My Mother’s Madness

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Author’s Note: The author heartily condones fantasy in all its forms and offers this story in the hopes other will enjoy it as just that. All the characters herein are over the age of 18. This is my first story of this sort, so feel free to send me comments and criticisms. Thanks!


You have to understand, everyone knew my mother cut from a different cloth. To be honest, she was simply odd. She floated through life with a dreamy look in her eye, often losing track of conversations she was in, breaking in with a non sequitur. Mother had a classical body, a true old-fashioned blond bombshell–a bit like Mae West, though not quite as chesty. She exuded warmth that often confused strangers, as she’d start talking to them as if they were old friends. She had a kind of madness, a craving for affection and attention that could be extremely trying on my brother and me, even when we were small children. We learned early to tolerate her, enjoying the attention she lavished in us even as she sometimes acted more like a demanding child than a proper mother.

“Proper” was certainly not a term many would use to describe my mother. She often walked around the house nude or in a thin robe or wrap. We lived in a grand two-storey house in a wealthy suburb, with a large yard and high fences and shrubbery that provided a great deal of privacy from our upright neighbors’ prying eyes. Mother would often stroll in the garden naked and convince my bother, father and me to skinny dip at night. We didn’t socialize much with the country-club types that lived around us and mainly kept to ourselves. Mother thought they were too uptight and they, frankly, found her dreamy exuberance to be unseemly.

Mother had few notions of personal boundaries or privacy and seemed to always want attention of some sort. Sometimes, we’d be in our rooms, reading or doing homework, and she’d call us down to join her as she sat before the fire or watched television. If we demurred, she’d almost insist, making us feel guilty for not spending time with our “old mother.” Inevitably, we’d cave in because it was easier to appease her and spend half an hour sitting with her than seeing her mope about because she was unattended.

When I was young, I really didn’t mind. I can remember the warmth of her body as she draped an arm over either of us. It was so natural; we didn’t think anything of it. The three of us would just be nearly naked and warm together on the couch, watching an old movie until we fell asleep or my father came home. My mother would tell him to join us, but he’d usually have more work to do, and would retire to his study as she held us close, stroking our hair and bodies.

She bathed with my brother and me regularly, and often got my father to join us. He was more timid, but he would join us as she asked. My mother would soap us up, playing with us. She would soap my father too. I can remember watching her kneel in front of him in the big bath tub, washing up and down his legs, then to his penis, which rapidly hardened. My mother would point it out, much to my father’s chagrin. She laughed and splashed water up over him. He sat back in the bath, shaking his head, but smiling.

I slept in my parents’ bed ever since I could remember. Not every night, of course, but often. I can remember, as a child, when my parents would kiss and hug right next to me. Now, in retrospect, I realize they also made love, though they tried to hide it a bit, I think, at my father’s insistence. If it had been up to him, they’d never have been so open around me, but there was no saying “No” to my mother. She believed it was natural, and would kiss and rub him until he was too worked up to resist. He tried to be tame about it, but I can remember the looks of ecstasy on their faces as they made love, covered by the sheet or blanket. I can remember one time in particular as I watched and my father—I know now—had just come, and fell forward to rest against my mother. She looked at me and squeezed my hand and smiled. “Isn’t it wonderful?” she asked giddily.

As my brother and I reached our teens, our father was away on business more often and we’d be alone in the house with Mother for weeks. It was a strange, liberating time that marked a change in our household. It wasn’t that our father was in anyway repressive, single-minded, or cold. But he did serve to restrain our mother somewhat. There were times when you could see mind beginning to launch into some fanciful idea, when he’d catch her eye and hold it for a minute, then her smile would fade—just a bit—and she’d nod knowingly.

But without Father there, Mother fell into her full self. She hardly ever dressed, and even then it was only in flimsy robes or a long tee-shirt. She insisted that I sleep with her and often tried to coax Liam to do so as well, though he took on a bit of Father’s shyness and would refuse. Though she was always physically affectionate, her hugs, kisses, and caresses became more frequent, warm and prolonged. For example, once I came home from school, and she greeted me at the front door in her short, silky kimono. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close bursa eskort as we stood in the foyer. I felt her large, soft breasts press against my cheeks as she squeezed me tight. It was like she hadn’t seen me in weeks.

“Wow, Mom, what’s this for, something happen?” I asked.

