My Uncle’s Wife , The Atom Bomb

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My Uncle’s Wife: (The Atom Bomb’s Not All-Bad!)

Uncle Dave was only 6 years older than I. His wife (my Aunt Betty) was only 3 yrs. my senior. We had always been a very close family and the 50’s seemed a slow and easier time. It was that closeness that led to my very first “Piece of ass.” Even more fantastic was the fact; I lost my ‘Cherry’ with the girl of my dreams; Aunt Betty!

David was in the Coast Guard and stationed in San Francisco. They had only been married 6 months and she was now living with my parents while he finished his tour of duty. What a nice lady she was. I had just turned 18 and was unbelievably shy with the girls and very ‘wet behind the ears’ when it came to the opposite sex. Mom was a great lady but; you know… a mom. I was going through a raging hormonal battle trying to sort out the continuing tortuous feelings in my celibate body. I was so pathetic and didn’t have a fucking clue on how to even approach a girl (actually a little scared to have my first sexual encounter). Norman Rockwell could have done a very poignant painting of my sorry ass. I only had a couple of buddies and no real girl friend with which to learn anything. I was really stupid as shit when it came to knowing what it was all about. Lost, lost, lost! But, Betty and the Atom Bomb were about to usher my ignorant ass into the realm of a confident cock’s-man.

My room was in the downstairs’ basement; converted to a self-contained bedroom by the previous owners. I had a nice cozy room complete with attached bathroom, shower and all. Perfect for an eighteen year old, first year college freshman. Other than meals with the family, I pretty much hibernated in my own little world inside that room. My hobbies were constructing model airplanes and photography (using my bathroom as a darkroom for developing film). Yes, it was my own secluded little world!

I was a regular ‘Walter Mitty’ when it came to imaging my little world complete with a ‘Playboy Center-fold’ attending to my every need. Actually, I made that scenario a frequent theme… In my ‘wet-dreams’! Lucky I had a shower to soak me down ‘cuz many a morning I woke up with the sheets stuck to my body. I was leaking enough sperm to populate the entire female population of Glendale. Problem was… I couldn’t get the babes to ‘tap my copious supply’.

My ‘wet-dreams’ were literally ‘fucking fantastic’. In my dreams, all the cute girls were hot for my young ass. I conjured any movie star I wanted, ‘Especially Marilyn Monroe and Martha Heyer (oh God, I loved fucking Martha). They came to me all the time begging me to take off their cloths and fuck their hot sexy bodies. And I never refused giving them what they demanded every time they asked! What a guy! In my dreams, I was a real sophisticated ‘Clark Gable’ type with a talented cock that they all just had to have. More over the ‘cumming’ during a ‘wet-dream’ was every bit as good as the real thing. Funny, but looking back; I wish my current sex life was half as good as the great pussy I was getting in my sleep during the 50’s. But at the time, I wanted the real thing soooo… badly!

On of my frequent ‘wet-dream harem girls’ was my Aunt Betty. My nickname for her was ‘Betty Boop’. She was so cute! Very different than Marilyn or Martha, Betty was only about 5′-2” and 100 lbs. ‘dripping-wet’ (and boy did we frequently awake ‘dripping-wet’ after a fuck-dream about Aunt Betty). She was such a hot little doll and sexyyyyy—-oo-la-la! My Uncle Dave was a very handsome and sophisticated guy. His nephew (me) was a dud! He really picked a pearl when he married Betty. Although small, her titty’s looked huge. Her boobs were probably only about 32 B’s but they looked humungous in proportion to her body. The tag ‘Doll’ really fit Aunt Betty because she was a perfect, full-bodied, tall and leggy babe, only in a little doll’s body. Hot, hot, and fucking hot! Man, how I drooled over Aunt Betty.

I tried hard to avoid appearing obvious; but she was a foxy babe and living right under my nose! She slept in the center bedroom (right over my room). I could hear her little feet padding overhead as she made ready for bed each night. It was very erotic to ‘beat my meat’ in my darkened room while thinking about her in her silken negligee. The prior summer we all went water-skiing and she ‘wiped-out’! As I reached over the port-stern to help her back into the boat, I got a close-up view of her fabulous naked tittys. The top of her one-piece bathing suit had been ripped down from the impact of hitting the water. Due to the sting of the fall and subsequent treading in the cold lake water; she didn’t know that she was au natural. Man those babies stuck straight out and firm?… Damn they were the best tits I ever saw; (and the only tits to that date I had seen outside of a few ‘girly’ magazines… except for mom’s (quite by accident). Believe you me, Betty’s tits were nothing like my mother’s. Well, all of the above gives you a pretty accurate description of my circumstance and state of mind when every thing would change. I was about Porno to be ushered into the world of ‘carnal knowledge’ in the company of my ‘fantasy babe’, Aunt Betty!

