My Sister Has an Evil Plan

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Female Ejaculation

All characters are 18 or over. They are all fictional.

Quick disclaimer: This story is not meant to be realistic! Everything in here is purely a greatly exaggerated fantasy. It’s not meant to make sense, it’s meant to be hot!

On that note, enjoy, and please rate and comment if you feel so inclined!


Mikayla, 21, watched as her 19 year old sister happily bobbed up and down on her pussy, purring contentedly as Mikayla’s juice ran down her throat. Her round face was framed by chunks of her long brown hair that was hastily tied back in a ponytail, and Mikayla smiled watching as Emily’s C-cup tits bounced below her. But it just wasn’t enough anymore.

Mikayla was 21, in her third year of college, slim, with D-cup tits and round little ass and dirty blonde hair. Her sister, Emily, was 19 with an ass and body just like her sister’s. The two had been fucking for a while now, and Emily was always so happy when her sister came home. Even though Emily got lots of cunt from her various high school lovers, there was no cunt quite like her sister’s.

But Mikayla had been experimenting at college lately with more lesbian group sex, and though she was sad to say it, this solo fucking with her sister just wasn’t enough to properly satisfy her. Mikayla lifted her confused sister off her pussy and gave her a quick but deep kiss, then turned her around and got behind her. She lowered her face to her sister’s dripping cunt and dove in, licking and sucking deep inside her hot sister who moaned loudly, groaning her appreciation for her sister’s filthy tongue. Soon enough, Emily was pouring a load of her slick cum down Mikayla’s throat, and she sighed happily as they sat next to each other. Emily’s thoughts returned to earlier, however.

“What’s up, Micky? Did you not enjoy me eating you out?”

“No, it’s not you Em, it’s just…” Mikayla looked confused. “I don’t know, I just can’t get off solo anymore I guess. I told you about all the orgies me and Tasha have been hosting, I guess I’m just over sexed.”

Mikayla grinned in exasperation, but Emily piped up.

“Well if it’s a group you need, I’m sure I could get a couple friends together for a fuck. Maybe tomorrow, or even tonight!” Emily’s eyes sparkled with lust. Mikayla had to laugh.

“Ok, you see what you can set up then!”

And with that, Emily went to organize their little orgy while Mikayla went for a much needed shower.

That night, three gorgeous lesbians entered the house. With Mikayla and Emily’s parents away on a seven day cruise that afternoon, the five had free reign to be as bad as they liked.

The first two girls were twin sisters. Mikayla couldn’t remember which one was Haley and which one was Sophie, but they were both redheads with green eyes, B-cups, and very sexy. Emily had warned Mikayla that they were more into each other than other girls, but she said they were still totally willing to play nice and share!

The other girl was Lindsay. Dark haired with blue eyes, long legs, and an ass to die for, she had large B-cups and oozed sex. Mikayla was instantly turned on the moment she walked through the door, and it was obvious that Emily felt the same way. In fact, because of Lindsay, there was little chit chat before the fun started; she was a girl of action.

The twins had both ganged up on Mikayla and they had worked each other’s clothes off. They were each sucking a nipple and both of them had a hand on Mikayla’s pussy as she reached a hand behind both of them to fondle their hot cunts. On the opposite side of the couch, Lindsay was straddling Emily, her body pressed up against Emily’s and sharing a passionate kiss with her. They were both in the throes of passion, and it was hot to see that they were both soaking wet, rubbing their pussy’s together and making their juices mix while they groped each other.

Meanwhile, Mikayla and the twins had got themselves into a triangle on the floor. Mikayla was buried in one of their pussies while the other one tongue fucked her sloppy cunt. It had been a few weeks since Mikayla had been with a girl besides Emily and it felt incredible. It was even better knowing that the girls she was fucking were just Emily’s random sluts, there for a sloppy group fuck. She loved her whorish side.

