My Son, The Photographer Ch. 04

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This story is fiction.
The background to this story is in the previous three chapters. I would encourage you to read (and vote for) them.

Enjoy …


My Son, the Photographer Ch 04

After our incredibly sexy time in the clearing by the stream, we sat around chatting and learning more of each other. The breeze was beginning to pick up a bit so we got dressed. Several clouds had appeared in the sky and John reckoned there was a storm building up so we packed everything away and started to make our way back up the path to the car. John’s predictions were correct. The sky began to get really dark and we could hear rumbles of thunder getting closer then, suddenly, the rain started falling in big, heavy splats. We were partially protected by the tree canopy above us but even so we got soaked long before we reached the car.

Wendy’s T-shirt was clinging to her body, transparent and showing all her assets. My own shirt wasn’t much better and my bra was clearly visible under the material – not that our boys minded. John commented that we looked ‘dead sexy’ and Andy was quick to agree. We eventually reached the car and got in, seated as before with me and Wendy in the back. John had to stay out in the rain to help Andy maneouver the car as he turned round in the restricted space of the track. They weren’t helped by the fact that the surface was by now very slippery but they managed and John got in. My son had to take the track very slowly as the car slipped and slithered in the ruts, his vision impaired by the torrential rain. We all flinched as a vivid lightning bolts flashed close by and the thunder cracked the air around us.

It was easier for him when we go to the main road and soon we were pulling up outside the chalets but by now we were back in bright sunshine with the recent rain steaming off the road and grass. We entered our respective chalets. Andy and I immediately stripped the wet clothes from our bodies. He grabbed a couple of towels and started rubbing me down while I dried my hair.

“Did you enjoy yourself with Wendy this afternoon?” he asked. “I told you I’d arrange for you to feel her bum, but I never expected to see the two of you like that.”

“Mmm, it was lovely, Andy,” I responded. “That was my first time ever with another woman. I hope it’s not my last. Did you enjoy watching us?”

“Wow, yes! You were both so sexy. I bet you never even noticed John pulling your pants down.”

“Well, my mind was on other things at the time,” I chuckled.

“Other things? I thought you were trying to eat each other when you were kissing. Then when you got into the 69, jeez Mum, you were both going wild. Did you like the way we set it up? John and I talked about it when we went for a walk. He knows his Mum has been with other women and he noticed her hand on your leg in the car. I told him you wanted to get your hands on her bum. We both hoped you two would do something and boy, did you go!”

“You and John set us up? Cheeky buggers, the pair of you! But yes, it was lovely, Thank you.” I could feel myself getting wet between the legs again just thinking about Wendy’s pussy grinding onto my face and her teeth nibbling my pleasure button – and that wasn’t helped by Andy’s movements between my legs with the towel. I pulled it off him and kissed his forehead. “Thanks, I’m quite dry now, Andy,” I told him. “Let’s get dressed: there’s plenty of time for that tonight.”

“Quite dry?” He put his hand between my legs. “This isn’t dry, Mum!”

I pushed him away playfully and told him to get decent. I selected a denim shirt and skirt, the skirt was closed by a zip running down the front. I chose a set of lacy pants and bra in navy blue to wear underneath.

Andy was wearing a pair of faded jeans and a tight T-shirt which did nothing to hide his muscles. “Hey Mum, they’ve got one of those mini bowling alleys down at the arcade. Do you fancy a few frames? Maybe John and Wendy would. What do you think?”

“Sounds like a half-way decent way of spending an hour. We could go straight from there to the club. Yes, you go and ask if they’d like to come while I fix my hair and face.” He left me to my hairbrush and lipstick and returned as I was putting the last touches to my make-up.

“Yes, give them a couple of minutes and they’ll be with us,” he announced. It wasn’t long before John popped his head in the door and said they were ready. We walked in a line down the path to the arcade, me and Wendy in the middle, flanked by our sons. John, too was in jeans and T-shirt, but his was loose around his chest. We all held hands as we walked, cracking jokes and laughing, just enjoying ourselves. We got to the arcade and had to wait a few minutes until another couple finished then put our coins in the slot and started throwing the balls down the alley at the pins. Wendy and I weren’t too good but it seemed like a bit of a friendly competition was building up between the boys. Eventually we girls left Porno them to it, telling them we’d be back later. We went to the cafe nearby and sat quietly over a cup of coffee.

