My Sister and I

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Cum On

Note from author, all characters in this story are over the age of 18 before any sexuality occurs. Nothing sexual is hinted, implied, blatant or anything else prior to the age of each character reaching the age of 18 years old.


I have a problem, I love my sister. I don’t mean brother and sister type love either. I mean I want to fuck her nine ways to Sunday and make her my wife. While some people would say go for it, and screw social morality, I am not one of those people. You see I am the pastor of our church. I could leave all that behind me, move out of state taking Sara with me and start over. But my other problem is I don’t know how she feels. Of course we love each other as brother and sister, but can she also feel the same as I do?

Let me tell you a bit more about us. Our parent’s Kris and Robin raised all of us in a two bedroom house. Our parents are a bit odd. They insisted we call them by their names, not mom or dad. Also, to stretch their money we have only lived in places with two bedrooms, and no air conditioning or heating used ever. Luckily, we live where the temperature did not freeze or roast us much. I have a brother and two sisters, Mike, Lacey and Sara. We are all only a couple of years apart in age so we were very close growing up. Of course that was forced on us as our parent’s other odd quirk was all of us kids slept in the same bed. In the winter it would keep us warm, all of cuddling up together under the comforter. In the summer we slept on top of the sheets. Our parent’s also never bought us pajamas we always slept nude. Looking back on it some people would think this was cute, four little kids naked in bed. But we didn’t stay little kids forever. We turned into adolescents then teenagers.

As we got bigger the bed got bigger too until we were sleeping in a king size bed. Still four teenagers in even a king size bed means there was no free space between any of us. Oh, almost forgot, our parents were very casual about nudity in the house. In the hotter months it was common for us to spend days and sometimes weeks all of us naked. Our folks did understand that the rest of the world did not think of nudity as they did, so when people came over we were all properly dressed and nobody went out the front door without being dressed. Kris worked outside the house making a good living in the construction business. Robin stayed at home to raise us and do the majority of the home schooling. Kris also did most of the shopping so long periods of time would pass without the need for any of the rest of us to go anywhere else. That was O.K. with us kids, we were always playing games of some kind, or swimming in the pool. We were each others best friends. Nothing sexual ever happened between any of us. Maybe it was just us, or maybe it was our parent’s influence, or something else. Who knows?

Being very close with each other and home schooled we didn’t have outside friends until we were already teenagers. That is when we began to understand that other people didn’t live like us. Some people shunned us as too weird or as freaks, but we did manage to make friends. Still, my best friends were my brother and sisters. Especially Sara. If I had any secrets I shared them with her or she found them out.

Eventually we finished our home schooling. Lacey was more like Robin and wanted kids and family so she found a great guy and soon she was escort bayan bursa married. She and Jim lived just a couple of miles away. Predictably Jim knocked her up quickly and she gave birth to twins. I was an uncle! This happened several more times very quickly. I think she liked the way we grew up, because her household was almost the same as ours growing up. She home schooled her kids and was very casual about home nudity. She was even more casual about nudity than our folks were. There was a sign on their front door warning visitors that they could expect the occupants to be naked. She thought nothing of it answering the door naked, no matter who rang the bell. Her neighbors were tolerant of her behavior. Not that she walked around in her front yard naked much. But she was known to go to the mailbox naked more often than not. She was never lewd in public, just alone with Jim (I had to ask), she just loved being naked.

Mike on the other hand was more normal. He was married with a few kids. He and his wife had a gardening business. They did not practice near the casual nudity we did growing up. Still they didn’t own any pajamas and would go from bedroom to bathroom naked and so did their kids. They had a pool and had the same swimsuit rule we had growing up, no suits ever.

Sara was still trying to figure out what direction her life was going so was still living at home. She went through jobs quite often. Just searching for her path. She didn’t want to go to college at least not yet. She dated occasionally, but nothing serious.

I did go to college. Took the general education path for the first two years, then after taking a comparative religion course I decided on focusing on religion. I graduated and somehow got lucky to get a posting at a church in my hometown. I am a pastor not a priest so I am free to marry. But marrying my sister was just not proper.

My parents started to wonder why I had not found a girl and married. Since they had four kids themselves you can imagine that they loved having lots of family. The more grand kids the better! Not that they pressured me. I could tell that they were concerned. Nobody had a clue why I hadn’t found a nice girl and settled down. Not to brag too much, but I did have several women who made it clear that they were interested. I am not a player, but I did take a couple of them up on their offers. I mean I had to try and see if what I felt for Sara was just infatuation or something more. Sorry ladies, dating you didn’t work out because I am a freak and in love with my sister. Am I destined to remain single my entire life? I just can’t be the incest guy. I can’t ask Sara to either. This is impossible.

One day I was at my parent’s house. Just hanging out at the pool with them. Sara was at whatever job she had at the time. We were talking about all sorts of things. Eventually Kris asked me the question. Why haven’t I found a girl and gotten married? I tried to dodge the question, by saying that I had dated but just hadn’t found the right girl. Robin chimed in to ask, “well what is it your looking for?” We have always been open with each other so I just started listing off the qualities I most wanted in a woman. I must have been too honest with my answers because they looked at each other and I saw that they guessed that who I wanted was someone who had the same qualities as Sara. Robin then bursa sinirsiz eskort asked me a very blunt question. “Are you in love with Sara?”

