My Summer Vacation Ch. 01

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It was my first week back home from school for the summer and I was already bored. Sure, college was tough and there were classes and tests and homework but there was also always stuff to do and as I lounged out on my little plastic flotation device… thing in our pool in the backyard, I began to fear that this was exactly how my summer was gonna be going.

This past year had been kind of a rough one. My girlfriend Monica and I had broken up over spring break, having been together since eighth grade. We were that couple you saw in high school where you never saw the one without the other and they practically blended into one person. I realize that couple probably annoyed the shit out of you, and Monica and I certainly did that to all our single friends but… you know, we were happy. When college came last fall we thought that even though our schools were a four hour drive apart we’d make it. I mean, if any couple could do the long distance we figured it would be us. It worked for a little while, we’d drive up to each other’s schools when we could, but eventually come March of this year we realized we were only kidding ourselves and ended it.

It’s weird to be alone for the first time after having been with someone so long. I mean, not only was she the first girl I’d slept with, she was the first girl I’d *kissed*. After the break up I went to a few frat parties and hooked up with a few girls (nothing past second base) but it didn’t end up making me feel all that much better. I thought I’d be looking forward to some time home, but it turned out that wasn’t helping as much as I thought.

My misery with interrupted by the ringing of my cell phone which sat on the nearby patio table. With a sigh I jumped off my floaty water bed thing (seriously, what do you call those?) and answered it, knowing perfectly well it’d just be my best friend (and college roommate) Nick. It was.

“Hey Matt, what are you doing?”

I shrugged, “Not really anything, just hanging out in the pool.”

“Cool. Can I come over? I just saw my Dad get out of the hedge clippers and I have this sneaking suspicion he’s going to try to get me to help him.”

I chuckled, “Sure man. I could use some company.”

“Oh, you’re not still whining about Monica are you?”

“Dude, I’m not whining…”

“You’re majorly whining,” I heard Nick groan, “Seriously, Matt, what’s wrong with you? You’re nineteen years old, there’s every fucking girl on the planet out there for you. Don’t get me wrong, man, Monica was hot, but… you guys first slept together when you were what, sixteen? Everything after that it’s just three years of wasted time.”

“Such a sentimentalist, Nick. I’ll see you in a few.”

Nick lived only a block away so he was here within the next five minutes and we spent the next hour or so just chilling in the pool. Nick was trying to get me energized about the possibilities before me now that I was single by discussing at length his various sexual exploits (which I didn’t really need restated for me, as I said… we were roommates.)

“So, seriously, Matt, here’s what we’re going to do. Tomorrow night Ryan Fisher’s having a party at his place for all the people from our senior class as a kind of reunion thing, and I know for a fact there’s going to be some hot girls there. I mean, dude, what about Karen Fitzgerald? Remember her from AP Calc? Was she hot or what? And I totally remember her being into you.”

“Karen? She was such a ditz.”

Nick rolled his eyes, “Well, I didn’t realize IQ was a must in this situation.”

“I just like girls with a bit more substance to them. You know, like Monica. I like someone I can have a future with.”

“Oh, okay, well what about Amber Piemetti? She’ll be there. She goes to school with us at BC so that’s something you can pursue.”

I shook my head, “Nah, man, remember? You introduced us and I almost hooked up with her at Harrison’s party the week before finals.”

“Well why did you only *almost* hook up with her?”

I gave Nick a look, “‘Cause she has herpes, Nick!”

“How do you know?”

“She told me.”

“Oh… well… how was I supposed to know that?”

“You gave them to her!”

Nick gave a half-smile, “Well, hey, it was her birthday.”

Before I could respond, probably to inform Nick about how disgusting he was the kitchen door slid open and my little sister, Kim walked out in flip-flops and a big pink towel wrapped around her. Kim was a year younger than me and had a lot of graduation parties she’d been going to this week and so I’d barely seen her since I came home.

“Hey, how long are you guys going to be using the pool?”

“I don’t know. A while?” I answered.

