My Twins and My Man Ch. 02

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Ava Addams


I was met with a look of disgust as Kacie approached me one afternoon. She hadn’t had any dance classes scheduled on Tuesday’s but it was rare for her to be home so early.

“What did you do,” she exclaimed as she outstretched her arms! “I can’t believe what you guys did to my sister!”

Apparently Kacie had spoken with her sister about the Craigslist encounter.

“She’s not the same, mom,” said Kacie. “She has been acting strange for a week!”

I haven’t noticed anything different but I didn’t dare say a thing with Kacie so upset. She stormed off without me saying a word. I decided I’d let her sit awhile before talking to her about what had happened.

I got myself in a real mess this time.


Brent and Kacie had a much easier time talking about what happened. For some reason she found it easier to be mad at me. Brent agreed that Kalie was getting a little out of hand. The way she walked around the house was different. She had a certain air about her after our encounter just a week before. He agreed that he would talk to her about the things she has been saying and her general manner. That seemed to appease Kacie for the time. She didn’t approve of what we had done with her sister but at the very least she wanted things to go back to normal.

What none of us knew was that there was going to be a new normal. Kalie dumped her boyfriend after she was with Eric because she didn’t want to be a cheater. She said that she had such a great time that night that she was going to do it again with or without us. Kalie wanted to be the self-proclaimed ‘Craigslist-Slut’ after she had her taste.

When Brent spoke to Kalie about this she was indifferent. She said that there was nothing we could do to stop her. He could watch her again if he wanted but she would be meeting other men regardless. He reaffirmed that we had agreed on a one time deal and would not partake in further encounters. She shrugged and said fine.

A New Ad

Since I knew that Kalie was not about to change her mind I didn’t bring it up with her myself. At the same time, I couldn’t stop thinking about what she might be up to. Remembering that she showed me her first ad I just had to take a look.

I scrolled up and down a page of ads on Craigslist trying to figure out which she may have placed. I clicked on a few of the ads and was shocked by some of the strange requests. Furthermore, I couldn’t emek escort believe the number of people who were closeted sexual deviants.

Remembering her title from before, I was fairly certain that I found one that I was looking for about half way down the list; she had reused ‘Craigslist Slut’ for the title. The ad read:

*want to hook up? 19f – no strings just fun*

Now I knew for sure that she was going through with but there was a lot I didn’t know. Who would this guy be? Could Kalie open the door to a homicidal maniac? Anything was possible these days.

Brent and I decided that we got her into this and we needed to make sure she was safe. We sat her down and told her if she was going to do this we wanted to know when and where so we could check on her if needed. We’d also rather it be at home where at least we could be present, giving her privacy in another room, in case something were to go down. It was an easy sell. Kalie said she would honor our wishes and keep us informed at the very least. We weren’t exactly giving her permission to live this lifestyle, but we were setting some parameters with her own best interest in mind.

A Man Named Tony

It wasn’t a week later when Kalie told us about Tony. He sent her an email regarding her Craigslist ad and they had communicated by text and phone after that. She really seemed excited to meet him. He was 35 and had two kids. He was still with his wife but the marriage was over and they were living separate lives under the same roof. She said he owned a restaurant and lived about an hour away. He planned on coming to visit the next night but his arrival would be unpredictable but late.

It was a Thursday and Brent and I were about to head to bed at approximately 10:00 PM. Kalie was staying downstairs but she reminded us that Tony would be stopping by. We were happy to know that we would be home but it wasn’t easy falling asleep knowing what was about to happen just down stairs. Brent assured me that it would be alright and after some small talk I must have drifted off to sleep.

I woke to a thud and a loud scream. I jumped out of the bed instinctively. It was quieter now but it sounded like Kalie was crying. I shook Brent awake before I shot for the door. When I got to the bottom of the short flight of stairs I peered into the living room. I saw Kalie was on the floor. There was a small table where we usually stacked our mail laying on it side. eryaman escort Kalie was on her elbows and knees as a man knelt behind her with both of his hands placed on her hips.