I almost jumped out of my skin. I was caught! I tried to deny that I was in love with her. But that I just really admired her and wanted someone with her qualities. Both Kris and Robin looked intently at me and called bullshit on me. They made me admit that, yes I was in love with my sister Sara. I was miserable. I was between the proverbial rock and a hard place. I am a pastor I can’t live in incest with my sister, even if she would be willing. That is when my parent’s said something that washed all that away in one simple sentence.

“Sara and you are not biologically related.” I could not believe my ears. How could this be? They went on to explain and when I tell you what you will think me incredibly stupid or naive. You see my parent’s are lesbians. Of course I knew this. I had always assumed Robin had gotten pregnant by the same sperm donor several times. Not the case. Kris and Robin both had two pregnancies. They alternated the pregnancies for each of us (Mike, Me, Sara, then Lacey) and each by different donors. They told me that Kris had Sara and Mike and Robin had Lacey and me. They had taken care to ensure there were four different donors. They didn’t know who they were but they made sure the clinic gave them donations from four different men. They even took samples from us when we were young and had them tested at a DNA lab to be sure. They knew how they wanted to raise us and it turns out kept an eye on us all to ensure that the two pairs of half siblings didn’t do anything incestuous.

You could have knocked me over with a feather. Then I did something I had never done my entire life. I yelled at my parents. Of course I regretted it, but really. I have been tied up in knots for years about being in love with my sister. I get why they didn’t tell us until we were grown. You don’t want to open the door to kids having kids. But both Lacey and Mike already had families of their own. They apologized many times each. They were truly ashamed they had not told us earlier. They just didn’t know that I was in love with Sara. We agreed that we would have a family meeting and they would tell all of us at them same time. I was to pretend like I didn’t know until after.

It wasn’t until Sunday after church, when we were all at their house in the backyard, naked of course, having a barbecue that Kris and Robin gathered us up and told the story. Mike and Lacey took it in stride as they had families of their own. It didn’t change anything for them. We all agreed that as for being brothers and sisters it didn’t matter to any of us either. We were raised as siblings and siblings we would remain.

I still had a major problem. Did Sara feel the same way I did. I looked over the table at her, as I had been almost the entire day. She seemed a bit different. Nothing I could pin down exactly, but different. Kris, Robin and I had agreed that they would talk to Sara alone after the barbecue. Find out how their news affected her.

Monday evening Sara called. She wanted to come over. I was beyond nervous. I knew Kris and Robin promised to keep my secret. But know that I knew that Sara wasn’t my biological sister I wanted to tell her how I felt. And I was very nervous about telling escort bayan her as well. I had to be very careful though. If I got up the nerve and didn’t chicken out.

Sara walked right into my house. I have a little house behind the church that belongs to the church. She always walks into my house. We all do the same when visiting each other’s homes. The only etiquette we observed was to call ahead of time. So she walks into my house locks the door and takes off her clothes. Nothing unusual about that, if I am alone she always does. She takes a seat on the couch. “Aren’t you going to get out of that get up?” Meaning my pastor clothes. This is something she doesn’t normally do. She usually leaves it up to me if I get nude with her or not. Mostly if I am not needing to go out to do pastor duties soon I do take my clothes off around the house and especially when Sara visits. “Oh, sure” I say and take them off. I take a seat next to her. We always sit close. Now that I know she isn’t my sister my thoughts no longer encumbered with incest, my cock begins to grow. Sara has seen me erect thousands of times growing up, but not for years. She looks at me but says nothing about it.

“What brings you over today Sara?” Can my heart beat be any stronger or louder? Can she tell?

“What do you think about what Kris and Robin told us?”

“I was shocked of course. But, does it really change anything? We are all still family.”

“So you still think of me as you sister. Even though we don’t share any blood?”

“Of course you, Mike and Lacey are my sisters and brother forever. Blood doesn’t come into it. I don’t believe in half-sisters or half-brothers. You are either my sister or not.”

“And that is all I am? Just your sister?”

I looked at her and saw that she was looking for me to say something more. I still couldn’t tell whether Kris or Robin had let the cat out of the bag and told her I loved her as more than a sister. I think I almost passed out my heart was racing. Here it goes all or nothing. Five seconds of insane courage or stupidity. “No, it isn’t Sara. I love you more than a brother should love a sister.” I admitted.

“I see, and is that why you have an erection? I haven’t seen one of those on you for years. I was beginning to think you were asexual.” She was not going to make this easy at all.

“Yes, I guess it is. I am sorry if I have embarrassed you.”

“Don’t be silly. I have seen your erections loads of times. Though this is the first time I have known I am the cause of one of them.” She made a little half grin. I still couldn’t tell if she were just being a brat sister or what. It was then that she put her hand on my leg. Now we had all been very open about touching each other even when naked so that was nothing new to us. However, this was something different. If she was any other girl it would have been clear what she wanted. But this was Sara who had been touching me whenever and almost however she felt like forever. Remember, we never did anything sexual with each other growing up. And she was just touching my leg. Like an idiot I didn’t react. “Hello, earth to Marvin. I have my hand on your leg. Aren’t you going to do anything about that?”

“What! Sara. Ah, does that mean.”

“Shut up and kiss me you fool.”

And that is how I ended up married to my sister. We have six kids and live pretty much as our parents raised us. Not quite as naked as Lacey lives, but my parishioners know to knock on the door and wait until someone answers. We still go over to our parent’s house most Sundays after church for family barbecues. They still only have a two bedroom house but their back yard is nice and the pool is awesome.

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