My Mother-in-law, Jennifer Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Revised, Rewritten, and Continued from Chapter 01:

Tainted by the stories of horrible, obese, mean, and domineering mothers-in-law, Jennifer wasn’t anything like what I thought she’d be. She was as beautiful as she was shapely and sexy. Even more than just her good looks and her great body, my wife’s mother was fun and funny. She was good company to be around when my wife was working.

She had a great sense of humor. Quick witted, compared to her daughter, Heather, my new bride was dull, uninteresting, and unimaginative except when it came to sex. Her mother always got the joke and laughed long before her daughter did.

“I don’t get it,” Heather would often say and when she did have that confused look on her face, her mother and I would laugh.

Then, by the time we finished explaining the joke, it was no longer a joke but a tedious explanation. With us always on the same page, we enjoyed teasing one another and teasing Heather at her daughter’s expense. With Heather so serious, too serious, especially when it came to her job and even sex, her mother and I were always laughing.

Every time Heather walked in the kitchen, we were laughing as if we had just finished telling a joke. The whole time we were together we were laughing while Heather stared down at her phone texting. When Heather went to bed because she had an early morning shift, we’d stay up late to watch a movie while talking, laughing, and drinking wine.

A big thing for me, something that Heather didn’t enjoy doing, Jennifer loved playing games. Whether card games, board games, bowling, shooting pool, playing darts, pinball, or miniature golf, Jennifer was up for the challenge. Always wanting to win, she was as competitive as I was.

I loved playing games with my wife’s mother. I only wished she’d play strip poker, strip pool, or strip darts. Yet, not wanting to shock her, pressure her, insult her, and/or embarrass her, I didn’t have the nerve to ask her to strip off her clothes while playing a game. Yet, if she drank enough wine, I always wondered if she would undress after losing a game. A win/win for me, if I lost playing strip anything, I’d have no compunction about stripping naked in front of my mother-in-law.

Suffice to say, as if she was giving me a slow, striptease, I’d love to watch my mother-in-law remove her clothes. I’d love to see Jennifer naked. I’d love for my wife’s mother to see me naked too. Since we were always alone together, perhaps, if we were both naked while drinking and playing a game, we’d have a better chance of having sex.

With me always incorrigibly horny, whenever I played a board game with Jennifer, whether it was Scrabble, Monopoly, Backgammon, chess, or Rummikub, I’d sit on the floor in front of her while she sat on the edge of the couch. My ulterior motive, when she leaned forward and lean over the coffee table to make her move, she continually gave me a down-blouse view of her cleavage and bra. She seldom wore pants and always wore a revealing short, sexy skirt. Much like her daughter, she had long, shapely legs, legs that I imagined sliding a slow hand up between them while parting them.

Every time she moved, I’d look up expecting to see something forbidden. Every time she slowly and seductively crossed and uncrossed her legs, whether it was accidentally, unintentionally, or deliberately, she’d flash me all that I had hoped to see of her between her legs. Every time she moved, as if she was my version of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, instead of flashing me her naked pussy, she’d flash me her white panties.

Careful not to allow her to catch me looking, staring, and ogling her panty clad cunt, I didn’t want to make her feel awkwardly uncomfortable for her to stop flashing me her panties. With me having somewhat of a panty fetish, I loved seeing her panties. Whether it was seeing her panties, her cleavage, and/or her bra, I love seeing what I shouldn’t be seeing of my MILF of a mother-in-law. Obviously, with her intent on playing the game, she had no idea that I could see all that she was carelessly showing.

She involuntarily parted her knees to lean forward to make her next game move. My discomfort of sitting on the floor instead of on a chair was well worth it when rewarded with continual, up-skirt peeks of my mother-in-law’s, white, bikini panties. I loved seeing flashes of her panties. I loved seeing her panty clad cunt as much as I love seeing her long line of cleavage and her low-cut bra.

‘Peek-a-boo,’ I thought whenever seeing something of her that I shouldn’t see. ‘Peek-a-boo.’

Even when her knees were cemented tightly together, with her skirt so short, even shorter when she was sitting, and her thighs so shapely thin, I could still see a triangular patch of her panties over her shapely thighs. Obviously, having a fetish for panties and giving me something to masturbate over later, I loved seeing flashes of my mother-in-law’s bright, white panties. I loved seeing her pussy mound, her pussy slit, her camel bursa escort bayan toe, and the stray blonde, pubic hairs that peeked out from the sides of her panties.

