My Visit to Pittsburgh

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Charles and I talked periodically but the time to get together never presented its self. I found out after getting home and unpacking the few things I’d kept with me that he’d slipped a videotape in my bag to remember him by. My name is Tyrone; all my friends call me Ty. I’m 30, 6’4, 235 lb., very dark skinned (as the saying goes “black as the ace of spades”) toting a 9.5″ cock that’s almost big around as a coke bottle. Since last seeing Charles I’ve grown a goatee and mustache.

I finally got the opportunity to visit Charles in Pittsburgh but I wanted to surprise him. When we talked I felt him out about whether he’d be in town or not that weekend. He said he had some pressing business that week so he’d be in town at least for the month. There were no travel plans at that time that he knew of right now. So I made plans to fly into town on Friday morning, I had some things I needed to do before I went to Charles penthouse. I had his address and all from our previous meeting at Myrtle Beach.

First thing was to find a taxi, which I done at the airport. I went to the Yellow Pages to find a costume shop. I found it easily and got directions. When I walked up to the counter a young man was there and I told him what I needed. I needed a Police Uniform, the whole thing all the way down to the badge. He asked my measurements and showed me what he had. I chose one and he told me it would be a couple hours before he could have it altered and to come back at 3:00pm. I explained to him I wanted it to be a like a second skin. I told’em I’d be back and asked directions to a friend’s place. He moved north a few years’ back and we’d kept in touch. Shortly I found myself at Carl’s apartment door ringing the bell. He was very surprised and seemed to be genuinely pleased to see me. We got caught up on the recent past and I told him what I was doing here and I could use a little help to carry out my plan. He assured me I could count on him. We decided to get some lunch and discuss it.

Exactly at 3:00 I walked back in the costume shop and the clerk reached for my Police Uniform. He showed me where I could try it on and showed me to the dressing room. It couldn’t have been a better fit if I’d done it myself. If I say so myself it looked like I was poured into it, I was admiring the fit when the young man walked in and his eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw me. I think he liked what he saw. I removed the uniform with the attendant’s help, read the shop policies and returned to Carl’s place. He’d given me a key when I saw him earlier in the day.

I called Charles, making out like I just wanted to chat, never telling him I was in town. He said he was going home, that it had been a hectic week. We talked a few minutes and I told him I had to go. About that time Carl walked in and asked if I got everything taken care of. I told him I had and showed him the uniform. It was all there-shirt, pants, hat, shoes, nightstick, handcuffs and badge. We went into his bedroom so I could change. I stripped naked and put on my uniform, purposely not wearing any underwear. Carl let out a low whistle and said “Ty, you are HOT”. By now it was about 6:15, Carl offered to drive me over which was very much appreciated. It seemed like it took forever to get there with the traffic and all. I was at Charles’s building entrance at 6:55. The doorman wouldn’t let me in without Charles approval first so I told him there was a suspected break in at the office. He gave me directions to Charles apartment.

I pulled my hat down low, adjusted my cock, walked up to Charles door and rung the bell. He must have been waiting on the other side. He swung the door open almost immediately. He must have gotten home early because he had on a silk robe, slippers and lounging pants. I talked very low, didn’t want him to recognize my voice you know. I told him I needed to ask him a few questions if he didn’t mind and he gestured me in. While I was entering I adjusted my cock again making sure it was hanging down my trouser leg and took a seat across Charles. I could see him checking me out. His gaze lingered when he got to my cock that was grossly outlined in my pants. I told him I had a question or two to ask him and he agreed. After a few silly ass questions I asked him if he liked what he saw, he looked at me silently. I asked if he wanted to suck my cock and he still sat quietly, just staring at me. I raised my voice a little and ordered him to his knees and he still sat quietly. He started to protest so I got up from my seat and walked over to where he was seated and ground his face into my crotch. He finally started to come around, he took his teeth and outlined my cock thru my pants. I asked him if he had a blindfold and he told me there was one in the bedroom. I told him to get it while I made a phone call. I called Carl and told him to get his ass over if he wanted to party.

Charles came back with the blindfold in his hand and I instructed him to put it on and not to take it off until I told him he could. When he had gotten it on I told him to strip. I then ordered him to his knees. He still didn’t realize it was me. I asked him if he had a hood and he told me where it was; I got it and put it on. I told him he could remove the blindfold and then remove my clothes. I instructed him to worship my body with his mouth as he removed my clothes. Charles started with the top button of my shirt. He opened it and kissed my neck while opening another couple buttons. Sakarya escort bayan He dropped lower and kissed and sucked my abs. Finally he got all the buttons and started washing my navel with his tongue.