She was wearing a really sexy looking pale blue tank top in heavy lace and matching flares which hugged her slim figure. The dark triangle of her g-string was just about visible through the material and again her braless nipples pushed out into two points. “God, Wendy,” I whispered over my coffee cup, “you look good enough to eat.”

She put her hand in mine and whispered back, “I want to be eaten tonight, Sarah.” She gave me a slow wink and licked her lips lasciviously. “How’s your appetite?”

I squeezed her hand, looked her straight in the eyes and silently mouthed the words, “I’m starving.” She held my gaze for a long, long minute. Her pale blue eyes seemed to stare into my soul, melting me inside; I could almost feel her thoughts of what she wanted to do with me. I turned my eyes away, breaking the spell, conscious of my breath coming in short pants, my nipples sensitive to the material of my bra as they hardened, my tummy quivering and my pussy slick and tingling. “Starving,” I repeated.

“Yes Sarah,” she whispered breathlessly, returning my squeeze. “Tonight the four of us will have a ball!”

We finished our coffee with no urgency and went back to the boys. They were just about finished. Andy, it seemed, had just pipped John on the final frame. “He’s buying the first round of drinks tonight,” announced my son.

“Yeah, he just got lucky! I’ll beat him tomorrow.”

We left the arcade and walked the short distance to the club. Tonight was a dance night and the place was beginning to fill up. They had the lights down low and a pretty good trio was playing on the stage with about half a dozen couples gyrating to a lively beat. We located a table and sat down, me and Wendy on the bench with our backs to the wall, Andy and John on the outside seats. John asked what we all wanted and went to the scrum at the bar, eventually returning with my wine, Wendy’s vodka and tonic and a glass of beer each for them.

We sat sipping our drinks and chatting until the band started out on a slow tune. Andy took my hand and invited me to the dance floor. Wendy and John followed us and soon I was holding my son and lover close as we shuffled round the floor. I could feel the bulge of his manhood pressing into my thigh as his hand in the small of my back pulled me into his body, crushing my breasts between us. We danced like this through the three slow numbers the band played and returned to our seats when they speeded up the tempo. I wanted to save my energy for what I hoped would happen later. Wendy and John stayed on the floor for a few minutes then returned breathless but laughing.

Andy went to get another round of drinks and Wendy whispered to me she needed the toilet. I joined her and, as we were going she said, “Sarah, I want you to take your bra off for me.” I went into the cubicle and did the necessary then complied with her request, stuffing my bra into my handbag. She was waiting by the door when I opened it. Ignoring the other women coming and going, she opened the top two buttons then pulled my shirt open so that anybody looking at the right angle could see my nipples. Next she bent down and pulled the zip on my skirt up until it was just below my panties. She held my face in her hands and gave me a big sexy kiss. She led me by the hand back into the main room. I could feel the blood rushing to my face. My nipples crinkled up again and I could feel them rubbing on the coarse denim weave of my shirt with every step I took. I was greeted with grins of pleasure from the boys when I returned to the table.

The band started another slow sequence and John asked me to dance with him, Andy leading Wendy onto the floor, too. He held me close and whispered that I looked so sexy and described in graphic terms how he’d like to make love to me. The bulge pressing into my tummy told me that he was getting aroused as I encouraged him by rubbing my body on his. He reacted by kissing and nibbling at my exposed neck which sent shivers up and down my body. He got one of his legs between mine and I was concious of his thigh pressing right onto my pussy. I knew my panties must be soaking as every twist and turn of our dance caused me to grind myself onto his thigh. As the slow music came to an end he asked me to walk in front of him and when we reached the table and sat down again I could see why: his erection was poking a large bump in his jeans and there was a definite damp patch on the thigh which had been driving my pussy wild.

We decided to have something to eat at the club and the boys went to order the food at the bar and get another round of drinks in. Wendy shuffled along the bench to me and said she loved looking at my nipples. I glanced down and saw that the dancing had moved my shirt and my right nipple was indeed just showiing. Altyazılı Porno I made to pull my shirt together but she restrained me, encouraging me instead to open my legs more and show my panties. I think she was enjoying putting me on show like this and I was just getting hotter and hotter the more I noticed people looking at me. And I was getting stares from the men – and some women – who passed our table.