I constantly masturbated over imagining my mother-in-law in her bra and panties, topless, and/or naked while having sex with her. In the way that I imagined fingering her through her panties, I imagined licking her through her panties. While lovingly and romantically kissing her, I imagined pushing her panties aside with my long, stiff finger to finger her warm, wet pussy. While kissing her, I imagined rubbing her clit and fingerfucking her pussy. While kissing her, I imagined masturbating my MILF of a mother-in-law while imagining my wife’s mother masturbating me.

‘Wow. If only she would, I would too,’ I thought. ‘As much as I’d love to masturbate my mother-in-law, I’d love my wife’s mother to masturbate me too.’

Then, something I yearned to do, I imagined removing her panties to eat her before making love to her and fucking her. In the way that I gave Heather multiple, sexual orgasms with my fingers, my tongue, and my cock, I imagined giving Jennifer multiple, sexual orgasms with my fingers, my tongue, and my cock. Suffice to admit, I was falling in love with Heather’s mother. Suffice to admit, I wanted to have sex with my mother-in-law. I wanted to make her and watch her cum. I wanted to make her my sexy bitch.

In the way that I constantly masturbated whenever seeing my mother-in-law’s panties, I continually masturbated over seeing my mother-in-law’s long line of sexy cleavage and her low-cut bra. As much as I loved her panty clad pussy, I loved her big tits. While humping her big breasts, I’d love to stick my cock between her shapely breasts while she leaned down to lick, kiss, and suck the head of my cock. As much as I’d love to cum in my mother-in-law’s mouth, while imagining my cum dripping from her nipples, I’d love to cum all over her big tits.

Whenever she leaned forward to reach across the game board, she rewarded me with constant down-blouse views of her cleavage and her sexy, low-cut bra. Whenever she wore a low-cut blouse and leaned low enough and long enough, I could not only clearly see the size and shape of her big breasts but also, I could clearly see her areolas and nipples too. Suffice to say, a voyeuristic and exhibitionistic, sexually salacious and seductive experience seeing all that I should never see of her, I loved playing board games with my MILF of a mother-in-law, Jennifer.

I imagined feeling her big breasts through her blouse and bra while kissing her. I imagined fingering her nipples through her blouse and bra while making out with her. I imagined unbuttoning her blouse and feeling her big breasts through her sexy, low-cut brassiere. I imagined unhooking her front snapping bra and feeling her naked tits while fingering her erect nipples. I loved my mother-in-law’s tits. I couldn’t wait to see them, touch them, feel them, fondle them, and suck them.

# # #

Something else we had in common, her mother was a serious movie buff. She had an entire library of movies in her head from the 1930’s to the present. She knew all the old actors and actresses and, as if she was a movie critic, she was quick to interject lines of remembered dialogue from old movies in our conversations.

Hard to believe but Heather’s mother was my dream woman. Instead of marrying my mother-in-law’s daughter, I should have married my wife’s mother. I should have married Jennifer instead of Heather. Clearly obviously to me now, without a doubt, she’s the woman I should have married.

Not only did she love playing games and watching movies, she loved watching NFL football and baseball games too. As far as Jennifer was concerned, I couldn’t have enough televisions, the bigger the screen the better. As far as Jennifer was concerned, one TV for every room and three in the downstairs game room, I couldn’t buy enough TV’s. Not into sports except for ice skating and ballroom dancing, Heather hated football as much as she hated baseball. Moreover, too busy nursing when she wasn’t having sex, she seldom watched TV. Whatever she needed to see, she watched on her phone.

Where Heather was serious about her career and her profession, her mother was content staying home, cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry. It seemed like a good tradeoff. I supplied her with a roof over her head and a small salary, and in exchange, we had a cook, a cleaner, and a laundress. As much as she was Heather’s mother, in the way that she took care of my domestic needs, she seemingly was my mother too. Only, something so very forbidden, I wanted to have sex with my wife’s mother.