He pushed my shirt open and off my body and let it fall to the floor. I placed a hand under his chin and lifted him up bringing his mouth to my nipples; he got the hint and started sucking and nibbling on my nipples. He started towards my armpit and I raised my arm behind my head as he stuck his nose in my pit and inhaled deeply. He licked my pit, all the time moaning about loving the taste of man sweat.

I pushed back to his knees and ordered him to remove my pants. He opened the button of my uniform pants and opened the waistband as he sucked and licked each new patch of exposed skin. He took the zipper in his mouth and pulled it down little by little. When he got it all the way down he stuck his nose in and inhaled deeply. He grasped my pants on both sides and started to roll them off my hips. I told him to go around behind me and continue to remove them. After he took his position behind me he placed his mouth at the top of my crack and started to kiss and lick it as he pulled my pants down my legs. When he got them to my ankles I kicked them off and ordered him to retrieve them and hang my pants and shirt nice and neat.

As Charles finished hanging my uniform the phone rung. It was the doorman asking for permission for Carl to enter. I gave the phone to Charles and just nodded my head up and down signaling him to grant permission for Carl to come up. Charles gave permission and hung up the phone. I told him I had invited a friend over and I hoped he didn’t mind. His silence was his approval. I ordered Charles to unlock the door and leave it slightly ajar while I found a seat. When he’d done as told, I ordered him to come get his prize. I spread my legs wide and pointed down to my cock. He dropped to his knees and started to tongue just tip of my cock. I told him I wanted him to suck my balls like he did before, I caught him glance up but he never uttered a word, as if that were possible with his mouth full of my balls. Charles was just getting in to it when we heard a knock on the door and it swung open. Carl stood there wearing a leather duster coat like the cowboy’s wore, with jeans and boots. I held Charles head in place while I told Carl to come on in and close and lock the door.

After he entered the room I introduced Charles and Carl. I told Charles to help Carl get comfortable as he got up and started to remove Carl’s duster. As he removed Carl’s duster, the leather vest Carl had on came into view and the wide, thick leather belt that was around Carl’s waist in the loops of his 501’s. Charles started removing Carl’s vest button by button and licking every spot as he opened each button. When he got the vest completely off he dropped to his knees and started opening Carl’s belt. When he got Carl’s belt open I told Charles to completely remove it from Carl’s jeans. He went to work on the buttons on Carl’s 501’s and opened each slowly and deliberately. When he got them all open he started sliding Carl’s jeans down his body, as his jeans slid lower and lower Carl’s most favorite article of leatherwear was exposed, a red leather jock with silver studs. Carl placed his hand on the top of Charles’s head to steady himself while Charles was removing his boots so he could get Carl’s jeans off. When Charles got Carl’s jeans off completely Carl asked him to get some oil from the kitchen. I took this chance to tell Carl not to say my name; Charles still didn’t know it was me.

When Charles came back with the oil Carl told him to take some in his hand and rub it into his leather jock. Charles got to work quickly, in no time completing the job. Carl made sure he didn’t miss a spot. Carl told Charles to stand and motioned me to stand too as he had Charles remove his jock. He had Charles turn his back to him and me stand in front of Charles making him the meat in out sandwich. Charles was in heaven being the white meat in our black sandwich. Carl leaned forward to Charles ear and asked if he was ours to use as we saw fit. All Charles could do was nod as I leaned forward to the other ear and asked if Charles if he had any reservations about our being here. In a barely audible voice he moaned a no. I stayed at one ear while Carl stayed at the other; each of us took an ear in our mouths and ran our tongues in and out. We kept Charles sideways between us and started licking down his body. I told him to put his hands behind his head as we each worked to his armpits and licked and sucked them. We dropped lower and sucked and nibbled our way down to his waist.

When we got to his waist Carl worked moved around to the front and I went to the back, Carl at belly button level and me at the top of the crack of Charles’s ass. Carl had gotten a beer and got a big swallow in his mouth and handed it around to me. He took Charles balls in his mouth as I let the beer dribble from my mouth down Charles’s ass crack. I took my finger and run it down Charles crack, down to his hungry hole. Charles was really moaning now. Carl took the head of Charles’s cock in his mouth and swirled the left over beer round his cock. I found Charles pucker and pressed, he gasped as I pushed past the ring and started inserting my finger, one knuckle at the time. When I got my finger in I started working it in and out and in and out. Escort Side I removed my finger and started working my way around to the front as I motioned Carl around to the back. I stood up in front of Charles and kissed him square on the lips and Carl stood behind Charles and was kissing his neck.

