My Science Geek

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It was three in the morning and I couldn’t take it any more. It was bad enough that the class’s two professor chaperones were having sex almost every night but to hear the only other guy in the group having sex with his girlfriend in the room next to mine was too much to handle. I couldn’t sleep and we had a 3.5 km trail hike in the morning. I was pissed. I stormed down the hall, keeping somewhat quiet and eased to his door. In the quiet hall it was apparent what they were doing and I couldn’t help but listen to them. They had been at it for a few hours and I tried to ignore it but it was hard to do while I tried to fall asleep.

As I stood in front of their door and listened I couldn’t help but eventually become turned on and before I knew it my cock was stiffening in my gym shorts, which don’t hide anything. I pushed it downward so it stayed down for a short while as I became entranced in listening to them. After listening for almost four hours I wanted to go in and give him a break and take her by the reins but I didn’t have any condoms on me so that wouldn’t have happened. His girlfriend wasn’t as loyal as he thought, and of course neither was he, and no one had any idea what she was walking around with. I wouldn’t have taken her even if I had a full pack and a bottle of rubbing alcohol for sanitation.

As I stood there I also failed to notice as Cassidy’s door opened and she walked down the hall. My back was to her and she was coming from the other side of his room. She gave me a tap on the shoulder and I jumped forward scared half to death at being caught. As I turned around my hard on swung with me and pointed at her like she was the culprit. She jumped back, at first because of my initial reaction, then gasped because of what she saw aiming at her from my shorts. I looked down to hide and quickly noticed in my attempt some pre-cum seeping through to make a pretty obvious dot where the head was, so lying was out of the question when it came to explaining myself and simply explaining was easier thought of than said or done.

“What?” she gasped looking down as I covered myself up. She was dressed in long pajama bottoms and a tight tank top with a sports bra on underneath, indicating she slept in a bra, at least I’m guessing.

“It’s not what it looks like,” I whispered. The two inside remained undisturbed by us as the sounds of heavy passion continued.

“Don’t worry, I know,” she said. “Those two are keeping half the girls awake, I’m surprised Ms. Jones and Dr. Brett aren’t down here.”

“I’m not,” I said. They were our chaperones and they weren’t all that good. I hid my hard on and looked behind her to see if anyone else was out. Thankfully it was just her. I began to back up towards my room and looked at their door and snickered.

“Don’t worry, they’re driving half the girls crazy. Those two and the professors are the only ones getting any action: two girls have gone lesbian because they couldn’t stand it anymore,” she giggled. I opened my door and began to ease in quietly when she came forward. “Is it alright if I come in?” she asked. “Like you, I can’t sleep and I want to actually talk to another human being about something more than just what’s going on in there.”

I looked down at my hard on and looked up at her. “Are you serious?” I asked.

“Yes,” she looking at me and now down at the bulge my cock made. Normally she has to wear either glasses or contacts and I guess she wasn’t using her contacts at the time because she couldn’t see it. She’s a cute girl, one of two that I get along with on this trip, and she looks good with and without the glasses. She blushed when I first told her. She’s twenty, like me, but much shorter than me. She has a slim body, not thick or really fit. Her breasts were probably a C-cup or bigger and were well contained in her tank top and sports bra. By the looks of her pajama bottoms she was either commando or wearing something really tight or skimpy, which I didn’t mind.

I was tall, about 6ft 1in, and she stood about at my shoulders if not below them. My body is of average build, nothing special, slim, with some muscle. I am active I just don’t spend hours at a gym.

I looked up and down the hall and ushered her inside, not in hopes of getting any but to just talk, as she said. She passed through the doorway and I closed the door behind her, still pressing my cock down my thigh, walking with a slight limp and groan as if hurting to mask it. I walked over, ushered her to sit in the cushioned chair while I turned on the lamp. She sat down in the chair and I sat on the bed and hid my cock’s attempts to be noticed and we sat in silence, or neither one of us talked. The two love birds in the other room made it difficult for a deaf man to enjoy silence.