With Jennifer loving children and always wishing she could have had more children, it wasn’t long before I wanted to give my mother-in-law a grandchild. Then, after finding out that Heather didn’t want children, something so impossibly forbidden, I wanted to give my mother-in-law a baby. Yet, what was I thinking? gorukle escort Did I dare impregnate my wife’s mother while still married to her daughter? That’s something that poor, white, trash and ignorant people living in a trailer park do, or people who are invited on Jerry Springer have done.

“My only regret,” confessed Jennifer after having a couple glasses of wine and falling silent with a long pause.

I stared at her while waiting for her to speak. She was so pretty. She was so sexy. She had such big tits. Suddenly, when she looked up and nearly caught me staring at her blouse and bra clad breasts, she looked so sad and had tears in her eyes.

“What? What is it? What’s your only regret,” I asked while touching her hand?

She smiled at me and right then and right there, I wished she was my wife instead of my mother-in-law. I so wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her. I so wanted to part her lips with my tongue and French kiss her. I so wanted to make out with her. I so wanted to touch and feel her everywhere through her clothes where I touch and feel her daughter through her clothes while kissing her. I so wanted to strip her naked and have forbidden sex with her.

“My only regret was not having more children. I would have loved giving my daughter a brother or a sister. I would have loved to have had another baby. When I had Heather, I was too young and too poor to enjoy the experience of motherhood. Unmarried, I didn’t even have a husband to help me.”

I watched a tear slide down her cheek in the way that I imagined my cum sliding down her cheek after giving my mother-in-law a cum bath. Having Heather when she was 18-years-old, 22-years later, her mother was 40-years-old. With me 9-years older than Heather, Jennifer was 9-years older than me. Yet, the maturity of a 40-year-old woman was more compatible with a 31-year-old man than the immaturity of a 22-year-old woman. Not having to explain every little nuance to Jennifer, there were things that her mother understood about me and about living that Heather didn’t and never would understand.

After living with the two women, the contrast between the two was blatantly obvious. It didn’t take me long to realize that I didn’t love Heather in the way that I thought I did. It didn’t take me long to realize that I was in love with her mother, my mother-in-law, in the way I never suspected I would. It didn’t take me long to realize that I married the wrong woman. Now what? What do I do now? Even though Heather gives me plenty of sex, too much sex, I’m stuck in a loveless marriage.

# # #

Confused about my relationship with my wife and the sexual relationship I wanted to have with my mother-in-law, sad to say but I wished I had never married my wife. Yet, had I not married Heather, I never would have met her mother. Had I not married Heather and intimately gotten to know her, and after having lived with Jennifer, I wouldn’t have been able to compare my wife to her mother. I never would have realized that the woman that I thought that I wanted to marry wasn’t the woman that I really wanted to marry. Had I not married Heather, I never would have fallen in love with her mother.

With all the things we had in common, and with all the fun times we had, Jennifer was the woman I wanted. Not wanting to hurt Heather, nonetheless preoccupied with her mother, I had thoughts of Jennifer filling my head. Always thinking about my mother-in-law morning, noon, and night, even when having sex with my wife, I no longer thought of my wife. Instead, I thought of her mother. Instead of wanting my wife, I wanted her mother.

‘What’s wrong with me to not want a 22-year-old beauty? What’s wrong with me for lusting over a 40-year-old woman,’ I thought. ‘What’s wrong with me for sexually lusting over a woman that I can’t have? What’s wrong with me for falling in love with my wife’s mother and falling out of love with my wife?’

Even when having sex with Heather, I was only there in body and not there in mind and spirit. Even when we were having sex, I imagined having sex with her mother. So that Heather wouldn’t know that I no longer wanted to have sex with her, I pretended that she was her mother. Sad but despicably true, I pretended that I was having sex with Jennifer instead of with Heather.

While fingering, licking, and making love to Heather, I imagined fingering, licking, and making love to Jennifer. While fucking Heather, I imagined fucking Jennifer. While Heather stroked me, sucked me, and made love to me before fucking me, I imagined Jennifer stroking me, sucking me, and making love to me before fucking me. The imagined, sexual image of Jennifer was not only always in my head but also the imagined, sexual image of Jennifer was always in my bed.

“I love you, Jennifer.”