I placed my hands on Charles head and pushed him down on his knees. I stepped up and Carl stepped toward Charles, sandwiching his head in my crotches, my cock on one side of his neck and Carl’s on the other. I reached down and placed my hand on Carl’s cock and rubbed it into Charles neck as Carl done likewise with my cock.

I ordered Charles to lay down, when he was in position on his back I called Carl over and told him to stand on the other side of Charles’s head. We both took our cocks and run the heads of our black cocks over his lips as he moaned and groaned.

I asked Charles if he was ready to fuck himself with my cock, he was shaking his head enthusiastically. I took a seat and ordered Charles to my lap facing away from me. Charles took a hold of my cock and held it as he guided it to his asshole. Charles had just the head of my cock in when I ordered him to stop. I called Carl over and had him stand in front of Charles. I ordered Charles to service Carl’s cock. As Charles tool Carl’s cock in his mouth I sent my cock home, all the way to the balls.

I felt Charles hole twitching and throbbing as we dicked him from both ends. Carl took Charles head in his hands and force fed him his cock as Charles ass went up and down, taking my cock to the balls. Carl pulled his cock from Charles mouth and took it in his hand and started slapping Charles face with it. I moved my hands around to Charles chest and worked his nipples, pinching and twisting and pulling them. All the while Charles was milking my cock with his asshole. I swear his ass had a hand in it milking and squeezing my cock. Charles was really getting into the rhythm now! His moans of pleasure were only stopped when Carl put his fat cock in his mouth. When Carl came he held Charles face to his groin and emptied his load in his mouth.

When we had all settled down we were sitting on the couch talking. I asked Charles if he was ready to remove my hood, I ordered around behind me and had him unlace the hood. When he had removed it, I told him to close his eyes and sit on the back of the couch as I stood in front of him. As he was sitting on the back of the couch I told him to lean back into Carls hands. I put his legs over my shoulders and placed my cock at the entrance to his ass. At the same time I gave him permission to open his eyes I drove my cock home. He hollered my name in between my thrust into his ass. I pounded my cock in and out of his ass till I emptied my load in his ass. With every thrust I could feel my cum leaking out around my cock. By this time his legs were around my waist and he was sitting up sucking my tongue like it was a tiny cock. After my cock had finally softened, he told me he had watched our tape many many times since our encounter at the beach. We caught up on goings on since our last time together. We got comfortable on the couch as I introduced him to Carl.

Carl told Charles we were there to please and fulfill his every fantasy. He also told Charles he needed a shower and he wanted him to bathe him. As Charles led Carl to the bathroom Carl was playing with Charles ass. Charles and Carl stepped into the open shower as I decided to explore a little in Charles’s bedroom. As I busied myself I heard the shower start and Carl called Charles in with him and ordered to get started. He told Charles to start the top and work down. I found quite the setup, closed circuit TV, recording equipment and tie downs at the corners of the bed in addition to an assortment of toys.

From the sounds coming from the shower it sounded like the fellas were having a blast. I decided to join them. I walked in and Charles had Carl’s ass cheeks spread and was washing it from the top of his cheeks to his balls and back again. I stepped in and asked when it was my turn. Carl told me they were almost done and then Charles was all mine. After Carl was done he ordered Charles to clean me. Charles was getting off on the water making our black skin gleam. As Charles washed me I pulled him to me and kissed him deep as his hands went around and washed my back. My hands dropped to his ass and spread his cheeks and found that nice tight pucker. Every time I ran my finger over it I could feel it tighten and relax. I told Charles to finish my bathe as he continued with the soaping and rinsing of my black body. The water was starting to get cold, I ordered Charles out get a towel for me. As I stepped out Charles wrapped me in a Turkish towel and started to rub me dry. When he had dried every drop from my body I ordered him to get me something to wear but he was to remain naked. He came back with a pair of fishnet bikini briefs, I lifted each leg to help to get them on. Carl appeared at this time dressed in a pair of boxer briefs that appeared 2 sizes to small. After getting me into mine Charles sat back and admired us standing before him. Charles went for shorts for himself but I stopped him and reminded him he was to remain naked.

