My Teacher, My Master Pt. 03

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Sometimes when I am in a situation, things happen that I don’t immediately process. After I left “Mr. Clark,” I realized what a breach of confidentiality he had committed by telling my classmate, Calvin, all about me.

To be honest, I was torn about it. On the one hand, this is the sort of thing that someone could get in real trouble for. And I knew that I now had an advantage because of that breach. On the other, I actually had the best time ever. My submissive nature was incredibly turned on by becoming the slave of the hot guy in my class who always bullied me.

But, as you may recall, Cal had videotaped me being groped and humiliated, completely in the nude. And then he said he was going to release it to other members of the class when I was in their presence. Now I know that I should’ve felt that this was going way too far. And, indeed, I decided that I would not let it happen.

But, in full confidence, I will say that I had fantasized about being treated by some of the other guys in the same way that Cal had treated me. I wasn’t 100% opposed. The next day at school was looking to be a challenge.

And it was. During the first break, I encountered Calvin in a private corner of the hallway. I was determined that, though I might be willing to allow him to play with me at will, I would not let him spread it any further. And so I told him, “Hey, Cal, I want to clarify something about yesterday.”

“What is it, Zachy bitch?” I loved-hated when he talked like that.

“Listen, I have to admit that yesterday was fun. But it was really wrong what Clark did. Still I’m not going to complain about it now. However, you threatened to show the video you made to other guys here, and that’s too much. I’m not good with that.”

“Sorry, ass hole, I’m going to do it anyway. And I know you want me to, you horny fuck.”

This wasn’t as easy as I thought. It’s true that I kind of wanted it, but I was afraid of too much publicity. This could cause major problems. I decided to go the legal route.

“You do know, Cal, that doing that would be against the law. If you out someone like that, you could go to jail. And I won’t promise not to complain to the police.”

I expected this might work. It didn’t. Cal pulled out his phone and turned on the video. He fast forwarded to the part where I promised to be his nude slave, let him strip me and grope me and force me to serve him however he wanted. Two things happened when I saw it. First, my cock began to get hard again. Suddenly, the thought Pendik escort bayan of being not just his slave, but that of some of the other guys as well, became more appealing. As for the legal point, Cal made the following argument:

“You promised to be my new toy. You promised to do whatever the fuck I want, and I want to share you with some of my friends. I have it on video, which I don’t think you want to show to the cops. So, still got a problem with my plan?”

I made one more feeble attempt. “I’m not really good with that, Cal, it makes me uncomfortable. Please don’t force me to make an issue of it.” To be honest, I really didn’t convince myself either. But Cal, suddenly, showed a little bit of understanding. That was surprising to me, that he had a better nature.

“All right, Zach, I think I get your problem. You don’t want this going all over the place, and, to be honest, I don’t either. I may enjoy calling you an ass hole and spanking your naked ass, but I don’t want to mess up your life or my life. So here’s what were going to do. You’re going to tell me the names of two other guys who you want to serve, and I will share the video with them. We are all going to be super discreet, and it will go no further. Deal?”

I needed a minute to think about that. It certainly was better than the video going to the whole class, but it still was a violation of my privacy. But at least this would stay discreet, so I could be a little calmer about it. And there was another factor.

Now I had to give away who I secretly liked. And not just to let them know that I liked them, but to be prepared to be their naked toy! It was like stripping naked, going on my knees, and saying to a guy, “Please, may I suck your cock?” Meanwhile, mine was still growing. I really needed to think, but the offer was apparently about to expire, as Cal held up his phone and demanded an answer now.


Now I had done it. Cal smiled and gave me a quick squeeze of the crotch. “You don’t have to tell me right now, send me a text in the next half hour with the names of two guys, and if I know that they are into it, we’ll make it happen. I know all the seniors in the school, and there are at least five who might like to own you, bitch.” He smiled and walked away, feeling like a conqueror. As he did, my dick was tingling.

It wasn’t a hard choice. There were two guys that I really did fantasize about. Michael was tall and athletic, and shared Cal’s overconfident attitude. Thomas, Escort Beykoz on the other hand was shorter than I and skinnier. He was a bit shy, but that was attractive to me as well. He had a gorgeous face, short brown hair and dark eyes. I loved that look, and I loved the thought of being a nude slave to a shy guy. Okay, so this was going to be fun. I sent the text to Calvin. He answered with a thumbs up.