Well, we sat there not really sure what to talk about so I brought up some of the things we’ve seen so far on the science trip, which this was. We talked for a short time on different trees and animals and other Kurtköy Escort really cool things science related, which I won’t go into…no I’m not a nerd but you’d understand if I went into it. Anyways, she started to seem fidgety after a few minutes and I thought back to what she said while she was talking, which was that the girls, except for two who went lesbian, were being driven crazy by these two in a sexual way. She was horny and trying to hide it from me and she wasn’t making it too hard to tell.

She kept moving her hair out of her face and behind her ear with the same finger over and over again, looking down, away from me. She was shy and I found that out on the trip and so am I unless I’m in a group of familiar people, which I considered her to be apart of.

While she looked away I looked down at her groin, which she hadn’t crossed her legs, sitting with them highly spread, and noticed a thin darkened line.

“Are you alright,” I asked, knowing the answer.

“Um,” she started but couldn’t bring herself to say it right then. She crossed her legs, not because she knew I saw, but because of her nerves.

“You can tell me, I’m not going to tell anyone else,” I said, being honest. I had no reason to and I considered her to be a friend.

She looked up at me with a worried expression and took a deep breath. “I’m really horny and I don’t think I’ve ever been this exited before,” she said in almost one hushed breath. “And to top it off, I’ve never been like this before, alone with another guy in the room who is also horny.”

I chuckled nervously and looked around the room. “I could tell out in the hall. I’m not that blind without my contacts and glasses.” I looked down at my bulge and a second dot of pre-cum had developed where my cock had moved.

“Can I see it?” she asked softly, nervously. “I’ve seen them in science books but never the real thing,” she added. She was a little bit of science geek, which was sexy in her case right now. My cock jumped at her question.

“Why?” I asked, looking at her breasts and then up into her eyes.

“We’re alone, we’re friends and we can keep secrets. And why not?” she said almost shivering with nerves.

My cock was feeling pretty uncomfortable in my boxers and gym shorts. I lifted myself up a few inches and pushed my boxers and shorts down around my butt and set myself down with my ass touching the cool sheets but I didn’t slide them all the way forward, I let the waist-band keep my cock held down. If I had lifted my shirt she would have been able to seen my pubic hair but all she could see was the side of my butt.

“You too,” I said, ushering her to do the same thing. She smiled nervously and slid her pajama bottoms down slightly enough so that she was sitting bare bottom in the chair. I grinned and she eased up a little bit. I looked close at the crotch of her pajama bottoms and could see where they were still darkened in that line. I guess she was wearing the kind that clings to her skin.

“I’ll show when you show,” she said softly with a nervous grin. As I began to slide my shorts down further I could tell her nipples were perked up. I slid my shorts down to reveal some my pubes and the shaft. She leaned forward to see better but she really couldn’t see.

“I’m not blind but I can’t see that well,” she said. “Just let me see it, already,” she snapped out of anticipation. I had never seen her like this but I was too deep in the moment to turn back.

I took my shirt off and tossed it aside. “Now you,” I said. She gave a humorously mean glare and took her tank top off and threw it on the floor. Her stomach was slim and almost fit with the slight outlining of a six pack. Suddenly I felt intimidated but seeing the cleavage her sports bra made caused that to vanish. My cock jumped.

I leaned back, lifted my legs and in one swift motion I stripped the shorts and boxers off. My cock sprung up before I could toss my clothes next to me with my shirt and my heart jumped as well as she gasped. I looked from my cock to her and she was frozen, jaw dropped with her eyes locked.

“Oh my…” was all she let out.

“Now you,” I said, motioning towards her pants. She stood up briefly and slid her pants down and sat down as her pants moved in front of her pussy to keep it hidden and leaned forward to push her pants down to her ankles. I looked at the pile of pants and saw no underwear and I gave her a grin. She kept her thighs tight together to keep her pussy hidden and blushed.

She wasn’t shaven but she didn’t have a bush. It was a thin amount of brown hair, matching her shoulder length brunette hair. “Can I see?” I asked, waiting to see her moist pussy.

She hesitantly spread her legs and revealed a tight pussy with a thin layer of hair. I looked at my cock and clear pre-cum budded at the tip and began to run down the side. “The one’s I saw in the books weren’t that long or thick,” she said almost awestruck. Maltepe Escort I didn’t know exact measurements but it was about as thick as my wrist and as long as the joint of my elbow to the bend of my wrist, which later turned out to be about 8 and half inches, my forearm was the best comparison, not my whole arm from elbow to finger tips.