About this time the phone rang, I ordered Charles to answer it. I could tell from Charles’s end of the conversation he was not happy. He hung up and said he had to go to the office, something very important had come up and izmir escort his presence was required. He asked permission and said he would be very grateful. We gave him our permission and told him we would help him to get dressed. Carl and I followed Charles into his room and ordered him to stand while we found the clothes for him. As we went thru his drawers I came out with a pair of designer jeans and Carl found a silk shirt. I asked him if this would do and he said they would do nicely. We ordered him to dress while we stepped out of the room. I had seen a butt plug earlier and went to get the plug. When Carl and I returned Charles was dressed and ready to go. I stepped up to Charles and told him we had one more thing for him and ordered him to drop his jeans and bend over and grab his ankles. He did as ordered and I ordered him to open his mouth. I placed the plug in his mouth to slick it up. I withdrew it and placed it against his pucker and pushed as a very loud sigh escaped his lips. I pushed it all the way to the base and ordered him not to remove it for any reason. I told him to take a taxi so we could have access to his limousine while he was gone. He picked up the phone and had the doorman hail him a cab while he was coming down.

As soon as Charles closed the door I told Carl to get ready, we were going out. I called the limousine driver. I explained that we were business associates of Charles and told him to be out front in 30 minutes. He answered with a crisp “yes sir”.

We only had the clothes we came with so we got dressed. When we got downstairs the limo was waiting with very fine driver standing beside it, the doorman waved us forward and Antonio the driver opened the door for us. We settled in as Antonio got in the drivers’ seat. He got in and asked where to gentlemen. Carl told him we needed some clothes, he could take us to Charles favorite store. We arrived shortly at a fancy designer store. Antonio pulled up to the curb, hopped out and opened the door and said, “We’re here”. Antonio escorted us in and explained to the clerk that we were guests of Charles and anything we chose was to be placed on his account. The clerk, Jim, pointed toward the back and asked what we were looking for. We told him to pick us something out, something Charles would like. He pointed us in the direction of a rack of designer suits, all the while right on our heels. He pulled one off the rack for me all the while sizing me up. He pulled another off the rack for Carl. He told us these should do nicely. Follow me he said as he led us to the back to try them on. He took us in a fancy dressing room and as he exited he said I’ll be right back. When he came back he had a couple of silk pull over shirts. He took a seat in one of the chairs and said, “Lets see how I done.” Carl and I both began undressing. Carl and I dressed as Jim watched. We got our suits and shirts on and Jim went to get us some shoes.

When he returned he knelt in front of me and held the shoes for Carl and I to put on. After we got them on he told me to step up and the platform for him to measure so he could get them altered. He turned up the cuff and ran his hand up to my crotch to smooth the legs. He ran his hands back down to the cuffs and finished his pinning. He asked me to step down and Carl to step up. He looked back over his shoulder after we changed postions and told me to undress while he pinned up Carl’s pants. After he finished with Carl he told him to step down and he would take them to the seamstress for altering. He also told us we didn’t have to redress because it wouldn’t take long. He pointed us in the direction of a small refrigerator and told us to help ourselves as he went thru the door. He returned shortly just as Carl and I had gotten comfortable. He asked if we needed anything else as he’d eyed us up and down. I motioned him over to me and as he stood in front of me I grabbed the belt of his pants and pulled him on my lap. I pulled his mouth to mine and ran my tongue deep in his mouth. When the shock was over I pushed off and turned him around. He was face to face with Carl’s basket. Carl took his face in both hands as he rubbed Jims face all over his basket. I reached around and undid Jim’s belt and unbuttoned his slacks. By this time Carl had his underwear down and his cock in Jim’s mouth. Carl pulled him off my lap and onto his feet as I pushed his slacks to the floor. Taking this opportunity I pulled off my own briefs. I grabbed Jims hips and pulled him back while I instructed him to reach between his legs and guide my big, black cock to his ass. He caught some of the slobber dripping from Carls balls and lubed my cock. As soon as I felt my cock head against his pucker I pulled back hard impaling him on the whole 9.5″. About this time there was a knock at the door, Jim groaned, “hang’em on the door”. Carl said he was going to cum as we double fucked Jim. The rhythm got faster and faster as both felt the cum building. We both came at the same time. Carl pulled out and Jim sat back in my lap with my softening cock still in his ass. I said we got places to be going so get our pants to Jim. He reached around the door and got our pants. I ordered Jim to dress us, he knelt to the floor and got our underwear and started to dress us. He dressed us both, piece by piece. When he completed the task at hand I told him to total our purchase so we could get out of there. He led us to the counter, totaled our purchase and handed me the ticket to sign. He walked us to the front door, I grabbed his head and gave him another deep tongue kiss. When I got done Carl did the same as Antonio watched in awe. After we got back in the limo and started moving again Antonio asked where to now. We told him to show us the city.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32