Mom and Dad had left for the weekend to visit my 2nd Aunt (mom’s sister). Aunt Jewel lived in Chula Vista (a few minutes south of San Diego and just north of Tijuana, Mexico). I had a football game Saturday so I stayed home under Betty’s supervision. —Don’t get ahead of me… this is my fucking story! Dad had warned me there would be a ‘Flash of light and a slight ‘quake’ early Saturday morning due to a Nuclear test in Nevada that weekend. I guess Betty hadn’t gotten the word.

I was lying in my bed early Saturday morning in a fresh, warm puddle of Jizz I had just deposited inside of Martha’s fantastic pussy. Then I woke up! Damn, that fickle Martha. She ran out of my dream before my boner even had a chance to return to normal. So there I was, when the bright flash lit up the cellar window of my room. It was very eerie and surreal. Then the shock wave hit and then 1,2,3… the small rolling rumble of the quake that Dad had warned about. Too cool! I thought about getting up and looking out the window, but it was over before I got my wits about me. The Atomic blast was quite a different story for the unsuspecting Betty!

Betty had been sitting on the edge of her bed just bending down to put on her slippers when the darkened room lit up. The ensuing pressure wave and subsequent rolling quake really freaked her out! Realizing mom and dad were gone, she flew down the stairs and into my darkened room. “Oh, Ronnie, what was that? Did you feel it? My, god is the world coming to and end”? I almost laughed; she was so hysterical. I had never suspected that she could get go carried away. “Don’t you know I asked”? She came over and sat on the edge of my bed. “No, Ronnie what was it? Do, you think it will happen again?… Oh, dear God”!

She grabbed my arm and squeezed it hard. I felt her shaking as though freezing. When I realized the intensity of her fear, my initial reflex to laugh disappeared… especially at my fearful Betty. But I liked the feel of her clutching my arm; and I felt honored that she had sought protection and comfort from me. I decided to ‘dummy up’, taking advantage of a good thing. I did what you would have done if such a fantastic once-in-a-life time opportunity presented itself! I lied like a rug! My response to her question was, “No, Betty I don’t.” “Oh, Baby I’m so scared.”

When Betty called me baby she wasn’t being sexual. Betty called everyone baby. It was part of her Betty Boop cute-ness. But still… in the context of what was taking place; it was damn erotic and my cock began to stand at ‘Attention’ to her calling me baby. I sat up and reached out to comfort her and she fell into my arms in a clinging embrace. She felt so good and I was being such a phony shit!… But she felt so good! This was to be my first real understanding of the phrase, “A stiff prick has no conscious.” I was a real, conscious-less prick… and getting prickier by the minute.

Betty was still trembling and her skin getting colder by the seconds due to early hour and her state of undress. I felt the goose bumps on her skin. Shit, I could see her dark nipples glowing through the thin negligee in the barely lighted but still darkened room! “Betty, you’re freezing! You better get under the covers and warm up”? (What a nice, kind, horny little nephew I was). She was so scared she didn’t even hesitate. I must add that she was also very innocent and naive. It was another endearing trait of her personality. And one that proved perfect in affording me this opportunity to get her under my covers and possibly ‘cop’ an accidental ‘feel’. Yeah, accidental my ass!

Still shivering, she snuggled closer and I felt her hard breasts up against my chest. Continuing to play the role of the comforting male, I put one arm around her waist and the other around her shoulders. She was so tiny; one of my arms wrapped clear around her back and onto the opposite side of her fleshy breast. As good as it was up-to-now, it would soon get even better. Truly, a singularly lucky moment for yours truly!

Betty was beginning to warm-up and I was hotter than an ‘Unger’ wood burning iron (remember those–guys!) Just then, Betty was beginning to feel the warm secretions of my prior wet dream soaking her hip through the thin lace of her negligee. “Ronnie, what’s that… I’m getting wet… Oh baby, I so sorry. I better get up.” (Meaning she thought I just ejaculated because of her entering into my room in her negligee! Now, you and I know; no guy cums that quickly but my naïve Betty didn’t) I was stunned with her conclusion and still thinking her words over when she started to pull away from my greedy arms.

“Relax Betty, your leaving won’t make it go away. Besides, I don’t think I’ll ever get another girl in my bed… ever”! “Oh Ronnie, don’t say that. It’s not true, you’ll have a lot of girls begging to get into your bed.”

