My Sexual Adventure Ch. 02

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Warning: The following is a work of fiction, no one in this story is real. I’ve loosely based some of the characters on my favorite porn stars, to give you a reference point. All characters are over 18. Like before, I appreciate any kind of feedback on possible improvements.

Chapter 1: I learn how to have sex, from an expected source

Chapter 2: I start exploring my sex drive

Chapter 3: I decide to host a sex party

Chapter 4: The After-party

Chapter 5: What happens in an Orgy, MUST be repeated elsewhere!

Chapter 6: A long awaited climax!


I barely slept that night. I kept reliving the day’s events in my mind, and my dick kept getting hard seconds after ejaculating! I still couldn’t believe that I lost my virginity in a threesome with my girlfriend, Kelly, and my mother, Alison! When I finally got to sleep, I had a very sexual dream where I was in a non-stop fucking with Kelly, in every position imaginable. Near the end of my dream, I had cum inside Kelly’s pussy and instantly, Kelly turned into my mom. By the time I actually woke up, It was barely sunrise. I looked down at my naked body and saw cum covering my sheets.

I quickly got out of bed, ignoring that I was still naked, and gathered my sheets and brought them downstairs to the laundry room. Stuffing them into the washing machine, I walked back up to my room, but paused at the entrance to mom’s room. Peering inside, I saw that she was still sleeping, but she was laden over the sheets, also completely nude. I got an instant erection just watching her sleep, that I had an idea that made my head spin for a few seconds. Slowly, I walked into her room and approached her bed. Leaning forwards, I placed my hand on her back, running my fingers along her skin, which was cool to the touch, but tingled as I felt her nerves. Getting bolder, I moved my hand to her ass and squeezed. In an instant, mom jumped and looked around at me. I moved my hand away and held it at my side.

She looked at me for a few seconds, then smiled and gestured me over. Without thinking, I slowly got into bed next to her, and she reached over and took my cock into her mouth. Letting out a moan, I leaned back and enjoyed the sensation as my mom pumped her mouth around my stiff cock.

For over five minutes, the only sounds I made were either moans, groans, or the occasion “fuck yes!” as my mother expertly pleasured me. Suddenly, I felt my balls tighten and I warned her I was about to cum, and she moved my dick down her throat, sending me over the edge! I came hard and fast, and she swallowed every drop of my cum. After releasing my cock from her mouth, she leaned on her shoulders and started moving her hand over my pecks, smiling lovingly up at me.

“You are a very handsome young man, Chris!” she said, “I love your hard young body!”

I smiled back at her as she got up out of bed and walked towards her bathroom, swaying her hips as she walked. She left the door wide open and I could hear her starting the shower. I waited for her to close the door but instead she called back to me, “Come and join me, son! I guarantee you’ll enjoy it!”

I thought about it for a few seconds, then got up and practically ran into the bathroom, and scrambled into the shower with her. We rubbed each other’s bodies with soap for several minutes, exploring every inch of each other. Finally, mom turned around and told me to fuck her from behind, which I gladly did. I rammed my hard cock into her and she went completely wild, moaning and swearing, urging my to fuck her further! It was just like out of a porn movie, or something off of the Playboy channel. This whole experience was like nothing I ever felt before, and I enjoyed every second of it until I came inside her pussy and we finished showering. After drying off and leaving the bathroom, we had a repeat performance until 7:30 AM, then and got dressed and went down to eat.

Kelly arrived an hour later. When I answered the door, she flung her arms around me and we kissed like we hadn’t seen each other in months. When she broke the kiss, she wasted no time in getting naked, ripping our clothes off and jumping onto my cock like a sex craved lioness. I barely got the door closed before she pushed me to the ground and straddled me and started riding away, her pussy as wet as a monsoon. Mom came into the hall and smiled as she howled and fucked me. Kelly looked up and waved my mom over, which my mom did, stripping off her clothes in the process and sitting on my lap.

They wasted no time and started kissing and rubbing their tits together, while I leaned forwards and licked my mom’s ass cheeks. This went on for about twenty minutes before I ejaculated inside of Kelly’s pussy. With that session over with, the three of us got up and went into the kitchen, still naked. Kelly smiled at me and asked how I was enjoying my first days of sex. görükle escort I told her everything that had happened when I woke up that morning and she listened intently. When I was finished, she leaned forwards and told me that this was just the beginning.