Because the twin eating her pussy was doing such a good job, Mikayla was close to her first orgasm, and she worked harder on her pussy eating to make sure that they came at the same time. Focusing, Mikayla paid attention to every little fold of the pussy in front of her. She tasted the tiny trickles of cum seeping from the little Gaziantep Anal Escort dyke’s hole, and the feeling of the soft, slippery flesh rubbing over her hungry lips and tongue. Finally, all three girls had worked themselves to a frenzy, their orgasms imminent. Determined to ride the twin she was sucking through her orgasm, Mikayla latched her mouth onto her clit and sucked hard, which caused the slutty readhead in front of her to squeal in delight and unload cum down Mikayla’s throat. Mikayla hit her orgasm at the same time, and while she was swallowing buckets of cum, she was unloading her own load into the other twin, who drank as much as she could before letting the rest of it wash her slutty face.

Meanwhile, Lindsay had dominated Emily, shoving her cunt into Emily’s face and riding her hard, screaming in ecstasy as Emily’s practiced tongue drove her wild. Then, Lindsay went rigid, and Emily seemed content to let her sister and the twins watch as Lindsay’s cum flowed over Emily’s face and drenched her entire body, running down her front in flows that coated her in a sweet sticky sheen.

They continued the rest of the night in a similar manner, with animalistic sex and the smell of rivers of girl-cum hanging in the air like a drug. At one point, Emily and Mikayla were scissoring as they watched the two twins assault Lindsay, who was growling like an animal at this point. This made the sisters explode on each other, adding a fresh load of cum to their already drenched pussies.

The night finally ended with a position that Mikayla had learned during her group fucks back at college and she was eager to try. She was on her stomach, eating out her sister who was on her back. She had one twin underneath her in a 69 position eating her pussy, and another twin on top of her eating her ass. Lindsay had her pussy pressed into Emily’s face, and was eating out the twin on top of Mikayla. They fucked like that for a good half an hour, bringing each other to orgasm after orgasm until finally they all collapsed from exhaustion sleeping pretty much where they were, naked and each one absolutely coated with cum.

The next day, Mikayla and Emily were discussing their conquests over breakfast.

“So how many more sluts do you have hanging around, anyway Em?” Mikayla asked her naked sister between slurping on her pussy.

“Unh, about 5 more, I think…” Emily answered. “I’ve even turned a few girls. The twins were straight as arrows when I met them!”

Hearing that her sister was converting straight girls to be her sex toys was way too much for Mikayla. With her fingers in her cunt, she came hard, squirting cum all over the floor as she brought her sister to a similar orgasm. Mikayla drank up all her sister’s cum before replying.

“Well invite them all over then! what are you waiting for!” Mikayla exclaimed.

“I was going to last night, but the other five were busy. I’ll see what I can do about tonight.” Emily winked as they swapped places so that Emily could finish her breakfast.

That night, seven girls walked into the house. It was a regular orgy. And boy, did Emily know how to pick them! Like Lindsay and the twins, the other 4 girls were gorgeous.

Taylor was brown haired and cute, with a round face like Emily’s.

Natasha was blonde and average height, but sexy as hell. Her boobs were pretty small but she had a decent sized ass that swayed ever-so-nicely as she walked.

Kayla was also blonde, but unlike Natasha, her skin was darker and her boobs a bit bigger.

Amanda had brown hair that was fairly long, with B-cup tits and long legs.

And finally, there was Megan, who’s hair was dark brown. She had large C-cups and a booty that was to die for!

Mikayla marveled and her mouth watered at the smorgasbord of juicy cunt on display for her. But she was surprised to see another girl enter, tied and gagged, being dragged along by Megan.

“Em, what’s this?” Mikayla asked her sister.

“Sorry, I didn’t tell you but tonight I thought I’d let you join me in turning another straight girl!” Emily’s eyes sparkled evilly.

“Who is she?”

“Chrissy Barnes, head of the cheerleading squad!” Megan announced proudly.

“Megan is our mole inside the cheerleaders, so to speak!” Emily spoke triumphantly. “She’s going to help us turn the entire team!”

“So how does this work?” Mikayla asked, smiling.

“Follow my lead,” Emily winked.

Emily walked over to their captive who was now naked on her knees on the floor, and pulled off the black sack over her face. Chrissy had D-cups and glorious body, and she was cute too. Very cute! Mikayla got really strong feelings from her: she felt both innocent and unbelievably slutty! Mikayla knew this should be good. Chrissy looked up at Emily, with both fear and defiance in her eyes.