She laughed, kissed my cheek, and then planted a firm kiss on my lips. I smelled her perfume mixed with alcohol, and she looked into my eyes, holding my face in her hands. “I just needed to touch someone!” she laughed, a bit abashed. “I felt like I was going to burst!”

We laughed at that, and she pulled me inside. “Quick!” she cried, “Let’s tub!”

“I was going to watch TV,” I complained. But she brushed this aside.

“Come spend some time with your old mother!” she laughed. “Mommy’s been lonely in the house all day.” She made a playful, pouting expression that made me laugh. It was like I was the parent and she was the kid demanding attention. So, like my father, like my brother, like all that felt the force of her desire, I relented with a smile.

She dragged me to my parents’ grand bathroom, with its whirlpool tub in which the family had often shared a bath. She quickly dropped her robe, revealing her soft, pink body without hesitation. Her breasts seemed so round and pendulous to me as they swayed slightly. She was practically jumping with excitement. The tub was already full and she activated the soft jets. She turned to me and quickly began to undress me. We laughed as we talked about my day. I didn’t think anything of it, at the time, but now I realize I felt a change of some sort as she pulled my sweater over my head and unbuttoned my blouse. She let her hands spread across my bare chest, over my little bra, rubbing me with those warm hands.

“Mmm, darling, your skin is so soft!” she exclaimed. She let me take my bra off as she pulled my skirt down, and, just as quickly, my panties. She let her hands glide up and down my legs too. “And you’re getting so strong!” she said approvingly, gripping my thighs firmly. “Must be all that soccer and running. Such a fine girl.”

She stood up and faced me, both of us naked now. She pulled me close again in another hug, this time our naked skins pressed hotly against each other. I felt her hands reach down my back and cup my ass cheeks. I giggled, since it tickled. I reached around and pinched her ample ass and she laughed, slapping my hand away.

We climbed into the hot water of the tub and reclined as she asked me about my day. As we made small talk, she moved to sit next to me and took the soap in her hands, beginning to idly clean my body. Since she’d done that since I was young, I thought nothing of it at first. But she seemed to press me more firmly, to take more time as she washed me, often brushing her cheek or lips across my skin after washing it clean. After a while, I could tell she was no longer paying attention to what I was talking about, so I just relaxed and let her wash me. I felt good and warm, and now I realize, I was turned on too.

My mother guided me towards the middle of the tub and had me stand so she could properly wash me. She moved to my front first and kneeled before me, looking up at me with her wide, dewy blue eyes. She smiled so warmly, so happily. It felt good to make her feel so, and I didn’t want to do anything to take away from her mood. So, I let her guide the soap and sponge along my shoulders, down over my small, pointed breasts, and across my flat belly. I looked down as the suds slid down my firm, young body and watched her massage my thighs as she washed down each one. Finally, she dipped the sponge in the bath and squeezed it, letting the rivulets of water travel down my body, taking the suds with them. By then, my nipples were rock hard, which she surely felt as she let her hands idly push away the soap. She gently kissed my belly, just inches above my pussy, and then moved behind me.

As with my front, my mother began at my shoulders and soaped downwards, lathering me in a rich blanket of bubbles. She let her fingers creep down my spine, between my cheeks, and massaged my ass firmly. I felt my breaths get shallow even as she was cooing loving words to me. Her fingers glided down the crack of my ass, over my anus, sliding them softly back and forth. I felt my mother press her face against my cheeks, holding my hips, kissing my behind. I was nervous and excited. My pussy was throbbing as her fingers crept forward and began to wash my pussy softly. I panted as she began to slide her hand back and forth, over my clit, soaping up my pubic hair completely. I felt my knees begin to shake.

“Oh darling, my lovely baby, sweet, sweet Sena,” my mother cooed. “Let Mommy help you relax.” She was rubbing my clit in rapid circles now, without pretense of washing me. Very quickly, I was nearly out of breath and leaning back against her for all of my support. Her cheek was pressed against my ass as I leaned against her, her breath hot on me as the soap and hot water sluiced down my thighs. I felt myself losing control as she continued to finger me, sliding a free finger along my wet pussy lips. Finally, bursa escort bayan I bit my lip and let out a holler that echoed off the bathroom walls. I came hard, succumbing to her dexterous fingers and, really, to her madness.