Throughout the rest of the day, we fucked and Kelly and my mom taught me a lot about sex. They explained the different erogenous zones that men and women had and told me how to use them in order to please my partner. They taught me how to eat pussy, which was by far my favorite act of all, and they even showed me a few sexy toys that women used for pleasure.

As the day progressed, I learned a lot, and by the end of it, we were all tired and sexually spent. Kelly decided to spend the night at our place, so we all retired to mom’s room, where we slept nude in a spooning position, me in the middle of the two women. Several times during the night, I was awoken to sounds or movements in the bed and realized that Kelly or my mom were giving me head, or eating each other’s pussies, and once we all found out we were all awake, we wasted no time in continuing my education. We fucked for hours into the early morning, and by the time dawn arrived, we were still going at it. I had found a new strength I didn’t know I had, and the fact that both women in my life were sexually charged, I had no reason not to engage in the carnal acts.

Over the course of the week, we had developed a new schedule. I would wake up in the morning nude and fuck my mother until 7:30 AM, shower and come down to breakfast, Kelly would arrive shortly afterwards and we would fuck some more, then go for a swim in the mid afternoon, then return inside, eat dinner, and end the day with a threesome in mom’s bed. We had decided to stop wearing clothes around the house, and I began to feel a lot more comfortable in the nude, especially in the water! I quickly learned that both Kelly and my mom were Bisexual, and that mom had engaged in orgies and swinger parties when she and dad were younger.

Mom also mentioned that dad was bisexual when he was alive and asked me if I had ever had any kind of attraction to a guy, like I do to Kelly. At first I was stunned, and quickly answered no. But then I started thinking that maybe I was bi. It’s no secret that I work out regularly, and a thought occurred to me a while back, that I was watching some of the other people working out at the gym some weeks back, before I started having sex. I didn’t realize it until now, but I was getting a reaction to other guys with similar muscle structures to mine. The more I thought about it, the more it started making me wonder if I was bisexual. I mentioned the thought to them, and Kelly got a twinkle in her eye which made me somewhat wary. After we had finished having sex that week, Kelly left and gave me a spank on my ass just as she walked out the door.

We didn’t resume our sexual activities the week after mom confessed her swinging past, so I decided to visit my friends and play some sports. We split off into teams of three, where my group were shirts and the other skins. While we played, I couldn’t help but notice a delayed reaction I was receiving to my friends’ bodies moving. I started to get worried that I was starting to show an erection, so after we finished the first game, I excused myself to the bathroom, where I pulled my dick out and examined it. True enough, I was half hard, and I didn’t know why. I pulled out my phone and called Kelly, who answered it after three rings.

“Hey lover, what’s up?” she asked.

“I’ve got a bit of a problem” I answered.

“What kind of problem? Do you need my delicate touch?” she asked, in a sultry tone.

I gulped, “No, I just need to ask you something!” I hesitated, then asked, “When we first met, did you suspect me of being gay? Or bi?”

She laughed into her phone and I started breathing faster, “Babe, is you mother’s story getting to you?” she asked.

Without thinking, I nodded, then realized that she couldn’t see me, “Yeah, kind of!” I said, “I mean, I loved my dad when he was alive, and I don’t care if he was into guys as well, I’m just a bit worried that the guys will treat me differently if I start acting like I’m into them!”

Kelly sighed and said, “Chris, If your friends didn’t have a problem with you when you were a virgin, I doubt they’re going to be freaked out by you as a Bisexual! Besides, before we started going out, I had sex with a few of them and I know that they’re not altogether straight themselves!”

My eyes widened when I heard her say that, “You’re saying that some of my other friends are bi?” I asked.

“Well, I know that Mark liked it when I licked his ass and Jeff kind of enjoyed having a threesome with another guy. And from what I gathered from Anthony, he seemed to be in touch with his exotic side, and actually let me stuff a dildo up his ass once!”

