My Son and I

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I grew up in an orphanage. Not that I’m putting it down because I learned at a very young age to look after myself. That is until I turned 15 and got pregnant by a staff member. He wouldn’t admit to it and I couldn’t force them to spend the little money I had to prove it was his so I had a son by the time I was 16. Since I was of age, or at least by state law I was, I had the option to give my son up for adoption or leave. I choose to leave. I found a job and started working, looking after my son and myself. I rented a small one-bedroom apartment but things went well. I worked for a small local company owned by a very nice couple who took pity on me however they also admired me for working so hard and raising my son alone. They helped to look after me until I could get my diploma. I eventually found a better paying job and my son (Bobby) and I moved to a new town.

Over the next few years’ things got better and I started a business of my own. It was a struggle but with some hard work things worked out. Bobby grew into a fine young man and is now 19 years old and in college. My name is Brenda and I’m now 35 years old. It seems odd to have a 19 year old at my age but here I am. Due to my hard work I have kept my shape. I have a better than average body with a natural 36DD breast and a small 23 inch waist. I own a clothing store so my looks and figure helps sell the cloths. As far as sex goes I had put that on hold for many years. With work, raising Bobby, little money and my natural distrust for men in general I didn’t think I missed it that much. Then one night I was sitting at home alone in front of the tube, Bobby was out with some friends and I was surfing the channels. With nothing on I decided to access the pay per view movies, something that I never did since I was so stingy with a penny. But what the hell. I selected a movie and punched in the number and almost immediately the movie started. But, it wasn’t the movie I selected. I wanted a good romance movie but what came on is a hard core fuck movie. What in the hell do I do now? How do I stop this thing? I tried to stop it for several minutes but failed so I thought I might as well watch some of it since I was paying for it.

It started out with an older woman sleeping in a bed. It was dark and rainy outside. Slowly the door opened and a young man walked in. I guess you know what happens next. Before you know it I was hooked. I got so hot so quick I couldn’t believe it. In a matter of minutes I was rubbing my pussy and had opened my top so I could get to my tits. I kept watching and getting hotter by the minute. How did I know that a couple of glasses of wine and an x-rated movie could awaken the woman in me so quickly? I took off my skirt and slid my panties off. I took another big swig of wine and sat back on the couch. As the scene on the TV got hotter so did the burning between my legs as I continued to play with my dripping wet pussy. By now I had three fingers stuffed as deep inside my cunt as far as I could get them and was fucking myself with deep strokes. I had pulled my big tits from inside my bra and was pinching my left nipple as I started to feel the first orgasm in over a year start to build inside me. By now the young man on the screen had his big cock deep inside the older woman’s pussy from behind and she was screaming with pleasure. The intensity Porno inside me continued to build until I though I would explode. In an instant I was on the verge of the biggest orgasm of my life when I heard Bobby’s voice.


It was too late to stop as Bobby rounded the corner and entered the room staring at me fucking my cunt with my fingers. I looked him in the eye then saw a huge bulge in his pants. The site of his cock poking out against his pants leg set me over the edge as I started to cum. I kept looking at Bobby as I continued to cumming. All of a sudden Bobby started moving toward me as I watched him unbuckle his pants, lower the zipper and pull out the largest cock I had ever scene. I was still on my orgasm high as he approached me sticking that big cock directly at my face. Without thinking I grabbed it with my left hand as my right hand continued to fuck my cunt. I pulled his cock toward my mouth and started sucking the head of that beautiful prick in my mouth.

“Oh yea mom, suck it. Suck my cock. You don’t know how long I have waited for this.”

Bobby moved onto the couch with me and fed me more and more of his wonderful love stick. I took as much as I could in my mouth. I started pumping his cock with my left hand as I was sucking on the head of that monster. I was in heat and I didn’t care that the cock I was sucking belonged to my son.