My mother and I lounged in the tub, relaxing in the afterglow of my washing. We sat next to each other, arms touching. We hadn’t spoken since I my orgasm. I felt simultaneously awkward and, oddly, at ease. She lightly caressed me and I occasionally reciprocated. After several minutes, we heard the downstairs door open and the footfalls of my brother climbing the stairs to his bedroom.

“Liam, come into my bathroom please,” my mother called to him. He began to stutter out some excuse, but she pressed him. “No darling, I need a towel, please come just for a minute.”

Liam arrived at the bathroom door, which was cracked open. He peeked in and saw us in the tub, then pulled back.

“Why don’t you come in with us, darling?” my mother asked.

“Aw, no thanks Mom. Homework and stuff.”

“Come on, Liam, we won’t bite!” my mother called after him. But Liam shyly started to back away from the door. Mother stood up in the tub, revealing her naked, wet body to him. Water cascaded from her long, blond tresses, which clung to her breasts, and streamed down between her legs and her pussy. Liam’s eyes got wide and he continued to stammer out an excuse. “Liam, come here right now!” she directed with more firmness than either of us had heard in years. “We’re your family and we hardly see you any more. You will spend time with us!”

Liam hesitated, but relented in his shock at her sternness. He slowly entered the room and approached the tub and my mother’s face softened. “That’s good, sweetie. Just humor your old mom and spend a little time with her,” she smiled warmly. “Just for a bit. Go ahead and take your clothes off and join us, honey.” My mother reclined back into the tub and poured herself a tall glass of ice water, sipping as she watched him.

Liam nodded, but he wouldn’t make eye contact with me. He turned his back to us. He slowly stripped. I looked at my mother and found her regarding me as I had been watching Liam strip. She had a curious look on her face, then smiled and winked. “Come on, Liam. Hurry up before we wrinkle like prunes!” She patted the tub’s seat next to her.

Liam seemed mortified as he slowly turned around. It was clear that he was uncomfortable, and I soon saw why. His penis was completely erect. Poor Liam turned beet red. I started to giggle, but my mother threw me a warning look. “Come on, dear. Sit next to mother. You look so beautiful.”

Liam awkwardly climbed into the tub and sat next to my mother, who handed him her glass of water. He drank deeply as she put her arm around him. Liam gave me a bewildered look, but I just rolled my eyes, letting him know it was more of our mother’s madness. We had long tolerated her flights of fancy, her absolute lack of respect for others’ privacy, and this was just some new event to add to the list.

My mother chatted up Liam as she had me, though with a bit less success. He was in his first year at the local college and not terribly motivated by his classes. He was also always very quiet, so she had to press him for conversation, even when he wasn’t in a tub naked with his mother and sister. Still, he relaxed a bit and related his banal day. As he spoke, my mother began to lightly soap his shoulders and neck. At first, he seemed to tense up a bit; but as she continued, he, like me, gave into her madness.

My mother began to wash Liam as she had done with me. She moved him to stand as she kneeled in front of him. His hard penis stuck straight out, just inches from her face as she washed up and down his legs. Finally, she brought her soapy hands to his ass, cleaning him thoroughly, and reached under him to cup his balls. Liam moaned and my mother smiled. He started to pull back, but she held his balls firmly now, and put her other hand on his erect shaft, letting the suds slide down from his round, mushroom-tip to his heavy balls.

“You’re really such a big boy now, Liam. So much like your father!” she said. She reached around him and put her other soapy hand on his shaft. Liam closed his eyes. My mother slowly began to stroke him back and forth. “Does this feel good, baby?” she asked quietly.

“Y-yes, Mom,” Liam muttered. It seemed that his penis grew in her hand. My mother moved closer to him, so her breasts were pressed against the back of his thighs, her cheek against her back, as she continued to stroke him.

“Mommy loves making her baby feel better,” she cooed, still stroking. “All her babies,” she added, opening her eyes to look at me. I met her eyes and smiled in spite of myself, then went back to watch Liam’s cock begin to jerk in her hand. “Do you want to help, honey?” she asked me. “Come on,” she took a hand from Liam’s penis and he whimpered slightly, missing it. She held it out to me, taking my hand, and pulling me close. “Help your brother feel more comfortable,” she said quietly.