He scrambled when he saw me standing there but it was totally naked. As Brent came down the stairs Kalie apologized for waking us up and tried to reassure Tony that everything was alright. She told him to sit on the couch and she walked over and sat beside him. He put one of my pillows over his dick. She introduced us to him and I had seen enough. I turned to walk back toward the stairs but instead walked straight into Brent who was standing there mesmerized. He would not be moving. He was gawking at my 19 year old daughter who was wearing only a tank top next to a naked man almost twice her age.

Without saying a word, she moved the pillow and began to massage his dick. I glanced back at Brent and he directed me to an adjacent chair by doing nothing more than moving his eyes quickly in that direction. I couldn’t say no.

He got down on his knees in front of the chair and I knelt down before him. I could already feel the hardness of his cock against my ass. I was still wearing my panties and a shirt.

Across from us I watched as Kalie took the mans cock in her mouth as he played with her hair. He had his head titled back but kept his eyes closed just to be sure he didn’t meet our eyes. After a very short time, Kalie walked toward us and knelt facing me. She called for Tony to fuck her doggy-style. With a hint of hesitation, and eyes clamped shut, he obeyed. My panties were slipped off and Brent was inside of me. Tony was inside of Kalie as we looked at each other directly in the eyes.

This is not something a mother and daughter should share but I have to admit it was hot. Kalie cried out as Tony fucked her hard. They weren’t cries of pain, but cries of pleasure. Tony muttered that he was going to cum and she slid him out of her. She looked at me and asked me if I wanted a taste. Brent pushed me off of him and nudged me forward. Kalie moved to the side as I crawled toward the strange man. He came withing thirty seconds of entering my mouth. Kalie gave me a nudge and opened her mouth. She told me she wanted to taste it. She leaned forward and kissed me on my lips. She applied pressure causing me to open my mouth and she took the opportunity to shove her tongue in my mouth. She navigated around capturing any remaining drops of etimesgut escort Tony’s cum.

Once our faces were more than an inch apart she told me it was her turn. Brent had sat on the floor with his back rested against a chair stroking his cock while all of this happened. I was in disbelief when I realized what Kalie meant. She moved toward my man and in an instant took him deep in her mouth. Now it was Brent with his eyes closed, but they wouldn’t stay closed for long. He moaned as she played with his cock and balls. I watched him twitch with delight and then I noticed his legs tense up right before he came. His first shot made it way directly down her throat causing her to gag. At least two more streams hit her on the mouth and face. They stared at each other not saying a word.

I walked across the room, temporarily forgetting about the man who was scurrying around trying to gather his belongings, and proclaimed that she was wearing my cum. With my finger I gathered Brent’s cum and began to eat it. One wipe after the other, until it was gone, I gathered what was left for me.

Kalie said, “This is fucking awesome!,” before giving us each a kiss.

She walked over to Tony and helped him gather his clothing. He corrected the upended table as she gathered the fallen mail. I walked off to the bedroom. I couldn’t help but begin to cry. I wasn’t crying because I allowed my daughter to put herself at risk. It wasn’t because of the act I had just participated in either. I cried because I liked it. I felt guilty and ashamed.

As it turned out, Tony ended up staying the night despite being a bit freaked out. I could hear the TV as the three of them talked. They were no doubt watching TV and acting like normal people who live normal lives. I laid and I cried.

Brent came to bed after what I assume to have been about twenty minutes and by that time I had calmed down. I kept my eyes closed and he no doubt believed I was asleep. I moved a little as he crawled into the bed and then snuggled up against me. He kissed me softly on the back of my neck. It wasn’t five minutes before his breathing became regular, slow, and mechanical; he was fast asleep.


I caught Kalie as she was coming out of the bathroom. I had heard her door open and I wanted to talk to her as quickly as possible. I didn’t have much to say. I kept it short and sweet. Do not tell Kacie one detail about last night. Tony was here with you, stayed with you, was with only you, and we were asleep before he arrived. She nodded in agreement. There was more to be said, but that would have to wait until later.

It was all for nothing because Kacie knew all about it before the sun was high in the sky.

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