Kim Porno sighed, “Well, can you hurry up? I’m going out in a few hours and I’ve been wanting to use the pool all day. You never do anything at night anyway, why don’t you use it after I’m done?”

At this I was a little offended, “Hey, I do stuff at night.”

“Yeah,” Nick backed me up, “Tomorrow night we’re going to Ryan Fisher’s party.”

Kim raised her eyebrows, “Oh really?”

I glared at her, “Why do you look so surprised? You don’t think I go to parties? I go to parties all the time!”

Kim laughed, “Oh, no, no, I would never doubt that you’re a major partier, Matt” she gave me a sarcastic wink, “I just thought it would be awkward for you ’cause I’m sure Monica’ll be there.”

Shit. That thought hadn’t even occurred to me. Monica was friends with everyone, of course she was gonna be there. “Yeah, uh, Nick? I don’t think I’m gonna go tomorrow night.”

Nick gave Kim a look, “Nice going. Don’t you ever want your brother to get over her? Just for that, we’re not leaving the pool.”

“Whatever. Then I’m coming in.”

As she unwrapped her pink towel I felt Nick nudging me in the side.


“Dude, when did your sister get so hot?” he hissed at me.

I looked up at her and couldn’t deny I was pretty impressed. She wore a fairly skimpy two piece pink bikini and had a body that could only be described as tight. I knew she did cheerleading and stuff but didn’t realize it would have given her that much of a workout ’cause every inch of her body was toned and… well… hot. Her breasts were nicely shaped and perky and if my amateur eye had to put a cup size to them, I’d settle on 34 B. As she took off her rubber band and let her long blonde hair down as she slowly sauntered in to the water I wasn’t quite sure what to think. Had she always been like this? I mean, I knew she was cute but I mean, I had seen her just a few months ago and I didn’t remember her looking like this. Of course what I had seen her in had probably not been so revealing.

Finally I realized I had to say something in response to what Nick said but all I could come up with was “Shut up.”

We splashed around in the pool for a bit. Eventually we were playing, kind of as a game that all three of us were fighting for my plastic floating raft thing and anytime anyone would get on it, one of the other two would push them off. Eventually there was a time where Kim was on it and I sort of flipped up the raft from underneath her ’cause both to sink into the water. When she came up she was clutching the raft behind her and swimming with her feet towards the other side of the pool. I followed her over and kind of pushed her up against the wall of the pool with my body as I reached around trying to grab the raft. Kim laughed and screamed as my torso and pelvis kind of held her in place while I reached for the raft. Her reaction seemed to be that of the typical younger sister being tormented by her brother, and at first mine was the same, but then I started realizing how good her wet skin was feeling against my hands as I grabbed for the raft. Finally with a bit of horror I realized my body had been responding to the situation as well and that I was rock hard. I kind of jumped back.

“Alright, you can have it. I think I’m getting out.”

“Yeah, I think that’s a good idea.” I looked over and saw Nick with an eyebrow raised and his arms crossed at the shallow end of the pool. My stomach lurched, in all the fun with Kim I completely forgot he was there.

“Matt, how about we go out and get something to eat and leave the pool to Kim?” Nick suggested with a look that suggested that what he really wanted to do was ask me what the fuck that was all about

“Uh, yeah, okay,” I said, “Let me just dry off.”

Fifteen minutes later I was sitting at a McDonald’s booth undergoing a serious grilling by Nick.

“Dude, what the hell was that?”


“Um… you were pretty much fucking your sister there in the pool.”

I tried to brush it aside, “If what I was doing is the kind of fucking you’ve been up to then maybe you’re not quite the player you think you are.”

“Look, Matt, we’ve been best friends a long time. Be straight with me. Are you telling me that your messing around with her in the pool this afternoon was completely platonic on your end? Honestly?”

I threw down my chicken nuggets in annoyance, “Well it’s your fault! Going on about how hot she is!”

“‘Going on’? I made one comment and… that’s actually okay because she’s not *my* sister.”

“Look, what’s the big deal? It’s not like anything happened.”

