My New Pet Brooke

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I’ve been exploring my bi side since I was 18. I started out as a sexy little pet for my neighbor lady. Once I hit college I started to feel this need to dominate and humiliate other girls like she did to me. No Pain or real kinky shit but just the feeling of being in control and forcing a girl to do something she’s not comfortable with. Just the fact that I can push them past their normal boundaries makes my pussy so wet!

So this is a true story about my last little pet, Brooke. I’m a bi mom/wife married to a successful man. I do have a good job but mainly work from home while my hubby travels often for his business.

Those of you from the Mid-Atlantic region know all about WaWa. Its basically a high end convenience store with a full deli and great coffee. So between my morning coffee and a lunch salads I’m there once or twice a day.

Last summer I quickly noticed a new college aged girl working. Fuck she was hot, black curly hair, great ass and the nicest set of big firm titties I’ve seen in awhile. I quickly found out her name was Brooke, she had a beautiful smile and a great personality. We would chat often and I kind of had the feeling she was flirting with me. One day I wore a hoodie from my college, she got all excited saying that she goes there. It was cool catching up on all the things happening around campus.

One day she looked pretty upset, I asked what was wrong. She explained that she didn’t get any help from her parents and didn’t think she could afford her last semester. She said she had a second job lined up for the summer but it fell through. I felt so bad for her as she was almost in tears.

I told her “Let me think about it and see if I can figure out a way to help you.”

She gave me a quick hug and said “Thank you so much I’ll do anything you need.”

I promise you that I originally had good intentions. But I just couldn’t get the thought of her saying “I’ll do anything” out of my head. At this time my hubby had been away for two weeks and I was horny as hell. The thought of convincing this little hottie to serve me got me so fucking wet, I think I rubbed my pussy to orgasm three times that day. And then I devised my plan!

Two days later I saw her first thing in the morning. She came bouncing over to me asking if I thought of anything.

I told her “I have an idea but I’m sure you will have to think about it.”

“I doubt that because I just really need to make more money”

“Ok here’s the deal you have to promise me that this will be our little secret and that if you say no it’s fine and I won’t bring it up again.”

She gave me this strange look and said “I’m sure it’s not that bad but yes I promise not to tell anyone”

So I started telling her “First, my hubby has been away on business for two weeks and I’m a little bored and lonely. Second thing is I find you extremely beautiful and sexy.”

Now her look became a little more scared as to what I was saying.

“Don’t be offended but I think you have great boobs and I want to see them!”

Her jaw dropped and said “What the heck are you talking about?”

I proceeded to tell her “I’ll give you $50 to come to my place and show me your sexy tits”

She got beet red from embarrassment then said “Oh my gosh I can’t do that. I’m a christian and straight, that’s not a proper thing to do.”

I said “That’s fine I understand and figured you would say no. But please remember your promise and remember it’s a standing offer”

She said “Don’t hold your breath because that’s sick and you must be a pervert!” Then she marched away.

So I thought that was probably the end of it and tried Gaziantep Escort Numaraları to avoid her for the next few days. Until about a week later when she came up to me as I was getting my coffee. She said “Hi and … uh this is uh… so embarrassing but I’m $100 short of my first months rent for the fall and it’s due on Friday. So does your offer still stand?”

I couldn’t help but chuckle a little because I instantly knew she was mine!

“And what offer is that?”

“Haha very funny, so is it?”

I just stared her down then said “Look Brooke last week you acted like I was a pervert now you want my help? If you need my money you must earn it and it starts with you telling me what my offer was!”

She was beet red once again then she looked around to make sure no one could hear her and quietly said “You’ll give me $50 if I show you my chest”

“What was that Brooke what will you show me?”

“My tits! god you are nuts so yes I will show you my boobs for $50.”

I laughed at her then said “You know why I want to see them don’t you? You do know what I will be doing?”

“Uh I don’t know.”

“I will be playing with my pussy Brooke!”

“Oh my gosh you are nuts… just forget it I’m not gay!”

“Ok that’s cool. It’s your lose” And she again stormed off.

