My Naughty Neighbour

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Jennie was a very sexy eighteen-year-old schoolgirl, ready to make her way to college and leave home for the freedom of college life.

An extremely bright girl, Jennie was also a little on the shy side. And so, even though she had the most fuckably hot teenage body of any of the girls I’d seen around town from her school, I was pretty sure she was still a virgin.

As her next-door neighbour, I’d been invited round to her house by her mom, for tea on innumerable occasions, and every time Jennie was pretty shy and quiet. And almost always with her head in some book or other.

However, on this occasion, things had gone in an entirely different direction, I noted, looking down at my cock which was sliding in and out of her beautiful, tiny, pretty teenage mouth, as she sucked on my thick hard cock like a real trooper.

“Is that ok Mr Sanders?” She asked, letting my cock pop out of her mouth like a lollipop.

A man in my early 50s, having my cock in the mouth of a teenage girl again for the first time in what must be over three decades, was amazing.

“Yes Jennie, you’re doing a wonderful job, you’re a natural,” I said, to which she instantly giggled and went back to sucking me off.

Her mom had been out when I’d popped in and we’d ended up in the longest chat we’d ever had, which ended up with me trying to fix a wonky shelf in her bedroom.

After asking her if she had a boyfriend and her face turning bright red, I joked that I would be happy to date her. To my shock, she actually seemed to be interested. escort bayan adıyaman And well, one thing led to another, and before I knew it my cock was in her mouth and my hot teen neighbour was sucking me off.

“Mr Sanders, if you don’t have any condoms, it’s ok if you cum in my pussy,” she advised me as she again popped my cock out of her mouth and gave me a gentle handjob.

“I can just get some ‘morning-after pills,’ or you can just pull out before you cum and shoot in my mouth. I wanna know what a guys cum tastes like anyway,” she admitted, smiling, then sliding my thick shaft back inside her pretty mouth.

Oh boy, I had really hit the jackpot now. For years I had thought, being in my 50s, my chances with women were canned for good. I hadn’t had a woman in years, but now, just when I’d given up on ever having a sex life again, all my prayers had been answered all at once.

“Well that’s awfully nice of you Jennie,” I said cupping my hands around the bottoms of her beautiful teenage breast. Oh, I felt like such a kid in a sweetshop right now.

“Ok, now I want you to fuck me, I’ve always wondered what it would be like. Don’t worry I’ve watched a lot of porn so I’ve got a pretty good idea about what I need to do,” Jennie said. Pulling my cock out of her mouth again, and then jumping onto her bed, totally naked except for her pretty pink short socks.

Oh, boy, was I ready. I’d been ready for something like this for the best part of the last decade. I just never escort baya nakkent thought it would ever happen.

“Sorry Jennie, I don’t have any condoms, I stopped carrying them with me a long time ago, I guess…” I started, about to tell her that I never thought I would be getting any more sex for the rest of my life before she quickly cut me off.

“It’s ok silly, I told you already, pussy or mouth. It’s no big deal, these days we can do anything.” She giggled, as I slid my hard cock deep inside her tight vagina.

Oh boy, the feel of a tight vagina around my hard cock was a real blast from the past! Oh boy, it was so good. Sliding into her, I wanted to ask her one question.

“So Jennie, are you really still a virgin?” I asked not knowing if she’d want to keep it a secret or not.

“Yeah silly, that’s why I’ve been watching porn and I chose someone safe. If I did this with one of the guys at school it’d be all over the school in seconds. You’re gonna promise not to tell anyone aren’t you Mr Sanders.” She stated, my cock starting to pound her sexy tight pussy even harder as the reality of my lottery win sunk in even more.

“I want to keep it a secret so I can concentrate on my studies and not have to worry about all that emotional stuff. You know what I mean don’t you Mr Sanders?” She asked. My hands clutching onto her ass as my thighs started to power fuck her incredible teen pussy with everything I had. As I fucked her, I couldn’t help but worry about what would happen escort gaziantep anal yapan bayan if her mom came home right now. She’d sure go crazy. Or maybe she’d understand! Maybe she’d even want a piece of the action too. Oh shit, that thought made me even hotter and I power-fucked her daughter up to an entirely new level.

“Boys are so jealous and needy,” she said through her panting. “As soon as they get a girl they’re like a dog with a bone. They just don’t wanna let her go. I don’t have time for all that petty boy stuff, I need to work my way through college and then get a good job. So I need a guy that can just do what I want and I don’t have to worry about his emotional tantrums,” she concluded.

“Sure I can do that for you Jennie,” I agreed, fucking her harder and harder. By the sound of her laboured speaking and panting, it was clear I was starting to affect her.

“Wow,” she muttered between breaths, “you’re so good at this aren’t you Mr Sanders. I guess I thought an older guy wouldn’t still be able to do me so good. But you really can fuck me hard can’t you Mr Sanders,” she said, starting to lose her breath totally.

“Yeah Jennie, I always practice. Just in case. You know,” I said winking at her, as my hard thick shaft started to plough her deep and hard. Jennie was a real talker, but right now, I was banging her so hard, she couldn’t get any more words out.

Pounding on her teenage pussy like I was a teen again myself, she looked so pretty, bouncing around beneath me, her pert teenage breasts jumping around like a pair of eggs in a frying pan. Her hands grabbing my ass.

As I came into her tight teen pussy, all I could think about, was that if I die now, it would all be worth it.

However, I would soon discover, not only was this just the beginning of a fantastic new sex life with Jennie, but Jennie also wanted her single mom to get in on the action too.

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