She looked down at her pussy after noticing I was staring. “Sorry, I don’t shave, I never thought a guy was going to see.”

“I love it,” I said.

“Can, can I touch it?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said, “but you’re coming over here.”

She slowly got up and staggered over nervously, rubbing her elbow shyly. She stood beside me, next to the bed, and rubbed my cock with trembling fingers, feeling the bulging veins, ridge of where the head of my cock and shaft meet and touched the tip with the pre-cum and smeared some on her fingers. As she played with the cum I reached over and felt her pussy, feeling her springy, soft pussy hair and feeling for her lips. She jumped at my initial touch but yearned for more as I found her slit and traced it. The overwhelming sounds of the sex going on next door made me want to plunge all of my cock into her tight, untouched pussy. She looked down at me and I looked up at her. I moved my legs around and stood up before her and kissed her gently on the lips, my cock pressing against her stomach. Then she stood on her tip toes and pressed her lips into mine and leaned forward so hard I fell back onto the bed and she came with me, landing beside me, and not on my cock, thankfully.

We kissed frantically, embracing one another’s bodies, the entire time I didn’t try to remove her bra. I felt her smooth, plump ass and reached for her pussy from behind and pressed into her soaked pussy with two fingers and pulled back, smearing her juices along her thigh. I slowly began to ease away from kissing her lips to kissing down her body, skipping her tits and moving down to her pussy. I put her on her back, put her knees over my shoulders and moved my face into her pussy, sliding my tongue into her slit. Her body bucked and she gave a quick gasp/scream and ran her fingers through my shaggy hair and grabbed on as I pelted her slit with my tongue repeatedly, lapping at her juices and searching for her clit. She grabbed one of the pillows to scream into as I continued to sink my tongue into her.

As the time passed I slipped in two fingers into her pre-lubed pussy and found her hole easily. I didn’t ease all the way in, just keeping at her opening. More time passed before I knew it a stream of her juices shot into my mouth pulled back watched her squirt her juiced onto me in bursts, not a steady steam. When it stopped I dove in again and she gave another loud yelp into the pillow.

“Hold on,” she breathed heavily, “I’m sensitive still.”

“All the better,” I said as I dove in. She screamed into the pillow again as I thrust my tongue into her hole and made a circle with my tongue, then I lapped up her slit and began to pelt her pussy again. Soon after I was surprised by another series of bursts and I pulled back as she sat up and looked down at me.

“Sorry,” she said almost embarrassed. “I’ve got a sensitive clit. I’m multi-orgasmic.”

“How do you know?” I asked. She held up two fingers and wiggled them around.

“I also have a dildo, so my hymen is broken already,” she said very knowledgably. She was a virgin and she knew more about what was going then I did and I had been with a couple of girls before.

“So, it’s almost like you aren’t a virgin?” I said with a grin.

“Yes, but I still am and the dildo was small, a lot smaller than yours,” she said.

“My little science geek,” I said with a grin.

“Keep on and it will be Miss Science Geek to you,” she said grabbing handful of my hair and smiling. She pulled my face into her pussy and I continued on for two more orgasmic moments before I got back on the bed with her. She rolled me onto my back and began stroking my cock with inexperienced hands, so I placed my hand around hers and guided her until she got the motion down pat. I could feel some pressure but nothing heavy just yet. Then without warning, as I threw my head back to enjoy everything I felt wet lips around my cock and a tongue pressing against the side of my cock and hard sucking. I looked up and saw her heavily sucking me off, taking in little as her head bobbed up and down in short bursts.

It felt great for what she was doing. She pulled me out and tongued my cock, licking the ridge and up and down the shaft. I pulled her onto me and knew what was coming next.

“I don’t think I can,” she said looking at it. “Your dick is like twice the length of the dildo and a lot thicker.”

“I’ll be gentle,” I said, kissing her on the lips. I pulled her onto me, she held herself up on her knees, resting herself on my stomach. Her pussy felt amazing against my bare skin.