Our sons returned with the drinks and announced that the food would be about twenty minutes – they had ordered scampi and chips in a basket and the waitress would bring it as soon as it was ready. While we were waiting the conversation at the table was becoming more and more explicit. We were clearly heading for a major session when we got back to the chalets. We discussed the arrangements, deciding that the beds weren’t big enough for all of us to get together then John suggested we go to their chalet, move all the furniture to the corners and throw down all the bedding we could find onto the floor. We agreed that we’d leave as soon as we had eaten – I, for one, was raring to go and I’m pretty sure the others were, too.

The food arrived and was disappointing: five pieces of reformed fish which might have been scampi at some time and the chips were undercooked. The baskets and cutlery were plastic. Before I started, Wendy told me not to spoil my appetite. I looked up to see a twinkle in her eye. Indicating the poor fare set before us, I said that wasn’t very likely and that I wanted honey for desert! She squeezed my thigh and told me the honey pot was dripping. We all left most of food, gathered our things and made our way out of the club. As soon as we got out of the bright lights at the club entrance, Wendy stopped me and opened all the buttons except the last one on my shirt so it blew open with every puff of the cool evening breeze. She made me walk all the way back to the chalet like that but fortunately the path was almost deserted.

I say almost, but when we passed a couple of youths, maybe the same age as our two sons, she pulled the shirt to one side and had me walk past them with one breast fully on display. I felt so embarrassed yet at the same time my pussy was tingling like crazy. It was only a few minute’s walk to the chalet but it felt more like an hour, knowing that someone – anyone – might walk round the next corner but eventually we got to the there. I was standing directly under the lamp over the door as John fumbled -deliberately? – with the key before ushering me into the privacy of their chalet. Andy went into ours and grabbed all the bedding, dropping it all at his feet and spreading it out when he returned.

Wendy stood in front of me and removed my shirt and skirt, leaving me only in my panties. She kissed me long and hard, holding her body away from mine as Andy stripped her slacks off. She broke away briefly as John removed her top then came back with her mouth wide, her tongue worming its way in to fight with mine. She put her hand to my groin, fingers playing over my pants. “My god,” she gasped, “You’re soaking wet.” Andy and John had to check it out for themselves and all this handling of my pussy kept my juices flowing.

“Would you like a drink, Sarah?” asked Wendy. “Sorry, I’ve only got vodka and beer in the fridge.”

“I’d rather stick to wine. I’ve got some next door. Andy,” I turned to my son whose hand was now inside my pants, “be an angel and get it for me, please.”

A wicked grin came to his face as he left off massaging my pussy and retrieved the key from his pocket. “Get it yourself, Mum. Just like that!”

My mind was in some kind of haze as I felt myself being guided to the door. John was already there to open it. He poked his head out, looked around and said, “Clear.”

He lied! As I dashed out I saw an elderly couple, fortunately some way off in the gloom but walking towards me, as I stood transfixed in the light dressed in just my panties. I shoved the key in the lock and opened it in record time. Inside, I closed the door and leaned back on it, panting with embarrassment. But why were my nipples sticking out like organ stops? Why was I leaking so much it was dribbling down my thighs, even having soaked right through the material of my panties? The excitement of knowing I had been caught by strangers was an incredible turn-on for me.

In the fridge was one opened bottle of wine which I grabbed along with another full bottle. I stood at the door, my hand on the lock, plucking up the courage to venture out again. I took a big slug of wine from the opened bottle, took a few deep breaths, open the door and went out without even checking if there was anybody there. I was almost disappointed to see only the backs of the elderly couple in the distance. But they had closed the door forcing me to knock. John took an age to open it again, I’m sure it was deliberate, but eventually the door opened and I was admitted, still panting.

He had Brazzers stripped off and his erection was bobbing as he walked to the pile of bedding on the floor and sat down to watch the action. Wendy and my son were also naked. He was on his back with his face between her legs while she was taking his tool deep into her throat. I was torn betwen watching them and getting a glass for my wine. I got the glass, filled it and sat down beside John to watch the inpromptu floor show.

