My Teasing Hotwife Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

Part one – the start of the evening

The story begins on our anniversary; I’m on my way home from work with a beautiful bunch of flowers for my sexy, gorgeous wife Sabrina. We have always been kinky and played lots of sex games with her in control but just recently she has taken up professional domination. We don’t need the money but it allows her to release some tension and explore some of the things that would be beyond my limits. She only sees a handful of clients during the week and never more than one a day.

I arrive home and my wife is stood in the hallway to greet me, she is clad in a baby blue latex dress that hugs her beautiful curves. I can see by her semi erect nipples that she is not wearing a bra and probably no knickers either. I love her in stockings but she doesn’t always wear them with latex and today her shapely legs are bare. My eyes fall down her sexy body to the floor when her perfect little feet are encased in a pair of sexy Louboutin pumps with a gorgeous stiletto heel and a colour that matched her dress.

I’m practically drooling already and I can feel my cock starting to stir. That wouldn’t be a problem normally but for the last two months my wife (Mistress) has had me wearing a cock cage. At first she would let me out every few days for teasing and usually an orgasm but in the last three weeks I’ve only been out twice and neither time was I allowed to cum.

Starting to feel the pain slightly I move towards my wife with the flowers and say hello and happy anniversary. I put my arms around her and draw her close, kissing her on the lips as my hand finds its way down to her lovely bottom that I give a nice squeeze. I’m in such a daze that I’m taken by surprise when she pulls away and delivers a stinging slap to the side of my face, followed up quickly with a full punch to my stomach that drives the wind from me and leaves me doubled up.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing slave?” she hisses “that is no way to greet your Mistress is it?” Harsh words but the slight grin on her face told Escort Bayan me it was playful rather than too strict and serious.

She snatches the flowers from my grasp and pushes her right foot forward a few inches. I know what is required of me and I sink to my hands and knees, I move forward a few steps and mumble a greeting before lavishing kisses all over my wife’s perfect foot and sexy high heel. She abruptly switches feet and I do the same to her left foot before she orders me to stand up, strip to my boxers and then follow her to the living room.

After stripping and neatly leaving my clothes in the hall I crawl into the living room to see my Mistress sat cross legged on the couch with a drink in her hand, a smile on her beautiful face and a twinkle in her eye. I stop in front of her; head bowed waiting for her to talk. I can see that she wants to tell me something about her day and I wait patiently to hear, knowing she will be using it to tease me in my already frustrated state.

She knows that I have a big fetish for feet, stockings and sexy high heels and she regularly uses it to tease me. I’m more than happy to provide her with endless foot massages and pamper her pretty little feet. She tells me to gently remove her sexy high heel and start to massage her foot while she tells me what her session was like today.

“Well I think he was even more of a little footlover than you were sweetie” she tells me “his jaw almost hit the ground when he saw me dressed up all hot and sexy like this but then his eyes fell to my feet and pretty much didn’t move for the rest of the time he was here.” She giggled a little “He told me I had the prettiest feet he had ever seen, I bet that makes you a little jealous doesn’t it? That someone else had a bit of foot fun today and you didn’t.”

I mumbled a “yes Mistress it does a little” and she giggled again and made me kiss her big toe before letting me resume my massage task.

“So I started by making him crawl around everywhere following me as I walked Bayan Escort up and down in my heels, after a while I put a collar and lead on him and made him learn how to keep pace with me. He stumbled a few times and I almost trod on his hand more than once but he eventually got it. You should have seen him blush when I told him he was a good boy and patted him on the head.” This time she laughed properly.

She signaled that she wanted me to change feet so I gently released her foot with a kiss, placed her sexy high heel back on her foot and she re-crossed her legs. I removed her other sexy high heel and began to massage her other foot, working out the soreness. She played on her phone for a while as I continued with my massage. Apart from the occasional moan of encouragement, she practically ignored me.

When her feet were suitably relaxed she ordered me to lie on my back and she placed her high-heeled feet on my chest, using me as a footrest. For the next few minutes she continued to play on her phone while occasionally wiggling her feet so that her sharp stilettos dug into my flesh. She smiled when they reached my nipples and coaxed a squeak of pain from my lips.

After a while she put down her phone and began to tell me some of the other stuff she had done with her client that afternoon.

“I had him lay on his back, just like you are now, and I dangled my high heel over his face like this” and she showed me. “He was so funny following it back and forth with his whole head, trying to get a sniff of my perfect feet, or better yet kiss them”. She giggled to herself as she remembered. “He was turning so red as I teased him and kept telling him to keep his head on the ground. I eventually relented and let him kiss my sexy shoes, I told him to suck on my heel, then remove my heels and get his nose inside. Oh my goodness I thought he was going to cum on the spot when I rested my foot on his cock (over the top of his boxer shorts) and he inhaled the scent of my sexy high heeled shoes.”

She told Escort me that she bet I was jealous but not to worry and that I was still her favourite. She then took off one of her heels and placed it upside down over my crotch so that my cage was filling the space where her beautiful foot was moments before, I could feel the slight warmth and it made my caged cock ache. She placed the other heel on my chest like it was being displayed in a shoe shop and told me not to move so it didn’t fall over.

Then she rested her feet on my face and sat back a little, absent-mindedly wiggling her toes every now and then while she told me the rest of the story. The lucky client had received a very teasing and skillfully administered footjob through his underwear which brought him right to the edge while he continued to smell and worship my wife’s hot high heels. She had then ordered him up onto his knees and given him a choice.

He was allowed to orgasm, because he had been a good boy in the session, but there was a catch. He only had 30 seconds to do it, he had to jerk himself and cum on my wife’s little feet and then he had to lick them clean of his cum. Option number two was that he could continue to worship the sexy heels while my wife continued to give him a footjob but this time it would be without underwear. However, if he chose this option, it would just be more teasing and he wasn’t allowed an orgasm. If he disobeyed and pushed over the edge, she would kick him hard in the balls so he wouldn’t be able to enjoy.

“Oh it was so funny watching his face as he tried to decide. Of course he wanted the orgasm, but equally he wanted to feel my soft feet against his bare cock. It was only when I threatened to remove the choice and send him away that he decided on option one. After all of the teasing it only took about 5 seconds of my countdown before he was squirting all over my pretty feet. He did do a good job of cleaning up after himself though. And don’t worry, I’ve had a thorough wash and disinfect of my feet since then slave boy so no need for that look.”

Once she had finished her story, she decided it was time to get ready for the evening and I had to help her get ready. She hopped up and headed off to our bedroom while I was left to pick up her sexy high heels and follow her.

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