She laid forward, Tuzla Escort scooted herself against the shaft of my cock and I lifted her up and moved her forward as I positioned the head of my cock behind her pussy. I made ready to press in when I stopped.

“Wait,” I said, I felt like everything was over, “I need to get a condom.”

“It’s ok,” she leaned forward and whispered in my ear. “I’m on the pill and I trust you.”

“You are?”

“Yeah, I’ve been on it for a few months now…not to have sex though,” she said for reassurance.

“I know,” I said kissing her on the lips deeply, easing my tongue briefly into her mouth.

As I kissed her I pressed the head of my cock into her pussy slowly, and she braced herself for its entry. I pressed the head in with out any horrible reaction from her but she moaned softly in my ear, a weakness that could lead me to force everything into her, but I held off. She was incredibly tight around my cock, even the head felt like it was just being pulled in she was that tight. I eased in slowly and then eased out a little, then eased back in. I repeated this process until about a third of my cock was in her when she backed up and sat up with a loud painful scream. When she sat up she immediately began to remove her bra and reveal wonderfully rounded breasts, with small tight nipples, that were at least a medium C-cup +.

She held still for a moment getting use to the large piece of meat that had been forced deep inside of her. She looked down at me with a squirm and a grin combination.

“I couldn’t take the teasing anymore,” she said. “I’m too horny.” She tried to lift herself up and as she did it felt like my cock was being pulled upward with her. The tightness felt amazing as if her pussy was sucking me upward. I felt more pressure build but I wasn’t close to an orgasm yet.

I pulled her forward and planted my face between her tits as I eased out slightly and began to thrust in. I lost the urge to be gentle and she lost the ability to let me as I eased out and in at a much quicker pace. Before we knew it I could feel the wave of her ass with each thrust into her. She yelped in pain for a few minutes until it was nothing but moaning in pleasure. My cock so tightly encased with each thrust into her that it was like pulling my cock out of a high powered vacuum. I thrust quickly and powerfully in that position until I rolled us over and began to go down on her. It was in this position I felt the pressure build and increase against the underside of my shaft.

She moaned loudly, her tits bounced uncontrollably and the sight of my cock entering her pussy was unbelievable. Her pussy seemed so small yet it was taking in something so thick. I leaned down and she wrapped her arms around me, pressing her breasts against my chest. It wasn’t long until I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and I felt a series of surges and bursts and tightened grasps around my cock. She was having another orgasm but I wasn’t stopping for her to recover and her sensitive pussy continued to received its abuse from my cock. I almost couldn’t help myself, but I was to the point I was about ready to cum and at the moment I just wanted to cum inside her.

I continued thrusting powerfully and deeply until she had another orgasm and it was then I felt myself release my load into her and she held me in place, allowing me to only ease in and out about maybe an inch. My body was buckling and shaking all over. I hadn’t cum this hard in so long it felt like the first time all over again.

“I can feel it,” she said in almost a whisper in my ear. “It feels amazing.”

I could feel the cum still flowing out of my cock in short bursts with small steady streams between each burst. I slowly eased out, my cock exiting with a loud pop, but when the air met the soaked and dripping head my stream of cum continued to squirt and flow and shoot onto her pussy and the asshole and stomach as I rolled onto my side next to her. I slid one arm beneath her and pulled her and we held each other closely. I looked over at the clock right as it turned to 4:27 and I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

The next thing we knew we heard someone fumbling with the door knob outside. Two hours had passed and we were both a mess and it was time to get up. I responded that I was awake and they moved down the Jess’s room and I wasn’t sure if he and his girlfriend were still together but Cassidy was still with me.

“Quick, go get a shower and get dressed, sneak out and go down the hall to the elevators and then come back and act like you’ve been up,” I said.

“Good idea,” she said and she flew into the shower and I joined her to speed things up. It sort of slowed things down by about ten minutes as my recharged cock found its way into her pussy again and I helped her wash her body. Then we got out, I got dressed in my daily wear and went to the door and looked both ways to see if anyone was coming and the hall was empty. She rushed out and down the hall to the elevators and came back just as a professor came to her room to knock again.

We got away that time and for the rest of the trip after that. That night, though, was a tricky one, but that’s another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32