Nick nodded as he took Altyazılı Porno a sip of milk shake, “And that’s good if you don’t want your kids to be born with flippers.”

“It’s just… I mean, it’s hard you know? I haven’t been with anyone since Monica and there’s a turn on in knowing that I’m not supposed to be thinking these kind of things. I mean, okay, you only have brothers and… I’ve seen your mom, but do you have any like… attractive cousins? And like… even though you know you shouldn’t, you find yourself being turned on by them, and that makes them even hotter?”

Nick nervously stuffed a handful of fries in mouth as he mumbled, “No.”

“Fess up, Nick. I told you what I thought about Kim.”

Swallowing the fries, Nick gave a small sigh. “Alright, fine. But you have to swear you’re never going to tell anyone about this.”

“I swear.”

“Okay… one time, about a year ago… I hooked up with a cousin of mine.”

“You HOOKED UP with your cousin?!”

“Dude! Shut up!” Nick hissed, looking conspiratorially around the nearly empty McDonald’s.

“Sorry, sorry!” I said hastily, “But what happened?”

“It was at my cousin Danny’s wedding. My family has never been really all that close with Danny’s side but my parents still wanted us to come anyway. When we got there I saw Danny’s younger sister Imogene for the first time in like… five, maybe six years.”


“Yeah, yeah, I know but whatever, her name didn’t make her any less hot.”

“What’s she look like?”

Nick thought for a moment, “Ooh! Okay, you know the actress Eliza Dushku?”


“Like that but… more so. Anyways, the wedding was boring but afterwards a bunch of us snuck a bottle of champagne and went out back to hang out. It was me, her and then a bunch of random teens I didn’t know, we were the oldests. Eventually the group thinned out as people got bored just drinking and doing nothing so people went in until it was just left with me and her…. we had been drinking a lot and one thing lead to another…”

“Did you fuck her?”

“Nah, I totally would have but I didn’t think to bring any protection to my brother’s wedding and even in my drunken stupor I realized I didn’t want to risk any illegitimate flipper children.”

“Plus the herpes,” I pointed out.

“Dude, that’s another thing you can maybe share a little less,” Nick said, “Anyway, she just sucked me off it didn’t go any further than that… but yeah, I’ll admit, it was the fact that we weren’t supposed to that made it was cool as it was.”

“See, then you see what I mean?”

“I guess,” Nick said, “But a cousin’s way less severe than a sister. All I’m saying, man, is be careful.”

“Easier said than done, you know all I’m going to be able to think about now is hooking up with Kim now.”

Nick kind of shrugged, “If it makes you feel any better, Matt, I’m thinking about that too.”

After dinner Nick dropped me off back at my place. I called out to see if anyone was there until I saw a note on the kitchen table from Mom saying she had gone over to my older sister Courtney’s to babysit my niece and nephew. The moment I knew I was alone I headed upstairs with the intention to jack off like I never have before. Between Kim and Nick’s story about Imogene I thought I was going to explode. I put the toilet seat down, grabbed some lotion and was about ready to settle in when I noticed through the nearby window that Kim was still down there swimming. I debated whether it might be just safer to jack off and go out rather than go down and join her, but Nick’s story had seized me with a newfound sense of boldness. And I whipped off my shirt and pants, figured I’d just use my boxers as swim trunks and headed out to the pool.

Kim looked up as the kitchen door slide open and I walked out. “Oh, are you guys back?”

“Just me,” I said, “Nick went home. I thought you said you were going out tonight?”

“Yeah, but not for another couple hours.”

I hopped in the pool and we swam around for a bit, not really saying much. Finally Kim hopped onto the plastic raft (I’m going to go with ‘raft’ for the duration) with a sly smile. Now, the raft had previously been floating here in the pool so had I wanted I could have taken it as we swam around for the past hour or so, but I thought pretending to want it would be a good place to get myself near her and touching her again. I was a little surprised at where my mind was at, I mean… the past few months I hadn’t wanted to screw anyone and now all I wanted was to fuck my little sister. In my mind though, I knew that was completely unlikely to happen. I don’t think I was really Brazzers expecting anything more than maybe another more recent encounter with which to later jack off too.