So I pay for my coffee and start to leave when I see her approaching me.

She said “Ok fine, whatever you want just so you pay me.”

“That’s a good little girl Brooke, what time do you get off?” Then we made arrangements for her to come visit after work around 1:30.

By 1:15 I was ready for her, I showered and put on a tiny little thong and just a robe over top, nothing else. I heard her car come up my driveway and met her at my door. I could tell she was really nervous as she followed me into my living room. I sat on the couch and said to her “Ok lets have some fun”

“So what do you want a quick flash of my boobs?”

“Yeah that’s not going to cut it… let’s start with you taking off your top.”

She started to unbutton the top and a lacy black bra came into view. She tossed the top on the coffee table and stood with her hands on her hips. Then I said “Now the bra.”

I could tell she was super nervous so I said “Will it help if I show you mine first?”

“Whatever I don’t care.” So I opened my robe and let her look at my tits as she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. OMG her titties were perfect! They had to be a D cup but I swear they didn’t drop at all after she took the bra. I also noticed her nipples looked very hard, could she really be enjoying this?

I started to play with my nipples and get them really hard “Your nipples are as hard as mine and you aren’t even touching them.” She just ducked her head in embarrassment. I had a feeling she was getting turned on and I wanted to know for sure so I came up with a plan.

As she watched I stood up and removed my robe and pulled my tiny thong between my pussy lips and let it rub against my clit. I told her to look at me, I craved the eye to eye contact as I played with my pussy! I could feel how wet I was and knew the thong was getting soaked.

“So you are earning your $50 but didn’t use say you needed $100?”

“Yes… but I’m not sure I can do anymore”

“Well here’s my offer, besides being bisexual I have a little kink that turns me on. I love to wear other girls wet panties so I’ll give you the other $50 if you trade panties with me.”

“Oh my god why are you doing this to me, you know I need the money but you can’t make me do that.”

“Look Brooke I’m not making you do anything. I’m just presenting you with another offer to help pay your rent. Remember you came here on your own to whore yourself out for cash. And I’ll tell you this if you do it it I will make me cum super fast and then this will all end for you, if that’s what you really want”

“Yes, god this is so embarrassing I just want it to end. Ok fine I’ll do this but that’s it, $100 and nothing else.”

I just smiled at her and slid my thong way up into my pussy to get it really wet and then slid it down my legs. I wanted to be naked in front of her and then watch her undress. She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off then grabbed her panties (red bikinis if you’re wondering).

I said “Hold on babe I want to see them first. Slowly spin around and let me see your cute little ass.” She just shrugged her shoulders and did what I said. I could literally see her will breaking down right before my eyes. “Pull them tight like you’re giving yourself a wedgie then take them off.”

I stood before her with my thong in my hand and waited for her to remove her panties. Once she did I stepped closer and handed her mine as I grabbed hers. She just stood there staring at me. I brought them to my nose for a nice long sniff. “MMMM so nice!” She gave me this look of disguised which made me laugh.

I stepped into them and slid them up to my waiting pussy, holy shit I knew it! As soon as they touched my lips I could feel just how wet they were and knew she was turned on!

I told her “I had a feeling you are enjoying this more than you will admit, your words may say no but your pussy says yes. Your wet panties feel so good on my pussy, now put mine on.”

I think I saw a few tears welling up in her eyes as she realized I was right, deep down she liked me talking to her like this and making her do what I wanted. She slid my thong into place and just looked at me with this very surprised look on her face. I knew she could feel how wet my pussy made them and I knew I wanted to push her further.

I sat back down on my couch and spread my legs wide as she watched. I pulled her panties tight between my wet lips. Then I slid my hand inside to feel my hard clit, fuck it felt so good. I spread my lips with my fingers and stroked my clit with my thumb all the while my juices gushed into her panties. I cam so hard!

“MMM that was good and just what I need” I told her

“Ok can I get dressed and go home now?”

“Yes Brooke if that is what you want you can take your $100 and go. But first how much is your entire months rent?”