“Yeah, Altyazılı Porno right! They’re all beatin’ my door down. Come on Betty, you’re the closest thing to a girl friend I ever had.” Then I pulled her back into my chest putting my head on her shoulder. Damn she smelled so good. And her telling me she thought I was going to have a lot of babes in my bed were soothing words indeed! This was a hot, erotic moment and I started thinking about my sperm on her skin! My cock began snaking its way between our stomachs and her breasts were boring into my chest. I swear I could feel her nipples hardening against my chest.

“I think I better go before something more happens.” Something more? Oh, fuck I was getting more turned on by the seconds. It was sexiest thing a girl had ever said to me.

“Like what”? I asked. (Mr. Innocent was getting some helpful dialogue going. ) “Like you and me getting into trouble with David… or your mom and dad.”

“Yeah, right… that’s the first thing I’m gonna do. I’ll send ’em all a fucking Western Union and tell ’em first chance I get.” That really broke the ice. We both laughed. Betty had really came down from the fear that had driven her to my room. More over she had not asked me to take my arms from around her. It apparently was going to be our little secret. Things were progressing smoothly.

“So Ronnie, what was that flash.” Knowing that what I said next could ruin everything. I said, “I’m not sure but I think they may have been testing the ‘A-bomb’ or something.” She relaxed even more with that being said and simply excepted my explanation as a child would believe a parent… with comforting trust.

“So why did you get so wet, Ronnie”? She said it in a coy and soft voice that sounded a little sultry. Playing it for all it was worth I said, “Because you excited me and you’re the only naked girl I’ve ever had in my bed.” Then I added, “and I know it’ll be the last and only time it’ll probably ever happen.”

“Stop it Ronnie, I think you’re cute. I tell you, if I was a girl your age, I could really go for a guy like you.” “Bullshit Betty, you’re only three years older than me. You’re just saying that to make me feel better! I’ve been trying for years just to get close enough to get a girl to touch me… ”

Then, what began as a youthful prank, turned into an emotional ‘dam-breaking’ from deep with-in. I had to fight to hold back the tears. God, I didn’t want to ‘wimp-out’ in front of her. I wanted to be a macho guy like my good-looking Uncle Dave! But the truth hurt. I was lonely, horny and desperately wanted to experience sex with a beautiful woman! In retrospect it was the best thing I could have said because I believe my fears touched her so as to allow the next event to take place.

Whatever I said next and exactly how it came out, I don’t really remember but it touched Betty. She was real quiet and held me for the longest time. Maybe a good 10 minutes or more and I continued to hope for more. She now seemed very comfortable with me as we began softly whispering in the early dawn. Angled shadows from the window-blinds began slowly creeping across my bed and my opportunity for more would soon pass unless I could come up with something. I screwed up my courage and asked her for a favor.

“Betty, can I touch your boobs”? “No, Ronnie, you can’t.” “Please, just for a minute. I’ve never touched a woman’s boobs before.”

She made no response, so I reached up and placed one hand softly on her breast. The sensation of feeling her firm breast through her thin negligee was truly electrifying. I felt her breast swell. Her eyes closed and her lips curled into an expression of ‘painful-pleasure’. She sighed and whispered, “Ronnie, please… please stop.” Her plea added further encouragement and made my cock harder!

I didn’t know much but I instinctively knew enough to increase the pressure on her breast at her protesting of my touching her. I began gently kneading her breast and she squirmed, bringing her knees up towards toward my balls… not in defense but in reaction to the stimulus of my squeezing her breast. She was yielding to the thick heavy sea of sexual arousal in which we were now swimming. I pulled her negligee strap down to where her dark pink nipple sprang in to view. As the fabric flicked over its nub I bent my head down and I took that tiny little part of her into my mouth. The feeling was unbelievable. I had the tiny hard-rubbery nipple of Aunt Betty’s fleshy tit, IN MY MOUTH!… I began suckling her nipple. The sensation of my mouth began sending her over the edge! She placed her small hand on the back of my neck pulling me closer. Her affirmation delivered another signal to my hardening cock. She said, “You better stop this Ronnie, I’m going tooo… She never finished the sentence. She just bit her lip and began moaning.

I was so fucking turned on! My young cock began pushing its way onto the ‘V’ of her legs in a futile attempt to pry its way through the silken curtain covering her pussy. Brazzers Reaching down, I found the hem of her gown and lifted it, exposing her cunt to the touch of my hard pecker. Without any help and as though it had a mind of its own, my cock-head wormed into her crotch and under the thick thatch of her warm pussy. I could feel the heat from her thighs as my cock tunneled into the furrowed channel.

