My Muscleman Roommate Pt. 05

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Ava Addams

Andrew was mounting me daily. It was as though he couldn’t live without it. The more he bred me, the more I craved it. But I also loved sucking him off. Giving him oral sex was so amazing, that sometimes, when he was fucking me, I began to fantasize that I was sucking him off, simultaneously. To me, that would be the ultimate sexual experience. It was a so sexy to pretend that was possible.

My ass got super conditioned to take his enormous cock. I thought back to when I was so tiny, and so very tight. I recalled how it was such a turn on for Andrew. Now, it was very different. It developed pronounced ass lips, that encircled the hole. Andrew certainly appeared to still love it, just as much as before. I know he felt a manly sense of pride knowing how he changed it so much. It was even able to accept his enormous cock, several times a day, if need be. The mounting process was also considerably shorter, and much less uncomfortable.

Aside from the dramatic physical changes, my ass was also so much more sexually sensitive. I was ejaculating, hands free, almost every time he bred me. My ass induced orgasms were much stronger, and prolonged. There were times that I begged him to fuck me again, after he had already bred me out.

Andrew’s lustfulness increased. He always seemed horny now. It even carried over to when he slept. Early one morning, when it was still dark, I was awakened because his enormous, rock hard cock was twitching and flopping around, hitting me. I was groggy, sleeping on the side of his body with my arm resting across his muscular chest. I realized that I was getting all wet, and could smell sperm. I checked, and he was fast asleep, having a massive wet dream. Cum was shooting all over as big ropes of thick wad. Several ropes even bombarded my face and head.

I thought about getting a towel to clean it all up, but it started to really turn me on. I decided to carefully rub some if it on his big muscles, being very careful not to wake him. I rubbed some on my body too. I loved wad all over me. There was still a lot left over, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to lap it all up, enjoying the manly stud’s cream. It was a very rich and delicious late-night snack.

It wasn’t just him who’s lust was surfacing in the middle of the night. I found myself sucking him off as he slept. I normally wake up to take a pee about four o’clock. When I come back to bed, and cuddle up to him. I love the sensations I felt returning to him. His big muscular body was so warm. His manly scent was so sexy. His enormous cock was so rock hard, and leaking. All this manly stimulation would overwhelm me. I’d get to such a state that I couldn’t control myself, and carefully would go down on him, hoping not to disturb his sleep.

It was as though I was having a secret affair with his big cock. I was essentially facilitating another one of his wet dreams. I tried to be very quite, keeping the sucking noises to a minimum. I would catch myself moaning, and did my best to control it. I was feeding on such massive wads in the middle of the night, then falling back into a blissful sleep, totally contented, and satisfied. In the morning, when we woke up, I could still taste the strong flavor of his cock and sperm.

All I could think about was his enormous cock pumping my ass out. We would judiciously move towards intercourse, as my appetite to suck big cock and eat sperm was satiated earlier, while he slept. I liked sitting up on top of him, and mounting his enormous cock like that. I loved that position because I could see and feel up his massive muscles. He flexed for me as I did so. I could also smell his super manly scent, as I enjoyed his amazing physique.

Sitting on his big cock was the best position to verbalize our love. We each said such sweet and caring things to each other while his immense manhood was deep inside me. I slowly, and sensually, bounced up and down on it, whimpering…

“Oh Andrew, I’m so in love with you.”

“I love you too baby doll, and I love how you can take such big, heavy cock,” he replied.

“I just can’t stop myself. You’re such a manly, big cocked, super stud.”

Of course, he continued to punch the heavy bag, which facilitated very nasty sex. In fact, he was working on it so hard, that his body fat percentage went even lower, which brought out more big, ripped muscle definition.

One bursa sınırsız escort morning, we were cuddling in bed, and engaged in some light sexy talk. Andrew started talking about his big black workout partner, named Jake…

“You should meet Jake. He’s such a nice guy, and very curious about you.”

“Well sure, I’d love to meet him. He seemed so nice on the phone when we had that short chat,” I quickly responded.

Andrew made a suggestion that made sense to me, “Good, I’ll invite him over for dinner after our workout, if that’s OK with you?”

“Of course,” I replied, excitedly.

I admit I’ve been looking forward to meeting him. He seemed mysterious at this point, and it would be fun to check him out. Black guys intrigued me. I tended to look at the black musclemen in the body building magazines quite a bit. I thought their big dark muscles looked so sexy. I wondered what they felt and smelled like.

Then Andrew said, “Let me ask Jake about tonight, I know he’ll want to.”

“Great, I’ll go to the store and get some big steaks!”

We both were a little charged up about having Jake for dinner. I started working on Andrew in earnest, feeling up his big muscles as he flexed for me. We both were getting so turned on, and as I was lightly jacking on his enormous cock, I asked, “Does Jake have a giant cock like this one?”

“Yes baby, it’s really massive,” he replied.

Hearing that sent an electric charge throughout my body, and I immediately went down on Andrew, as my mind was racing…

Would Andrew be upset if I was attracted to Jake?

Did Andrew want me to know that Jake was so massive?

