My Summer with Nora Ch. 06

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In the previous chapter, former part-time campus hooker Nora Meara had been invited by her unlikely new boyfriend Paul to join a college newspaper with him. This is in September 1974. All City College buildings described here really existed at the time, but they have since been demolished.

Maspeth is Nora’s neighborhood in Queens.


About a week after she had joined The Salient in September, Nora and I were together in the office. She was near me, sitting at a desk, banging away at an old Smith-Corona manual typewriter. Not only did she have her Burger King memoirs to write, but she also had been assigned a news story by senior editor Lilith. As the latter had said, “She needs to pay her dues here, like everyone else.”

That actually wasn’t true. I had known people who got right into music reviews, poetry, short stories, or whatever their main interest was. Lilith thought Nora was arrogant — well, she could be at times — and that was a way for her to be taken down a few pegs.

Whatever it was, that article was so boring that I don’t even remember what it was about. Nora was really struggling, typing for a bit, then scanning her notes about it. She sighed and grimaced a lot.

I was just sitting there gazing out the window and idly noting the buildings I could see: the former Theresa Hotel, the State office building, some nameless high-rise on St. Nicolas Avenue, Mount Sinai Hospital in the distance. Upper Manhattan is developing quite a skyline.

I felt a need to inform Nora of something. “Did you know that when Fidel Castro came to New York, he stayed at the Theresa Hotel?”

Nora stopped, but she didn’t reply. Instead, she got up and squatted next to me. In a quiet voice she said, “That fucking bitch Lilith, I’d like to get the longest, thickest dildo I can find and shove it up her tight little butthole.”

“She’d probably like that. Maybe you could get a strap-on.” I didn’t even know what a strap-on was until Nora had told me about them.

She confided to me, “You know that some of those things have an extension that goes into the pussy of the woman wearing it?”

“You both could have orgasms.”

“I think that twat could use some good climaxes. She probably hasn’t had one in some time.” Nora smiled to herself. “She could straddle me while I was wearing it and take it into herself. Then you could kneel next to us and spank her haughty bare ass at the same time.”

“Double the pleasure, I see.”

“I bet her orgasm would be so explosive that they’d be able to hear her yelling all the way down on 125th Street.”

It was quite amusing to try to imagine that. “You’re taking this a little too personally.”

“By the way, I want to talk to you about something, privately.”

There were only two other people in the room. “Why not here?”

She grabbed my arm. “Just come with me.”

We went all the way around the hallway to one of the window ledges on the north side, and we sat down. Nora was dressing better that semester, and she looked great. Her dark blonde hair was tied up behind her head. She was wearing a white pullover blouse, a gray skirt that came down just above her knees, and chunky white sandals. Perhaps today, her outfit would be called business casual, but the term hadn’t been invented yet.

I said, “So what can I do for you today?”

She put a hand on mine, “I want to propose a stunt that we can pull off right now.”

“What kind of stunt?”

“A sexual one, obviously.”

“Okay, why is that?”

“Because I’m horny, that’s why.” She went on, “I mean it’s too late to get your dad’s car or go out to Maspeth.”

I shouldn’t complain; this girl is one hot number. I decided to kid her a bit. “Nora, you have what they used to call ‘hot pants.’ And I don’t mean those little shorts that were fashionable for a while.”

From the way she was smiling, I could see that she took that as a compliment. Then she started describing it. “Here’s how I see it going. Remember how I told Beşevler Rus Escort you that in my hooking days I used to take customers into that little restroom in, what is it, Stieglitz Hall?” Stieglitz was one of several wings that were part of the Finley complex.

“So you want to give me a blowjob in that last stall in the back?”

“No, actually I want to have intercourse in there.” She must have seen my look of surprise. “The best way, I think, is for me to lift my skirt, bend over, and you can take me from behind.” She looked at me as if assessing me. “Here, let me give you some motivation.”

First, she pushed her glasses to the top of her head. Then she put her arms around me and started kissing me, passionately. After some of that, I was moaning, “Oh baby, you’re so sweet.”

Nora dropped her hand to my crotch and felt it. “I can see you’re ready to go.”

“That wasn’t quite fair.”

“Oh, I know you’re going to love it.”

After some more smooching, she stood up and said, “Come on, let’s go.”

Just outside the door to the restroom, I said, “So what are we going to do if somebody comes in?”

“I’ll just get up and squat on the toilet seat.”

“But you’re not going to start in that position. You’d better move fast.”

“You’d be surprised at how fast I can move.”