“I pay $400 per month from August through graduation in December.”

“Ok here’s my offer I’ll give you the remaining $300 to fully cover August and all you have to do is play with that sweet pussy and let me see you cum.”

“Oh my gosh I could never let you watch plus I don’t do that.”

“Don’t you fucking dare lie to me.” I said “Everyone does it and just think about having one months free rent.”

“Damn that would certainly help, ok fine but just this once.”

I grabbed her hand and pulled her down onto the couch. Then I reached up and grabbed the waistband of my thong she was wearing. She grabbed my hand and tried to stop me.

“No please don’t, can’t I leave them on and do it like you did”

I slapped her hand away and yanked the thong up tight between her little wet pussy. She let out a low moan as the tears started falling down her cheeks.

“Listen Brooke I’m calling the shots here and don’t forget it! If you want me to pay you like a good little whore you will do what I say. Now put your hands on your tits and pull your nipples as I take this thong off your wet little pussy.” She did exactly what I said without another word. That’s when I knew she was 100% my little slut!

Once the thong was off I spread her legs wide and positioned myself between her thighs and told her “take your right hand and feel your wet pussy.” She again did as I said. I watched as she slowly circled her clit with two fingers. I could see how wet she was, it was so sexy. I looked up at her beautiful face and saw her eyes were closed.

“Brooke open your eyes and look at me.”

She said “Please Jul don’t make me do that I’m so embarrassed.”

“Brooke you are beyond beautiful right now, no reason at all to be embarrassed, now I said open your eyes!”

When she did I told her “Good girl Brooke, now I want to see you cum.”

“Here’s what I do, take your left hand and put it on your clit and put your right hand’s middle finger in your pussy.”

She did that and I moved forward so my face was two inches from this fresh young wet pussy! I could smell her sex and hear the wetness of her pussy.

“Babe you look like a sexy little whore, being paid to cum in front of me.”

With that she let out a long moan and began to shack in an earth shattering orgasm.

I let her calm down as I stood up beside her and said “That was fucking awesome, you got me so wet and I need to cum again.” While right next to her face I spread my lips so she could see my wet pussy.

I said to her “One last offer, I’ll give you September’s rent if you let me sit on your stomach and grind myself to another orgasm!”

She just closed her eyes and sighed then said “Fuck it! For $400 more just do what you have to do.”

“Oh Brooke I’m so glad to hear you say that.”

So I threw my legs over her head making sure my pussy grazed her chin, then slid down over her tits. I was in heaven when I felt those big firm melons rub my pussy, I hesitated a few seconds to feel her nipple on my clit!

Then I slide down and started to grind on her belly while moving my hands to her tits to steady myself. Her eyes shot open as I said “Yeah watch me play with your big titties I fucking love them you little slut.”

I kept grinding as I continued to slide forward, then placed my hands on her shoulders as my pussy mounted her chest. After enjoying that for a little bit, I repositioned my knees just beside her neck. Now my wet pussy was inches from her face! I raised up and placed my pussy two inches above her mouth while bringing my right hand down to finger myself. I looked down at her as she stared into my hole, that put me over the edge and I squirted all over her face!

I just collapsed in exhaustion and my pussy landed right in her lips. She moaned and wiggled until I fell off of her. I looked up at her and she was crying so I hugged her and told her “Brooke it’s alright, you are fine but I think you enjoyed it, right?”

“Yes but that’s the problem” is all she could say!

I told her “I loved it and will pay you to be my little whore anytime.”

“God I feel so dirty can I please leave now?”

I can honestly say it went much further than I ever expected it to. I texted her that night to check that she was ok. To my surprise she said she was and for some reason she couldn’t explain she liked me taking control. She said she comes from a religious family and that she knows it was wrong but hearing me talk so dirty to her and demanding her to do things really exited her. She said she had no control over the way her body responded to my words and that her inner voice made her do exactly what I told her.

I assured her it was something sensual between two adults and she shouldn’t feel guilty.

My next chapter will be about the fun we had all summer and how she earned money for the whole semester!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32