My Two Secrets Pt. 02

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Chapter Five.

Even though I knew that Michelle was stunningly beautiful (in face, hair and body all) thanks to all of the pictures I had seen of her on Facebook (including that one where she was clad in only a bikini) her sheer beauty was such that I was still taken aback at her remarkable physical appearance when I got my first look at her in real-life. In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say that still to this day (three years later) Michelle might be one of the top ten best-looking girls I’ve ever laid my eyes on in-person.

So to get through my office door, Michelle first needed to have my secretary buzz her in. It’s just another perk that goes along with my position at Acme. Having a secretary that is. And at the time, my secretary was the one I had inherited from my newly retired predecessor. She was a really sweet lady in her fifties I’ll call Carol who was planning on retiring herself in about a year. And until then, I was happy to have her serve out the rest of her time at Acme by helping to keep things organized for me since she had been doing so also for my predecessor ever since he had started leading my department himself.

And it was still a good ten minutes before her interview was scheduled to start when Michelle was buzzed into my office by Carol. So I stopped whatever it was that I was doing and rose from my chair behind my desk only to be greeted to the sight of…

Framed by a wavy mane of honey-blonde hair that hung down well past her shoulders, Michelle’s flawless heart-shaped face was decorated with semi-squinty green eyes framed by very long lashes above a high pair of cheekbones and a tiny mouth frame by a pair of pouty lips.

“Hey you’re early!” I called out. “That’s a check-mark in the plus-column for you right off the bat.”

And since we had yet to even speak over the phone with each other, it was only then that I learned that Michelle’s normal speaking voice was just a tad on the husky side when she replied:

“Well you know what they say. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

And what a first impression it was! Perhaps even more stunning to me than the sight of Michelle’s beautiful face was the sight of all those hourglass curves situated up and down the length of her body. And not even the conservatively cut outfit which she had donned for her interview (consisting of a somewhat loose-fitting, long-sleeved, button down blouse above an equally loose-fitting, knee-length skirt) could do anything to hide the fact that (underneath) Michelle was blessed with that classic bombshell-shape for which I’ve always had a secret affinity.

Then after closing the door behind her, Michelle made her way over, shook hands with me over my desk and officially introduced herself. And let’s pretend the nameplate on my desk reads ‘Vanessa Smith.’ Another perk of my new position at Acme was then having the authority to introduce myself back as “Mrs. Smith” (as all of my subordinates are required by company policy to address me also).

Then at my suggestion, Michelle retreated back a step or two before setting down her purse and taking a seat in the high-back leather chair situated in front of my desk.

And during the process of which I had my best view yet of…

The twin swells of her bust distorted the upper portion of her blouse so far out of shape that I remained certain that whatever type bra she was wearing underneath must have been affixed with a label reading ‘DD.’ And below that, the well-rounded outward-arcing slopes which comprised her hips also distorted far out of the shape the upper part of her skirt. And even had I not previously seen that picture of her wearing just a bikini, it would have still been obvious to me that Michelle was blessed with a waist (hidden within the lower portion of her blouse) that was far smaller in circumference than both her ample chest and curvaceous hips. In fact, seeing her that first time in-person did nothing to dissuade me of the notion that her dimensions may have even measured in at that perfect ideal of ’36-24-36.’ And also as I had already noted in that one certain online pic of hers, Michelle’s remarkable collection of curves were even all the more pronounced thanks to the fact that (even in the pair of heels she was wearing that day) she stood no taller than five-foot-six.

But I promise that Michelle’s looks took a backseat to everything else once our meeting was officially underway. After all, my department wasn’t currently running up to speed thanks to the fact that my predecessor had started to let things slide in the time leading up to his impending retirement. So I needed to guard against anything of the sort happening under my watch as well like (say) hiring anyone based on something as superficial as their physical appearance.