I went in first to make sure it was empty. The room was out-of-the-way and lightly used. That was why Nora had used it for hooking activities and I had used it for masturbation. Of course, at that time, neither one of us knew what the other was doing in there. We had virtually no conversations with each other when we had been sitting in our spring semester history class.

There were two stalls in the back, and we went into the one furthest from the door. It wasn’t quite going to be a quickie, but neither could we prolong our coupling in there. Thus, we got to the foreplay almost immediately.

She unbuckled my pants, but I said, “Take it easy, I don’t need too much of that.”

“But I’d like some if you don’t mind.”

She lifted her blouse and undid her bra, which was black, unusual for her. I sucked and licked her nipples, and she put her arms around me. Soon I had my hand under her skirt and I pulled her panties off. They also were black and seemed to match her bra. Rather carelessly, I left them on the floor.

“Cute panties.”

“They always are. And they’re new, you should know. This is my first time with them.”

Nora put a leg up on the seat and I rubbed her underside. She was already getting quite wet.

“You dirty girl, you’re already lubricated.”

“The better to fuck you with, my dear.”

When she was ready, she pulled my pants down and rubbed my erect cock a few times. Then she lifted her skirt and turned around. As she bent over, I could see the remains of her summer tan lines.

Rather than spending too much time admiring her pretty rear end, I held her hip with one hand while I used my other to guide my cock into her. She said, “Oh, yes!” as I did that. Her hands gripped the pipes in the back.

We had to keep our voices down, but we could do some quiet grunting and moaning as we pushed away at each other. In less than two minutes, we heard the outside door open. True to her word, Nora was up on the seat in what seemed like an instant.

Then we had some bad news as the guy went into the stall next to us. We heard him taking his pants down, and then the unfolding of a newspaper he was going to read. It was not going to be a quick defecation.

I gestured that we should get out of there. Nora shook her head and indicated that I should go and she would stay in place. Presumably, I would return when the room was clear.

Then we both noticed that her black panties were on the floor. I reasoned that picking them up would bring us more attention than just leaving them there. I shrugged and shook my head, and she seemed to agree. Maybe the Cebeci Rus Escort guy would think I had brought women’s underwear to ejaculate into them, and then I had abandoned it.

I got my pants together and left the room as unobtrusively as I could. There was a place in the hallway where I could pretend to look out a window and wait for the guy to leave. In about six minutes, according to my watch, he did come out, carrying his New York Post with him. Jesus, a Post reader. It had to be the worst of New York’s three remaining newspapers.

Back in the stall, Nora was still on her perch. I said, “I’m completely distracted now.”

“Well, I’m not. I’ve been sitting here the whole time fondling myself.”

“You were masturbating with him right there?”

“I didn’t make a peep, I swear. Here, shut the door, and let’s get that dick up again. I know you have a shot in you that is meant for me.”

She took my pants down, and then she turned around and did her old trick of grinding her bare ass into my crotch. Within about a minute I was holding her hips and moaning, “Oh Nora, Nora.”

“That’s it, baby, you almost got it. Put it into me and finish me off.” In a moment we were back to where we had left off.

I came first, probably a bit earlier than I had hoped for, but there was no stopping it. I thrust forward, leaned back, and said something like a long, “O-o-o-o.” I could feel myself jetting out into her.

“That’s it, sweetie, give me all of that hot load you have.” Then she said, “Don’t stop, don’t slow down. I’ll be there myself pretty soon.” My erection stayed up as long as I continued to fuck her, my cock going deep into my own cream pie.

When Nora climaxed, she got up on the toes of her sandals. “Oh God, I’m coming, I’m coming right now!” She wasn’t that quiet as an “A –h — h” came out of her mouth. Her hips swished back and forth, and I could feel her body quiver around me.

When she relaxed, we stayed like that for a few moments. Then she moved forward and I fell out of her. Nora immediately turned around and started kissing me. She was saying the most loving, affectionate things about me. I held her bare behind and she had her arms around my torso.

It was a great way to get the new semester rolling.


Later, we were in the horrible Finley snack bar, recovering, when she said in a very calm voice, “We should do it again, right now — I mean screwing, that is.”

“You mean you want to go back there?”

She looked at her watch. “No, it’s four o’clock. Wagner must be emptying out by now. We should go to that restroom on the second floor, the last stall in the back.” That was the classroom building just across the way. Nora had used that one too during her hooking days.

I must have had a look of skepticism, because she said, “Hey, you’re nineteen years old. If you can’t do it again, you must be dead.”