The thought that three of my friends eskort bayan were bisexual both made me feel a little sick, and made my dick jump to full erection. I looked down and sighed, “Well, at least I know it won’t be weird around them from now on! I might start getting hard though!” I thanked her for the help and hung up. I had been in the bathroom for more than ten minutes, so I stuffed my hard cock in my shorts and washed my hands, just in case. For the rest of the day, we went back and forth, switching the teams every couple of rounds. I was skins more than half of the time, and eventually my hard on subsided, but not before I got somewhat hot at the sight of Anthony’s toned, caramel colored chest and broad shoulders.

At the end of the day, I went home and had dinner with mom, told her about the phone call and the basketball game. I also decided that at the very least, I was probably bi-curious. Mom was reassuring, and we decided to leave it at that and avoid sex that night. I retired to my room and tried to get some sleep, but then a thought occurred to me, so I got out of bed and went to my computer. Heading to my favorite porn site, I started typing up keywords for bisexual sex, swingers, and threesomes with two guys and a girl. I watched over a dozen videos and about halfway through, I started masturbating. By the end of the last video, I came all over my torso.

Sighting, I reached for a tissue, and glanced at my sperm. For a split second, I thought about taking some in my mouth, then I decided it wasn’t worth the risk for the moment, and wiped myself off, turned off my computer and went to bed.

From a week of pure pleasure to a night of confusion and suspicion, my fucking awesome life was turning out to be more complicated than I first thought!

The Next morning, I skipped fucking mom and just got up. put on some active-wear, and went downstairs. When mom woke up and realized I wasn’t with her, she came downstairs where I was working out. I was lifting weights so she came behind me and acted as my spotter for a few minutes, wearing nothing but her silk robe. I looked up and admired her breasts, then finished my reps and sat up, gesturing her to sit down. When she sat down, I leaned in and kissed her fully on the lips.

“Did you and dad ever fulfill and fantasies?” I asked her.

She smiled wickedly, “All the time!” she said, “When you were around three years old, we used to go out on our dates. You begged us to take you with along but we always said we would when you were older. Those dates were actually our swinging group, where we delved into all kinds of sexual fantasies!”

Mom then went on the explain that some of the parties they went to were actually recreations of pornographic scenes from over the years. They rented out banquet halls and had chairs set up like an audience so that some of us could watch, and a stage so that the rest of us could reenact the scenes. Since both Mom and Dad were bisexual, they could easily participate in a number of different scenes. Mom’s favorite scene that dad participated in was a recreation of an orgy that took place in a gay western, and they both took part in a first class orgy on a bi flight as well.

By the time Mom finished telling her story, I was so hard and ready for sex that I couldn’t wait any longer and jumped to my feet, stripping naked and jumping on top, pulling her silk robe off and thrusting into her pussy. She moaned in delight as I thrust in and out with a renewed vigor and came fast and hard after only a few minutes, but that was enough to satisfy her for the moment. When I left her pussy, I told her about the porn I watched the night before, and she was intrigued that I actually got off on watching bisexual threesomes and gay scenes just like that. After a moment she leaned forwards and asked me a question.

“Would you like to try a bisexual encounter?” she said, in the same sultry tone as Kelly had. I looked at her for a moment and smiled. Then nodded yes.

Later that morning, we called Kelly and I asked her if she knew someone I didn’t, who was bi and could come over with you. She said she knew someone and would definitely bring him over, and also mentioned that he would be discreet if that’s what I wanted. I told her yes, and a few hours later, we heard a knock on the door. I opened it to find Kelly…and her ex boyfriend Adam. Adam was a two inches taller than me, and had similar features to me. Similar build, similar eyes, but his hair was brown and cut short. He also apparently shaved his legs, like a swimmer does, which is likely how he and Kelly initially met.

I greeted them and invited them in, though I was a little disconcerted by the fact that Kelly chose her ex boyfriend to serve as my first guy. I once asked her why they broke up, and her exact words were, “He seemed to like wrestling the guards more than he did saving the princess!” which at the time made altıparmak escort no sense to me but no I realized it meant he liked fucking guys more than her. Adam told me that Kelly told him everything about me, and my willingness to have sex with a guy to test if I’m actually bisexual like my dad was. I nodded yes and he said he was willing to help, only for the chance to fuck a hot Milf in the process, Namely my mom!