So Michelle was something like the sixth of twelve I was scheduled to meet with over the course that week for the purpose of trying to find replacements for the three subordinates I Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort had fired after being named the head of my department. And even though a couple of those to interview with me already had done quite well with answering my questions (and were thus in serious consideration for those three positions) I had yet to be blown away enough by anyone to offer them a job right on the spot.

Like I wound up doing with Michelle that is. (And not any longer than forty-five minutes after she had first entered my office at that.) And nor did her looks play one single role in that decision of mine either.

She was the perfect fit for what I was looking for in a new-hire just in terms of her personality alone. That is to say that she came across as being polite, highly intelligent, personable and supremely upbeat about nearly everything which she had to say.

And she just nailed it when it came to answering my questions pertaining to the actual work which she would be required to do in my department. Of course it helped that she was currently working at a job where her duties were nearly identical to what she would be doing for us at Acme.

But still, I could tell that she could come in on day one and get right down to business without needing any instructions on what would be required of her around the office.

In fact, it wasn’t long before it stopped being a question-and-answer type of interview and (instead) became more of an actual conversation between us.

I had already explained to Michelle about why those three positions needed to be filled in the first place and (as a result of Michelle catching on quickly to what I was getting at) we soon began discussing how exactly I was working to improve things in my department and (from her perspective) how she would fit into those plans of mine also.

Then Michelle gestured towards the picture of my two kids that I had on my desk and asked about them. So I in turn did some bragging on my two little ones before also showing Michelle a picture of my husband and doing a little bragging on him as well.

And in return I learned that Michelle had a serious boyfriend of nearly three years and that they were thinking of maybe moving in together sometime in the near future. She was currently living in a two-bedroom apartment with a girl she had known since college (she explained further) and although things were fine between the two of them…

“I’m just ready for a change,” she said. “And plus I need to see if my boyfriend is ready to make a serious commitment yet. It’s been almost three years after all.”

To which I did my best to offer my most sage advice on the matter. That is to say that I threw up my hands (metaphorically speaking) and admitted to just getting lucky with finding a decent guy to marry myself and…

“Just don’t rush into anything if it doesn’t feel right.” I said. “You’re still only twenty-five after all. So there’s plenty of time to figure out who you might want to spend the rest of your life with.”

Which Michelle promised that she would keep in mind (and sincerely at that).

“And let me guess,” I said then. “You took a sick-day today without telling your boss that you were interviewing for a job somewhere else.”

Then with that heartbreaker smile if hers…

“Yeah but I think he knows what’s coming,” Michelle replied. “I mean it really isn’t a secret around there that I could either bide my time waiting for a promotion or… you know… just jump ship to a bigger company if I don’t want to wait that long for an uptick in salary.”

So I then quoted the salary (and gave a brief overview of the benefits package which went along with it) that I was authorized by my higher-ups to offer to any new-hire in my department.

And still with that smile in place upon her beautiful face: “That is indeed more than I’m making right now,” Michelle replied. “And plus I’m assuming that I would be in line for a raise if everything goes smoothly after a year.”

Which I assured Michelle was true before…

“I’m not technically allowed to offer anyone a job without first speaking to their current employer,” I admitted. “But I doubt that I’m going to hear anything but praise about you when I do speak to your boss so… what do you say? I think he deserves to hear it from you and not a total stranger that you’re seeking employment elsewhere.”

And it was almost as if she had known all along that the job was hers when…

“And I sure do appreciate that fact,” Michelle replied. “Tell you what. Since I appear to have been miraculously cured from that cough I had to fake this morning when I called in sick… I’ll just swing by my office once I leave here to give my boss my two weeks notice. Then I can give him your number so he can call you up and tell you how horrible I am once you get to know me.”

Oh yeah, she was funny too. I forgot to mention that fact earlier. Just another check-mark in the plus-column as far as I was concerned.