Was Andrew thinking that I’d want to blow Jake?

I came to realize a while ago that Andrew is very confident about himself, and about my love for him. He knew that nothing, or no one, could ever take me away from him. He obviously didn’t feel threatened.

All our talk about Jake was supercharging our sex that morning. We were both thinking about Jake coming over, and I hadn’t even met him yet. This was new, and it was exciting. I started fantasizing about Jake.

I went to the store and bought the best steaks I could find, two really big ones, and a small one for me. It was fun shopping for everything, and figuring out what I was going to prepare.

I couldn’t decide what to wear, so I called Andrew. I wanted to look good for Jake. I also didn’t want to wear anything Andrew wouldn’t approve of. I decided to call Andrew at the gym, and just ask him.

He was breathing heavily from working out when he answered the phone. I could hear heavy weights clanking in the background, and guys talking as he spoke….

“What’s up babe?”

“Andrew, what do you want me to wear tonight?”

“I think you should wear that pink silk robe,” he said, matter-of-factly. Then added, “I’ve been bragging about you to Jake, and want to show you off.”

“I think I’d like wearing that, if your sure it’s OK,” I carefully replied.

He closed the conversation to get back to his workout, and said, “For sure, it’s just a relaxing evening, and we should all be comfortable.”

I hung up the phone, and was highly titillated. I started to get ready, doing everything that I always did. I took a long hot shower, and did my habitual body shaving to be as smooth as possible. I was excited about meeting Jake, and looked forward to dinner. As I showered, thoughts of big black musclemen, and big black cocks, swirled around in my head.

They both arrived just after everything was ready. I even put candles on the dinner table. I was anxious, and excited, at the same time. They walked into the kitchen, still wearing their workout sweats, and Andrew introduced me to Jake. Immediately, I felt relaxed around him, and went to him to gave him a welcoming hug. Right away, I could feel his physique was just as massive as Andrew’s. He smelled very strong from his workout. It was a different manly smell than Andrew’s. If anything, it was stronger, and more intense. I was drawn to it.

Then Andrew said, “Hey Jake, let’s get this sweaty stuff off, and get into something else.”

Jake replied, “Sounds good, this workout gear is too sweaty.”

They went back into Andrew’s bedroom, and I overheard Andrew say, “I normally just wear my bikini shorts bursa escort bayan around here. You can borrow one if you’d like.”

“Are you sure that’s cool?” Jake asked.

“Yeah, he’s used to it. That’s all I wear most of the time for him, no big deal.”

I couldn’t believe it! They were both going to come out in bikini underwear. I knew from Andrew that bodybuilders liked to show off their bodies, and were used to being scantly clothed. But this was going to be something else entirely.

Next thing I knew, these two massive musclemen were in my kitchen, getting themselves beers, almost nude. I didn’t want to stare at them, but eventually thought, “Hell with it, they love being ogled.”

I checked both of them out. Right away, any question about Jake’s cock and balls was answered. From what I could tell, he was just as enormous as Andrew. I loved looking at his giant bulge, and I loved looking at his ultra-muscular black body. The kitchen was totally inundated with super manly scent. Andrew would always smell up the kitchen, but now Jake’s body essentially doubled the powerful manly smells.

I didn’t know which bulge to look at, and found myself glancing at both of them, whenever an opportunity presented itself. I was hard, but my silk robe covered my little erection. They sat at the dinner table and I served their meal. I noticed both of them were checking me out, and it made me feel super sexy.

Then Andrew said, “Jake, I told you he was hot.”

Jake replied, “Oh man, your sure a lucky guy.”

I laughed lightly, and said, “You two are making me blush.”

I added, “Here I am, with two of the most muscular men I’ve ever seen, who are just wearing little bikini underwear, and you both think that I’m hot.”

We actually had a somewhat normal discussion while eating dinner. I opened a bottle of wine, and we all got more relaxed. I drank more than they did, and felt a little tipsy.

During our discussion, I discovered that Jake had been single for a while now. I also found out that Jake shared his girlfriend with Andrew a few years ago, when Andrew was single. Apparently, Andrew was always invited over to Jakes place, and Andrew hit it off with Jake’s girlfriend. She was willing to service Andrew when he was in need. They said it was about friendship, and serious workout partners support each other, above all else.

I guess I wasn’t all that surprised where this was going, but I didn’t think it would evolve this quickly. It made me feel sexy, and I could certainly see how Jake’s ex-girlfriend was taken in by these two super studs. They both told me how great the meal was, and then Jake quickly got up, and said, “Please, let me clear the table for you guys, it’s the least I could do.”

As he moved around the table removing our dishes, I got up-close views of his giant bulge. Andrew saw me staring at it, and by the look on his face, he approved. It was all packed in, and like Andrew’s, it was was barely contained by the bikini underwear. Portions of big black cock, and big heavy black balls, were visible as the fabric was all stretched out, creating a big opening between the thin bikini pouch, and his crotch. It looked extremely heavy, and dense.