Nothing happened over the next couple of classes, but at the end of lunch, when the cafeteria had pretty much emptied out, Cal waved to me from a table in the corner. I went over and sat down, and within seconds, both Michael and Tom came into the room. I saw them look in our direction, and start walking towards our table. What had Cal told them? It was as if he read my thoughts.

“I didn’t show them the video yet. I know they are into guy fun, and just among friends, I asked them what they thought about you. Both of them thought you were nice and good-looking. So now we will find out more fully what they think. And don’t worry, I told them this was going to be a private conversation with 100% discretion required.”

That’s all he had time to say, because Mike and Tom arrived at the table and sat down. “Hey, Zach, what’s up?” asked Mike. “I’m good, how are you?” There was a little shake in my voice when I answered that. Cal noticed. He took charge. Now it was going to happen.

“Hey, guys, you may see that Zach is a little nervous. Now I told you that we were going to have a private conversation, but I want to make sure that no matter what I tell you or show you, it just stays among us three. Agreed?”

“Sure,” agreed Mike, “but what is this? Is Zach having a coming-out party?” The guys laughed, and I kinda did too.

“Close, Mike, but this is not for public consumption. Let me show you a video that Zach and I made the other day,” he said with a really mischievous smile. He had created a small WhatsApp group for just the five of us, including Mr. Clark. Slowly, and with great relish, he picked up his phone, moved some things with his finger, and then made a demonstrative click.

The other boys phones pinged instantly. They each opened their WhatsApp, saw the link and the thumbnail image, and looked at me with surprise. I’m sure I blushed, and again, my crotch was stirring. “Turn down the sound, guys,” instructed Cal.

They held their phones in a more discreet fashion, and click the video. Big smiles were growing as they watched, and I could see Tom’s Cevizli escort hand go down toward his crotch. They pointedly did not look at me, but stayed buried in the video. I have to admit, inside I was trembling a little. I mean, they’re looking at a video of me, completely nude, declaring Calvin my sex master. They were watching him feel my body from top to bottom, play with my dick, and force me to say that I would be his nude slave whenever he wanted. I mean, this was hot!

As soon as they finished the video, they looked at me with a winking smile. I gave a shy smile in return. Now it was Cal’s turn to share some more information.

“Guys, I invited you to this meeting because of a conversation I had with Zach. I told him that I wanted to get some more guys involved, and that he had to choose two who he liked. Yes, that’s right, Zach likes you both. He likes you both enough to be ready to be your nude slave, just like he is mine. Are you down for it?”

The guys absolutely loved this little speech. “Totally,” Mike said. “I’m down for it,” answered Tom.

Boy, were they smiling at me now. And I smiled back, although I’m sure that my face was as red as a beet. “Looking forward to getting to know you better, Zachy,” teased Mike. Tom, the shy guy, just smiled, although I think that his hand moved beneath the table. On the one hand, I was a little embarrassed, but on the other, I felt like a fantasy was about to come true. And it was! But Calvin had some words of warning.

“Hey guys, there’s one thing you have to know. We’ve got a place to meet, but it belongs to this older guy, Mr. Clark. You saw him in the video. Zachy here connected to him through the app, and he’s been playing the role of his teacher. Truth is, he really is a teacher in the high schools in this town, and sometimes subs here.” I never knew that. Wow. He wasn’t just playing. Calvin continued.

“So the deal is, we meet at his place, and he gets to watch. So if you guys are stripping down for fun with Zach, he’s going to see you. He won’t dominate you, unless you want haha, but Zach belongs to him first. And he’s part of the games we’re gonna play. Agreed?”


“Awesome. When should we have our first meet, greet and spank?”

Oof, the smiles and the blushing returned. The guys all wanted to do it right away, but we had classes. They settled on 5 PM at Clark’s.

“See you there, Zachy,” said Mike with a smirk, and he touched my thigh under the table. Tom was more polite. “I’m looking forward,” he simply said and actually shook my hand! If I didn’t know better, and maybe I didn’t, I’d say there was attraction in his eyes. Man, I love making fantasies come true!

So at 5 o’clock, the fun – I hope – will begin. How would I focus any more that day?

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