So I then explained to Michelle that she needed to pay a visit to our HR department at some point in the near future (after I had spoken with her current boss and given HR the heads-ups on my decision to hire her) so she could get started on filling out all of the paperwork required of any new-hires. And of course there was also the matter of…

“I’m assuming you can pass a drug test, correct?”

“Depends on whether or not it’s that time of the month,” Michelle deadpanned back. “But I highly doubt that anyone here would care how much ibuprofen I might have in my system.”

“Then it’s unofficially official,” I replied with a laugh. And at that, I stood up and reached out my hand over my desk to where Michelle had risen back up herself so we could shake hands again as I said, “Welcome aboard.”

But there was still another matter that Michelle decided to bring up after I had walked around my desk to see her out. After gathering up her purse and slinging it over her shoulder…

“You can ask my soon to be former boss about this yourself when he calls if you want but…” she said. “I’ll just tell you straight out myself that I don’t ever seek any kind of preferential treatment just because of my looks. And I’m sure you understand what I mean by that being an attractive lady yourself and… as it’s obvious to me… having been named to the head this department based solely on your qualifications.”

And talk about an ego-boost hearing a girl so drop-dead gorgeous referring to me as ‘attractive!’ I mean, I knew that I wasn’t exactly slouch in the looks-department myself but (still) I was nowhere near being in Michelle’s league in that certain respect. (And especially at thirty-seven, a dozen years older than she was herself.)

And nor was I going to make mention of Michelle’s looks otherwise. But since she had broached that certain subject herself…

“I won’t tolerate anyone around here treating you differently just because of your physical appearance,” I let her know. “Not any of my male subordinates who might try hitting on you. And not any of my female subordinates who might shun you out of jealousy either. So don’t hesitate to bring it to my attention should you ever feel for whatever reason that any of your new co-workers are acting in any way inappropriate around you.”

Which Michelle thought over for a bit before…

“Shouldn’t be a problem on my end,” she replied. “I know how to handle myself when I have reason to suspect that someone is treating me a certain way based only on my looks.”

But it wouldn’t be for another two years before I found out just what exactly she meant by that.

So then after we had said our goodbyes for the day and I opened the door to my office to see her out, I couldn’t help but to take notice of a certain something as Michelle was strolling through the doorway and into Carol’s domain beyond. Even though the skirt she was wearing wasn’t cut all that tight to her frame, her backside was blessed with more than enough mass to still make it’s presence known underneath that skirt’s fabric.

And that my first real look-see at Michelle’s ass let me know for sure that she was built bombshell everywhere. Nor was it just the fact that her bottom was blessed with more than enough mass to compare it favorably with what I was certain was her double-D-sized chest. I could also make out (if only just barely) the fact that both of her cheeks were sculpted nice and firm for being of such advanced size. And I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t held in a trance (if only just briefly) at the sight of those two oversized but toned ass-cheeks of hers sliding up and down opposite each other (within the confines her skirt) as Michelle was then walking away from me.

And even though I knew I shouldn’t have, once I again had my office all to myself, I brought up on my desktop computer that picture of Michelle on Facebook wearing just a bikini and saved it to my hard drive.

But I promise that nothing related to my certain series of interactions with Becky nearly twenty years earlier played a role in that decision of mine. Instead…

‘Just in case she deletes it from her profile at some point,’ I thought to myself. ‘I’ll still have a copy of it to look at should I ever wish to remind myself of just how spectacular she looks underneath all of her everyday work attire.’

Chapter Six.

So by the time two weeks had passed without incident since Becky had seemed to threaten me with getting topless in my presence to try enticing me into masturbating in-tandem with her (and also as punishment for my decision to sneak that peek inside of her drawer of intimates to satisfy my curiosity about what size of bras she happened to wear) I simply came to reason that she had either since decided to call the whole thing off or (just as likely) had never been serious about that threat of hers in the first place.