At one point he reached over to get a glass on the other side of the table, and I could smell his powerful cock, and it was even more intense than Andrew’s. It was all I could do to contain myself. Andrew sensed my attraction, and after Jake finished clearing the table, Andrew said, “Jake, why don’t you pose for us, let’s see how big your getting.”

“Sure, I’m feeling pretty big after that hard workout we had today.”

Jake stepped back and started flexing. Wow, he looked amazingly, so big and thick. Even Andrew said, “Dude, your getting bigger, I’ll need to step up my game.”

Then Andrew had me sit on his lap as we watched Jake, in amazement. Andrew reached over to see if I was hard. He figured that I was. Then, he looked into my eyes, and slowly pulled back my robe, exposing my little erection for Jake to see.

Jake was sweating from his effort, and his massive bulge was expanding. Andrew whispered in my ear, “Jake needs release, and I want you to enjoy yourself.”

Then I sat up, kissed Andrew on the lips tenderly, and thanked him, before going to Jake. I started by worshipping Jake’s nilüfer escort considerable muscles, just like I do with Andrew. This was different, I was also putting on a show for Andrew, while worshipping Jake. I wanted to make it super sexy for Andrew’s viewing pleasure.

I sensually slipped off my pink silk robe, and returned to feeling up Jake’s black stud body. I arched my back, knowing Andrew would notice. My little cock was hard the whole time. Jake smelled even more manly than Andrew. I assumed black guys have a stronger, manlier, stud scent.

I had an overpowering urge to suck big black cock. I bent down and helped Jake pull off the bikini. His giant cock and balls literally sprang out of the shorts, and flopped all over the place. I was overwhelmed with the super strong smell of it, and immediately started sucking, passionately. The taste was very meaty, and rich. He tasted wonderful. I loved it. I looked back at Andrew, and as I did so, I sensually started sniffing Jake’s strongly scented cock and balls, rubbing my nose on them.

It was apparent that Jake’s black balls were just as big and heavy as Andrew’s big white balls. I assumed he would also generate a massive wad. I was getting extremely horny, and wanted his wad. His big black cock head was a little smaller than Andrew’s, but his shaft had a little more girth, and it curved to the side. The big black cock was actually easier to suck on because my mouth wasn’t as stretched out from his cock head, and the thicker, curving shaft, felt incredible in my little hands.

Jake really did need release, and he unloaded in under five minutes of sucking and licking. He exploded beyond my capacity to swallow. His wad blew all over my face and body. I glanced back at Andrew, and could see he had his enormous cock out, and was jacking on it as he watched. I lapped up as much of Jake’s sperm as I could, and as sensually as I could, as both super studs looked on.

Jake’s cum was more watery than Andrew’s, and it tasted even better. It made me look all wet and shiny. I was in sperm heaven. I felt cum drunk, and turned to crawl over to Andrew. He was propped up in his chair, still jacking on his massive cock. Andrew was looking at my little, shapely, cum covered body. I greedily went down on him.

Andrew said, “You were so hot with Jake, baby doll.”

I looked up into Andrew’s eyes, and whispered, “I love sucking on Jake’s big black cock for you.”

And added, “Look at Jake’s load all over my little body, it’s so sticky.”

“Oh baby doll, your driving me crazy. I’m gonna give you such a big wad.”

Within 60 seconds, he exploded. I ate up his thick load, and never felt so full. Now, I had wad from two musclebound studs in my stomach, all over my face, and splattered all over my toned, little body.

While I was blowing Andrew, Jake had sat down in the kitchen chair behind me, and I didn’t even realize it until after I finished off Andrew. Jake was rock hard again, and I instinctively turned around on my knees, and went back to work on his giant black cock. I loved how their enormous cocks tasted and smelled different, unique from each other. Both incredibly manly, in their own ways. I could tell that Jake loved hearing me moan and whimper as I sucked his big cock. I couldn’t stop myself from doing so, given his amazing body. Jake unloaded again, and I ate as much as I could.

Jake said, “Damn, this boy really does love cum!”

Andrew replied, “I told you, he is so bad.”

At this point, I needed release. I started sniffing away on Jake’s cock and balls, and turned my body enough so Andrew could see me jacking my penis with quick little pumps, using my thumb and index finger. I think I said something like, “I love sucking dirty, big black cock!” Then spurted little droplets of delicate gel. I was conditioned to eat my cum for Andrew, and instinctively started licking it off my hand and fingers, smacking my lips.

I heard Jake say, “Damn.”

To which Andrew responded, “I know.”

I went back over to Andrew, sat on his lap, and we embraced as he softy rocked me by lifting his big thigh up and down as I rested my head on his shoulder. I felt so fulfilled. I took my head off his shoulder, and lovingly leaned my chest to his face, moving my left nipple to his mouth. He sucked on it, passionately. Then, he started alternating, sucking on each of my delicate nipples. I never felt so feminine, so loved, and so appreciated.

Jake was watching and said, “You two are so lucky to have each other, and to be in love like this.”

I wasn’t sure how things with Jake would evolve. However, it was clear that Andrew wanted me to keep Jake satisfied, at least until he found a girlfriend.

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