I swam towards her and this time grabbed her on both sides of her waist in a gentle and yet still.. firm matter and lifted her off the raft and into the water. Before I could head over to the raft she had grabbed me from behind and was trying, fairly unsuccessfully, to drag me away. Feeling her hands rubbing against my chest and abs was just too much and I grabbed each wrist by mind and sort of twisted around and pushed her against the side of the pool. She was laughing in the cute way she had been earlier as we struggled and I eventually had my body pressed up against hers, with her back at the edge of the pool… it was then were my body gave me away. Without meaning too I felt my pelvis sort of thrust into her as though we were dry (although… since we were in water, not really) humping. At this her laughter stopped abruptly and her eyes widened.

“What the hell was that?” she asked me.

“Nothing,” I said, as I fought against the instinct to thrust again.

“Matt, I think I need to go inside.”

At this point my four months celibate body kind of took over. As she tried to lift herself up to get up I pushed her against the pool again and thrusted my dick againsr her again and then a third time. The motion was clearly having an effect on her that she didn’t want to admit and her eyes sort of fluttered closed for a moment before she said “Matt, get off of me.”

My mind was gone to lust. “Kim, you’re so fucking hot,” I hissed into her ear as I pressed my body harder against hers. I then began to kiss the side of her neck, and I brought my left hand up to slowly massage her breast.

This was more than Kim could allow, she pushed my hand away and nearly shouted “Get the fuck off me, you fucking freak.”

I had a choice at that moment. Stop, apologize and hope for the best or decide it was too late and I was fucked anyway and just go for it.

My dick chose for me. I firmly pressed my right hand over her mouth so she couldn’t shout again and my left hand lifted up her bikini top to expose her moderately sized and incredibly perky tits. My mouth immediately went for her left one, getting almost all of it into my mouth and running my tongue around her hard round nipple. I felt her continue to struggle but nothing was going to keep me from this so I just pressed my body harder against her and clamped my hand harder against her mouth as I continued to suck her tits.

Eventually I felt her begin to relax and since I wanted to my right hand free to massage her other breast I moved my hand away from her mouth slowly and immediately moved it to her breast. Immediately I heard her moan a soft “Fuck…” as I continued to work her tits and I realized I had her. I moved my mouth away from her tit and just about clamped it onto her mouth, my tongue ravenously exploring hers. As we continued to make out I slowly moved my left hand from her breast down under the water to her thin bikini bottom.

She abruptly grabbed at my wrist and broke our kiss saying said “No, Matt, we can’t. That’s too far.”

At that point, however, I honestly didn’t give a shit what she thought she wanted as I moved my hand under the thin fabric and sunk my fingers into her pussy.

She moaned as she felt my fingers enter her but after a moment she began to try to pull herself away again saying “No… Matt… this is wrong, we can’t do this. Please just stop, okay?”

“Shut the fuck up, Kim” I hissed at her, before moving my mouth back to one of her tits, “This is going to happen whether you want it or not and it seems as if you want it…”

I wanted her so fucking much I couldn’t even stand it. To ram my cock into her pussy and hear her scream out in pain and beg me to continue, I needed this sick and twisted forbidden fucking. Whether it was just because all I had was gentle “love-making” sex with Monica or whether it was just because of how god-damn hot Kim was, I don’t know but nothing or no one was going to keep me from fucking her right there and then.

Or so I thought. For at that moment I heard the garage door open up. Mom must already be home. At that moment the only thing that outweighed how much I wanted than to commit incest with my little sister was my desire to not be *caught* by my mom committing incest with my little sister. Kim moved her bathing suit back into place and she and I just stood there in the shallow end of the pool, our breathing rapid and our eyes locked onto each other. Would she tell? She had fought me at first and even towards the end but it was clearly her body was into it.

We heard the door in the kitchen open as our mother walked in. “Matt? Kim?” she called.

I was able to give Kim one last pleading look before she turned her head toward the house. “Mom, we’re in the pool. Come out here.”


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