And it was getting to be towards the end of that school by then so we were both super-busy with finishing up whatever projects and papers we had to get done before finals were set to begin in less than a month. So it didn’t make much sense to me either that Becky might wish to complicate matters between us when it was getting down to crunch time in reference to our school work. Or at least I kept telling myself that in the days leading up to…

I returned to our dorm room late one weekday afternoon after leading one of my tours of our campus to a group of prospective students and their parents. And there I found Becky sitting at her desk and working on something on her computer when…

“Stupid papers,” she called over to me. “As if all our regular classwork and tests aren’t enough! I’ll be lucky if I haven’t gone blind by senior year from all this staring at my computer screen while typing out all this nonsense.”

Having since shut the door behind me, I then tossed aside all of my belongings before I plopped myself down on my bed and started removing the shoes and socks that I had been wearing all day as…

“Tell me about it,” I replied. “I’m currently working on three of them myself. Which reminds me that one of them is due next week and I can’t be but halfway finished with it yet.”

Then Becky turned fully around in her chair to face where I was sitting across the room and…

“Well I’ve had enough of working on this one of mine for at least a couple of hours,” she declared. “And besides, I have a surprise for you. So close your eyes for just a sec, okay?”

And no. I didn’t expect what took place then. Again, I had come to reason that Becky’s certain threat was one which she had since decided not to follow through with (for whatever reason). Otherwise, I’m sure I would have tried to talk Becky out of actually making good on that threat of hers. So thinking it must have been something else, I did as she asked and shut my eyes and waited in silence until…

From where I could tell that Becky had since moved to stand at the side of my bed: “Okay then,” she said. “Open sesame.”

So I opened my eyes back up and was graced with the sight of Becky standing right in front me still clad in the pair of khaki shorts which I had seen her wearing at her desk. But gone was the t-shirt which she had been wearing also. And gone too was whatever type of bra she had been wearing underneath.

And when I let out a gasp at that, it was both in response to what Becky had done and also in response to just how divine was the sight of her breasts laid completely bare.

And not just divine in respect to the fact that they were big enough to fill completely full D-cup-sized bras (as I knew already thanks my certain bit of snooping into Becky’s drawer of intimates). But divine also in respect to their shapes being molded remarkably orb-like for having so much in terms of sheer mass. And they were also perched remarkably high up the length of Becky’s torso for obviously being a bit heavy as well. And they were also formed in such a manner that they were shown to be pointing themselves far more straight forwards than not out in front of Becky’s upper torso.

And I only learned then that Becky’s full pair of D-cups were decorated with areolas which were shaded a pale hue of pink (as opposed to the light-brown ones which I possess) while their circumference was maybe equal to that of silver dollars (as opposed to the way mine are sized more like quarters upon my pair of B-cups). And so too did I notice that her actual nipples (perched dead center upon her pale pink areolas) were formed just a bit bigger around than mine happen to be formed as well.

So with my eyes still glued to the sight of Becky’s exposed chest, I heard her say:

“You never did answer that I question I asked you a couple weeks back. So I’ll ask you again. Were you surprised to learn that a couple of my bras are affixed with double-D-sized cups?”

And it was nothing but the truth when I raised my eyes up to meet hers and replied: “Maybe just a little back when I snuck that peek inside your drawer. But not so much now seeing in the flesh just how big your boobs really are.”

Then without a word of warning, Becky unzipped her shorts and let them fall down the length of her long legs before she stepped out of them to show me the sight of her body clad in only a pink pair of bikini-cut panties.

And in response, after calling out another little gasp at what she had just done, try as might, I couldn’t resist the temptation to let my eyes do some roving up and down all of which Becky was showing off for me to see.

Which was quite an alluring sight I must admit. Becky was after all a nearly six-foot-tall, athletically-built, twenty-year-old cutie with a lovely curtain of light blonde hair who was also lucky enough to be blessed with breasts which were both plenty larger than average for her body-type and molded into sphere-like shapes where they were situated rather high upon her torso. And still as I was taking in the sight of all that exposed alabaster flesh…

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