I moved görükle escort forward to kneel next to where my brother stood. My mother guided my hand to his penis and began to show me how to stroke him. I began to rub him with her, both of us working on him to his great pleasure. He held on to my shoulder for support as he screwed up his face, panting, then finally releasing with a cry. His penis began to pulse in my hand as my mother cupped his balls lovingly. His semen shot out a good two feet, then slowed in subsequent bursts to a dribble that came out over the tip of his penis and onto my hand. It was warm and sticky, not coming off right away with the water. Liam slumped back a bit and my mother caught him, lowering him back into the tub next to her. My mother laughed gaily and began to kiss him all over his face, letting her big breasts press against him hard.

“That was so lovely! Wasn’t it, Sena?” She pulled me to her other side, putting her arms around us both and pulling us close until both of us had our cheeks pressed against her breasts. She stroked our hair and relaxed back into the tub. “Ah, my lovely babies.” Liam looked at me, not sadly, but a little overwhelmed. I gave him a little smile. Mother held us close and warm.

We sat there in silence for a while, lulled almost to sleep by the heat of the tub and my mother’s calming strokes on my hair and face. I began to doze, pressed against my mother’s breast, when I heard a slight sucking sound. I opened my eyes and saw Liam suckling at Mother’s left breast. She held his head, looking down at him lovingly.

“Ah, yes, there, baby, let momma feed you again,” she said dreamily. Liam had rotated so that he straddled her left thigh, with one hand against the side of the tub to support himself and the other now hefting her large breast. My mother put her head back and cooed with pleasure as he sucked. Then, she looked down at me and smiled sleepily. She put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me close. My lips were already inches from her breast, so she didn’t have to guide me much. I let my mouth open and tasted her salty, hard nipple, surrounded by the soft, supple skin of her breast. I sucked lightly at first, just getting used to the shape and taste, but soon was sucking with as much gusto as Liam. Like my brother, I found it more comfortable to straddle Mother’s leg, letting her firm thigh hold me by my crotch, and I held onto her to keep close and sucking. Next to me, Liam cuddled against my mother and me, still sucking. I looked down and saw that his penis was fully erect again as he rubbed it against her thigh. Likewise, my pussy was warm and tingling and I enjoyed the feeling of her skin against my clit.

It was there, in that tub, half-floating in the warm water, in the dimly lit warmth of the bathtub, that my brother and I fully gave in to our mother’s madness. As children, we hadn’t understood it. As teens, we had been frightened by it at times, or just endured it with mild annoyance. But as we latched ourselves to her breasts in the tub, we embraced her eccentricities and converted to her religion. My brother, who had been so shy, suckled fiercely as his hard pecker bounced up and down under water against his mother’s thigh. I looked down to see her hands reach around to his ass, pulling him closer. He let his hand drop from her breast and trail, under water, to her pussy between her spread legs. Her eyes fluttered as his hand clumsily cupped her and lightly grabbed at her lips.

I gave in as well. I began to grind my young pussy down against my mother’s firm thigh, which she raised to me, helping me along. I let my hand join my brothers on her pussy. Together, we played with her, rubbing, pulling, and letting our fingers frolic in her tangled hairs. Mother moaned with pleasure, pulling us closer. I saw her hand leave Liam’s ass and reach underneath to take hold of his cock again, slowly jerking him off.

My brother’s hand left Mother’s cunt and reach out to my ass. At first I was shocked by the contact, but, again, we had fully converted to my mother’s ways. Liam, so bold now, held my ass firmly as I ground against Mother’s thigh. I kept working on her pussy, finding her clit and rubbing it as I had done before with myself. Mother kept her own work on Liam’s cock, rubbing it against her leg as she stroked him underwater. Lumped together, we paid no heed to the water sloshing out of the tub as we moved rhythmically against each other. I felt Liam’s fingers creep into the crevice of my ass, over my asshole, which tingled at his touch, and to my pussy, where my lips opened to his probing.

I cried out and Mother shouted “Yes!” Liam grunted. I buried three fingers into Mother’s wide cunt and felt her shiver. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried, throwing her head back. I began to shake uncontrollable as Liam’s finger’s continued their urgent probing. Liam suddenly stiffened and gasped. I looked down to see his cock jerking under water, Mother still holding it firmly, as it shot wad after wad of come into the water. Mother continued to heave and pant as I fingered her. I continued to come as well, almost breaking into sobs, grinding my pussy against her wantonly as Liam’s fingers stayed in me, until I collapsed against her breasts. Liam quickly joined me as Mother slowly came down from her own orgasm and her pussy let go of my fingers. The three of us stayed there, just panting, holding each other.

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