“Yeah, I was a bit premature that last time.”

“No worries, sweetie, you did a yeoman’s job on me.”

On the second floor of Wagner, I went into the restroom to look around. It was empty. For a moment I remembered my only previous sexual experiences in there — like humping my own sweater against a stall partition. I felt a bit chagrined for a moment. Why did I have to tell Nora about that? But she didn’t tease me about it too often.

Later, in the post-Nora era, I would screw two other girls, best friends of each other, at different times in that room. One of them admitted to me that she had masturbated there too, thinking of me. A little later, it came true for her, and she copulated with me in one of the stalls. We used the rear entry position that time too. It seemed the best way to have restroom sex.

I brought Nora in, and soon she was bent over in the last stall, getting balled by me from behind again. I had plenty of energy for her that time, and she came twice before I went off in her. As in Stieglitz, we moaned Kolej Rus Escort and groaned but we kept our voices down. Fortunately, no one entered the room during our sojourn there.

A little later, we were downstairs on the Wagner portico. Nora leaned against one side of the entrance. She wagged her head around and rolled her eyes as if dizzy. I was leaning on the opposite side, staring out at the driveway.

For some reason, I quoted a Bobby Womack song by repeating a few of the lyrics. Among other things I said, “across 110th Street is a hell of a tester. “

“I know the song, but what does that have to do with anything?”

“It struck me that I’m one the few white guys to lose his virginity in Harlem — to a white girl.”

“Isn’t this actually Hamilton Heights or Manhattanville or some such thing?”

“I think it used to be called Harlem Heights.”

Then she said, “So how has your day been going?”

“Oh, the usual. I went to two classes, hung out in the newspaper office for a while, and then I fucked my girlfriend a couple of times.”

“I know, college can be such a drag at times, isn’t it?”

“How about we go down to the West End and have drinks and something to eat?” That was a bar and grill near Columbia University.

She remembered something. “First, let’s go back to the office. I have to check on something.”

Finley was right across from us, so we were back to the third floor in a couple of minutes. The door was open, and only one other person was in there. Nora and I went over and looked at the typewriter. She had stopped in the middle of a word. She removed the sheet and put it on a pile with the other pages, and then left it all just sitting here.

She said, “I really don’t want to finish this thing.”

“If you don’t, Lilith is going to be on your ass. You know how mad she got when I didn’t do my assignment.”

“Fuck her, I don’t care anymore.”

“You had better care if you want to stay on this paper. Remember how I imagined that she would cane me as punishment?”

“She better not try that with me, or I’ll break it over her head.”

“It was just a fantasy. Jesus, Nora, you can be a bit violent at times.”

“I’m just fantasizing too. I’m actually a very nice person.”

“Maybe she secretly has the hots for you. Maybe you have it for her too.”

“The only way I’d have sex with her is if I could tie her up and make her do my bidding.”

“What would that be like?”

“I did mention a strap-on, but I have a better idea. I’d make her lie down and then I’d rub my crotch into her face until I came, as often as necessary. Then I’d piss on her, just because I could.”

I winced at her vengefulness, but I didn’t challenge her. “So, we should get a cab and go down there already.”

“Let’s just take the bus. It’s right here on the corner.”

“You seem to have a thing for that Convent Avenue bus.”

“I didn’t bring my car up here today, so I don’t have to come back and get it. Oh, one more thing.” She opened her purse and pulled out a pair of ample white underpants. “A girl should always have an extra pair, just in case.”

“In case of what? That she gets screwed by some guy twice in one day?”

“Exactly. My present panties are just soaked with all your cum leaking out.”

I wondered if that extra underpants thing was a habit left over from her hooking days, but then I remembered that she refused to have vaginal sex with her customers.

Well, she did have anal once in a while. Plus she would sometimes “fluff” a guy’s crotch with her behind as she had done to me in the Stieglitz men’s room. If she left her panties on for that — and I knew she did at times — and if the guy came on her, it could be quite a mess.

“Just give me a moment to change, I’ll be right back.”

When she returned, she looked at the other guy in the room, but he was absorbed in something else. Then she took her black panties out of her bag and twirled them around on a finger.

“Would you like to examine them and see how drenched they are?”

“I think I’ll take a pass on that.”

“What’s the matter? I know you’re not one of those guys who is disgusted by his own cum. I’ve met some of those.”

“Let’s just get going already.”

She put her arm through mine as she had on the day of the first staff meeting, and we headed out.


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