“First off, you have to know that every girl has a slutty, whorish, bi-sexual side to them. So to bring that out, we let her watch us as we fuck each other. This is guaranteed to get her unbearably horny. We tie her up and then one girl stays with her, fucks her cunt, whispers filthy things in her ear…” Emily paused for a second to compose herself. This side of her sister was making Mikayla ridiculously horny. “Then, once we know she’s ready for any kind of orgasm, we all take turns cumming on her. We get her soaked, and we keep cumming on her until she’s begging us to make her squirt!”

By this time, Emily was face-to-face with Chrissy, whose initial defiance had been replaced with apprehension and a bit of panic. Mikayla would’ve felt sorry for her if she didn’t want to cum all over her so badly.

“Usually I stay with the captives, but I’m giving that honor to Megan this time. She really wanted to do this.”

Megan’s eyes lit up.

And with that done, the girls wasted no time. Chrissy was tied up, being forced by Megan to watch as the seven remaining girls went off in two’s or three’s to fuck each other silly. Mikayla grabbed her sister and flung her on to the couch, eating her furiously and savouring how filthy her cunt tasted. Emily was obviously immensely horny from all this as she was grunting with primal lust and uttering the filthiest sentences under her breath.

The twins ganged up on Taylor, who looked like she really enjoyed being submissive. Haley and Sophie were dominating the poor girl, using her face and cunt to get themselves off and squirt in her mouth. They were rubbing their pussies on every part of Taylor they could get a hold of, drenching her in cum. But Taylor was loving the teasing, and she seemed to love drinking cum. Mikayla was noticing a pattern among the girls Emily turned.

Finally, Lindsay had taken Natasha and Amanda, and she straddled both their faces while they both ate her out, and she finger-fucked their hot cunts.

Mikayla noticed that Emily was very horny and close to cumming. She assaulted Emily’s pussy, forcing Emily to dump a hot creamy load down her sister’s throat. The sisters stood up and kissed each other, groping each other as they did so.

“Fuck I love pussy!” Emily exclaimed.

“You and me both, baby girl!” Mikayla giggled.

They kissed again.

“Alright, I’m going to go make Lindsay’s two whores cum in my mouth, why don’t you go use Taylor? She’s a great little sex toy, I’m sure the twins won’t mind you helping.”

“Alright, I’ll see you soon!” Mikayla responded.

On her way over to Taylor and the twins, Mikayla looked over to Megan and Chrissy. Megan looked positively evil, rubbing her pussy slowly and grinning as she whispered in Chrissy’s ear. She had her other hand buried in Chrissy’s cunt, and she could tell that it was working. Chrissy looked as though most of her concentration was on trying to block out how horny she was, but every once in a while a smile would break through when Megan did something nasty.

The sight of a straight girl getting so worked up watching a hot lesbian orgy really fired Mikayla up, and as she approached Taylor she formed some nasty plans. She didn’t speak as she grabbed Taylor from the twins and groped her harshly, holding her by the neck and mauling her tits, ass and cunt. She threw Taylor back down on the couch and got behind her.

“You, eat her pussy while I eat her ass. And you eat me out, I need to squirt on someone!” Mikayla commanded the twins.

They paid little attention as they assumed their roles, and soon, Mikayla was pushing her tongue inside Taylors ass while the twins worked them both over. Mikayla had started eating girls’ assholes in college and loved it, but she definitely loved pussy more. After watching Taylor cum in the twin’s mouth, Mikayla grabbed Taylor, flipped her over and rode her face, mashing her cunt and furiously rubbing her self all over Taylor’s face. She finally squirted, drenching Taylor in pussy juice. She slapped Taylor’s pussy as she left the twins licking her cum off her face.

Mikayla was walking towards Lindsay and the other two when Emily came walking up to her. Judging by her wet face and shit-eating grin, Mikayla assumed she’d made both those sluts cum on her.

“The girls are ready Micky, Megan says that Chrissy is almost done! Let’s gather the girls and make that bitch cum!”

Soon there was a line of girls standing in front of Chrissy, rubbing their pussies and obviously itching to let loose on the poor girl. Emily stood there and questioned Chrissy.

“Did you like that?”