“Damn mom you suck cock good. Oh yeaaaaaa, keep sucking. I gonna cum in your hot mouth. Oh yea mom, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna fill your face with cum. Yea, I’m cumminggggg…..”

With that Bobby started cumming in my mouth as I swallowed as quickly as I could with without much success. Cum was running down my chin and dripping onto my tits. I continued to suck his cock and fuck my pussy until I felt Bobby relax. I released his cock from my mouth but continued to hold onto it with my hand as he backed off. I looked up at him and he smiled then without warning Bobby reached down, took me by the shoulders and laid me down on the couch. We continued looking into each others eyes as he moved between my legs. He pulled my fingers from my pussy and almost immediately fills my gaping hole with his already hard cock. I just looked at him unable to speak.

“Mom, I think this is what you need. I think you have needed this for a long time and I have wanted this for a very long time. I’m gonna fuck you. Today, tomorrow and forever.”

Bobby slid his big cock deeper and deeper into my dripping wet cunt. It had been such a long time that I had almost forgotten what it felt like to have a cock. I moaned and began to spread my legs as wide as I could. I continued to look at Bobby and feel that monster being shoved deeper and deeper until I thought he would split me open.

“Oh fuck Bobby, yes I want it. I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck your mother. I’ve always wanted you.”

“Tell me what you want mom. Tell me how you want it.”

“I want you to stick your cock deep into my cunt. Fuck my horny pussy. Fuck me Bobby. Fuck meeeeeee!!!!!!!!”

“Oh mom, your pussy is so damn tight. Pull your legs up so I can get deeper.”

I pulled my knees up toward my heaving tits as Bobby pushed harder and deeper than I ever believed possible.

“Oh fuck me. Fuck me with that big cock Bobby. Fuck your Altyazılı Porno mother….”

Bobby began to pull out then shove his cock back into me. Over and over he pulled out slowly then shoved it back into me until I could feel him hit bottom. I was filled to overflowing with cock and I loved it. Bobby started picking up the pace of his attack on my pussy and I started cumming.

“Oh Bobby, your making me cum. Keep fucking me. I’m cumming….I’m fucking cumming….Fuck me harder!!!! Yes…Yessssss….Keep fucking meeeeee….”

Harder and faster Bobby kept shoving his cock into my pussy. I felt like I was having one orgasm after another. In a matter of minutes Bobby shoved his cock as deep into me as he could as his own orgasm started. I could feel his cum pouring out of his prick and hitting the inside of my pussy. I continued to cum as I felt his cum pour out of his prick.

Once it was over Bobby and I starred at each other as he continued to hover over me still with his cock buried deep in my pussy. I could feel an amazing amount of cum running out of my pussy and down the crack of my ass. I pulled my son to me and kissed him for the first time. Instantly I knew this would not be the last time I would feel his monster cock deep inside me.

Chapter 2

Bobby pulled his semi-hard cock from my pussy as our mixture of cum started leaking from my pussy. It was still burning from the pounding he had given me. This was the first time in many years that any cock had invaded my pussy and never had a cock this size been buried in me. Bobby and I lay together for over an hour. Slowly Bobby raised his head and spoke. “Mom, are you alright? I mean, I hope you don’t hate me. I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Oh no baby, I’m not mad. I wanted you too. I wanted you to….uh….make love to me. It was wonderful.”


“Yea baby?”

“Well, since you liked it so much can we do it again?”

“Only if you’re up to it.”

Just then I felt Bobby’s cock start to stir. It was growing bigger and bigger as each second past. Bobby leaned over and started to suck my left nipple. Heat rushed from my left nipple directly to my pussy. I lifted my tit to give Bobby better access. He sucked harder as the heat intensified in my cunt. My pussy was creaming and I could feel the cum running down between my ass cheeks and over my puckered asshole. The feel of my hot juice running into my ass gave me feelings that I had never experienced. I had never considered anal sex but now the feeling of my dark hole being filled with my own juice excited me.

