reason why your pants are unzipped and I’m sure there is a good reason why BJ is laying on the bed with that fucking look on her face. But how can you explain your mustache being soaked with someone’s pussy juices. What happened? Had BJ passed out and were you giving her mouth-to-pussy resuscitation?” she sarcastically asked as she stepped closer to the side of the bed.

Wait. This is another story. I should go back a couple of years and tell you about the second time BJ and I got together. And the third time. And the fourth time. And some of the more memorable times up until we got caught that fateful afternoon. I hope some of you readers will let me know if was ‘Incest/Taboo’ or an ‘Erotic Coupling.’ Until I get and answer to that question, I’ll just post the continuing story of BJ and I in ‘Incest/Taboo.’ Let me know what you think. Okay?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32