Chrissy shook her head. Emily grabbed her hair, thrust her pussy up against Chrissy’s cheek, then slapped her hard.

“Don’t lie to me bitch, there’s a fucking puddle on the floor! You want to cum, don’t you?”

Chrissy nodded slowly.

“Tell me you want to cum.”

“I… want to cum…”

“Not good enough!”

Emily motioned for the first girl to come forward. Natasha approached Chrissy with lust in her eyes, and while Emily held Chrissy’s mouth open, Natasha brought herself to a massive orgasm, squirting loads into Chrissy’s mouth. Megan helped Emily force her to swallow it, but Chrissy choked up quite a bit of it.

“Tell me you want to cum!”

“I want to cum…”

“Not good enough!”

Next up was Lindsay. She grabbed Chrissy’s face and rubbed her pussy all over it. She finally came and this time Chrissy managed to swallow most of Lindsay’s big load.

“Tell me how much you want to cum!”

“I really want to cum!”

“Not good enough!”

Taylor unleashed a torrent unlike anything I’ve ever seen! She was gushing cum into Chrissy’s mouth, but what surprised me even more was that Chrissy swallowed almost all of it!

“Tell me how much you want to cum!”

“Please, please let me cum I want to cum!”

“No, wrong!”

The twins shook things up. Megan pulled Chrissy’s hair and head so that she had her mouth up facing the twins pussies directly above her. The twins were pressed together making out while fondling each other until they both came. Chrissy eagerly gulped down their loads as they showered over her face and into her mouth.

“Tell me.”

“Please let me cum… please let me cum…”

Chrissy panted.

” You’re not getting it. You’re going to make the rest of us cum now, and then maybe you’ll get it right!”

Amanda was next in line, and she put her pussy up to Chrissy’s mouth.

“Eat it, slut!” Amanda exclaimed.

Chrissy went to town on Amanda, and when Amanda squirted in her mouth, Chrissy gulped it down eagerly, opening her mouth afterwards to signal for the next pussy. Mikayla was last in line, and as Chrissy slurped on her pussy, Mikayla had a mind-blowing orgasm and dumped cum into Chrissy’s mouth and down her throat.

“I’m next!” Emily giggled. Chrissy worked hard and fast, making Emily squirt buckets down her throat. When she recovered, Emily slapped Chrissy across the face and walked behind her.

“Now,” Emily started, “Tell me you want to cum.”

“I don’t want it, I need it! I need someone to make me cum right now!” Chrissy sounded frantic.

“That’s a good girl…”

With that, Megan got behind Chrissy as Emily put her on all fours. All the girls watched in anticipation as Megan attacked Chrissy’s pussy, licking and sucking the whore with feral lust. Chrissy screamed as she came, pouring loads down Megan’s throat while Megan drank it all down. All the girls cheered as Chrissy was left shaking on the floor.

When Chrissy recovered, Emily spoke to her.

“Chrissy, isn’t there someone here you’d like to thank for that?”

Chrissy looked at Megan rubbing her pussy, realizing she hadn’t cum yet. A smile creased her lips and Chrissy moved and put her mouth on Megan’s cunt, grinning as she began to eat her out. Megan didn’t take long before she was cumming hard, squirting in Chrissy’s mouth and all over her face. Chrissy swallowed what she could, but there was so much cum that most of it just ended up splashing all over her face.

Mikayla was surprised when she finally got a good look at Chrissy’s face; the girl was in some kind of sexual stupor, her eyes were glazed over and even after the orgasm that she experienced, all Mikayla could see on her face was a hunger for more pussy!

As Chrissy sat up, Emily kneeled down and gave Chrissy a sloppy kiss.

“You liked that didn’t you?”

Chrissy just nodded.

“Tell me what you want from us.”

“I want to make you cum…” She started a little hesitantly, “And then I want someone to lick my cunt until I cum!” Mikayla could almost see a fire starting in her eyes.

For the rest of the night, Chrissy was the center of attention. She always had girls eating her out and there probably wasn’t more than one moment where she wasn’t munching on some slutty girl’s cunt with a voracious appetite! It was late when the girls finally fell asleep, exhausted from endless fucking but knowing that tomorrow could be even better.

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