# # #

Wishing that I could write her a romantic, love poem or a romantic, love song, Jennifer made me wish that I was a poet, a writer, or a songwriter. She made me bursa merkez escort bayan wish I could creatively and articulately express my thoughts of love and passion for her. She made me wish I could explain how I truly felt about her in a love letter. Yet, never good with writing words on paper, I was never good with writing my thoughts. I was better with showing my love. Besides my head was filled and my thoughts were jumbled with Jennifer’s daughter as much as it was filled with Heather’s mother.

It was then that I thought of hiring a writer to write a custom and personalized, erotic, love story about me with my wife’s mother being sexually intimate with one another. I enjoyed reading, Kim of ILookLikeJailBait and I knew that she wrote custom, personalized stories for fans for a small fee. Perhaps, she could write a love story about me having passionate sex with my mother-in-law. Perhaps, that story would unload my mind of all the forbidden, sexual feelings that I felt for my wife’s mother.

Then, daring myself to do so, not having the nerve to tell her how I felt, once the story was written, and after I printed it out, I’d leave the story somewhere I knew Jennifer would find it and read it. Without my wife ever knowing that I was in love with her mother, having my mother-in-law read my story would put the ball in her court. By having her find and read my story, I’d allow her to discover my true feelings about her.

Then, once she knew how I secretly felt about her, leaving it all up to her, it would be up to her if she wanted to begin a forbidden, sexual relationship with me, her son-in-law. It would be up to her if she wanted to kiss me and allow me to touch, feel, and have sex with her. It would be up to her if she wanted me to lick her while fingering her. It would be up to her if she wanted to stroke me while sucking me.

A long shot but worth the effort, it would be up to her if she wanted me to strip her naked and make love to her beautiful body. It would be up to her if she wanted me to fuck her. It would be up to her if she wanted us to continue our forbidden, sexual relationship behind Heather’s back. What did I have to lose? All she could say was either yes or no.

That was my plan. A good plan but I was nervous about implementing it. There were lots of things that could go wrong with such a devious plan. What if Heather found the story? She could find the story first before her mother had a chance to read it. After Jennifer found my story and read my story, what if her mother told her daughter about the story I wrote? Chances are her mother would betray me before she’d betray her daughter.

Busted, after coming clean, what would I say in my defense then? Yet, even if she discovered my love for her mother, it would be better that she knew my true feelings now than later. Now that I no longer wanted Heather, the last thing that I wanted to do was to have a baby with her. For sure, as long as she’s still able to have children, I’d much rather have a baby with Jennifer. Oddly bizarre, with her mother my prize, I’d much rather be Heather’s stepfather than her husband.

Yet, what if my wife discovered my forbidden plan to sexually seduce her mother? Clearly, it would be as much my fault for writing my mother-in-law an explicitly sexual, love letter as it was my wife’s fault for leaving me alone with her mother day after day and night after night. What was she thinking leaving me alone with a woman who looked like her mother? Did my wife want me to fall in love with her mother so that she could return to her lesbian ways and perhaps, even her lesbian lover, Samantha?

Was that it? Was that her plan? In the way that I no longer loved my wife, perhaps Heather never loved me but loved her lesbian lover instead. Perhaps, in the way that I yearned to have a sexual relationship with Jennifer, perhaps, Heather never ended her lesbian affair with Samantha. Perhaps, in the way that I no longer wanted to be with her, she no longer wanted to be with me. With them working side-by-side at the hospital every day in the way that I’m home alone with her mother every day, perhaps, in the way that I wanted to be with her mother, she wanted to be with her lesbian lover.

It was as much her fault as it was my fault for marrying too fast without knowing one another better. Had I known she didn’t want children, I may have thought twice about marrying her. Had I known she didn’t like dogs and had two cats, a real deal breaker, that could have torpedoed our relationship. Had I known she didn’t have the sense of humor her mother had, wasn’t a movie buff, didn’t enjoy playing games, and didn’t follow football and/or baseball, I may not have married her. Had I known she wanted her mother to live with us, that may have been too much to ask.

Putting my plan in action, I contacted Kim of ILookLikeJailBait and gave her a description of the characters along with a brief scenario of plot. Within a couple of weeks, she wrote me one Hell of a love story for much less than I’d spend on a movie and dinner. In the story, I had Kim write every sexual thing that I’d love to do with my mother-in-law and every sexual thing that I’d love her mother to do to me. Below are some excerpts from my love story that I had professionally written by Kim of ILookLikeJailBait.

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