Wendy was obviously enjoying her task, from the sounds of her mouth slurping up and down Andy’s tool. Long deep strokes which went from the tip all the way down until her nose was tight into his pubic bone. I watched this for a couple of minutes then shuffled over to see what was happening the other end. Andy was alternating bewtween licking the juices flowing from her and sucking on her clitoris. She left off sucking him for long enough to call, “Oh put it inside me, fuck me with your tongue!”

John saw an opportunity. He knelt behind her and gripped her hips, pushing his thick erection towards her pussy even as Andy was working on her bump. I watched in amazement as my son took hold of him and guided it into place. Wendy moaned in pleasure as she felt the hard mass penetrating her pussy. As for me, I removed my panties and had one hand at my own pussy, slipping two fingers in and out, spreading the slickness. My other hand was pinching and pulling my nipples as I watched John’s balls slapping Andy’s forehead with every stroke. Each time John pulled back in his stroke, Andy would lick his tool and her clit at the same time. I wished it were me getting the treatment she was getting.

John was the first to call out, “I’m coming Mum. Ohhhhhhh.” He thrust right into her and his body spasmed as he pumped his sperm inside her. She was writhing on Andy’s face even as the sticky mess was leaking out of her pussy but my son never stopped licking. I could see his own body bucking as he filled her mouth with his sperm and her body just started quivering as her own climax hit her.

Meanwhile John’s tool was slowly softening and falling out of her pussy. Amazingly my son took the tool into his mouth and sucked away their combined love juices. The sight of this tilted me over the top and with a loud cry I gave myself up to the orgasm wracking through my body.

I was dimly aware of Wendy calling out, “Yes, yes, yes, more!” and saw that he had licked John clean and returned to her pussy, probing deeply with his tongue to clean everything out. I saw his tongue coated as he curled it into his mouth to swallow everything then push it back deeply inside her, sending her into another frenzy until she finally collapsed on top of my son.

The three of them slowly disentangled themselves, with Andy rolling over to kiss me. I could taste John and his mother in my son’s mouth. “That was just so sexy,” I told him when we broke apart.

“Yeah, real cool, Andy!” John agreed. He stood up to pour another round of drinks.

Wendy looked at us with a slightly puzzled expression. “Did I just miss something?”

“Andy sucked my tool clean after I came inside you!”

“No shit? Jeez, I wish I’d seen that! That’s where you went, Andy. I wondered why you stopped for a minute!”

“You were just a little busy at the time,” I grinned.

“That’s true. Sorry we started without you, Sarah, but I did say I wanted to be eaten.”

We thanked John for the drinks and sat around kissing and cuddling each other for a while then Wendy and I started getting ‘serious’ again. She was driving me crazy, gently blowing in my ear and giving me light, fluttering kisses on my neck and throat, whispering all the time what she was going to do to me. “I’m going to suck your tits and squeeze your nipples ’til you beg for mercy then I’m going to chew them some more,” she told me. “I’m going to suck the juice from your sweet, hot cunt. I’m going to fuck you with my tongue and my fingers. I’m going to shove my fingers right up you hole. I’m going to suck on your clitoris, nibble it, bite it hard. I’m going to make you squeal. I’m going to grind my own cunt into your face and you’re going to lick me out …”

“Don’t talk about it,” I hissed, “Just fucking do it. Take me you bitch.”

She pulled me onto my back and knelt over me, taking a nipple in her mouth, rubbing her own breasts into my face. I caught her erect nipple in my mouth and sucked just as hard as she was sucking mine. She had her mouth wide open, sucking as much as she could inside, compressing my nipple between her tongue and the roof of her mouth, at the same time twisting and pulling on my other nipple. She set her teeth on the one in her mouth and started nibbling, using her tongue and teeth painfully – both my nipples sending twin sparks of electricity down to my throbbing clitoris. I was moaning and crying with the pleasure/pain as she gripped the tender flesh between her teeth and pulled it as far as she could, grabbing a handful of my other breast and squeezing, digging in her fingernails, crushing it. Her own breast was in my mouth receiving similar treatment as I flicked and danced my tongue over the rubbery flesh until at last I broke away and called, “Enough! No more!”

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