Betty squeezed my cock with her thighs and stated slowly moving her hips. I was not inside her pussy; rather the trapped flesh of her thighs and pussy were cradling my cock! The feeling she was giving my young, apprentice-cock was that she was the teacher and was going to teach him a lesson in the art of how to fuck a woman. I began feeling a lubricating of on my shaft. Whether it was coming from her liquid pussy or me, I couldn’t tell! I didn’t care where it came from; all I knew was that it was wet and warm! I was getting stroked by her thighs and was going to cum… Now… I was going to Cuuuuuum!

I shot a load of cum all over her thighs and pussy. My prick was still unbelievably hard. It was the hardest ‘Woody’ I could remember and my Aunt had made me cum without yet taking me inside!… by simply stroking it with her furry mound! She quivered then lifting her face to mine, kissed me with her open wet mouth. Hers’ was a kiss I had never before experience and one I would never forget.

She thrust her entire tongue completely in my mouth, as though it was her cock and she was fucking my face. As she withdrew, I chased hers with mine and she sucked it into the warm dept of her mouth and began feasting upon it. I knew this was how it must feel when a woman sucked a man’s cock. No wonder, men craved such a feeling. The walls of her cheeks were massaging my tongue through her fastened lips. Soon, Betty released my tongue breaking our kiss. She looked me directly in the eyes with such a sultry, slutty look! Staring at me, with a twisted smile, she reached between her legs capturing my cock with her fingers.

Oh, god I had only imagined a woman’s hand on my cock. Now feeling the delicious pulling of it through her lubricated clenched fingers was pure ecstasy. Adjusting her hips, she placed my fat dick-head at the entrance of her wet and hairy opening. Still locked in her gaze (as though in a trance–), she simply groaned, “Push it in and fuck me hard.”

“I pushed my hips forward as she wrapped her legs around my waist. It was as though this tiny girl was swallowing my body. Her pussy was swallowing my cock and holding me so tightly I felt I was being molded into her pussy. I had at that moment become a part of Betty. I was imbedded deeply inside my fantasy girl and she was no ‘Wet-dream’, rather a living fuck! It was really happening… to the Max!

She no longer looked like a naïve little girl. She was pure woman; sexy, nasty and wonderful, all rolled into one. “Fuck your Auntie Betty, Ronnie. Take me and make me do it. Make me come.” She began riding my cock with a wild tempo of movement. She started a staccato of short, quick, cunt-clutching stabbings of her hips. She had taken over and was fucking ME! Head thrown back and hissing rhythmically between her teeth, had I not been so into it, I would have been frightened by her intensity. I never knew that such a quiet little girl could become so fucking intense! I don’t believe any woman has quite matched the intensity of Betty’s passionate taking of my Cherry.

She came long before I was ready! She laid back and I began to recognize the returning look of innocence on her beautiful face; she said, “Baby doll, you were so incredible”!

Me? I had done very little except to initiate our love making with some guile and the massaging of one breast. She was the one that was incredible. She was teaching me that wild, uninhibited sex could result from some very gentle foreplay. That is a way the mind of a woman may be stimulated easier and more quickly with gentle sensual subtleties. This was a valuable lesson I had learned.

Still buried deep in her pussy, she was obviously going to let me ‘get-off ‘ on my own terms as to how I wanted to finish. I slowly started my first real fucking of a pussy. That’s exactly what I was feeling… I was not making love to her as much as I was fucking her tight, slippery pussy. What started slowly was now beginning to increase… in speed and intensity. Soon I was bucking my hips as fast as I could. My balls were slapping her ass making loud tattoo-sounds bouncing off the walls of my quiet room. I quickly felt my cock swell and my balls tighten. A guttural sound from my chest was chanting a new rhythm I had never known existed, “Ummmma. Uhnnnnn, uhuuuuuuu, nnnnnnaaa!

I adjusted the angle of my thrusts from forward to more downward and deeper into her pussy. I was slamming poor Betty down into the mattress and grunting like a beast while she smiled with narrowed slits for eyes. “That’s it, Baby doll fuck me and feed me your sweet cream”! Immediately I felt my balls tightened and my gut spasm. The sperm began flying out my cock like water from a spigot. I was buried ‘balls-to-the-walls’ inside my Aunt’s pussy and felt my 2nd load of cum painting the warm inner flesh of her vagina. Oh, God how good it felt to gush all my sperm into Betty’s now sloppy hot pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32