We decided to get started out on the patio, stripping naked and enjoying each other’s bodies. Kelly had already explained the male erogenous zones, so I started by touching Adam’s chest, which was slightly hairy, another difference between us. Mine was bare. Adam in return touched my neck and shoulder, rubbing the space between them, then moving down to pinch my nipple. I twitched, then moved my own hand to his nipple and did the same. He chuckled and leaned in closer to me, about to kiss me, but I moved my head away in surprise. He smiled and said, “It’ll be fun, trust me!” and leaned in closer. This time, I did the same, and our lips met. The sensation was all too familiar, but knowing it was with a guy made me feel somewhat aroused.

I started to enjoy the kiss, and our hands started roaming each other more. I moved me hands down to his stomach, he moved his to my ass. he lifted his hand and smacked it against my right cheek, and I moaned in slight pain. He smiled as we broke the kiss and he started to move his tongue down to my neck, licking me as we went. It felt amazing what he was doing and for a moment I forgot he was a guy. glancing over at mom and Kelly, I saw that they were doing the exact same thing we were doing. Kissing and roaming their bodies. The only difference was that they were doing more than roaming, they were actively smacking their hands against each other, Kelly on Mom’s ass, Mom on Kelly’s tits. Shit, it was so fucking hot.

Adam lifted his head off my neck and moved to my ear, regaining my attention to him. He smiled at me, and without warning, I leaned in and kissed him more forcefully, then moved my head and started to lick my way down, first on his neck, then his shoulder, and eventually his nipple. I knew that Kelly liked when I tasted her tits, and Adam seemed to like it too! I knew to use my tongue, but whenever I pleasured Kelly like this the week before, I also took slight nibs with my teeth, which she would groan in pleasure, but when I tried it with Adam, he said, “Less teeth! More tongue!” So I switched it, started moving my tongue in and out of my mouth while smacking it against his nipple. That sent him into a moaning frenzy, “You are a natural, dude!”

This went on for a few minutes, all the while the two of us kept glancing over at the girls, who had switched to a 69 position, while still spanking each other. Soon enough, we registered moans coming from the two of them and looked at each other, both knowing what we were going to do. Stand up and walking over, we knelt down and took positions, me behind Kelly, who was on top, and Adam behind my mom, who was on the bottom. Our dicks were hard, and within seconds, we thrust into their pussies from behind and rammed away.

As we thrust away, the women continued their pussy licking, but they were now moaning hard at their pleasure over themselves and us. The entire time I was fucking Kelly, I was watching Adam turn my mother into his plaything. She was writhing at his cock, which I noticed was also 7 inches long. As we thrust, our partners decided to stop licking each other and instead began to fun their lips over our cocks, which for me was double the pleasure, since my balls were in mom’s line of sight, and she wasted no time in licking them up too! Pretty soon, mom started convulsing, and I realized that Adam had cum inside her early. He then pulled out, got to his feet and walked over to me, and presented his cock to my face.

In the heat of fucking, my mind was a daze, but I was still coherent enough to know what he wanted, and realized after watching him fuck my mother, knew I wanted it too, so I put his cock in my mouth, tasting their collective juices, and started sucking, all the while still fucking Kelly. He moaned out loud and Kelly turned around to watch, smiling wildly. Mom couldn’t see much, but the sight of my sucking cock was enough to send her into a frenzy, ejaculating for the second time!

Kelly and I didn’t last long either, given that the thrusts I was giving her were twice as fast as my focus was still on her and not Adam’s cock. I came hard, and she did the same, cumming at the same time. She then pulled my cock out and got onto her front, then she and my mom both started licking the cum residue from my cock, while my mouth had begun to give Adam a full blowjob. He didn’t last long either, ejaculating within five minutes. Spent, we all collapsed on the pool deck, breathing heavily and smiling all the while! After a while, we got up and went inside for dinner. While we ate, Adam and I talked about male pleasure, and how Gay men, and by extension, bisexual men, had three distinct categories for sexual partners. “Tops”, who fucked and received blowjobs, “Bottoms”, who gave head and took it in the ass, and “Verses”, short for “Versatile”, who did both.

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