“Bobby….Oh Bobby…. You have to fuck me again. I want you to fuck me in my asshole. Fuck you mama in her virgin ass Bobby. I want you to stick your hard cock up my ass!!!”

Bobby rose up from my breast, looked down on me and smiled.

“OK mom, whatever you want. If you want it in your ass then that is where you will get it.”

Bobby rose up on his knees as I watched his huge cock stand straight out. I got up on my knees and kissed my son then I bent over and took that massive prick head in my mouth.

“Mom……don’t mom…..If you keep doing that I’m gonna cum.”

I licked the mixture of our cum from the head of his cock then turned around sticking my ass up at him as I leaned over Brazzers the arm of the couch. I looked back at Bobby and winked.

“OK big boy, do me. Fuck you mamma in the ass but take it easy. My ass is virgin and I don’t want you to split me open.”

“OK mom.”

Bobby then leaned over parting my ass cheeks with his big hands. He leaned over and started licking my puckered asshole. I was in heaven. He ran his tongue over and around my ass getting it wetter and wetter as if my own pussy juice wasn’t enough. Then he stuck one then two fingers slowly in my ass trying to loosen my spinster mussel. I started fingering my hot horny cunt as Bobby continued to lick my brown hole. After several minutes of licking and prodding with his fingers to loosen me up my son raised up and looked down at my glistening brown hole.

“Come on Bobby, do it. Stick that big cock of yours up my ass. I can’t wait any longer.”

With that Bobby leaned forward and placed the head of his cock against the opening of my virgin asshole. He pushed slightly but I was having none of that. I was so hot that I wanted…no….I needed his monster cock buried deep in my ass NOW! I pushed back on his cock and felt the head pop in my anal passage. A shock of pain swept over me but at the same time the pleasure was so intense I knew I have to have it all. I stopped for just a second to allow my spinster to adjust to the size of my son’s prick then I started to push back. Bobby held still as I continued to push my ass back over his cock taking it deeper and deeper. I felt that I couldn’t take anymore so I looked back only to see over half of Bobby’s cock still outside of me. I slid forward allowing only the head of his cock to remain then I gritted my teeth and pushed back with all my strength. I was determined to take all of my son’s cock deep in my ass.

“Ahhhhhhh…..Damn you have a big cock!!! Oh fuck….oh fuck that’s good. Give it to me. Give me all that horse cock. Fuck me Bobby….fuck your mama.”

Bobby pushed forward at my urging and the remainder of his prick slid past my spinster and deep into my ass. Cream was pouring out of my pussy and filling the air with its aroma. Slowly my son started moving back and forth in and out. I started fingering my pussy as Bobby started fucking me with long deep strokes. It was only moments later that my orgasm started causing my asshole to tighten around Bobby’s cock. He continued to fuck me harder and faster as my orgasm continued to rack my body. Bobby started to grunt as he pushed his cock as deep into my asshole as he could get it. I felt I was going to explode as my own son’s cum began to gush out and fill my anal cavity. Spurt after spurt continued as he tried to bury his already buried cock even deeper in me.

“Oh Bobby…..Ahhhhh yesssss baby…. Give it to me. Fuck meeeeeee…. Fuck your horny mamma. Give me your cummmmmm…..”

I collapsed on the arm of the couch. My cum dripping from my cunt and Bobby’s cum running out of my ass and down the inside of my legs. Bobby slowly pulled his cock from my asshole and collapsed.

“Mom, that was great. That was the best fuck I have ever had. Your ass is great.”

I turned to my son and saw him lying back against the other end of the couch with his cock lying across his leg.

“I’m glad you think your mother’s ass is so wonderful. But if you think that my ass is good just wait until you try my mouth.”

With that Bobby smiled and told me he wouldn’t wait. I looked down and saw his cock start to twitch and I thought to myself “It’s going to be a long night”.

The End

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